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Coastal Carolina Acceptance Rate: As a liberal arts institution, Coastal Carolina University gives students a solid educational foundation by offering a diversified curriculum.

This university is situated in the primary urban area of Conway, South Carolina. The total student population at Coastal Carolina University is 12,000 or thereabouts.

Students may submit their ACT or SAT results to this institution. A score between the 25th and 75th percentiles for admitted students falls between 1010 and 1170 on the SAT or 19 and 24 on the ACT.

Coastal Carolina Acceptance Rate

The average GPA range for accepted students at Coastal Carolina University is between 2.98 and 3.25 based on selected GPA data that was gathered and applied.

At Coastal Carolina University, an estimated 70% of applicants were admitted, and of those admitted, about 22% went on to enroll.

Applying historical data, we predicted that the acceptance rate at Coastal Carolina University in 2021 would be around 62%. The admissions office’s website is, where you may get further details.

What is the acceptance rate for CCU?

Coastal Carolina has a 70% acceptance rate, making admissions somewhat selective. Coastal Carolina accepts students with average SAT scores of 1020–1180 or average ACT scores of 19–25. The Coastal Carolina regular admissions application deadline is approaching.

acceptance rate for CCU

Coastal Carolina GPA Requirements

Many colleges have minimum GPA requirements, but in reality, this is frequently the bare minimum that is needed to apply without it being rejected right away.

The GPA criterion that counts is the GPA you need to have a legitimate possibility of being admitted. We consider the school’s current students’ average GPA for this.
At Coastal Carolina, the average GPA is 3.58.

Coastal Carolina needs you to be in the middle of your high school class with a 3.58 GPA. A mixture of A and B grades is required, with relatively few Cs.

You can make up for a low GPA by enrolling in challenging courses like AP or IB programs. This will demonstrate your capacity to take college courses and raise your weighted GPA.

Changing your GPA in time for college applications is challenging if you’re currently junior or senior. You’ll need a better SAT or ACT score to make up for a GPA at or below the 3.58 school average. Thanks to this, you will be better able to compete with applicants with higher GPAs than yours.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Standardized testing requirements vary from school to school. The SAT or ACT are typically required, and many schools also require SAT subject assessments.

To apply to Coastal Carolina, you must take the SAT or ACT. More importantly, a robust application requires achievement.

Coastal Carolina SAT Requirements

There is a covert SAT requirement, notwithstanding the claims of many colleges that they have no cutoff for SAT scores. Based on the standard grade at the institution.

Coastal Carolina’s composite SAT score is 1106 out of 1600, which is the national average.

Thanks to this score, Coastal Carolina is now competitive for SAT exam scores.

Coastal Carolina SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

SAT scores range from 1030 in the 25th to 1170 in the 75th percentile. In other words, you score below average on the SAT with a 1030 and over average with 1170.

The breakdown of SAT scores by section is as follows:

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 550 510 580
Reading + Writing 556 520 590
Composite 1106 1030 1170

Coastal Carolina ACT Requirements

Similar to the SAT, it’s unlikely that Coastal Carolina has a strict ACT threshold, but if your score is too low, your application will be rejected.

At Coastal Carolina, the typical ACT score is 22. Coastal Carolina is now Moderately Competitive for ACT scores thanks to this score.

The ACT score for the 25th percentile is 19, and the ACT score for the 75th percentile is 24.

If you apply with an ACT score of 19 or lower, you’ll have a more challenging difficulty getting in unless you have something else noteworthy in your application, even though Coastal Carolina probably states they have no minimum ACT requirement.

Applying To Coastal Carolina

The acceptance rate at Coastal Carolina University for the academic year 2021–2022 is 79.14%; 15,481 students applied overall, and 12,251 were accepted. Students enrolled have an average SAT score of 1,110 and an average ACT score of 23.

It asks applicants to submit three products and one article they recommend.
The general information for applying to Coastal Carolina is provided in the table below.

Open Admission Policy
Undergraduate Application Fees $45
Graduate Application Fees $45
Admission Information 
Online Application 
Acceptance Rate 79.14%
Average Test Scores 1,110 SAT / 23 ACT
Credits Accepted Dual Credits, Advanced placement (AP) Credits, Credit for Military Training

Admissions Chances

Coastal Carolina University has a relatively selective admissions procedure and admits almost 75 percent of candidates. You stand a good chance of getting accepted if your SAT/ACT and GPA are within the school’s typical range.

However, Coastal Carolina also employs a comprehensive admission strategy that considers academic success in challenging coursework.

The minimal requirements for applicants are four units in math and English, three in social science and laboratory science, two in a single global language, one in fine arts, one in physical education or ROTC, and two in academic electives.

CCU is also curious to know more about you and your extracurricular pursuits. Include details about your extracurricular and leadership activities in your application, please. For interested candidates, Coastal Carolina provides optional interviews.

Even if a student’s grades and test scores fall outside the norm for Coastal Carolina, they may still be given significant consideration if they have awe-inspiring tales or accomplishments.

The graph’s blue and green dots reflect the number of admitted students at Coastal Carolina University. Most accepted candidates had GPAs of 2.5 or higher, ACT composite scores of 18 or better, and combined SAT scores (ERW+M) over 950.

Is Coastal Carolina University a Good School?

For many people, a “good school” means different things. A college’s level of selection can be inferred from its admissions requirements, statistics on admitted students, cost of attendance, and financial aid.

Let’s look at these areas to understand better what Coastal Carolina University offers and see whether the university would be the best fit for you.

Where is Coastal Carolina University?

Conway, South Carolina’s suburbs, is home to Coastal Carolina University.

Plan a visit if you wish to see Coastal Carolina University for yourself. Highway 501 to Conway or a flight to the nearby airport, Myrtle Beach International, are the two best ways to get to campus.

Coastal Carolina University Tuition Information

Coastal Carolina University’s full-time tuition in 2022 was $28,490 for out-of-state students and $11,640 for in-state students.

Typically, annual increases in college tuition are around 3%.

Remember that you may not have to pay the total tuition to attend a school. After grants, scholarships, and tuition savings are considered, many students pay much less than the actual cost.

Student loans also help you manage the cost of studying until you graduate and find employment.

The annual tuition rate at Coastal Carolina University for international students is 28,490.

In-state vs. Out-of-state Tuition at Coastal Carolina University

As a public state university, Coastal Carolina University gives in-state students who enroll full-time a reduced tuition rate of $11,640. Tuition for non-South Carolinians will cost around $28,490 a year.

State governments provide money for public colleges and universities. Students who satisfy the criteria for in-state residency may be eligible for reduced tuition at public-state universities.

College tuition can be reduced by enrolling in a school where you are eligible for in-state tuition. Remember to verify the requirements for in-state residency in your state.

What qualifies a person for in-state tuition varies per state according to its regulations. Before being eligible, most states demand that students have lived there for a specific time. Depending on where you live, there can be additional requirements as well.

Yearly Fees

Most institutions charge yearly fees for facilities like the library, gym, and computer laboratories.

Taking part in extracurricular activities, such as Greek Life, sports, or other extracurriculars, may incur additional expenditures. Many institutions provide options for students needing financial assistance to seek assistance with these expenses.

Financial Aid at Coastal Carolina University

Most undergraduate students at Coastal Carolina University depend on financial help to pay for their education. 5,518 of the 9,790 enrolled undergrads in 2022 got financial aid. For undergraduate students, Coastal Carolina University meets 50% of their proven financial needs.

A first-year, full-time student’s average financial aid package is about $11,949 each year. Approximately 77% of undergraduates at Coastal Carolina University borrow money to pay for any lingering expenses.

Graduates from Coastal Carolina University who took out student loans left with an average debt of $36,995.

The typical debt for each form of loan differs.

Average Debt By Loan Type
Federal Loans $23,532
State Loans $7,045
Private Loans $43,738


Most Common Loans for Coastal Carolina University Students
Federal Loans 76%
State loans 5%
Private loans 24%

Because institutional and government loans typically offer cheaper interest rates and more flexible repayment choices than private loans, most students take them out. Subsidized or unsubsidized loans from the federal government are both possible.

While in school, subsidized loans do not collect interest; in contrast, unsubsidized loans start charging interest as soon as they are granted.

Some students take out private loans if they do not qualify for enough federal loans to meet the cost of school. Additionally, parents helping their children pay for college may apply for ParentPLUS loans, which are provided by the government.

Colleges can offer a financial aid package that fulfills or comes close to fulfilling the financial need of students and their families by using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Continue reading or visit the Coastal Carolina University page of financial assistance for additional details on their financial aid program.

Scholarships at Coastal Carolina University

To help them pay for education, students may be awarded grants and scholarships. Scholarships and assignments, as opposed to loans, are not repaid.

Coastal Carolina University gave out a total of $16.6 million in need-based scholarships to students in 2022, awarding 2,823 to those who qualified. Merit-based scholarships worth an additional $23.95 million were given to students without a documented need for assistance.

Net Cost of Coastal Carolina University

The actual cost of attending college for a year is the college’s net price. Any scholarships, grants, or other financial aid that does not require repayment are subtracted from the overall cost to determine the net worth. Student loans must be repaid. Hence they are not included in the calculation.

We can subtract the typical financial aid package from the estimated costs for Coastal Carolina University students to arrive at the estimated net cost. The net worth may change depending on a student’s need and the financial aid package they were given.

The expected net cost, not only the sticker price of tuition, should be considered when determining if a school would fit within your financial constraints. Estimate your net cost before excluding a school just because it does not meet your budget because frequently, the institutions with the highest tuition also offer the most substantial aid packages.

In 2022, a full-time first-year student at Coastal Carolina University with a documented need received an average of $11,949 in financial aid.

The anticipated expenditures can be reduced by taking the average financial assistance package out of them to arrive at a figure that might make the cost of attending Coastal Carolina University more affordable.

Estimated Net Cost for Full-Time Students
In-State, On-Campus $4,368
Net In-state, Off-campus $1,695
Out-of-State, On-Campus $33,167

What would it cost you to attend Coastal Carolina University? The response is based on several variables.

To assist prospective students and their families in better understanding the actual cost of attending a particular college, dependent on their financial status, colleges are mandated to offer a net price calculator on their websites as of 2011. The net cost estimator for Coastal Carolina University is available online.

Location & Contact


PO Box 261954
Conway, SC  29528-6054
United States
Phone: 843-347-3161

Coastal Carolina Acceptance Rate FAQS

Q.1 What is the GPA requirement for Coastal Carolina?

ANS. A minimum ACT score of 26 or a minimum SAT score of 1270 (evidence-based reading, writing, and math); and. GPA of at least 3.5 in high school.

Q.2 Is Coastal Carolina a prestigious school?

ANS. Out of 136 Regional Universities, South Coastal Carolina University is rated #38. Schools are ranked based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognized measures of quality.

Q.3 How difficult is it to get into Coastal Carolina University?

ANS. With a 79% acceptance rate, Coastal Carolina University’s admissions process is selective. Most candidates accepted to Coastal Carolina University had ACT or SAT scores between 20 and 25 or 1030 and 1190, respectively.

Q.4 What major is Coastal Carolina known for?

ANS. Business Administration and Management, General; Speech Communication and Rhetoric; Marketing/Marketing Management, General; Exercise Science and Kinesiology; Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography; Sport and Fitness Administration/Management; are some of the most well-liked majors at Coastal Carolina University.

Q.5 Why do people go to Coastal Carolina?

ANS. The learning process is student-centered at Coastal Carolina University. An exceptional educational experience is made possible by outstanding degree programs, excellent instruction, active learning, caring and concerned faculty, and a campus-wide dedication to service.

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