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American University Acceptance Rate: American University, also known as AU, is a mid-sized private, non-profit university situated within Washington, D.C. AU was established 1893 in 1893 by John Fletcher Hurst and is currently home to more than 14,000 students.

The school significantly emphasizes research centered around students and has more than 250 programs, including Educational Leadership and Game & Media Design. AU has several undergraduate students of 8463. The admissions process is highly competitive and has an acceptance rate of 36 percent.

american university

The school offers 80 Bachelor’s Degrees. It with an average rate for graduation of 79% and an average student-faculty ratio of 11:1.

The average cost of tuition and fees for students is $48,889. American University is consistently ranked as the top doctoral degree program for Mass Communication and Media studies.

School Type Private
Status Non-profit
Accreditation Regional
Religious Affiliation Christian, United Methodist
Accreditation Regional

Overview of American University

The American University was founded on December 5, 1892, in Washington, D.C., through the efforts of a Methodist known as Bishop John Fletcher Hurst.

He wanted to establish an institute of training for his future public officials. He then decided to launch the college near the outskirts District of Columbia. After more than 30 years, the school was officially inaugurated on May 15, 1914. After another few decades, the school was focused on finding funding.

Overview of American University

The first classes started in October of the year, with 28 students enrolled; 19 graduated, and the remaining were non-degree learners. On June 2, 1915, the inaugural Commencement was held. However, there were no degrees awarded.

Instead, the master’s degree and two doctorates were presented at the second annual Commencement Ceremony. The American University is a student-centered research institute with over 14,000 students. It is situated in the residential part of the capital city of the U.S.

American University Acceptance Rate

American University has a competitive acceptance rate of 31 percent.

If one studies the acceptance rates of early decisions vs. regular decision-makers, one realizes one of the most important strategies a student could learn to improve their chances of being accepted into America.

Although the acceptance rate is about 30%, the initial decision acceptance rate is around 83%.

The reason for this can be one of the top 10 most significant disparities between late and early acceptance rates of decisions in the United States. Early decision applicants are those who submit their applications before the 15th of November.

American University Acceptance Rate

Concerning generally accepted rates is the percentage that students are granted financial aid, which can be a major determinant of a college’s decision.

At the University of American American University, around 44 percent of students in the first year receive financial assistance, with the mean award being about $31,000.

American University Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

Most American University students come from outside D.C. Therefore, there is no substantial distinction between the out-of-state acceptance rate and the state-wide acceptance rate.

79% of students in America are from outside the state, and 11% of them apply internationally, which means only 10 percent of students are applying from within D.C.

In addition, with American universities being private and most students coming out of D.C., the tuition for out-of-state and in-state students is the same. This means that the above financial aid statistics apply to students, not from the state.

Many universities have rules concerning the number of students from out-of-state and in-state; however, due to American University’s position as a private school and the numerous places that American students are from, AU has no such policy.

American University Rankings

  • #653 among Global Universities by US News and World Report, 2022
  • #79 in the United States by US News.
  • #701-750 by QS World Global Rankings, 2023
  • #501-600 by Times Higher Education in 2022
  • #401-600 in THE Impact Ranking 2022
  • #138 among US Colleges by Times Higher Education, 2022

Courses available at the American University

American University students can choose between eight schools with more than 170 different programs, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs.

Internationally recognized faculty members teach the courses in classes that span out of the class to the capital of the nation and around the world. American University’s faculty is comprised of prominent academics with years of knowledge.

In addition, 94 percent of faculty members have achieved the highest grade in their fields of expertise. Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize and Emmy Award-winning journalists, and Nobel Prize recipients and Pulitzer Prize winners are among the top university faculty members.

The American University campus is modernized to give students the most current educational options. It has high-tech laboratories, a library, art studios, library computers, computer labs, and Wi-Fi connectivity on campus.

American University Admissions – SAT, ACT, GPA, and Class Rank

We’ll first look at academic statistics for the Class of 2025 that was admitted (note that these figures are higher than the numbers for enrolled students).

The mid-50 percent SAT range for the admitted 2021-22 students in the first year was 1310-1460, while it was 1310-1460. The ACT interval was between 29 and 33. Mid-50% of the range of the weighted GPA is 3.63-4.15.

Students who were able to be enrolled in the class of 2024 (most current data accessible) have an average GPA in high school of 3.79.

Thirty-five percent were in the top quartile of their school’s class. 68% were within the top 25 percent, and 95% were within the top 50 percent. The median SAT score for students enrolled was 1310, and the average ACT score was also 30.

GPA for American University

While American University does not have an upper GPA requirement to be admitted, students must be aware that they have to achieve at least a 3.65 high school GPA to qualify for competitive.

When calculating this GPA in contrast to other schools comparable to American, American considers one’s weighted GPA compared to the unweighted GPA. So, taking classes in IB/AP can increase the chances of admission.

In the middle, 50% of the GPAs of admitted first-year students were between 3.63-4.15.

Because of the extremely high GPAs of students admitted into American universities, you need to be in good standing with a GPA to be selected for merit-based scholarships or other aid.

The first-year students are given preference for American University merit scholarships typically given to students with a 3.8 GPA in high school or better.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Every school has its specifications for standardized tests. Many schools require SAT or ACT in addition to the ACT, while some require SAT subject tests.

You have to take one or both the SAT or ACT to apply for admission to an American University. More crucially, you have to succeed in submitting a practical application.

American University SAT Requirements

A lot of schools claim they don’t have an SAT score threshold. However, the reality is that there’s a secret SAT requirement. It is based on the average score of the school.

It is estimated that the typical SAT scores average from American University is 1300 on the 1600 SAT scale.

This score puts American University Moderately Competitive for the SAT score.

American University SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

The 25th percentile of the New SAT score was 1220, while the 75th percentile of the New SAT score was 1380. That’s right, the 1220 score on the New SAT places you below average, whereas a score of 1380 would raise you into the upper quartile.

Here’s the breakdown of the latest SAT scores according to a section:

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 635 590 680
Reading + Writing 665 630 700
Composite 1300 1220 1380

SAT Score Choice Policy

Your Score Choice policy at your school is an integral component of your test strategy.

American University has the Score Choice policy “Highest Section. “

It’s also known by the term “superscoring.” This means you can select the SATs you would like to submit to the school. From all scores they receive, the applicants will be able to judge your most impressive section scores for all SATs you take.

Click here to find out more about how the concept of superscoring impacts your test strategy.

If your SAT score is currently lower than 1300-, We strongly suggest preparing to take the SAT and then retaking it. There is a good chance of improving the score on your test, and this could significantly increase your chances of getting into it.

In addition, the Superscore makes it possible to concentrate all your attention on just one section at one time.

If the Reading score is less than your other tests, you should prepare for only the Reading section, and then you can test on the SAT. Concentrate on Math to take the test again and on. This will get you the best possible Superscore.

American University ACT Requirements

Similar to SAT, American University likely has no hard ACT cutoff. However, your application could be to the recycling bin if you score low.

It is estimated that the mean ACT score for American University is 29. This score is what makes American University Moderately Competitive in ACT scores.

The 25th percentile ACT score was 27, and the 75th percentile ACT score was 31.

While American University likely says they do not have a minimum ACT requirement, If you’re applying with a score of 27 or less, you’ll have difficulty getting accepted unless other impressive things appear within your applications. The number of applicants who scored 29 and over, a score of 27, could be seen as a low academic score.

ACT Score Sending Policy

If you’re taking an ACT instead of the SAT, in this case, you’ll have an advantage in the way you submit scores. This dramatically influences your test strategies.

This is how it works: when you send ACT scores to colleges, you are in total control over the tests you submit. You could take 10 tests and then only send the top one. This differs from the SAT, where many schools require you to offer all the tests you have ever taken.

This means you’ll have more opportunities than you thought to increase your ACT score. If you want to reach the school’s ACT requirements of 31 and over, you need to attempt taking the ACT every time you can. Once you’ve obtained the score you’re satisfied with, you can forward that score only to all of your schools.

ACT Superscore Policy

In general, schools do not have superstores for the ACT. (Superscore is when the school takes your highest section scores from each test you take and then blends them to create the highest possible score). Therefore, most schools will take your top ACT score from one session.

However, during our research, we discovered an indication that American University does have the ACT Superscore Policy. For reference, the Admissions Office:

Test Optional Plan Option. Contact the school for more information.

Applying to American University

American University accepts the Common Application or the Coalition Application. There are two rounds for Early Decisions available. Applicants who have made AU their top choice can apply before November 15 or January to receive a binding decision. Applications for Regular Decision are due on January 15.

For an application, be sure to submit the following documents:

  • $70 application fee
  • Completion of the Common Application with two essay-related questions.
  • Transcripts from the High School (by the way from Secondary School Report) Secondary School Report)
  • A pair of letters of reference (one counselor and another from a teacher)
  • Mid-year report

Suppose you want to consider being considered for one of the AU’s specific academic programs, which include honors and particular communities for the industry. In that case, you must complete separate applications before January 15.

The same deadline applies for the specific application for scholarships for applicants for Frederick Douglass distinguished Scholars’ Program and The United Methodist Scholarship; applicants will be considered for all the other merit-based prizes.

It is essential to note it is important to note that American University is a part of the test-optional wave, which allows students not to use the standardized test scores during applications. That means SAT and ACT scores are evaluated when you can submit scores.

However, the absence of these scores won’t affect your chances of admission, special programs, or scholarships. However, we strongly recommend sending scores when you have them, particularly when they’re high-quality; students who do not submit scores generally get admitted slower than those who do.

International Students

For International First-Year Applicants, The instructions in the following should be adhered to.

The applicants can apply online through the Common Application or Coalition Application. Applications will not be considered until all of the information listed below is received by Office of Admissions: Office of Admissions:

  • An application that is complete, with the essay and CV/Resume
  • Application fee of U.S. $75
  • Records of academics for the grades 9-12, with official transcripts and authenticated English translations (if required) for each secondary institution you attended.
  • Two letters of recommendation from academic institutions
  • Demonstrated English proficiency
  • Interruption of studies Declaration if you’ve completed your secondary school by the time you submit your application.

There are no SAT and ACT scores required. AU does not assess SAT or ACT scores of pupils (including U.S. citizens) who graduate from a secondary school outside of the United States.

Admissions Trends & Notes

  • American University has been test-optional for more than a decade. Thus the current policy isn’t a temporary pandemic solution.
  • The AU’s ED accepted rate was higher by 47 points than its regular decision rate.
  • Forty-two percent of students were enrolled in this round. ED round.
  • A mere 133 pupils were selected from a waitlist that included 1,657 students.
  • 50% of first-year students enrolled completed SAT results, while 31% of them included ACT scores along with their applications.

Who Attends American University?

Let’s examine the demographics of American University undergraduates:

  • Student representatives represent every state.
  • They hail from 123 nations across the globe.

Like any selective college, the competition is most difficult among those from states that have unending streams of qualified applicants (the whole Northeast and those from the West Coast).

If you’re from a less populous state such as Hawaii or the Dakotas or Montana and the Dakotas, you are much more likely to increase your chances of admission.

When it comes to ethnicity, the breakup of students in the present was like this:

  • Asian American: 7%
  • Hispanic: 12%
  • African American: 8%
  • White: 53%
  • More than two races Five percent

The gender split of current undergraduates is significantly divided between favoring women:

  • Male: 37%
  • Female: 63%

Male pupils at AU are endangered species, so it is reasonable to think it would be easier to gain admission to the university by submitting a male application. But, for the Class in 2024, the acceptance rate from outside the state was just 42%, the same as women’s acceptance rates.

International students comprise 12 percent of the degree-seeking students at AU. The largest percentage of students come from these countries

  1. China
  2. Panama
  3. India
  4. Vietnam
  5. Spain
  6. United Kingdom

Yield Rate

American University’s yield rate, which is the percent of students accepted who choose to attend, divided by the number of students admitted, was a remarkably low 21% in the last academic year.

This is partly because AU is competing against the same students as many other elite universities in the Northeast. This is why the school highly values “demonstrated interest” (more on the subject in a minute).

In comparison, some universities are private and have these yields: George Washington University (20 percent), Georgetown (44%) along with Boston University (24%).

How American University Rates Applicants

There are just three factors that American University ranks as being “very important” to their admissions process. One of these could be surprising: the quality of the secondary school transcript GPA, GPA, and the surprising degree of interest an applicant has.

This is connected to the previously mentioned low yield rate, so AU is incredibly concerned about whether an applicant will decide to attend their institution.

Additionally, there are six aspects that American U believes are “important” to their evaluation of candidates: the application essay, recommendations, aptitude/ability, extracurricular activities, personal qualities and character, and volunteering.

The American U “considers”: test scores First class status and status for legacy geography, race/ethnicity, and paid work experience.

From The American University admissions staff:

“The Office of Admission’s holistic approach to making admissions decisions has helped to identify candidates for admission who are a great fit for AU – including students who are intellectually curious and passionate about creating meaningful change.”

Additional Tips for Applying to American University

If you’re planning on joining the thousands of AU hopefuls waiting for an admissions round in the coming year, you must be aware of the following:

  • American University weighs ” demonstrated interest” as “very important” in the admissions process. So, you’ll be evaluated based on how you have made a campus visit (in the absence of a pandemic), contact an admissions official, and so on.
  • A recommendation from a teacher is required. Look up the blog for helpful tips for requesting an official letter of recommendation.
  • American will ask you to submit an American Mid-year Report, So make sure you keep your grades high throughout your senior year of high school.
  • It is important to allocate enough time, effort, and energy to your supplemental essay requested by AU. For the cycle 2021-22, there was a single prompt that all applicants must answer:

What are the reasons you’re attracted to American University? (150 words)

What Else Should I Consider for Admissions to AU?

Three factors are that are considered to be essential in the American University’s admissions process. (i) The level of a student’s secondary school transcripts, (ii) GPA (iii) the level of enthusiasm.

With the mentioned meager yield rate, AU especially wants to know if a particular student will be accepted into their chosen university.

American University considers six additional aspects to be crucial in evaluating the applicant’s application:

  • The application and the essay
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Talent/ability
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Character/personal traits
  • Volunteer work.

The status of ancestry, first-generation geographical location, and race/ethnicity all play a crucial part in the selection process.

American University follows a holistic approach to admissions and selection by seeking out students dedicated to improving the world. As per the entrance process, it is “extremely crucial” to American University to see evidence of “demonstrated passion.”

Do not forget to give the AU’s compulsory supplement essay plenty of time and focus. In the 2021-22 cycle, applicants had to answer just one query: “What drew you to American University in the first location? Explanation in 150 Words .”

All the documents required by students to apply for admission to the undergraduate program are provided in the table below:

Domestic Students International Students
  • Filled application, including my essay and resume.
  • Official high school transcripts translated into English
  • English proficiency exam score
  • Personal essay or statement of purpose
  • Two Academic LOR (letter of recommendation)
  • Teacher LOR
  • Any other documentation requested
  • The required minimum grade point average (GPA) on an official college or secondary school transcript.
  • TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, PTE, or other exam results
  • Financial aid applicants must complete an International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA).
  • Recommendation letters from two people and resume
  • Visa and other relevant documents


American University has produced business tycoons, politicians, musicians, entertainers, media personalities, and leaders in numerous other areas.

Here’s a list of notable alums who are well-known:

  • Author Max Brooks
  • Guitarist John Fahey
  • Television journalist David Gregory
  • Actress Goldie Hawn
  • Filmmaker Nancy Meyers
  • Libertarian Party chairman Nicholas Sarwark
  • TV personality Judy Sheindlin
  • NBA player Kermit Washington
  • Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti
  • President and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Patricia Harrison
  • Actor Danny Glover


At $62,272, American University’s price of tuition is staggering. But don’t panic! Students accepted to the university are eligible for some financial aid. The average amount is $25,000.

Here’s a more comprehensive look at American University tuition and financial aid in 2017:

  • Total budget: $62,272
  • Average financial aid package: $25,024
  • The average debt for one American University graduate is $34,655

What’s the current situation as a student at American University? Let’s look.

What If You Get Rejected?

That’s okay! Take a deep breath. There are many schools available and many paths to choose from to get to where you’d like to be. With enough determination and dedication, there’s an avenue to gain the job or lifestyle you’d like. I’m an avid believer in the idea that, in the end, the college you attend is the one you’re meant to be.

If you’re set on AU, However, there are other choices. The school doesn’t allow admission appeals, so we advise against appealing your decision.

However, they maintain an open waitlist and admitted around 60 percent of applicants for transfer in 2016. Although getting off the waitlist isn’t easy, however, you could be able to have the possibility of moving to AU after one year in another country which you can learn in detail here.

Another option is to apply again after a gap year, which can be riskier than committing to a different college. To determine whether a gap year is the right choice, read our articles, What Are the Benefits of Taking A Gap Year? and What You Should Learn When Applying to Colleges Following a Gap Year.

In most cases, however, we’d recommend moving on. It is possible to investigate George Washington University, which is a little more selective in its admissions rate and is located in a prime spot in the center in the heart of Washington, DC.

If you’re interested in political sciences and international affairs, some options in the local area are those at the College of William and Mary or the University of Virginia. To help you adjust to a new direction, check out our article on Envisioning a Future: Getting Ready for Life at the Second-Choice (or the Third or Fourth) School.

Are you unsure of your chances of getting into the college of your dreams? Our free chancing tool will take into consideration your GPA as well as test scores, extracurriculars, as well as other information to estimate your chances of being accepted by more than 500 universities across the U.S. We’ll inform you of how you rank against other applicants and suggest ways you can improve your application.

Should I Apply to American University?

In contrast to other similarly sought-after/selective universities, America is not looking for reasons to say “No” to prospective students with a decent academic background.

But if you decide that American University is your aim and you do not have scores and grades within the 75th-percentile level (if opting to submit test results), ensure that you also have a reliable backup plan.

Every student should create an appropriate list of colleges with various “target” and “safety” schools. You’ll want to do this with the help of an admissions expert.

Campus Life at the American University

American University students‘ lives are exciting due to their campus experience. The school places significant importance on the overall development of its pupils. There’s a gym, an eatery, and a theater on campus, in addition to other things.

The school is believed to have more than 250 student organizations and groups interested in performing arts and various other forms of recreation.

Students can also take part in a variety of community-based projects. The group of leaders to come that is cultivated through American University contributes to establishing an international society that is resilient and sustainable.

Now, let us find out the procedure for admissions to this learning institution.


The ratio of faculty-students to American University is 12:1, and the school offers 58.4 per cent of its classes having less than 20 pupils.

The most popular majors at American University include International Relations and Affairs; Political Science and Government, General; Business Administration and Management, General; Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other; Criminal Justice/Safety Studies; Public Relations/Image Management; Economics, General; Finance, General; and Psychology, General. The typical retention rate of first-year students as a measure of satisfaction with the school is 88%.

Student Life at American University

American University has a total undergraduate enrollment of 8,463, which includes an average gender of 37 percent men and 33 per cent female students. In terms of sports, American University is part of the NCAA I.


American’s primary campus has situated in the city of Washington, D.C., in the northwest region of the District of Columbia.

The school was chartered through the Act of Congress on February 24, 1893. It was referred to as “The American University”.

Be aware that you’ll attend American University for its excellent academics! Here’s a glimpse of what the academic environment will be like.

Location & Contact


5 boulevard de la Tour Maubourg
Paris  75007


International Admissions Office Counselors
Phone: -+33 1 40 62 07 20
Fax: -+33 1 47 05 34 32


Q.1 What GPA do you need to get into American University?

ANS. With this year’s enrollment of 18,950 and an acceptable percentage of 31, the new first-year class exhibits excellence in every aspect.

The middle 50 per cent grade point average of students accepted into the class of 2022 is 3.47-4.00, and the middle 50 per cent SAT score was 1240-1390.

Q.2 Is it hard to get into American University?

ANS. American University Acceptance Rate: How Hard is it to Get in? In fall 2018, 18,950 students applied, and 5875 were granted admission. This makes AU very competitive, with the acceptance rate hovering around 31%.

Q.3 Is American University a prestigious school?

ANS. AU was ranked among the top 30 nationally in study abroad, service learning, and innovation. US News and World Report ranked AU’s first-year experience 12th in its 2023 rankings.

Q.4 Is American University easy to get into?

ANS. American University admissions are more selective, with a 64% acceptance rate. American University admits half of its applicants with SAT scores between 1280-1440 or ACT scores between 29 and 33.

Q.5 What is the American University known for?

ANS. American University is a student-centered research institution in Washington, DC, with highly-ranked schools and colleges, internationally-renowned faculty, and a reputation for creating meaningful change in the world.

Q.6 Is American University a good value?

ANS. American University, based primarily on its reputation, is a high-value school. It ranks among the top 20% of schools in terms of value.

Final Words

After learning about the average GPA and other requirements for admission, You may have realized that AU evaluates applicants more on their abilities than on scores.

If you don’t meet the needs, make your backup plan in place. Every student should have a list of schools on which they wish to go on which to base when searching for colleges.

It is also possible to talk with an admissions counselor regarding this. We hope you luck in finding your ideal college as quickly as you can.

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