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Clemson University Acceptance Rate: Clemson University can be found in Clemson, SC, a public institution focusing on just a few programs. Clemson University has about 27,000 students who are enrolled each year.

Students can submit either SAT Exam or ACT scores at CU. Scores between 1230 and 1400 for the SAT or 27 to 32 on the ACT are within the 25th-75th percentile of students admitted to the university.

We could determine how much Clemson University (CU) average GPA (3.55 – 3.78) of the admitted students using samples of GPA information from more than 150 schools.

clemson acceptance rate

CU accepts about 50% of students who apply annually. If accepted, approximately 25% of the students are enrolled.

Based on the data from previous years and estimating the number of students accepted, a Clemson University (CU) acceptance rate will be 46%. More information can be found on the admissions office’s site at

Overview Clemson University

Clemson University is a public university that was established in 1889. Clemson University in South Carolina is a prestigious and highly recognized academic program. It provides a broad range of well-known major courses.

Clemson University has one of the most joyful campuses in the nation. Clemson’s campus borders picturesque Lake Hartwell and is a short drive away from The Blue Ridge Mountains. More than 500 groups and clubs help students meet each other and participate in their communities.

Overview Clemson University

Since Clemson is a research-oriented University, Clemson’s resources permit students to be actively involved in research with the ‘Creative inquiry’ program.

It has an undergraduate enrollment of 20,868 (fall 2020), a suburban location, and a campus that is 17,000 acres. Its academic calendar is based on semesters. Clemson University has ranked #75 in National Universities in the Best Colleges 2022 edition.

It is charged $15,120 for state-wide tuition and fees and $37,712 for tuition outside of state and fees.

Clemson University Acceptance Rate

Clemson Admissions to the University are fairly selective and have an acceptance rate of 61.9 (or 60) percent. With an acceptance rate of 62, CU ranks at #11 regarding the lowest admissions for admissions in South Carolina.

the Clemson Acceptance Rate for the University 2021 class of first-year students entering the University of 2021 was 51.3 percent.

But the acceptance rate for 2022 is expected at 45.8 percent, which is the lowest in the last five years. This is due to an overall trend and an unprecedentedly large number of applicants.

Clemson University Acceptance Rate

Clemson Acceptance Rate: Out-Of-State Admissions

Because Clemson is a public university, It strives to keep an enrollment ratio between 65 and 35 percent outside the state. In contrast, out-of-state tuition is more revenue for CU. The primary objective is to keep the 65-35 student body pattern.

Separate figures for out-of-state Clemson acceptance rates can be difficult to come up with. This is because the overall number of applicants isn’t divided by the state where they live. Students from out-of-state have a lower chance of being accepted than students from the state once they’ve been accepted.

Clemson University’s Rankings

Clemson University has achieved the following ranks in varied terms:

  • #1 in South Carolina
  • #15 in Internships/Co-ops (Tie)
  • # 26 in Most Innovative Schools (Tie)
  • # 30 in Top Public Schools (Tie)
  • # 43 in Best Colleges for Veterans (Tie)
  • # 48 in Best Undergraduate Teaching (Tie)
  • # 54 in First-year Experiences (Tie)
  • # 75 in National Universities (Tie)

Average Academic Profile of Accepted Clemson University Students


The average GPA for the students accepted at Clemson was 4.39.


The 50 percentile SAT score was 1305, while the ACT scored 30. Students who took 59% have submitted SAT scores, and 41% submitted ACT scores.

It is crucial to know that Clemson has implemented a test-optional policy. However, most students do submit their scores. Clemson has a high score on scores on the SAT in addition to the ACT.

Class Rank

Class rank is crucial when it comes to deciding who will attend Clemson. 52.6 percent of applicants were among the top 10 percent of their high school classes, and 97.5 were in the top quartile.

Clemson University Admission Requirements

The Clemson University admissions standards are quite high. But, the applicant pool is not that high. You’ll need an impressive SAT and an ACT score to be admitted into Clemson University. Most of Clemson University’s accepted students can get an SAT score between 1210 to 1390. Or an ACT score of between the 27-32 range.

But, one-quarter of the admitted applicants scored higher over these levels. However, another quarter of applicants received lower scores than those admitted to the previous quarter.

CU typically takes in students who have earned an “A A’ or better in high school. However, just 24% of accepted students have the chance to attend Clemson University.

There aren’t Early Decision (ED) deadlines at Clemson University. The usual deadline is May 2022 to complete the application for admission. The majority of Clemson scholarships require applications by the deadline for priority.

Clemson University Admissions: GPA Score Requirements

Clemson’s admissions assessment process emphasizes class rank and GPA. Clemson frequently reports high school records and GPAs as the primary criteria for their admissions process.

Most applicants accepted have an unweighted grade point average of at least 3.7. Over half of the students are among the top 10% at their respective high schools. The High School average GPA at CU stands at 4.18 in the range of 4.0. This suggests that CU accepts a standard High School ‘A’ level.

Most admitted Freshmen are among the top 50% of their High School classes. Anyone who plans to go to Clemson should speak with the counselors at their high school to ensure they enroll in the best available program.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Each school has its own set of standards for standardized testing. Most schools require the SAT or ACT in addition to the ACT, while some require SAT subject tests.

You must pass or take the SAT and ACT for an application at Clemson. More importantly, is that you must do well to be able to submit a solid application.

Clemson SAT Requirements

Some schools claim that they do not have an SAT score threshold, but the reality is that there’s a hidden SAT requirement. The cutoff is based on the average score for the school.

Its typical SAT scores composite score at Clemson is 1310 on the 1600 SAT scale.

This score places Clemson moderately competitive in SAT scores.

Clemson ACT Requirements

Like SAT, Clemson likely doesn’t have a rigid ACT cutoff; however, if you score below, your application could be rejected.

Its mean ACT score at Clemson was 30. This makes Clemson Highly Competitive in ACT scores.

The 25% ACT score for the ACT is 27, while the 75th percentile ACT score is 32.

Although Clemson is likely to say they do not have a minimum ACT requirement, If you apply with a score below 27, it will be a difficult time getting accepted unless there are other impressive things to show within your applications. The number of applicants who scored 30 and over a 27 might appear weak academically.

SAT Score Choice Policy

Your Score Choice policy at your school is a crucial element of your school’s testing strategy.

Clemson is a member of its Score Choice policy of “Highest Section. “

This is also referred to by the term “superscoring.” This means you can select the SATs you wish to submit to your school. Out of all the scores they receive, the applicants will be able to judge your most impressive section scores for all SAT dates that you provide.

Click here to learn more about how the concept of superscoring impacts your test strategy.

If you’re SAT superscore is at or less than the 1310 mark, We strongly suggest thinking about preparing to take the SAT and taking it again. You stand a high chance of improving your test score, which could greatly increase your chances of being accepted.

In addition, due to the Superscore, you can concentrate all your efforts on just one section at a time. When the Reading score is less than the other sections, you should only prepare to take the Reading section, and then you can take the SAT. Then, focus on Math in the following test and so on. This will get you the best Superscore you can get.

ACT Score Sending Policy

When you’re taking the ACT rather than the SAT, in this case, you’ll have an advantage in the way you report scores. This drastically influences your testing strategy.

Here’s the thing: when you send ACT scores to colleges, you are in total control over which tests you submit. You could take 10 tests and only send the one with the highest score. This is in contrast to the SAT, which, in many cases, will require that you send all the tests you have ever taken.

This means you’ll have greater chances than you think to increase the quality of your ACT score. To try to reach the school’s ACT requirement of 30 or above, you must make an effort to take the ACT at least as many times as you can. Once you’ve got the final score you are happy with, you can only forward that score to all your schools.

Clemson University Admissions

Clemson University deserves serious consideration for students with a high academic record to be able to stand out during their admissions application.

It offers a wide range of courses that cover a variety of academic majors, possibilities for work/study and research programs, and a variety of scholarships. Students from South Carolina have a distinct advantage as the school has a greater percentage of students from the state.

How to Apply to Clemson University

Application Timeline Deadline
Priority Deadline November 1
Notification for priority deadline sent out February 15
Deadline for regular admissions February 22

Application Requirements

Candidates can apply to Clemson through Clemson’s Clemson application, the Common Application, or the Coalition Application.

The requirements for the application in general comprise:

  1. The application must be completed using either the Clemson Application Common Application or Coalition Application
  2. Payment of the $70 application fee
  3. Sending your test results to The College Board or ACT
  4. Sending your transcripts to Clemson

How Hard Is It to Get Into Clemson University?

The acceptance rate at Clemson is 51%, and 29,070 students were interested in applying. Clemson does not provide Early Action or Early Decision.

Clemson is an extremely competitive university to join; however, your personal odds of being accepted could be greater or lower based on your GPA, test scores, and other extracurricular activities.

To know more about your acceptance odds, we recommend you look at the Chancing Calculator. This application permits you to enter your college information and provides your odds of acceptance at a certain college. The best part is that it’s free!

Clemson University Admissions: High School Class Rank

Top 10% of the high school class that graduates comprise around 54 percent of Clemson first-year students at the University.

High School Class Rank Freshmen Within Range
Bottom 25% of class 1%
Bottom 50% of class 3%
Top 50% of class 97%
Top 25% of class 84%
Top 10% of class 54%

Tips For Clemson University Admissions

  • Students who are interested in attending Clemson must work to improve their scores on standardized tests.
  • The time you spend preparing for the test results with better scores.
  • Students also benefit from taking the test multiple times as Clemson utilizes a “super scoring” system.
  • Advanced classes, AP classes, or taking part in programs like IB. International Baccalaureate (IB) can prove that you can enthusiastically tackle academic demands.
Applications Deadline (Fall 2022) May 1, 2022
Application Fee $70

Admissions Trends & Notes – Class of 2025

  • Clemson was an optional test for students applying to join the 2022-23 first-year class.
  • The Class of 2025 consisted of the valedictorians of high school 103 and Salutatorians from 93 schools.
  • Seven hundred twenty-nine students in The Class of 2025 classify as first-generation college students.
  • 697 first-year students from 2021-22 were reported to have at least one parent who was one of the Clemson Alum.
  • 396 students admitted to Clemson University Honors College. Clemson University Honors College

How Clemson Rates Applicants

The Clemson admissions committee will consider five aspects believed to be “very important” to the application process: the rigor of high school courses and class rank, GPA and the scores on standardized tests, and state residence.

“Considered” factors are: the application essay, recommendation letters, additional-curricular activities, talent/ability, and the status of a legacy. There are no factors that are classified as “Important.”

Straight directly from the Clemson admissions team:

  • “One of the best indicators of your success in Clemson is the academic standing you have at high school. We look at grades, your grade point average,, and the intensity of the classes you attended to determine your capacity to meet academic demands.”
  • “Most of our applicants have competitive GPAs and present transcripts with college preparatory, honors and AP coursework based on what is offered by their high school.”

It is also important to mention that recruited athletes have an advantage of a major degree. This is due to Clemson being proud of its 19 NCAA Division I sports teams. In the class of 2025, the number of athletes was 96.

Clemson University Demographics

Let’s take a look at the demographics of today’s Clemson students.

The undergraduate student body is currently composed of the largest number of undergraduate students in the following U.S. countries:

  1. South Carolina: 13,261
  2. North Carolina: 1,081
  3. Georgia: 921
  4. New Jersey: 900
  5. New York: 629
  6. Virginia: 576
  7. Maryland: 458
  8. Pennsylvania: 456
  9. Massachusetts: 451
  10. Florida: 405

In the case of non-residents, competition for admission is the most intense for those from states with unending streams of applicants (the whole of the Northeast and those from the West Coast).

If you’re from a state with fewer people living there, like Wyoming and North Dakota, your location is more likely to give an edge for your chances of being admitted to Clemson.

International students comprise just 0.5 percent of the undergraduate student population. Within that small group, the highest percentage comes from:

  1. China: 33%
  2. Jamaica: 10%
  3. India: 6%
  4. Canada: 6%
  5. Brazil: 5%
  6. Spain: 5%

In terms of ethnicity, the breakdown was according to:

  • White: 80%
  • Asian: 3%
  • Hispanic: 6%
  • African American: 6%
  • A race or two to Four percent

When you look at the gender split at present, the school is an almost equal number of females and males.

  • Men: 51%
  • Women: 49%

The 2021-22 students in the first year class comprised students from the following schools:

  • 51 percent of South Carolina residents
  • 269 South Carolina high schools
  • 1 383 high schools that are not South Carolina-based
  • 48 states as well as The District of Columbia
  • 19 foreign countries.

The top-10 majors planned for the class of 2025 included:

  • General Engineering
  • Pre-Business
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Nursing
  • Undeclared
  • Psychology (B.S.)
  • Animal and Veterinary Sciences
  • Pre-Professional Health Studies.
  • Psychology (B.A.)

Clemson’s “Yield Rate”

The yield rate of Clemson’s accepted students who decide to enroll multiplied by the number of students admitted to the university is just 20 percent.

This is considerably lower than the other Southern state universities that are powerhouses like UGA (41 percent), UVA (40%) as well as UNC Chapel Hill (43 percent).

Is Clemson Right for You?

With strong programs covering various majors, options for work/study and research programs, and numerous scholarship opportunities, Clemson deserves serious consideration for students with an outstanding academic record to make an impact during an admissions procedure.

Students of South Carolina enjoy a unique advantage because the school has a greater proportion of in-state students.

Clemson introduced the Bridge to Clemson as a cooperative program in partnership with Tri-County Community College to achieve this aim. Students invited to participate with Bridge to Clemson reside at the Clemson campus but attend Tri-County for classes.

Suppose the academic requirements are met by transferring 30 credit hours and having a 2.5 GPA. Bridge Students can apply to Clemson without having to reapply.

Clemson can graduate about 83% of its admitted students within six years of being admitted, which shows its dedication to the retention and success of students.

If a student is searching for a “big school” experience without getting at a disadvantage with excellent programs in science and technology, but an engaging campus with strong activity programming and academic rigor and the practical experience of working, Clemson satisfies all these needs and more.

Application Fee

Undergrad students $70
Graduate students $80


Clemson’s campus can be found in Clemson, South Carolina, located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

One aspect that makes the school distinctive is its control over its own forests, called the Clemson Experimental Forest. The forest is used for research, education, and recreational activities.

Be aware that you’ll be attending Clemson because of its top academics! Here’s a glimpse of what the academic environment will be like.



Clemson is home to hundreds of student-run organizations that cover academic interests, performing and creative arts, cultural and racial programs, gender and sexuality affinity groups, political and government interests, and various publications and media.

Here’s an example of Clemson’s student-led activities:

  • “Active Minds” at Clemson University
  • Agribusiness Association
  • Clemson University Makerspace
  • Clemson Shotgun Team
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Anime and Manga Club
  • Association of Computing Machinery
  • Arnold Air Society
  • Bridges International
  • Death Valley Entertainment
  • Clemson UNICEF
  • Central Spirit
  • Campus Advance
  • Best Buddies Clemson
  • Biochemistry as well as Genetics Club
  • Bass Fishing
  • Clemson & Sober

If you’re an athlete, Clemson has plenty for you.


Is it difficult to get into Clemson University?

The acceptance rate for Clemson is 47%.

Out of 100 applicants, 47 students are accepted. This is a sign that this school has relatively selective.

The school will require students to meet their requirements regarding GPA as well as SAT/ACT score; however, they’re more flexible than some schools.

Is Clemson hard to get into out of state?

For students from out of state, approximately 30% of them choose to bridge. In 2018 57% of those offered straight admission to Clemson were accepted. Around 20% of out-of-state students accept a full Clemson acceptance, Kuskowski said.

Why is Clemson so popular?

Clemson University is a highly nationally recognized engineering school. It’s a reputable college that is focused on academics and careers and has a lot of graduates who get excellent jobs after the completion of their studies.

There’s also a positive sense of community in the school, and it’s almost like being a family of graduates and students.

Is it harder to get into Clemson or South Carolina?’s website for reviewing academics,, has released the list of top public colleges to be accepted across all 50 states. For South Carolina, Clemson University has been awarded the title.

Is Clemson a fun school?

Clemson’s spirit of the school makes it the most enjoyable college in America. Doug Benc/Getty Photos Between tests, papers, and long hours of schooling, it can appear to work with no play.

For many college students, it can also mean unlimited drinks and seemingly endless parties that could be the best year of their life. 

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