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Holy Cross Acceptance Rate: College of the Holy Cross is a liberal arts institution that offers students a balanced education by providing a curriculum with various topics.

This College is situated in Worcester, MA, a primarily urban region. College of the Holy Cross is home to around 3000 students.

An ACT or SAT may be required before applying to this school. Scores of 1260 (25th percentile) to 1430 (75th percentile) for the SAT and in the range of 29 (25th percentile) to 32 (75th percentile) on the ACT are typical among those accepted to the College of the Holy Cross.

College of the Holy Cross Acceptance Rate

Based on samples of GPA data collected and used based on estimates, students at the College of the Holy Cross’s average GPA range for students accepted is between 3.62 to 3.78.

34% of those who apply for admission are admitted into the College of the Holy Cross, and 34% decide to apply. More information is available through the admissions office’s website at holycross.edu.

College of the Holy Cross – An Overview 

College of the Holy Cross offers undergraduate programs for four years in 35 different disciplines, such as English, Psychology, Economics, Political Science and many more. 328 faculty members are full-time or part-time students in the College. A majority of them hold doctoral degrees.

The College of the Holy Cross campus is referred to as “The Hill” because it is situated on the other side of Mt. St. James. The entire complex includes nine chaplains, a hockey pitch as well as a soccer stadium and a campus-wide activity centre.

Over 100 clubs and organizations are on the College of the Holy Cross Campus. Students who join these groups have the opportunity to engage in numerous co-curricular as well as athletic activities.

College of the Holy Cross – An Overview 

Students develop new skills, increase their confidence in themselves, and develop how to work together through these extra activities.

The largest student group of the College is SPUD(Student Programmes in Urban Development), which comprises 700+ members and is affiliated with more than 46 community organizations and schools.

College of the Holy Cross has been accredited through the New England Commission of Higher Education. The school also attaches a lot of importance to students’ physical fitness. Students compete and do well in numerous athletics competitions.

The success rate of all student-athletes at this institution is 99 per cent. Students can achieve mental and physical fitness through various sports at this College.

College of the Holy Cross Ranking

College of the Holy Cross ranking in 2022 is ranked #117. This ranking is made to The Times Higher Education US College Ranking. Other rankings given to this school in 2022 are:

  • #35 in the National Liberal Arts College category by US News
  • #55 in the Best Undergraduate Teaching category by US News
  • #95 in the Best Value Schools category by US News
  • #135 in the Top Performer on Social Mobility category by US News

College of the Holy Cross Acceptance Rate

For the class of 2025, just 698 hopefuls were accepted into Holy Cross. From that number, the school could offer admission to 278 applicants, which translates to an acceptance rate of 43%.

A small liberal arts college within the Jesuit tradition, one could consider Holy Cross a school with fewer students. Holy Cross has a relatively tiny number of candidates.

They also receive significantly more applications than schools of their calibre and have a more popular acceptance rate.

That is, without a doubt, an extremely high rate of acceptance. Based on that figure, the majority of four applicants will get accepted, and a fifth of them will get through every three rounds.

College of the Holy Cross Acceptance Rate

This number is more striking compared to the backdrop of similar schools. The similar-ranked Pitzer College has a lower acceptance rate of 17%. However, they still need to bring in 262 students by 2021. 

Scripps College, located in California, has a percentage of 35%, but they only accepted 936 students in the same year.

Some may find these numbers discouraged, opting instead to attend a prestigious college with a low acceptance rate. However, there are benefits to going to a school that attracts many of its students.

The main benefit is the diversity of students that results from this concept. If a school can attract hundreds of new students each year, it results in an environment that is more lively and more opportunities for students to discover.

GPA for College of the Holy Cross

Like many modern schools unlike most modern colleges, the College of the Holy Cross has no minimum GPA requirement. They even claim that students have ” more than a GPA.”

While there’s value in this information, it’s not wise to think that the school doesn’t care about academics.

It is an educational institution. Additionally, a glance into the body of students reveals that grades matter.

On average, students at Holy Cross have To put it in letters; they earn mostly A’swith occasionally a B.

It is also essential to comprehend the meaning behind the term “average”.

Even though you may get some B’s and be considered acceptable, those less-than-perfect grades should be outside your most important classes. If you’re planning on studying literary studies at Holy Cross, your English classes should be A’s. You can also get an A or two in science or math.

It could contradict the holistic method Holy Cross uses to evaluate applicants. However, only if you believe that grades are only about intelligence.

In addition to the amount of knowledge you possess, your GPA is a sign of your ability to work.

It would help if you were committed to your studies and conquered obstacles to achieve high marks. Every college has its difficult areas, Holy Cross included. If you have a low GPA, this could suggest that you’re incapable of keeping up with the demands of college.

However, the holistic approach means that schools will look at other evidence to prove your skills. If your GPA appears to be low, make sure to use other resources to show you can take on their demands.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Every school has its specifications for standardized tests. Many schools require SAT or ACT as well as SAT subject tests.

College of the Holy Cross hasn’t explicitly stated a policy regarding SAT/ACT requirements; however, since it’s publicly available, the average SAT and ACT scores (we’ll go over this later) It’s most likely to be that is flexible.

Most of these schools say, “if you feel your SAT or ACT score is a good representation of you in your academic career, you should submit the scores. Otherwise, don’t.”

However, however majority of students still take SAT or ACT, and the majority of students applying at the College of the Holy Cross will provide their scores.

If you do not submit scores that aren’t submitted, you’ll be missing one factor to prove that you’re worthy of admission compared to other students. We recommend you consider taking an exam like the SAT or ACT and performing well.

College of the Holy Cross SAT Requirements

Some schools claim that they don’t have an SAT score threshold. However, the reality is that there’s a hidden SAT requirement. It is based on the average score of the school.

Its typical SAT score composite for the College of the Holy Cross is 1345 on the 1600 SAT scale.

This score places the College of the Holy Cross moderately competitive in SATs.

College of the Holy Cross SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

A 25th percentile SAT score of 1280, while the 75th percentile SAT score is 1401. That’s right that a 1280 score on the SAT puts you in the lower range; however, a 1410 score could make you over average.

Here’s a summary of SAT scores for each section:

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 680 630 730
Reading + Writing 665 630 700
Composite 1345 1280 1410

College of the Holy Cross ACT Requirements

Like SAT, the College of the Holy Cross probably doesn’t have a strict ACT cutoff. However, the application will be sent to the recycling bin if you score low.

The typical ACT scores at the College of the Holy Cross are estimated to be 30. This makes the College of the Holy Cross Highly Competitive in ACT scores.

The 25th percentile ACT score is 28, while the 75th percentile ACT score of 32.

Although the College of the Holy Cross is likely to say they don’t have a minimum ACT requirement, If you apply with a score of 28 or less, you’ll have a difficult time getting into the college unless there’s some other thing that stands out within your applications.

The number of applicants who scored 30 or more than a score of 28 would appear as weak academically.

SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements

The SAT and ACT include an essay section.

College of the Holy Cross is a school that considers the SAT Essay/ACT Writing section optional and might not consider it in the admissions process.

There’s no need to fret too much about writing for this school; however other schools you’re considering applying to might require the writing section.

College of the Holy Cross Admission  

In the process of gaining admission in the admissions process, the admission process, College of the Holy Cross examines whether you’re a strong student. You must take four-year classes in these core subjects during the high schools you attended.

The core subjects include English, social science, laboratory science, foreign languages and math. Every application is reviewed and assessed to ensure that only the most qualified get admitted.

Along with the grades, the college also evaluates students’ various activities, achievements and abilities at their school of choice. Interviews are optional to be considered for admission, but students may schedule an interview.

Admission for International Students

College of the Holy Cross has two deadlines for an application open to international students.

  • Early decision
  • Regular deposit

The deadline for Early Decision is on the 15th of November. The deadline for Regular Decision is on the 15th of January. International students are required to pay an application fee of USD 60.

Admission requirements for international students are:

  • Submit high school transcripts
  • Two letters of academic recommendation – one from the counsellor at school and one from the teacher.
  • Scores of English testing for proficiency.
  • IELTS score greater than 7
  • TOEFL-iBT scores greater than 100
  • The Duolingo English Testing Score: 120
  • The ACT, as well as Scores from the SAT scores, aren’t required.
  • A candidate must be completed the interview request form.
  • Additional materials that highlight the accomplishments and talents of the applicant. Examples include imaginative writing and research recordings, artwork and more.
  • Holy Cross Finances Certification Form.
  • Financial Affidavit or a bank letter.

A personal interview is not required to be a part of the College of the Holy Cross admission. However, it is highly advised.

Other Requirements and Admission Tips

No doubt, grades are important in the eyes of the Holy Cross. However, they’re only part of the story because the school follows a holistic approach to evaluating applicants.

Holistically, Holy Cross means that they examine the entire person, their individual qualities and passions, in addition to their academic capabilities. This means that Holy Cross College considers everything future students contribute to the student body.

Due to this focus, the applicants must ensure that their other applications focus on these personal characteristics.

One of the essential items is the application, with an application fee of $ 60. In this application, you’ll need to provide more than just your contact details and address the volunteer or work experience that you’ve had. This information will allow you to inform the admissions team about how you’re spending your time.

The most crucial components of an application are a letter of recommendation. A recommendation letter is a form of introduction written by the writer on your behalf to motivate recipients to consider you.

The most effective letters are from someone who can speak with authority about your top attributes.

Holy Cross requires two letters of recommendation. One from a teacher and one from a counsellor. It is recommended to choose a recommendation from a teacher of one of the core subjects closest to your majors, like the English or math instructor.

In addition, the letter should be from an educator who has witnessed you excel in your work and recognizes your strengths as a teacher.

Although they’re not mandatory, Holy Cross allows students to participate in private conversations with their faculty. These are excellent opportunities for students to display their non-academic talents that aren’t reflected by grades and test scores.

Whatever materials you choose, make sure they show you the most positive image.

How To Get Into College of the Holy Cross

The process of getting admission to the Holy Cross is complicated. Holy Cross evaluates applicants carefully using a variety of factors to determine which applicants to accept and who to deny or put on a waitlist.

The 2021 year was when Holy Cross accepted 43% of the applicants, roughly 2,786 out of the 6,498 applicants who could apply.

Schools that are extremely difficult to join, such as Holy Cross, accept fewer than 60% of applicants. A minimum of 50% of the accepted students can show GPAs within the top 10 cents in their class at high school. They also score over 1230 on the SAT and more than 26 on the ACT.

Admission of students to transfer programs is challenging.

The year 2022 saw Holy Cross waitlisted 1,795 students. Of these, 731 received a seat.

Essays for College of the Holy Cross

Although these resources can impress admission counsellors, the most powerful option for students is the application essay.

As part of the application, students are required to compose a brief response to a prompt that has been predetermined. Even though they have only some hundred words to write their response, they can describe the unique abilities they bring to the class.

For the school year that begins in the fall of 2021 session, Holy Cross provided the following instruction for interested students: “Holy Cross College seeks to create scholars and leaders, citizens and disciples who contribute to their communities and the Common Good. What do you think about this mission or the other aspects that make up Holy Cross College interest you?”

The school suggests that students utilize 150-200 words for answering.

Since the essay, you submit for consideration is a personal one, there is no correct or incorrect answer you could give. Your answer will be unique to your situation.

There are ways that students can employ to increase their chances of success.

With just 200 words, You must ensure that every word counts. The more specific information you can give, your essay will be more effective.

In addition, if you utilize actively voiced verbs instead of passive voice verbs, you’ll not just be shorter but also more attractive. To ensure you’re using active voices, substitute “is” and “are” with more evident verbs.

These suggestions won’t guarantee you’ll be accepted to Holy Cross, but they will help ensure that you’ve written a stellar essay.

What Does Holy Cross Look For in an Applicant?

Colleges look at various elements when deciding which applicants to accept for their next class. Every college chooses which aspects they think are most crucial when determining the applicants they will accept and which ones to decline.

When deciding which colleges to consider applying to, think about your strengths and any weaknesses that could be present in your application. Then, make sure you apply to colleges that emphasize areas that make you stand out.

Is College of the Holy Cross Right for You?

The College of the Holy Cross is an exceptional institution of the liberal arts. Its focus is on serving students, and a student-first philosophy offers a curriculum that is different from most of its competitors.

However, if you’re seeking a Jesuit education and prefer a less structured and a less structured environment, the Holy Cross may be the school for you.

If you’re planning to apply to Holy Cross, you need to follow their principles of the individual and their service. The application materials, including the essay and the interview, need to describe your unique strengths and motivation to serve others.

It doesn’t mean you should ignore your grades. Although Holy Cross does not have the minimum GPA or requirements for test scores, however, the students who are accepted by Holy Cross typically have excellent grades.

If you’re eager to continue your personal growth and understand how you can help those around you, the following guidelines are a little hurdle to overcome.

College of the Holy Cross Alumni 

College and The Holy Cross Alumni include prominent individuals from all areas of society. Some of them include Aimee Bell (VP and editor of Gallery Books Group), Col Tyree Blocker (22nd Commissioner, Pennsylvania State Police), Mary G. Berner( CEO and Presidentof Cumulus Media Inc.), Joseph A. Califano( the former US Secretary for Education, Health, and Welfare as well as the founder and chairman of the Center for addiction).

College alumni participate in initiatives to help students who are currently in college to choose their careers. The alumni association of colleges has amassed USD 11.6 million to support various causes.

Holy Cross Tuition Information

In 2022, the tuition for full-time students at the College of the Holy Cross was $57,600 per year.
The cost of tuition increased by 3.23 per cent in 2022 – from $55,800 the year before. The average college tuition is up by about three per cent per year.

If you think this makes college seem impossible, take note that tuition is one of many costs of going to the college of your choice. Many students pay lower than the cost of tuition after scholarships, grants, and tuition reductions are used.

In addition, student loans could make the amount you have to take out of your pocket more manageable until you’ve graduated and found an occupation.

College of the Holy Cross Tuition Fees

The estimated College of the Holy Cross tuition costs is listed below.

Category Fall 2022 Spring 2023
Tuition fees 22.94 lakhs 22.94 lakhs
Room charges 3.62 lakhs 3.62 lakhs
Board 2.99 lakhs 2.99 lakhs
Health service charges 15, 131 INR 15, 131 INR
Activity fees 30,263 INR
Total 30 lakhs 29.76 lakhs

College of the Holy Cross Financial Aid

By 2022, 1,547 out of the 3138 undergraduates who enrolled were awarded financial aid. Holy Cross meets 100% of the financial needs that are demonstrated for undergraduate students.

The typical amount of financial aid for a full-time first-year student will be around $45,608 annually. Most Holy Cross undergrads take out student loans to cover the remaining expenses. Holy Cross graduates with student loans have an average of $24,571 credit card debt.

The average amount of debt for each type of loan varies.

Average Debt By Loan Type
Federal Loans $24,181
Holy Cross-Specific Loans $2,623
Private Loans $0


Most Common Loans for Holy Cross Students
Federal Loans 62%
Institutional Loans 31%

Most students opt for government or institutional loans because they usually offer lower rates of interest as well as more flexible loan repayment choices than personal loans.

Government loans are subsidized or unsubsidized. Subsidized loans don’t accrue interest while in school, whereas unsubsidized loans start accruing interest when the loan is granted.

Students who don’t qualify for federal loans sufficient to pay for tuition can borrow from private lenders. Parents may also apply for ParentsPLUS loans. These are federal loans that parents can take to help their children to pay for college.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) aids colleges in assessing the financial requirements students and their families have, allowing them to provide a program of financial assistance that can meet or comes close to meeting their needs. For more details on Holy Cross financial aid, continue reading or go to the financial assistance webpage.

College of the Holy Cross Scholarships

College of the Holy Cross provides merit-based and need-based financial aid to students. Students can avail of financial aid via student loans, scholarships, work-study, and grants.

The college assists all students who need financial aid to complete their studies without worrying about their finances.

The different types of scholarships offered to students are:

  • Tuition scholarship
  • Holy Cross Grant
  • Holy Cross Scholarship
  • Faber Scholarship
  • Holy Cross Merit Scholarship

Net Cost of Holy Cross

The net cost for college represents the total cost of attending school for a single year. The net cost is calculated by subtracting any scholarship and grants or any other aid which do not need to be repaid from the overall cost. The student loan is not considered part of the calculation because it must be repaid.

After we know the total cost of Holy Cross students, we can subtract the median amount of financial aid to calculate the net amount. Net cost may vary based on the student’s needs and the financial aid received.

When deciding if a school is within your budget, it’s essential to consider the Net cost and not only the price on the label. Schools with the highest tuition fees also have the highest aid packages. So, calculate your net cost before eliminating the school if it doesn’t match your budget.

The sum of aid received from a full-time first-year student with a demonstrated financial need, Holy Cross, was $45,608 in 2022.

When we subtract the package of financial assistance that is the most common from the estimated costs, we arrive at a figure that could help make the costs of attending Holy Cross seem more manageable.

Estimated Net Cost for Full-Time Students
On-Campus $30,372
Off-Campus $21,272

What is the cost of going to Holy Cross cost you? The answer will depend on many variables.

In 2011, all colleges must have an online calculator for net costs on their websites to assist potential pupils and families know the actual cost of attending that particular school about your financial status—the Catholic University’s Net Price Calculator on their site.

Academic Life at Holy Cross

The ratio of faculty students in the College of the Holy Cross is 10:1. The college has 59 per cent of its classes having less than twenty students.

The most sought-after majors at the College of the Holy Cross include Economics, General Psychology, General; Political Science as well as Government, General English Language and Literature General; History general; biology/biological sciences General Mathematics, General Chemistry, General; Sociology General; Accounting. The average retention rate for first-year students as a measure of satisfaction with the school is 93%.

 Student Life at Holy Cross  

College of the Holy Cross has a total undergraduate enrollment of 3138 (fall 2021) and a gender ratio of 45 per cent male and 55 per cent female students.

87% of students in this college live in college-owned affiliated, or operated housing, and one-third reside outside the campus. In terms of sports, the College of the Holy Cross is part of the NCAA I.

College of the Holy Cross Campus

College of the Holy Cross provides various student services, including nonremedial tutoring, a placement service and health services, and health insurance.

College of the Holy Cross includes security and safety services such as 24/7 patrols of vehicles and foot transportation/escort late at night 24, hours emergency phone service, lighting pathways/sidewalks and lights, and restricted access to dormitories (key security card, key and more.).

Of students in the College of the Holy Cross, 25% have vehicles on campus. Alcohol is allowed for students of legal age in the College of the Holy Cross.

Location & Contact


1 College Street
Worcester, MA  01610-2395
United States


Phone: 508-793-2011

holy cross acceptance rate FAQS

Q.1 Is Holy Cross difficult to get into?

ANS. The acceptance rate for the College of the Holy Cross is 34.2 per cent.

Out of 100 applicants, there are 34 accepted. This is a sign that the College is highly selective. If you meet the College of the Holy Cross’s requirements regarding GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other elements required for the application, you have a good chance of being accepted.

Q.2 What GPA do you need for Holy Cross?

ANS. Students are required to get at least a B in their foundational classes with a grade of 3.0 or more in their major and an average GPA of 3.0 or greater.

Q.3 Is Holy Cross an elite College?

ANS. College of the Holy Cross 2022-2023-23 Rankings

College of the Holy Cross is ranked 33rd out of the 210 National Liberal Arts Colleges. Schools are ranked following their performance against commonly recognized standards of excellence. Check out all scores and the critical ranking elements.

Q.4 How prestigious is Holy Cross?

ANS. Holy Cross is ranked 84th out of 2,241 colleges across the country for excellence on College Factual’s 2023 Great Colleges List. It earns it a sought-after position in the top five per cent of all universities and colleges across the nation.

Q.5 Is Holy Cross conservative?

ANS. The campus atmosphere is definitely liberal, but due to its religious heritage, Conservative views are accepted and are often expressed.

Q.6 What is Holy Cross famous for?

ANS. The College of the Holy Cross was established around 1843 and founded by members of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Holy Cross is a highly selective, four-year undergraduate liberal arts college and is one of the most prestigious four-year liberal arts colleges.

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