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Understanding DoorDash Rating 2023: Acceptance Rate And More


Doordash Acceptance Rate: One of the more puzzling concerns Dashers have with the service is the DoorDash acceptance rate.

Like other delivery and food delivery services, DoorDash retains information about its drivers based on customer feedback. These are based on the driver’s rate and whether deliveries are made on schedule.

doordash acceptance rate

You might be worried if your acceptance rate impacts a new DoorDash driver. To learn more about the DoorDash acceptance rate, read the complete article.

DoorDash Customer Rating

One of the most significant factors on DoorDash is probably customer rating. Clients can provide feedback on the restaurant order and their delivery driver.

A score of 1 represents “extremely disappointed,” and a 5 indicates “very satisfied” on the Doordash customer evaluation scale.

Reviews on Doordash are a great source of knowledge for delivery driver jobs.

If your Doordash customer rating is extremely poor, you are probably working inadvertently, so we advise you to study the advice we provide below carefully.

In conclusion, Doordash can terminate accounts based on user reviews if they fall below 4.2.

What is Your DoorDash Acceptance Rate?

Based on the proportion of deliveries you’ve accepted out of the last 100, DoorDash calculates your acceptance rate.

Your acceptance rate will increase if you accept more deliveries that come through for you.

Since that it is a rolling average, your average acceptance rate will fluctuate.

The most recent record is removed following the oldest delivery opportunity.

You must increase your order acceptance rate if you turned down several early orders to erase those lower ratings.

What is Your DoorDash Acceptance Rate

Since the older ones will drop out first, it can take some time before you notice an increase in the acceptance rate.

Be patient; the acceptance rate is a percentage, and it will increase as you accept more deliveries.

If your acceptance rate was below average last month, you could attempt to improve it this month.

What is a Good DoorDash Acceptance Rate?

The company claims no minimum acceptance rate is required to continue driving for DoorDash.

In certain circumstances, DoorDash may remove customer reviews with less than five stars from a driver’s profile.

When deciding whether a review remains on your customer rating, the following factors will be taken into consideration:

  • If the wait time at the restaurant is more than 10 minutes
  • Complaints about incorrect or missing items since this is the responsibility of the restaurants to add to the bag before they seal it
  • If dasher removes themselves from the delivery, causing it to be more than 15 minutes late before you accept the order
  • When the delivery is late due to extreme weather
  • When it is a batched order of 3 or more that causes the delivery to be late
  • System-wide outages
  • Challenging delivery situations

There is no need to check on it because the removal of these lower ratings will be removed from your account.

Your DoorDash ratings are based on what the business considers fair feedback. A user of food delivery applications desires a positive eating experience.

What is Considered a Bad DoorDash Acceptance Rate?

A minimum acceptance rate is not necessary to become a DoorDash delivery person.

Regularly declining deliveries will put your fellow dashers in a difficult situation.

The delivery you skipped will take the driver less time to complete your order.

The possibility that the meal may be cold or melted is worse than having to speed delivery or deliver it to the customer late.

If drivers continually receive low ratings, show up late, or frequently cancel orders, they risk being deactivated from DoorDash.

An account may be deactivated if the driver’s completion rate falls below 80% or 4.2.

Take orders you are confident you can complete.

You can prevent your completion rate from falling too low by finishing orders.

Does DoorDash Acceptance Rate Matter for Drivers?

As with any job, providing excellent customer service and maintaining a high accepted order rate are requirements if you want to reap the rewards from DoorDash.

It’s possible that DoorDash’s priorities and drivers’ priorities are two wholly different things.

According to DoorDash

The percentage of deliveries a driver has accepted out of the most recent possibilities to deliver meals is known as the acceptance rate.

Accepting the deliveries provided will help you increase your acceptance rate if it is currently low.

The acceptance rate policy will impact your ability to become a DoorDash Top Dasher, but the number of deliveries you are offered will not change.

Visit the DoorDash platform to view your current rating and learn how to improve it.

The top dashers consistently have a high acceptance rate and impressive statistics.

With exclusive delivery zones and peak pay, Top Dashers can serve more DoorDash clients.

This may result in bigger tipping bonuses, which will help defray their costs.

According to the Drivers

Several drivers have various opinions about the acceptance rate.

Dashers may argue that it has no bearing on them at all.

DoorDash won’t allow a driver to leave if they don’t finish a certain number of orders.

The driver can accept as many orders as they want or deny them.

Some drivers draw attention to DoorDash’s statement that a low acceptance percentage will raise suspicions of fraud.

The driver’s account can be deactivated due to this suspicion.

Are Drivers Penalized for Having a Low DoorDash Acceptance Rate?

Although they will lose out on additional cash, drivers with a poor acceptance rate on DoorDash are not penalized.

If a driver has a low acceptance rate, they won’t receive as many requests.

The only method to jeopardize your account being deactivated is if you don’t finish the orders you accept.

How Acceptance Rate Impacts Top Dasher Status

The Top Dasher Program is one of DoorDash’s rewards for drivers.

You should monitor your acceptance rate to progress to the top dasher level.

If you wish to become a top dasher, DoorDash’s lowest acceptance rate is 70%.

To qualify for the Top Dasher program, you must accept 70% of your delivery requests or greater.

More Dasher Requirements

  • Customer rating of 4.7 stars minimum
  • Completing 200 deliveries since the beginning of your DoorDash career
  • Finishing 100 jobs minimum during the month prior
  • The completion rate must be a minimum of 95%

What does a top dasher do?

You may accomplish deliveries in all zones and have access to the “Dash Now” option.

If you have access to this service, you can arrange deliveries in the grey area without having to do it yourself (not busy).

Top Dashers have priority access to orders with higher values.

More tips result from a higher value. The Top Dasher will choose the orders first, resulting in more deliveries per hour if deliveries are scarce.

Both the number of orders and the priority orders are alluring.

Yet, it implies that you must maintain a 70% acceptance rate or higher.

DoorDash Acceptance Rating & The Top Dasher Program

You must consider your acceptance rate if you wish to participate in the Top Dasher program. Your DoorDash acceptance rate only matters at this particular time.

This is because you must accept at least 70% of order requests to be eligible for the program, with a minimum acceptance rate of 70% on DoorDash.

Other Top Dasher requirements are:

  • Having an average customer rating of at least 4.7 stars
  • Having a completion rate of 95% or higher
  • Having 200 all-time deliveries
  • Completing 100 deliveries or more in the previous month

The biggest benefit of being a Top Dasher is the option to “Dash Now” and work in any zone without needing to schedule oneself, even if it’s cloudy and too congested to drive in regularly.

Moreover, Top Dashers are given first-priority access to high-value orders, which are orders that are $35 or more in value and should result in greater tips.

Last but not least, Top Dashers receive more new order requests per hour than non-Top Dasher drivers if the business is slow.

But, to be eligible, you must continue to meet your monthly standards, which entails maintaining an acceptance rate of at least 70%.

Many drivers engage in this behavior even if they are not interested in becoming Top Dashers. Still, if you want to increase your weekly DoorDash earnings, this tactic may potentially work against you.

Tips for Increasing DoorDash Acceptance Rate

You can raise your DoorDash acceptance rate through several methods that are much simpler than you may imagine.

1. Take on More Orders

If you do not accept further orders, your rating will not increase.

You must accept additional orders to roll out the older ones because the rating is a rolling average, with the oldest rating disappearing first.

Once you’ve surpassed the first 100 reviews, you can remove three stars or fewer ratings.

Your acceptance rate will increase with time.

2. Communicate With the Customer

Nobody enjoys being in the dark.

A good dasher will inform the customer if an order falls behind schedule.

It’s not your fault if there’s heavy traffic, an accident, or a crowded restaurant.

The consumer will thank you if you let them know their food will arrive quickly.

If the courier updates them on the status of their order, customers are more inclined to give it excellent ratings.

Even a simple “thank you” can make a difference at drop-off.

There aren’t many things worse than being famished and unsure when your order will arrive, particularly if the scheduled delivery time has passed.

You’ll be more likely to take more orders if you reassure yourself that it’s good to make mistakes from time to time as long as you speak clearly.

3. Have Reliable Wi-Fi or Access to Wi-Fi

If you don’t have a data package, you should park close to a dependable Wi-Fi location.

To ensure you can ask for orders, park close to a mall or coffee shop.

4. Keep Your Phone Charged

A DoorDash delivery driver’s lifeline is the gadget they use to take orders.

Ensure your phone is charged to avoid missing an opportunity to make a delivery.

If things are running late, having a charged phone will enable you to communicate with the client or restaurant.

Doordash Completion Rate

What does the completion rate signify, then? The Dasher agreement’s terms and conditions are accepted whenever you sign up for Doordash. Your CONTRACTOR generally upholds both a customer rating and a completion rate. Other conditions could apply.

On Doordash, a completion rate is calculated by dividing the total number of accepted deliveries by the total number of completed deliveries. Drivers have the opportunity to cancel an accepted order through the Dasher app.

Doordash does not particularly appreciate this approach because it creates a negative consumer and business experience.

Remember that you should only utilize this option if necessary if you want to avoid a terrible experience or a bad rate with Doordash.

Drivers for Doordash work as independent contractors, much like other delivery drivers (Favor, Waitr, and GoPuff). You are free to disconnect whenever you wish.

Tips To Get Amazing DoorDash Driver Reviews

Your objective as a Doordash driver should be to give the consumer a memorable and extremely good experience. Remember that Doordash has a tipping mechanism built into the app; at the conclusion of the delivery, the customer can leave you a tip. Customers and business partners can also report inappropriate behavior.

To provide clients with the greatest experience, we advise you to:

  • Provide Good Service: At the heart of a good tip is good service
  • Be Polite and Friendly: Grab napkins and condiments for the customer
  • Communicate with the Customer (You can even use memes)
  • Use stickers and other marketing materials


A high DoorDash Acceptance Rating may not be detrimental to your delivery prospects.

You must complete all orders, arrive on time, and exhibit kindness if you want to work as a professional driver and earn a respectable living.

If you work hard and apply your finest customer service skills to obtain a high customer service rating as a DoorDash driver, there are opportunities and money to be made.

You are ultimately responsible for making the final decision. You must maintain the highest possible scores to be a Top Dasher. Yet, if you have a variety of objectives, you shouldn’t worry about the acceptance rate.

The topic was DoorDash Acceptance Rate, and I trust you now have all the information you need. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, and if you think this post was helpful, please spread the word.


doordash acceptance rate FAQS

Q.1 Does the acceptance rate matter in DoorDash?

ANS. Although there is no set minimum for acceptance rates, persistently rejecting delivery possibilities has a detrimental influence on the experience of other Dashers (who will have less time to finish the delivery), the customer (who is more likely to receive a late delivery), and even the merchant (whose food will sit for longer).

Q.2 What acceptance rate gets you fired from DoorDash?

ANS. To continue operating on the DoorDash platform, you must maintain certain minimum Customer Ratings and Completion Rates. Once they have accepted at least 20 orders, Dashers with a Customer Rating below 4.2 or a Completion Rate below 80% may be vulnerable to deactivation.

Q.3 Can DoorDash fire you for a low acceptance rate?

ANS. But, there isn’t a required minimum acceptance rate to keep your driver status valid, according to DoorDash’s policies.

That’s correct: a poor DoorDash acceptance rating does not automatically result in expulsion from DoorDash or any other punishment.

Q.4 How do I increase my DoorDash acceptance rate?

Q.5 Do you have to accept every DoorDash order?

ANS. You will have 45 seconds to decide whether to accept or decline a new order if you are already on one. Dashers will have 90 seconds in some test markets to reject or accept a batch of orders.

Q.6 Is there a time limit for DoorDash?

ANS. You can use DoorDash for as many hours as you want. Dashers are self-employed individuals who choose their hours. If you can, you can labor up to twenty hours every day.

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