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FAU Acceptance Rate: Florida Atlantic University can be located within Boca Raton, FL, A public institution that concentrates on several programs. Florida Atlantic University has over thirty thousand students each year.

Most students admitted to this school had an SAT score between 1080 and 1240 or were approved with an ACT composite score ranging from 22 to 26. Based on the samples of GPA information gathered and submitted, it’s believed that FAU’s typical GPA range for students accepted is 3.23, between 3.23 and 3.38.

FAU Acceptance Rate

FAU accepted about 60% of students who submitted applications. In addition, of those who were accepted, almost 28% continued to complete their studies.

If we apply it to historical data, we’ve predicted that the FAU acceptance rate for 2021 is expected to be approximately 57%. For more details, visit the admissions office website through the admissions offices site on fau.edu.

About (FAU) Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University was established in 1961 and officially began its operations in 1964, making it the fifth public institution in Florida.

The University today has more than thirty thousand students, both graduate and undergraduate, on six campuses in the south-east Florida coast. It has been considered a top public institution in the U.S. by U.S. News and World Report.

FAU is a vibrant and rapidly growing institution determined to take it to the forefront of research and research. In recent times FAU has doubled its research spending and outperformed its competitors in its student achievement rates. Our students are ambitious, bold and ready to tackle the world.

About (FAU) Florida Atlantic University

Additionally, the University provides an authentic, broad educational experience which prepares students for success in a constantly changing environment. With cutting-edge research, FAU will tackle the world’s most complex problems while tackling the issues that affect Florida and the rest of the world.

Acceptance Rate at Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic admissions are somewhat selective, with a 75-75 % acceptance rate. Students accepted to Florida Atlantic have an average SAT score of 1060-1220 and an ACT score between 21 and 26. The deadline for applications to the regular admissions process is now open for Florida Atlantic is rolling.
Acceptance Rate at Florida Atlantic University

FAU Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

The admission process into Florida Atlantic University is competitive and has an acceptance rate of 75. Most of Florida Atlantic University’s students admitted to the university could get an SAT score between 1060 to 1220 or an ACT score between 22 and 26.

But one-quarter of the admitted applicants received scores higher than these levels, and the rest scored lower.

The GPA of a college student is crucial to admissions officers at Florida Atlantic University. If it is available, applicants’ grade in the high school class is vital. However, letters of recommendation need to be taken into consideration by admissions officers for Florida Atlantic University.

FAU GPA Requirements

A lot of schools have the minimum GPA required, but this is typically only the minimum required for applicants to be able to submit their applications without being immediately rejected.

The essential GPA requirement is the GPA you require to have a real chance of getting admitted. To determine this, we look at the average GPA of current students.

FAU’s typical GPA at FAU is 3.74.

(Most schools employ a weighted GPA based on 4.0. However, some schools have an unweighted grade.

With an average grade of 3.74, FAU requires you to be above the average in your school’s class. You should have two B’s and A’s, with most A’s being B’s.

Making up for a lower grade is possible by taking more challenging classes, like AP and IB. This shows you can manage more challenging academics than a typical pupil in high school.

If you’re an undergraduate or senior and your GPA is challenging to improve to be ready for college applications.

If your GPA is below or below your school average, that is 3.74; you’ll need an increase in your SAT or ACT score to make up for it. This will allow you to be competitive against candidates with higher GPAs than you.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Every school has its standards for standardized testing. Many schools require SAT or ACT in addition to the ACT, while some require SAT subject tests.

You must take or pass an SAT or ACT to apply for FAU. More importantly, you must perform competently to make a good application.

FAU SAT Requirements

A lot of schools claim they don’t have an SAT score threshold. However, the reality is that there’s a secret SAT requirement. It is based on the average score of the school.

It is estimated that the typical SAT score composite at FAU is 1600 from 1600 on the SAT scale.

This score is what makes FAU competitive for scores on the SAT.

FAU SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

25th percentile SAT score was 1080, while the 75th percentile SAT score was 1220. That’s right, the 1080 score on the SAT is below average, and a score of 1220 will raise you over average.

Here’s a breakdown of SAT scores according to a section:

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 570 530 610
Reading + Writing 590 550 630
Composite 1160 1080 1220

FAU ACT Requirements

Similar to SAT, FAU likely doesn’t have a strict ACT cutoff. However, if you score below, your application could be sent to the recycling bin.

There is a mean ACT score of FAU. This score puts FAU moderately competitive in ACT scores.

The 25th percentile ACT score is 22, and the 75th percentile ACT score stands at 26.

While FAU most likely states that they do not have a minimum ACT requirement, If you’re applying with a score of less than 22, you’ll have a problematic admission unless you’ve included something remarkable on your resume.

SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements

Each of the SAT and ACT offers an optional essay section.

FAU requires that you take the Writing section of the SAT/ACT. This will be an element in the admissions decision.

How to Apply to Florida Atlantic University

The table below summarizes the details for contacting and directory information needed for applying to FAU. FAU provides benefits to veterans, service members and family members of the qualified. You may need to obtain an eligibility certificate (COE ) from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Florida Atlantic University International Admissions

FAU has over 30,000 students. This makes up a significant portion of scholars and international students. The requirements for admission to international students differ slightly from the requirements for students who are domestic because they must meet specific additional requirements, including:

Academic Requirements

  • Academic transcripts
  • English language proficiency scores
  • Various standardized test to study in US scores
    • ACT/SAT
    • GRE/GMAT
  • Supplemental requirements as specified by the programs
    • Essays/ Writing sample
    • SOP for US
    • Portfolios
    • Resume/CV
    • Reference letters

Students from abroad must send academic transcripts in their native and English-translated languages. Additionally, applicants have to show valid ACT/SAT results.

The second bachelor and transfer students must have their coursework assessed using the evaluation centres recognized through NACES.

Florida Atlantic University Application Deadline

The following are the deadlines for applications to undergraduate courses.

Type of Admission Summer Fall Spring
Freshman February 15 April 15 June 15
Freshman Priority February 15 February 15 January 15
Freshman Early May 1
International February 15 April 1 October 1

The deadlines for applying to graduate programs vary between courses. So, candidates are advised to go to the relevant page on the course for more information.

Is Florida Atlantic University Hard To Get Into?

The process of gaining admission to Florida Atlantic University is moderately complex.

The year 2021 was the last. Florida Atlantic University admitted 78% of all applicants, approximately 19,617 out of the students who submitted applications.

Schools that are difficult to be admitted to, such as Florida Atlantic University, accept less than 85% of applicants. A minimum of 75% of the accepted students can show GPAs in the top 50 per cent for their high school class. Additionally, the scores of over 1010 on the SAT or more than 18 on the ACT.

Admissions to transfer students is moderately challenging.

Florida Atlantic University Tuition Information

In 2022, the tuition to full-time college students attending Florida Atlantic University was $5,642 per year for students in the state and $19,642 for students from outside the state.

Typically, tuition for college goes up around 3% per year.

If you find these figures to be frightening, take note that the advertising price of tuition doesn’t provide sufficient information to estimate the actual costs of attending a particular college.

Many students owe less than the tuition once grants, scholarships, and discounts are granted. Additionally, student loans could make college easier to manage until you’re done with your college.

Students from abroad can expect to pay 19,642 annually to attend Florida Atlantic University.

Annual Fees

Many schools also charge charges to cover the costs of maintaining facilities, for example, the gym, the library or computer labs.

Remember that there are also optional costs associated with participating in particular activities, like joining a sorority, fraternity, or intramural team. Many colleges provide ways that people unable to participate due to cost can pay for the expenses.

Financial Aid at Florida Atlantic University

By 2022, 9.443 out of the 24,861 undergraduates were awarded financial aid. Florida Atlantic University meets 58 per cent of the financial need of undergraduate students.

A full-time first-year student’s budget for financial assistance is approximately $14,270 per year. About 44 per cent of Florida Atlantic University undergrads take out student loans to pay for the remainder of their expenses.

Florida Atlantic University graduates with student loans have an average of $22,061 in debt incurred by student loans.

The average amount of debt for each loan type is different.

Average Debt By Loan Type
Federal Loans $19,020
Private Loans $27,170
Most Common Loans for Florida Atlantic University Students
Federal Loans 43%
Private loans 5%

Most students opt for loans from institutions or the government due to their lower interest rates and affordable repayment choices than personal loans.

Government loans are subsidized or unsubsidized. The subsidized loans do not incur interest while in school, whereas the loans that are not funded begin to accrue interest from the moment the loan is made.

Students who aren’t eligible for federal loans sufficient to pay for tuition may borrow from private lenders. Parents may also apply for the ParentPLUS loan, a federal loan that parents can take to help their children with college expenses.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) aids institutions in determining what financial needs students and their families have, allowing them to provide a program of financial assistance that can meet or is close to meeting their student’s needs.

For more information about Florida Atlantic University and financial aid, continues reading or go to the site of financial assistance.

Scholarships at Florida Atlantic University

Students may be eligible for grants or scholarships to pay for college. In contrast to loans, scholarships and grants do not need to be repaid.

The year 2022 saw Florida Atlantic University award 898 scholarships based on students’ needs, distributing an amount worth $85.5 million to help students in financial markets pay for tuition expenses.

In addition, $20 million in merit-based scholarships were awarded to students who did not have a financial need.

Florida Atlantic University Net Cost

The net cost of college refers to the total cost of attending a college for one calendar year. The net cost is determined by subtracting any scholarships and grants or any other aid which do not need to be repaid from total costs. The student loan is not considered part of the calculation because it must be repaid.

Once we know the total estimated cost of Florida Atlantic University students, we can subtract it from the average amount of financial aid to determine the net amount. Net cost may vary based on the need of a student and the amount of financial assistance received.

When assessing whether a particular school will fit within your budget, it’s crucial to look at the net costs and not only the price on the label.

The schools with the highest tuition fees also have the highest aid packages. Therefore, estimate your net cost before eliminating schools that do not match your budget.

The median sum of aid received by a full-time, first-year student who demonstrated financial need at Florida Atlantic University was $14,270 in 2022.

Subtracting the median amount of financial assistance from the estimated cost, we obtain the number that can make the price for Florida Atlantic University seem more feasible.

Estimated Net Cost for Full-Time Students
In-State, On-Campus $-5,346
Net In-state, Off-campus $714
Out-of-State, On-Campus $22,924

Note: A negative number may indicate that reimbursement will be used to pay for other expenses like fees, housing, and books. In these instances, contact the school directly for clarification or queries.

What does going to Florida Atlantic University cost you? The answer is contingent on a variety of variables.

Since 2011, schools must have an online calculator for net costs on their websites to assist potential pupils and families in making informed decisions regarding the actual costs of attending the school, depending on their financial status. The FLAU’s online price calculator is on their site.

Academic Life at Florida Atlantic University

The ratio of students to faculty at Florida Atlantic University is 21:1, and the university has 24.3 per cent of its classes have less than twenty students.

The most popular majors at Florida Atlantic University include Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Health Professions and Related Programs; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Psychology; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Related Protective Services; Social Sciences; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Engineering; and Public Administration and Social Service Professions. The retention rate of first-year students as a measure of satisfaction with the school is 81%.

Student Life at Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University has a total undergraduate student body of 24,861 (fall 2021), including a gender ratio of 42 per cent male students and 58 per cent female students.

At the school, 20 per cent of students reside in college-owned, affiliated or operated housing, and an 80percent of students live outside the campus. Regarding sports, Florida Atlantic University is part of the NCAA I.

Florida Atlantic University Campus

Florida Atlantic University offers various student services, including non-remedial tutoring and women’s centres, placement and health services, and health insurance.

Florida Atlantic University also provides security and safety services for the campus, including 24 hours of patrols of vehicles and foot and late-night transport/escort services and emergency telephones that are available 24 hours a day and walkways that are lit students’ patrols, and controlled access to the dormitories (key security card, key etc.). Alcohol is allowed for students of legal age at Florida Atlantic University.

Location & Contact


777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL  33431-0991
United States


Phone: 561-297-3000

fau acceptance rate FAQs

Q.1 What GPA do you need to get into FAU?

ANS. An overall GPA of 3.0 or greater within the last 60 credit hours from undergraduate coursework. Grades that are “B” or better in the undergraduate research methods and an undergraduate statistics course.

Q.2 Is FAU hard to get in?

ANS. Florida Atlantic University admissions are selective, with the acceptance rate being 78 per cent. Half of the students admitted into Florida Atlantic University have an SAT score of between 1020 to 1200. The other half have an ACT score between 20 to 26.

Q.3 Is FAU a prestigious school?

ANS. Florida Atlantic University’s 2022-2023 Rankings

Florida Atlantic University is placed at number 263 among the 443 National Universities. Schools are ranked following their performance in a series of acknowledged standards of excellence.

Q.4 What major is FAU known for?

ANS. FAU is home to nationally-ranked engineering, business and nursing programs, computer science online education, and distinctions.

Q.5 Is FAU a good university?

ANS. FAU is the No. one institution of higher education in Florida regarding diversity on campus, according to U.S. News & World Report, which makes it the most culturally, racially and ethnically diverse college in the State.

FAU has been recognized as an institution serving Hispanics through the U.S. Department of Education since 2017.

Q.6 Is FAU an easy school?

ANS. Fau was considered by many to be an “easy” school. But, they have increased their standards and are making it a difficult school to be accepted into.

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