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Bucknell University Acceptance Rate: Bucknell University is an institution of liberal arts that offers a wide range of courses. It provides students with a broad education.

The school is located in Lewisburg, PA, primarily in rural areas. Bucknell University has approximately 3,000 students who are enrolled.

Bucknell University will accept scores from either the ACT or SAT. The 25th-75th percentile of students accepted is those with SAT scores between 1255-1430 or ACT scores between the 28th and 32nd percentile.

Bucknell University Acceptance Rate

Based on GPA information gathered and utilized regularly, the average GPA range for students accepted from Bucknell University is between 3.62 and 3.78.

Around 30 per cent of applicants at Bucknell University get letters of acceptance.

About 29% of applicants into the college. For more details, you can visit the admissions office’s site at .bucknell.edu.

Overview of Bucknell University

Bucknell University is an extremely well-known private college located in East Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania. The small school has more than 3,686 students in its undergraduate program.

Acceptance into Bucknell University is pretty complicated since just 38% of students are accepted. Popular majors include Economics. You can study popular subjects like Economics, Political Science, and Biology.

Overview of Bucknell University

Bucknell University was established in 1846 as The University at Lewisburg. It is among the top engineering schools in the United States, and its undergraduate engineering programs are particularly popular.

The five foundations of Bucknell include integrity, fairness, respect, accountability, and courage.

Bucknell’s Location  Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. 
University Type  Private and Coed 
Founded In  1846 
Campus Setup  Rural Area 
Total Enrollments  Around 3700 
Academic Term  Semester 
Official Website  Website 

Different Programs offered at Bucknell University: 

  • The University offers classes in 70 minors along with 60 majors.
  • Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Management and the BS-MS Dual degree in engineering are the most popular degrees offered by Bucknell University offers.
  • Economics and accounting, finance and accounting, as well as psychology, biology and geography, are a few of the subjects that have the highest percentage of students.
  • Economics, accounting and finance and finance, psychology, biology and geography are among the subjects with the highest percentage of students.
  • Students from all school streams receive instruction in various writing techniques throughout the curriculum.

Bucknell University Admission 

Bucknell is a highly selective school. Only 38 per cent of students are admitted. The Bucknell student’s median SAT or ACT score ranges between 1250-1430.

The date for getting admitted to Bucknell is January 15. For those who are interested, the final day to apply for an early decision to Bucknell is on November 15. The $40 application fee or admission fee still needs to be returned.

How to get in and what you need to do to get in

To complete the application, students should make use of for filling out their application the Common Application portal.

Students can also mail an application that is completed at the University Head Office to complete this application. The deadline must be adhered to in all application forms (as per the early and regular deadlines for applications).

To be considered for admission, students must submit a “Purpose Statement,” their prior transcripts, and 2 letters of recommendation written by individuals who know how they’ve performed at the school. Scores for the TOEFL and IELTS tests should be submitted straight to the University through the Educational Testing Service.

Bucknell University Ranking: 

They are known as “Hidden Ivies” because they provide the same high-quality educational experience that Ivy League colleges offer and rank first in many categories across the United States.

According to the “National Liberal Arts Colleges” section of the 2022 edition of U.S. News & World Report, Bucknell was ranked among the Top 50.

According to the report, in 2022, Bucknell University is ranked 195th out of 312. Its Center for World University Rankings ranks the school at 819.

The UG engineering programs at the University have performed extremely well in ranking. B.S. degrees in computer science, mechanical engineering, electronics and computing engineering, and biomedical engineering are among the most sought-after. Here is some ranking of Bucknell University.

Ranking Category/Course  Bucknell University Ranking # 
National Liberal Arts Colleges  #38 
Best UG Teaching  #55 
Best Value schools  #99 
Most Innovative Schools  #7 
Best Greek Life Colleges in America  #64 of 718 
Best College of Economics ( America )  #79 of 582 
Best College of Account and Finance ( America )  #84 of 829 
Best College of Chemistry ( America )  #89 of 655 
Best college in athletics ( America)  #206 of 1356 
Best campus (America)  #404 of 1395 
Best college for Global students  #62 of 209 

Bucknell university acceptance rate 

The chances of being accepted to Bucknell University are extremely low, with a figure of around 38 per cent. More than 11,000 students apply to Bucknell annually, and over 3000 are accepted.

That’s a sign that, on average, 33% of students applying to Bucknell University are accepted. A mere 26-27% of those 33 per cent (3000plus) students decide to continue their studies at Bucknell.

Bucknell university acceptance rate 

51 per cent of applicants were male, while 49% of applicants were female, as per the school’s application statistics. However, only 52% of women accepted picked Bucknell University, while 47 per cent of men accepted did.

Bucknell University got 11,708 applications for its 2026 class in 2022. Of these, 3812 were accepted, which means that 32.6 per cent of those who submitted applications were accepted. The acceptance rates for the past three years are listed below.

Year  Total Applications  Accepted  Acceptance Rate 
Class of 2026  11,708  3812  32.6% 
Class of 2025  11,263  3,886  34.5% 
Class of 2024  9890  3712  37% 

Bucknell GPA Requirements

Many schools have a minimum GPA required; however, it is often only the minimum you need to meet to avoid being rejected immediately.

The primary GPA standard is the GPA you must have to show an excellent chance of getting into. We determine this by studying the typical GPA of students currently in school.

Bucknell has a median GPA that is 3.56.

(Most schools have a GPA of 4.0 that is weighted. However, some schools have a GPA that isn’t weighted.

Bucknell requires you to achieve a 3.56 GPA, meaning you’re in the middle of the high school classes you attended. You’ll likely need a few B’s and A’s, but only a few C’s.

You can compensate for the low GPA by taking more difficult AP and IB classes. This will make your GPA increase in weight and prove that you’re prepared to go to college.

If you’re a junior-senior, it’s easier for you to improve your GPA after you become eligible for college. If you have a GPA of 3.56 or less, you’ll require an increase in your SAT or ACT score to compensate for it. This will allow you to stand out against applicants with better GPAs than yours.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Standardized tests have different requirements for every school. Schools generally require students to take tests like the SAT and the ACT, and many require students to take SAT subject tests.

If you want to apply to Bucknell to apply, you need to take or take either the SAT or ACT. It will benefit you if you score well in submitting a solid application.

Bucknell SAT Requirements

Some schools claim that they don’t need an upper or lower SAT score; however, the reality is that they have. It is based on the average score of the school.

On a scale of 200 to 1600 mean SAT score for Bucknell was 1337.

This score means that Bucknell ranks in the middle position regarding SAT scores.

Bucknell SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

A New SAT score for the 25th percentile is 1250, while the scores for the 75th percentile are 1420. If you score 1250 on the New SAT, you are below average. If you score 1420, then you’re above average.

Here’s how the new SAT score is broken into sections:

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 680 630 730
Reading + Writing 657 620 690
Composite 1337 1250 1420

Bucknell ACT Requirements

Like SAT, Bucknell probably has a flexible cutoff for the ACT. However, if your score is adequate, your application could be accepted.

Bucknell has an average ACT score of. Based on the above ACT scores, Bucknell is Strongly Competitive.

It is estimated that the ACT score of the 25th percentile for the 25th is 28, as is for the 75th percentile; it’s 32. ACT score for the 75th percentile is 33.

Although Bucknell might say that they don’t require an upper or lower ACT score, If you apply with an ACT score of 28 or less, you’ll be able to be accepted if there’s another thing in your application that’s extremely impressive. Many applicants have scores that are 30 or more, and scoring a score lower than 28 will make you look unprofessional in the school.

How to Apply to Bucknell University

The required information to submit your application to Bucknell is in the table below.

Bucknell University Admissions Stats at a Glance

Here is some information about applying to Bucknell University.

Bucknell University 2022 Admissions Statistics
Mean Unweighted GPA 3.6
Admitted Students in Top 10% of Graduating Class 59%
Mean SAT Score 1306
Admissions Test Policy Optional
Applicants Who Submit SATs 57%
Applicants Who Submit ACTs 26%
Waitlist Yes

Keep reading for more details about the admissions figures.

Applying Early to Bucknell University?

These are the early deadlines for applications at Bucknell University.

Application Type Offered Application Deadline Notification Deadline
Early Decision I Yes November 15 December 15
Early Decision II Yes January 15 February 15
Early Action No –– ––

Early decision is offered at Bucknell University. However, early action isn’t. The early decision becomes binding, meaning that when you are accepted, you are required to leave; however, early action allows you to apply before committing.

The deadline for Early Decision I applications is November 15which is very close. Candidates who apply for EDI are expected to hear from the agency on December 15.

Application of Early Decision II must be submitted on or before January 15. Candidates to ED II will find out the process before February 15.

Bucknell University has a 55 per cent acceptance rate for applicants who apply early but an acceptance rate of 34%. In the past year, 468 out of the 853 applicants who made an early decision at Bucknell University were accepted.

Some students submit their college applications earlier in hopes that they will be able to gain admission. Earlier deadlines could boost your chances of being accepted admitted to a school since they demonstrate that you are keen on the subject and your application is scrutinized before the other regular admissions applicants.

Check out the list of colleges that allow more students in an early admission decision than they do during regular admission.

Bucknell University International Admissions

Bucknell University has more than 250 students outside of the United States. The students are from more than 50 countries around the globe. Students can use the standard or online application to apply for Bucknell University.

Application Portal: Common Application or Coalition Application or Bucknell University Online Application
Application Fee: 40 USD
Admission Requirements:

  • Transcripts of high school
  • Essay
  • Form for an Early Decision Agreement (for early decision applicants)
  • Photocopy of a biography photo page
  • Financial Statement
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • Proof of English language proficiency

English Language Proficiency Requirements

If English is not the student’s primary language, they must submit test results to prove they can communicate. Additionally, the student’s score has to be more than the score the university had predicted.

Here’s a list of examinations that Bucknell University accepts and the minimum score required for each test:

Tests Scores Required
IELTS 7.0 (overall)
PTE 68
Duolingo 120

How to Get Into Bucknell University

If you’re planning to attend Bucknell, You’ll need to earn excellent grades in high school, and you may need to fulfil other requirements based on the subject you wish to study.

Bucknell offers an earlier decision deadline for November, an annual decision deadline with an additional deadline for early decisions in January.

Candidates can apply online via application forms such as the Coalition and Common applications. They must submit to one of three Bucknell colleges (Arts and Sciences, Engineering, or the Freeman College of Management).

They can select “undecided” if they haven’t chosen a major. There’s a fee of $40 for applying to Bucknell.

The high school average GPA of the applicants in that class in 2024 was 3.61. (out of 4.0 ).

Every applicant must complete at minimum two years of foreign language at the high school level and a minimum of two and a half semesters of mathematics at the college level.

On the other hand, applicants for science and math require high school maths for three years. To be a part of the engineering program, you will need three years of maths and chemistry, as well as one year of physics or chemistry as well as one full year of pre-calculus.

Bucknell doesn’t require students to pass tests like the SAT or ACT applicants can choose whether or not they want to include their scores along with their application. There is no requirement for an interview. However, applicants must compose an essay where the university requires students to “tell us your story.”

The cost of tuition for the 2021-22 school term is $59,474. Meals, housing, and other charges add up to more than $72,000. Potential students should be aware of the cost within the same category as Ivy League schools.

Bucknell offers many scholarships to help students pay for their education. This includes work-study grants and merit-based scholarships for students in their first year.

The grants and scholarships amounting to $67 million were offered to undergraduates in the school year 2020-21.

Bucknell University Admission Deadlines

Admission applications for undergraduate students may be submitted before the deadline for early decisions or following the regular decision deadline. The deadlines are listed as follows:

Rounds Date
Early Decision I November 15, 2021
Early Decision II January 15, 2022
Regular Decision April 1, 2022

Early Decision and Regular Decision: 

Bucknell University has both early decisions as well as early action. However, it does not have early action. Early action allows you to apply early without making promises to enroll.

An early decision, however, is a binding decision; if you are accepted, you have to apply for admission. The acceptance rate for the early decision of Bucknell University is 55%, and that’s just 38% of their total acceptance rate. In the past, one-third of the 840 applicants that applied for Bucknell University’s early decision was accepted.

Highlights on Bucknell University

  • The University campus spreads over 450 acres, with more than 100 buildings.
  • The campus is equipped with a fitness centre, a golf course, and an athletic pavilion for enthusiastic students.
  • The university has an overall rate of graduation of 83%. The university also has an average of 92%.
  • According to the datasheet, 96 per cent of Bucknell University alums get jobs within 8-9 months of graduating. The number of alumni is approximately 55000.

Admissions Chances

Bucknell University is difficult to be accepted because of its low acceptance rate and average GPAs and scores on SAT/ACT that is extremely high. However, Bucknell has a more thorough admissions process that goes beyond taking a look at your test scores and grades.

Your application will appear better with a well-written application essay, glowing letters of recommendation, significant extracurricular activities, and take difficult classes. Bucknell will also require a variety of supplemental essays.

Candidates should write these essays to demonstrate the uniqueness of their application and what they’re most attracted to. Even if a student’s grade and test scores don’t fall within the typical range of Bucknell, however, they could be considered a serious candidate when they’ve got an achievement or story that makes them stand out.

Students who would like to be admitted to Bucknell should apply to any of the three colleges, including The College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering, or the Freeman College of Management.

All applicants must demonstrate a minimum of two and a half years of maths and two years of foreign language.

The green and blue dots of the above scattergram represent students who were accepted. You will notice that most successful applicants had grades within the “A” range, combined SAT scores of 1250 or more (ERW+M) and ACT scores in the composite range of 27 or greater.

What Does Bucknell University Look For in an Applicant?

Colleges consider several things in deciding who to admit to the next classes. Each college determines which aspects of an application are the most significant.

When deciding which schools to submit your application to, think about your strengths and any potential weakness within your applications. Choose schools that place the greatest importance on areas in which you excel.

Bucknell University Tuition Information

The full-time students of Bucknell University paid $61,408 per year in tuition in 2022.

The tuition was increased by 3.25 per cent in 2022, up from $59,474 the previous year—the costs for college increase by around 3 per cent per year, on average.

If this causes you to be anxious about attending the school of your dreams, you need to remember you’re not alone. The “sticker price” of tuition isn’t the only way to know.

After grants, scholarships, grants, and tuition discounts are considered, most students realize that the true costs of attending college are much lower than the amount stated on the invoice. Additionally, student loans may make it more difficult to pay for college until you finish your degree.

Does Bucknell University Offer In-State and Out-of-State Tuition?

Bucknell University is an independent, non-profit institution; therefore, it is the same tuition for Pennsylvania residents and students from other states.

The state government grants money to universities and colleges accessible to the general public. The cost of attending these institutions is lower for people who live in the state.

If you reside within the same area as your school, you could be eligible to pay lower tuition, loans, and interest rates if you attend there. Be sure to know the regulations to live in your state.

Each state has its rules regarding which students can receive tuition from the state and who doesn’t. The majority of states require students to reside in the state for a specific duration of time before when they can be eligible. Depending on the state you and your parents live in, additional conditions may exist.

Do International Students Pay More to Go to Bucknell University?

Every student pays the same amount to attend Bucknell.

International students typically don’t qualify for federal funding. However, they could be eligible to obtain scholarships, grants, or other kinds of aid from private sources or their institutions. In the case of Bucknell University, international students who are in need could receive the following kinds of financial assistance:

On-campus jobs

Athletic Awards that are exclusively meant for Bucknell University

Students from other countries who don’t need to worry about financial worries could qualify for sports or merit-based scholarships.

Financial Aid at Bucknell University

The year 2022 saw 1,531 first-year college students being granted financial aid. Bucknell University helps undergraduates with 92 per cent of their financial needs that have been demonstrated.

A full-time first-year student’s financial aid average is around $43,000 per year. A little over 39 per cent of the first-year students at Bucknell University have loans for their education to pay the costs they have to cover.

After they graduate, students with student loans from Bucknell University have an average of $35,129 in student loans they owe.

Each kind of loan has an individual average amount of debt.

Average Debt By Loan Type
Federal Loans $22,237
Private Loans $0
Most Common Loans for Bucknell University Students
Federal Loans 39%
Private loans 9%

Students typically get loans from their schools or the government since they typically have lower interest rates and more flexible repayment methods than private loans.

The federal government may assist in paying for or aid in the repayment of loans. The interest rate doesn’t increase on subsidized loans while you’re in school. However, it will be on loans that aren’t subsidized when the loan is made.

Certain students get private loans if they do not have enough federal loans available to help pay for the cost of school. Parents also can get Parent PLUS loans, which are loans from the government to parents who wish to help their children pay for college.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) assists institutions in determining the amount of funds students and their families require so that they can offer them a financial aid plan near to fulfilling their requirements. If you’re interested in learning more about the financial aid offered by Bucknell University, keep reading or visit their website for financial aid.

Scholarships at Bucknell University

Scholarships and grants can help students to pay for college. Grants and scholarships do not require repayment, just like loans.

Bucknell University gave out 1,366 need-based scholarships totalling $70.4 million for students in 2022. These scholarships were awarded to students who needed more funds to cover school costs.

Students who could not prove they had the funds needed to receive an additional $7 million in merit-based awards.

Academic Life at Bucknell University

Bucknell University has 9 students to 1 teacher. It has 53.8 per cent of its classes contain under 20 pupils. Economics, General; Political Science and Psychology, General; Government, general; Accounting as well as Finance as well as Biology/Biological Sciences general; Mechanical Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Computer Engineering, General Marketing and Marketing Management General, as well as International Relations and affairs are just a few of the most sought-after majors in Bucknell University. The average retention rate for first-year students shows how satisfied students are, 92%.

Student Life at Bucknell University

In 2021’s fall, the number of students will increase to 3,724 students on the campus of Bucknell University. Of the students, 47% will comprise males, while 53% will be females.

The majority of the students live in homes that are that is owned, managed or linked by the institution. Just 11% of students reside off the campus. Bucknell University is part of the NCAA I when it comes to sports.

Bucknell University Campus

Bucknell University has many services available to students, including tutoring, which isn’t intended to be used for remedial purposes and a women’s centre as well as a placement service. The health service, as well as health insurance.

Bucknell University also provides security and safety services, such as 24-hour police patrols of vehicles and feet, late-night transportation/escort services, 24-hour emergency phone lines, walkways/pathways with lights, students’ patrols, as well as controlled access to the dormitories (key or security card etc.). 34 per cent of Bucknell University students have cars on campus. Bucknell University lets students of an appropriate age drink alcohol.

Location & Contact


1 Dent Drive
Lewisburg, PA  17837
United States


Dean Kevin Mathes
Dean of Admissions
Email: admissions@bucknell.edu
Phone: 570-577-3000
Fax: 570-577-3538

bucknell acceptance rate FAQS

Q.1 What GPA do you need to get into Bucknell?

ANS. 3.56 Bucknell would like you to have a 3.56 GPA, which is a sign that you’re in the middle of your class in high school. You’ll likely need a few B’s and’s, but just a handful of C’s. You can compensate for the low GPA by enrolling in more difficult AP and IB classes. This will help increase your GPA and prove that you’re prepared to attend college.

Q.2 Is Bucknell University prestigious?

ANS. Image result showing the number of students who are accepted into Bucknell. Out of the 210 National Liberal Arts Colleges, Bucknell University is ranked #37. Schools are ranked according to their performance level with respect to well-known benchmarks of excellence.

Q.3 How hard is it to get into Bucknell?

ANS. The number of students accepted into Bucknell is just 38 per cent. The average SAT score of the Bucknell pupil is 1250 and 1430, while the median ACT scores are between 29 and 31. The regular deadline for applications to be submitted is the 15th of January.

Q.4 What is Bucknell known for?

ANS. Bucknell is a private, coed institution located on 450 acres close to the Susquehanna River in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. There are 65 majors for undergraduates, and they are accessible to females and males. The college is recognized by its College of Engineering, where students can study various engineering-related topics.

Q.5 What majors are Bucknell known for?

ANS. Bucknell is home to three schools: Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and the Freeman College of Management. Each college offers top-rated engineering, liberal arts and business programs.

Q. 6 Is Bucknell a little ivy?

ANS. Bucknell is known as a “Hidden Ivy” or “Little Ivy,” an informal collection of smaller, lesser-known liberal arts colleges which are as excellent as Ivy League.

Ivy League. Newspapers such as U.S. News & World Report and Forbes frequently place Bucknell among the top liberal arts schools across the country.

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