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Harvey Mudd Acceptance Rate: The best liberal arts school for engineering, physics, and mathematics is Harvey Mudd College.

Harvey Mudd has heavily focused on comprehensive science education since it was established in 1955 to train the next generation of engineers, scientists, and mathematicians.

In addition to special technological education, the college gives its students a solid academic foundation in the humanities and social sciences.

The fact that Harvey Mudd is a part of the Claremont Colleges consortium, which also includes Pomona, Scripps, Claremont McKenna, and Pitzer Colleges, further distinguishes it from other colleges.

Harvey Mudd Acceptance Rate

The schools are close enough to one another for students to cross-register there. Integration of research is a crucial part of Harvey Mudd’s education.

All students get some level of research experience by the time they graduate, and 40% earn PhDs, which is the most significant percentage of any university in the country.

Several student clubs are available at Harvey Mudd, such as the Harvey Wallbangers Climbing Club, a break-dancing group, and a unicycling group that plans an annual journey of 10 miles to a donut shop that participates in unicycle hockey.

Ninety-nine percent of Harvey Mudd students live in one of the school’s eight dorms. 35 miles from Los Angeles, in Claremont, is where the college is situated.

What is the acceptance rate for Harvey Mudd College?

Harvey Mudd received 4,737 applications for admission in the most recent cycle, but only 473 students were accepted. These figures indicate that just 9.9% of applicants are accepted to Harvey Mudd.

Hearing that only 1 in 10 candidates are accepted at Harvey Mudd can be upsetting for a student planning how to get into the school. But you may improve your chances by making your “how to get into Harvey Mudd” approach as effective as possible.

Early Decision I, Early Decision II, and Regular Decision are the three application dates for Harvey Mudd. If Harvey Mudd is your #1 choice, consider applying Early Decision because it has a slightly higher acceptance rate in the initial rounds.

acceptance rate for Harvey Mudd College

The university also provides additional optional admission requirements, such as Harvey Mudd’s SAT or ACT scores and the Harvey Mudd interview.

You should submit these resources if you’re serious about improving your “how to get into Harvey Mudd” plan.

The acceptance rate at Harvey Mudd is undoubtedly low. It is possible to overcome the odds, though, if you put enough effort and planning into it.

What is the required GPA for Harvey Mudd?

The Harvey Mudd GPA is a crucial indicator. Your GPA is used by Harvey Mudd Admissions to assess your college preparation.

A student’s ability to manage the rigor of college is indicated explicitly by their Harvey Mudd GPA, which is utilized in conjunction with their Harvey Mudd SAT results.

What GPA is required to enroll at Harvey Mudd? Fortunately, there is no minimum GPA requirement for admission to Harvey Mudd.

Nevertheless, the average GPA of those who were accepted is 3.96. This indicates that most qualified candidates earn As and A+s in challenging courses, which is a high standard.

You will be able to make changes to your GPA after submitting your Harvey Mudd application. Because of this, it’s critical to start laying the groundwork for your Harvey Mudd GPA as early as possible in high school as part of your “how to get into Harvey Mudd” approach.

From your first year on, push yourself academically and commit to getting top grades. This is the most effective way to raise your Harvey Mudd GPA before the application deadline.

Harvey Mudd SAT Requirements

There is a covert SAT requirement, notwithstanding the claims of many colleges that they have no cutoff for SAT scores. Based on the standard grade at the institution.

At Harvey Mudd, a composite SAT score of 1530 out of 1600 is considered average.

Harvey Mudd is now highly competitive in SAT exam results thanks to this score.

Harvey Mudd SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

SAT scores range from 1490 to 1560, with 1560 representing the 75th percentile. In other words, an SAT score of 1490 positions you below average, and a score of 1560 puts you above average.

The breakdown of SAT scores by section is as follows:

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 790 770 800
Reading + Writing 740 720 760
Composite 1530 1490 1560

Harvey Mudd ACT Requirements

Harvey Mudd probably has a relaxed ACT cutoff, such as the SAT, but your application will be accepted if your score is too low.

At Harvey Mudd, the typical ACT score is 35. Harvey Mudd is now highly competitive in ACT scores thanks to this score.

ACT scores range from 34 to 35, with 35 representing the 75th percentile.

If you apply with an ACT score of 34 or lower, you’ll have a tough time getting in unless you have something else awe-inspiring in your application, even though Harvey Mudd probably states they have no minimum ACT requirement.

Because so many applicants received a 35 or higher, a 34 will appear to be an intellectually inferior applicant.

Admissions Information

Harvey Mudd is a challenging institution to get into as a top liberal arts college with a 25% acceptance rate.

The admissions committee at the institution is looking for committed individuals, especially those who took challenging courses in high school and excelled in math and science.

The academic record of a candidate, which includes GPA and the difficulty of the curriculum, is given significant weight, along with the applicant’s references, essay, and personal traits.

Standardized exam results, extracurricular activities, and class rank are also significant, but to a lesser amount.

In addition, Harvey Mudd will consider the applicant’s level of interest in the university, their level of alumni ties, where they live geographically, their ethnicity, their volunteer and job experience, and if they are first-generation college students.

Admissions address: 301 Platt Boulevard
Claremont, CA 91711-5901
Phone number: (909) 621-8011
Fax number: (909) 607-7046
Admissions Website: https://www.hmc.edu/admission/
Email: admission@hmc.edu
Contact Person: Peter Osgood
Number of first-year applications received: 2,508
Percent of applicants admitted: 25%

Application deadline

Finally, Harvey Mudd has three separate application deadlines depending on how you apply.

If you are an Early Decision I student, your application must be submitted by November 15, and you will get your decision in the mail by December 15.

If you are an Early Decision II applicant, your application is due on January 5, and you will receive your decision in the mail by February 15.

If you are a Regular Decision applicant, your application is due on January 5, and you will receive your decision in the mail by April 1.

Admissions Chances

Low acceptance rates, high average SAT/ACT scores, and a highly competitive admissions pool characterize Harvey Mudd College’s applicant pool.

However, Harvey Mudd has a comprehensive admissions procedure that considers elements other than your GPA and test results.

A good application essay, supplemental essay, outstanding letters of reference, involvement in significant extracurricular activities, and a demanding course load can strengthen your candidature.

Even if a student’s test results fall outside of Harvey Mudd’s typical range, they may still be given considerable consideration if they have awe-inspiring tales or accomplishments. Harvey Mudd advises applicants to plan an optional interview even if it is unnecessary.

The blue and green dots in the graph above reflect accepted pupils. As you can see, almost all chosen candidates had “A” averages, combined SAT scores of at least 1400, and ACT composite scores of at least 30. The better your grades and exam results, the more likely you will be accepted.

Diversity: Who Attends Harvey Mudd?

Regarding racial, gender, foreign, and other types of variety, Harvey Mudd is extraordinarily diverse. According to College Factual’s assessment system for universities and colleges, it received a 94 out of 100. On a scale of 2,475 schools, it was classified as the 25th most diverse school.

Many entering college students appreciate interacting with and learning from people from other backgrounds. Here is a list of the various organizations that are represented at Harvey Mudd.

  • 33.2% of the students at Harvey Mudd college are white
  • 17.4% of the students at Harvey Mudd college are Asian
  • 17.4% of the students at Harvey Mudd College are Hispanic/Latino
  • 10.0% of the students at Harvey Mudd college are Non-Resident Alien
  • 3.7% of the students at Harvey Mudd college are African American

As you can see, the student body is incredibly diverse, which contributes to the school’s initial allure.

Men make up a slight majority of Harvey Mudd students—54.3% of all enrolled students are men. Even yet, there is usually an outstanding balance in the classes between young men and young women.

Lastly, out of the 1,240 institutions examined, Harvey Mudd was ranked as the 144th most famous school for overseas students. Given how tiny Harvey Mudd is, the ranking is quite astounding!

The following are just a few of the nations from which Harvey Mudd draws its students:

  • China
  • India
  • South Korea
  • Singapore

International students make up 10% of Harvey Mudd’s total enrollment.

Is Harvey Mudd a good school for me?

You could have forgotten to take a step back and consider whether Harvey Mudd is the best fit for you if you have been so preoccupied with how to get into Harvey Mudd.

Of course, everyone fortunate enough to be accepted to college will receive a first-rate education. Even so, it still has several characteristics that could only make it the most excellent option for some students.

Harvey Mudd draws students who desire to concentrate mainly on STEM education because it is a STEM-focused school.

On the other hand, Harvey Mudd stands out by mandating that students take ten HAS (Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts) classes. The Core Curriculum at Harvey Mudd is renowned for being rigorous yet thorough.

More than 900 students attend Harvey Mudd, creating a remarkably close-knit environment. Harvey Mudd also provides a partnership with the other Claremont Colleges, while some students may feel constrained by the size.

In the eyes of many students, this strikes a perfect balance between the closeness of a small school and the resources of a larger campus.

What are the most popular programs at Harvey Mudd?

Making sure you attend a school that provides excellent programs and majors that you are interested in pursuing is one factor that is crucial when it comes to selecting the best school for you.

For example, it doesn’t matter if you attend a prestigious university with a renowned English program if you want to major in economics.

Engineering, computer and information sciences and support services, physical sciences, multi/interdisciplinary studies, and biological and biomedical sciences are some of Harvey Mudd’s most well-liked majors.

How do I get into Harvey Mudd?

Wondering how to enter Harvey Mudd? Harvey Mudd is one of the country’s most well-known engineering and science universities, drawing countless aspirants each year.

Harvey Mudd enrolls just 905 undergraduate students while having the facilities of a large university thanks to its membership in the Claremont Consortium. The competition is intense as a result.

Therefore, research will be your best friend if you’re wondering how to get into Harvey Mudd. The applicant’s “fit” with campus life is given priority at Harvey Mudd because of its small size.

Beyond things like your GPA or Harvey Mudd’s SAT scores, this is important. Instead, it emphasizes a subtler form of compatibility. Harvey Mudd’s admissions representatives want to picture how you may appear at their school.

The more you learn, the more likely you will comprehend what it takes to succeed in the Harvey Mudd admissions process.

How hard is it to get into Harvey Mudd?

Four hundred seventy-three openings at Harvey Mudd were up for admission in 2021, and there were 4,737 applications. In other words, only 9.9% of applicants were accepted to Harvey Mudd.

According to this statistic, only 10 out of every 100 applicants received an admissions offer. The average Harvey Mudd GPA of accepted students was 3.96 as well.

What do all these figures indicate? Even for the most competitive applicants, getting into Harvey Mudd is difficult. Make sure you have a backup plan in place if you’re a student thinking about how to get into Harvey Mudd.

Of course, there are things you can do—and ought should do—to improve your strategy for entering Harvey Mudd.

The college is a “reach” institution for any student. As you apply, keep these changes in mind and make sure to create a balanced college list containing “safety,” “match,” and “reach” possibilities.

What extracurriculars does Harvey Mudd look for?

Do you want to know how to enter Harvey Mudd? Students frequently believe that only one combination of extracurriculars will make them successful in the Harvey Mudd admissions process. In actuality, Harvey Mudd admissions officers examine a student’s extracurricular choices for sincerity.

How should you pick your extracurricular activities? Find your passions and areas of intellectual interest in your first years of high school.

Then, look for pursuits that will push you to grow your enthusiasm. Finally, push yourself to pursue this interest further during your final years of high school.

If Harvey Mudd is a good fit for you, your extracurricular activities should naturally reflect the type of student they are looking for—namely; they should focus on STEM disciplines.

But forcing this fit can only make you miserable. You may want to reevaluate your interest in Harvey Mudd if STEM fields don’t pique your curiosity.

Does Harvey Mudd College offer interviews?

The interview with Harvey Mudd is optional. Before the application deadline, students wishing to do the Harvey Mudd interview must do it online on the  school’s website. Students that desire an interview are paired with alums and have a 30-minute interview.

We advise students to approach the Harvey Mudd interview as a requirement if they want to maximize their “how to get into Harvey Mudd” plan. It can be challenging to express your individuality within the limits of the written Harvey Mudd application, but you can do so during the interview.

You can talk about your accomplishments in greater detail, elaborate on some aspects of your past, and establish a link with an alum who can attest to your character.

If you decide to go through with the Harvey Mudd interview, ensure you are well-prepared by learning as much as possible about the institution and reading through the interview page..

How does Harvey Mudd review applications?

The main concern for students before the application deadline is how to get into Harvey Mudd. However, many students are left wondering what to do after pressing submit on their Harvey Mudd SAT scores, crossing everything off their essays, and submitting their applications. What goes on behind the scenes with your Harvey Mudd application?

Geographic geography is used to divide applications between admissions officers. The next step is what Harvey Mudd calls a “holistic application evaluation,” The university considers variables like academic performance (Harvey Mudd’s GPA, Harvey Mudd SAT or ACT scores, and previous coursework), extracurricular activities, and more subtle aspects like personality and perceived fit.

Harvey Mudd explicitly considers a candidate’s academic, social, and financial fit. Or, to put it another way, can a student succeed at Harvey Mudd?

Will they be active on campus? And lastly, can you afford college? Your chances of surpassing the Harvey Mudd admission percentage appear strong if the answers to all of these questions are a loud “yes”!

Will Harvey Mudd consider my social media accounts?

If getting into Harvey Mudd is causing you concern, you may be considering every conceivable factor. Included in this are your social media profiles. Will Harvey Mudd look at your social media, one wonders?

It’s likely that Harvey Mudd’s admissions committee is swamped with applications and will need more time to review your social media.

The acceptance percentage at Harvey Mudd is only 9.9%, so there are a lot of applicants to sort through. So, there’s no need for you to worry too much.

It’s unlikely that your online reputation will affect your chances of getting into Harvey Mudd as long as you use reasonable discretion and refrain from publishing anything questionable.

Famous alumni

It is hardly surprising that some critical people ended up attending Harvey Mudd, as is the case with many of the best universities in the nation. Here are a few of the most well-known graduates:

  • Stanley G. Love, astronaut
  • Eric B. Kim, businessman
  • Jonathan Gay, businessman
  • Michael G. Wilson, producer and writer
  • Richard Jones, diplomat

Harvey Mudd College Tuition Information

Harvey Mudd College’s full-time tuition in 2022 was $60,402 per year.

The cost of tuition rose by 3.5% in 2022 to $58,359 from the previous year. The annual increase in college tuition is typically around 3%.

If this makes going to the college of your dreams sound intimidating, keep in mind that the listed tuition cost needs to provide the complete picture.

After grants, scholarships, and tuition discounts are considered, many students pay much less than the entire cost.

Additionally, until you’ve finished college and found a job, student loans help the amount you do have to pay for college appear more manageable.

What is the average amount of financial aid?

There is no denying that Harvey Mudd is expensive. However, if money is an issue, that does not imply you should remove the school from your list of excellent schools.

The justification is as follows. More than 70% of students at Harvey Mudd receive financial aid. More than 48% of students got need-based help, and 23% of incoming first-year students received merit-based rewards.

Harvey Mudd College contributes around $33,418 (which includes need- and merit-based awards) of the average financial assistance award of $43,064 (which includes grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study) (not from government sources).

Scholarships at Harvey Mudd College

To help them pay for education, students may be awarded grants and scholarships. Scholarships and grants, as opposed to loans, are not repaid.

Harvey Mudd College provided 366 students with need-based scholarships in 2022, awarding a total of $14.1 million to help students with financial needs pay for college. Merit-based scholarships worth an additional $3.13 million were given to students without a documented need for assistance.

How much does it cost?

It costs tens of thousands of dollars to apply to the great majority of elite universities in the United States. Even prestigious public universities with in-state tuition are costly.

You must research the expenses and any potential financial aid sources before applying to a school.

Here are the costs associated with attending Harvey Mudd for a typical academic year.

Location & Contact


301 Platt Boulevard
Claremont, CA  91711-5994
United States


Email: admission@hmc.edu
Phone: 909-621-8011

Harvey Mudd Acceptance Rate FAQS

Q.1 How prestigious is Harvey Mudd?

ANS. Harvey Mudd College is ranked #29 in the category of National Liberal Arts Colleges in the Best Colleges 2022–2023 edition.

Q.2 What GPA is required for Harvey Mudd?

ANS. a GPA of 4.17 or

A GPA of at least 4.17 is also required. You must make up the difference if your GPA is below this with a higher SAT/ACT score.

You’ll also need to dazzle them with the remainder of your application if you want to get into an elite institution like Harvey Mudd.

Q.3 What major is Harvey Mudd known for?

ANS. Engineering, computer and information sciences and support services, multi/interdisciplinary studies, mathematics and statistics, biological and biomedical sciences, and physical sciences are among Harvey Mudd College’s most sought-after majors.

Q.4 What kind of students get into Harvey Mudd?

ANS. Although Harvey Mudd doesn’t have a “cut-off” GPA, admitted candidates often have excellent academic records. An applicant for Harvey Mudd will need to have As in practically all of their classes because last year, nearly 100% of first-year students enrolled graduated in the top quarter of their class.

Q.5 Is Harvey Mudd a liberal school?

ANS. Harvey Mudd here.

We rank among the country’s top engineering, scientific, and math colleges. Being a liberal arts college makes us unique as well.

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