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Howard University Acceptance Rate: The historically black college Howard University is located in Washington, DC. There are around 9,800 students who are enrolled at Howard University.

The school accepts scores from both scores from the ACT as well as the SAT. The 25th-75th percentile of students accepted is those with SAT scores between 1130-1280 and ACT scores between the ages of 22-27.

Howard University Acceptance Rate

The average GPA of students accepted to Howard University is between 3.23 and 3.45. The Howard University admissions committee has used GPA data from more than 150 schools. Around 40% of students applying at Howard University each year are accepted.

About 25% of students are accepted into college. For more details, you can visit the admissions page at

Howard 2022 Ranking

The schools are all assessed based on their student’s performance in various well-known indicators of excellence.

The table below will show how Howard is ranked on various variables:

Parameter  Ranking 
Best value school 41
Best undergraduate teaching 22
Best national university 83
Best undergraduate teaching 30
The best college for veterans 50

Howard University Acceptance Rate

Howard University is widely regarded as one of America’s top universities. Last year, it received 29,391 applicants who wanted to be a part of the.

The school issued acceptance letters to 10,362 students. Based on these figures, Howard’s acceptance rate stands at 35%.

Howard is a highly competitive school due to its meager acceptance rate. Only 35 of 100 applicants have enough success to be accepted.

Students who get grades that are B+ or higher are considered to be good candidates to attend this school. The school holds the highest acceptance rates of all schools in the Columbia district because it is challenging to gain admission.

Students require high grades, excellent test scores, and other personal characteristics to impress admissions officers as they examine their applications.

Howard University Acceptance Rate

Howard University’s Endowment

The value of all the school’s investments or gifts and other assets is known as its endowment. It sometimes tells you the quality of a school, but it does provide an estimate of how much a school can invest in expanding its offerings as well as improving facilities and supporting students.

In 2022 the Howard University endowment was valued at $712.4 million in the marketplace. The year 2021 was the average of Howard’s endowment valued at $905 million. For every full-time student, the college spends $21,849.

Howard University Admission Requirements

Howard ensures that it shows its academic excellence by having a strict admissions procedure. The chosen students have solid academic capabilities, exhibit constant growth, are motivated, and have excelled in school.

The university always encourages low-income students who want to gain knowledge and be part of their campus. But those attending this university must be aware of the different admission requirements.

The most crucial Howard admission requirements are:

  • High school GPA
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Complete the common application
  • Official high school transcript
  • Letter of recommendation from former school’s counselor and teacher

Howard is seeking applicants who have the necessary qualifications to be accepted. Howard might also require applicants to write their essays.

To make an informed decision, the individuals in charge of admissions go at each application with care and contact the schools and clearinghouse to confirm that all information is accurate.

Even if a person is given an admission offer but is rejected, they may be exiled when they submit fake documents.

What are the Different Types of Applications at Howard?

The university is accepting applications for several programs. This includes the following students:

  • First-year domestic students include those who attend college or university for the first time in their life. Howard is accepting students that still need to earn the requirements for their diploma from high school. They must provide their academic profiles from their secondary schools, including ACT/SAT scores, volunteering service, community activities, personal talents, acquired abilities, leadership qualities, and educational goals.
  • Students from the domestic transfer system: Students who have completed their academics at a different college or university after obtaining a high school degree can apply for admission to Howard through a transfer application. The school accepts hundreds of transfer students in a holistic admissions process. Howard University accepts transfer applicants who have up to 60 credit hours of transfer credits.
  • Returned students who are studying at Howard but did not register in the previous semester can apply to Howard University to pursue their studies at the school they choose. For readmission, students must present an official transcript from the institution they attended when they quit Howard at least 30 days before the start of the previous semester.
  • Students in the first year of international study: Howard invites international students with an excellent academic background who have yet to graduate from a postsecondary education institution. Most international applicants need to apply at least a year before their entry into the school to ensure they meet the prerequisites.

The primary prerequisites for international students are their academic results, standardized test scores, abilities, leadership skills, educational goals, and capabilities.

  • Students from abroad who are Transfer students and international students that have gained academic expertise at different universities may be eligible for Howard admissions. To be considered for Howard admission, applicants must provide up to 60 hours of transfer credit.

Howard University GPA Requirements

Howard University gives an enormous amount of weightage to someone’s GPA at the high school level when deciding who gets into the university. Students with high GPAs are more likely to be accepted into their desired schools.

Because Howard’s acceptance rate is low, applicants must have excellent grades to prove they can be accepted into the college.

Based on the data from last year, the average GPA for admission to Howard will be 3.66 on an average of 4.0. This means that the majority of the time, Howard accepts students who have B+ grades from high school.

Howard University ACT Score Requirements

The ACT scores of prospective students also influence their likelihood of being accepted into Howard University. Following the most current data, the median ACT score of students accepted at HU is 24.

It is important to remember they are applying for a place where the median ACT scores are in the HU range of 22 to 27. Thus, anyone with an ACT score of less than 22 will require assistance to be admitted to the university.

However, when your score is higher than 27, you have an excellent chance of being selected. 42% of applicants who wish to attend HU submit their ACT scores. The application process will become more solid by submitting the composite ACT score.

Percentile  ACT Math ACT English Composite ACT
25th 20 22 22
75th 26 28 27

The table below illustrates an applicant’s odds of being accepted for HU based on their composite ACT score:

Composite ACT score Selection chances
Above 27 52% and more
24-27 39-52%
22-24 27-39%
20-22 18-27%
Less than 20 Less than 18%

Howard University SAT Score Requirements

To be admitted to Howard University, applicants must submit total SAT scores. This will allow them to get into the course they prefer.

An impressive SAT score suggests you’re intelligent, which is crucial for convincing the university’s admissions committee that you’re a good candidate.

According to available research, the median SAT score of students who went to the college of their choice was 1187. About 75% of students interested in a place at HU send their scores in a composite format.

The university is ranked 4th by Columbia in Columbia for giving the most excellent weightage to those with the best GPA. However, HU has also admitted students with an ACT score of 1060.

Percentile  SAT Math SAT Reading Composite SAT
25th 550 590 1140
75th 650 635 1285

The table below outlines the chances of success for the applicant at HU based on their composite SAT score:

Composite SAT score Admission chances
Above 1260 Above 52%
1195-1260 38 to 52 %
1130-1195 26 to 58%
1065-1130 17 to 26%
Less than 1065 Below 17%

Howard University Admissions

If you’d like to submit an application to Howard University for the 2023 fall semester, you’ll have to wait until February 15 to apply; the cost for the application is $45.

The cost of an application can be high. However, certain schools allow you to apply for admission for free. Students who require financial aid could be eligible to have their application fees reduced.

Students who plan to go to Howard University in the fall will hear regarding their application before April 15.

Howard University International Admissions

Howard University has numerous UG or PG programs. The 13 colleges and schools offer students more than 130 options to pursue their studies.

The school is among the best locations to receive a high-quality educational experience in the United States. It offers courses that cover management, business, engineering, science and humanities, arts and education, medicine, and many more disciplines.

Where to Apply- Common Application
Application Fee- 45 USD undergraduate, Graduate varies

How to Apply?

To apply for undergraduate courses, click here!

Step 1: Submit your personal details.

Step 2: Fill in details about your family

Step 3: Submit details about education

Step 4: Moving forward, Share details about extra-curriculum activities

Step 5: Submit your written essay

English Language Requirements

Students from other countries need to demonstrate that they communicate in English proficiently. Below is a table that shows how much ELP scores to pass the tests for UG and advanced.

English Language Test Minimum Score Required

Howard University Admission Deadline

Students from abroad can apply for admission to Howard University for the spring, fall, and Summer semesters.

International applicants should begin the admissions process one year before the time they plan to start school. This ensures that the student can apply for admission and a visa at the right time and then get access to visit the United States. United States.

Application Type Application Deadline
Early Action November 1
Early Decision November 1
Theatre Arts (apply as Early Action/Decision applicants) November 1
Regular Decision Feburary 15

Admissions Chances

Howard University is one of the top colleges for HBCUs in America. It has a low acceptance rate and an average of high SAT/ACT scores; therefore, it is a labor of love. Like many selective universities and colleges, Howard University has a complete admissions process that looks at more than your academic performance and test scores.

Your application may be enhanced by a well-written admissions essay, resume (if you already have one), and impressive letter of recommendation. You can also strengthen your application through meaningful extracurricular activities and an extensive course schedule.

Howard requires applicants to have completed the equivalent of four years of English and 3 years of maths, two years of sciences, social research (including lab), and an additional foreign language. Anyone who wants to join the Division of Fine Arts must participate in auditions and create portfolios.

Suppose a student’s academics and test scores are outside the range of the average at Howard University. In that case, they may be regarded as worthy when they’ve got a notable success story or achievement.

The green and blue dots on the graph above indicate students who made it in. The majority of students accepted had a grade-point standard in the range of “B-” or higher in high school and had an SAT score at or above 1000 (ERW+M) as well as an ACT composite score of 20 or more. Test scores and scores for several applicants were significantly higher than the lower end of this range.

It is important to note that some tiny red dots (students who were not accepted) or yellow dots (students who were placed on waiting lists) appear to be hidden by blue and green at the center of the graph.

Howard is selective, and even if their scores and grades were acceptable, some students still must prove themselves. Remember that many students were admitted despite their test scores, and their rates could have been better than most applicants.

Howard University has a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate students. The faculty is highly qualified and offers top-quality education and instruction. Here are a few of the most popular programs and their cost:

Name of the Courses Average Fees in INR  Duration
Master of science in computer science  25.19 lakhs 18-24 months
MS in Mechanical engineering  25.19 lakhs 18-24 months
MS in civil engineering  25.19 lakhs 2 years
Master of science in chemical engineering  24.16 lakhs 2 years

Tips to Enhance Your HU Selection Chances

Because Howard University has an unaccepting rate of just 1, it is essential to consider all the factors that will help you write a practical application.

Here are some suggestions to give you an advantage over your competitors:

  • Concentrate on improving your GPA. Your GPA at high school is the primary factor when deciding whether to accept your application. A high GPA is essential to preventing the application form from being denied. To achieve a high GPA, high school students must take difficult AP and IB courses. One of the most effective ways to convince admissions officials of your potential is to give authentic details to bring college preparatory A-G classes.
  • SAT Super scores policy It is a fact that the university will consider candidates with good SAT scores. Students in high school are strongly advised to take several tests to increase their scores in each section.

Candidates for HU must submit every SAT score. When determining an overall score school solely considers the highest score of the test that was that is offered.

  • Create creative essays: Essay writing is one of many criteria for selection at the HU. However, the school is well-known for admitting students who can write effective essays to communicate their ideas. Essays are an excellent way to communicate with admissions officials and let them know about your goals in your career and why HU is the ideal choice for you to reach your goals.
  • Participate in volunteer and other extracurricular activities: Candidates who portray extraordinary personal qualities by participating in extracurricular activities stand an excellent chance of distinguishing themselves from other applicants. A valid document of community involvement and leadership in various activities, club involvement, and so on. are essential in the eyes of the college.

How can I get into Howard University?

Knowing what admissions officers will be looking for in applicants is crucial to figure out how you can be accepted into Howard University.

“Veritas et Utilitas” is the motto of the school. It is “truth and service.” Howard University values students who can demonstrate these values.

Forbes reports that Howard’s core program “emphasizes intellectual openness, empirical analysis, statistical reasoning, and African American studies.”

Howard University has a low acceptance rate, a very non-formal Howard University GPA requirements, and a high standard of admitted students. This demonstrates how complex learning can be.

Although Howard University’s Howard University admissions rate is low, however, if you wish to be a part of the freshmen Howard enrollees, you need to demonstrate that you are interested and motivated.

One way to show this is to perform well in school. Make sure you meet the presumed SAT and GPA standards to be accepted into Howard University.

How hard is it to get into Howard University?

It is a meticulous process to determine how to be accepted into Howard University. Make sure you do more than fill in the application form to apply for Howard University or contact the average SAT score for Howard University. Making an effort can make you stand out from the rest and will help you gain admission to Howard.

There are around 6,000 undergraduates at Howard. The number of students who make it to Howard University is about 35 percent, making it an exceptionally competitive school.

Thus, begin to work on your essay for the application for a while before the deadline to apply for Howard University. If you are still required to meet the average Howard University SAT score or an informal Howard University GPA requirement, ensure you understand your extracurriculars and compose the perfect essay. This is how you can get into Howard University!

Will Howard University consider my social media accounts?

The people who determine if you are eligible to attend Howard University don’t say anything about checking your social media profiles.

However, if the content you share on social media can affect your chances of being accepted admitted to Howard University, if a Howard University admissions officer saw it, consider reconsidering the content you share.

The percentage of applicants admitted to Howard University could be higher. Therefore you should refrain from taking any action that might hinder your chances of being accepted.

The sharing of information via social media isn’t among Howard University’s standards and won’t alter your chances of being into Howard University. But reckless social media usage can reduce your chances of getting an internship or a job. It’s best to be more thoughtful about how you use social media.

Take a look at these suggestions from Howard University’s site. Howard University site on healthily making use of social media.

What If Your Teen Gets Rejected?

You are concerned that your child won’t be accepted to the school they’ve always wanted to attend. The best method to safeguard their future academic success is to ensure they are enrolled in a broad selection of safe schools and those outside their comfort zone.

Be sure that they’re prepared to attend all colleges they’ve listed. They are looking to reduce time and cost by applying to schools that match their requirements.

If Howard is high on your child’s list of colleges they’d like to apply to, they may prefer to consider some other schools similar to Howard.

Spelman College and Morehouse College are also choices for students looking to attend a historically black university.

Are your teenagers looking to attend college near or in D.C.? They may want to consider Georgetown and William and Mary. Additionally, those who apply to Howard are typically eligible for Duke or Syracuse.

If your child isn’t accepted into Howard, remind them you’re not the only one. Many who apply to Howard will only be accepted. The other colleges are likely willing to accept students, and they could enjoy a wonderful college experience.

Howard University Tuition Information

All-time Howard University students will pay $30,584 per year in tuition fees in 2022.

In 2022, tuition increased 7.5 percent from $28,450 the previous year. Each year, tuition costs for college increase by around 3.3% per year on average.

If you are worried by these numbers, be aware that you may only have to cover part of the cost of tuition to school. When grants, scholarships, and tuition reductions are considered, many students are spending less than their tuition. In addition, student loans may reduce the total cost of college less expensive to manage until graduation.

In-state vs. Out-of-state Tuition at Howard University

Howard University is a private school that is non-profit, which means pupils of the District of Columbia pay the same tuition rates as students from other states.

The state government grants money to universities and colleges open to the public. Students who fulfill the conditions to reside within the state can lower the tuition cost at the state’s public schools.

Selecting a college where you can receive tuition in-state can make a massive difference in dollars on the overall costs of attending college. Learn the rules that apply to those who reside within the state you live in. To be considered a state resident, you must satisfy the different regulations for each state.

Most states require students to be residents of the state for a specific duration before eligibility. It is contingent on the state you live in, and your parents are in; there could be other rules.

Howard University International Student Tuition

The price of attending Howard University is the same for students from different countries, the same way as students from other states.

Students outside of the U.S. don’t qualify for federal financial aid. However, they should consider specific scholarships for schools and private assistance.

Students from abroad at Howard University who show they need financial aid could be eligible to receive some of the following scholarships:

On-campus jobs
Only for Howard University
The Athletic Awards are exclusively meant for Howard University

International students who don’t need to worry about financial worries might have the opportunity to receive athletic or merit-based scholarships.

Financial Aid at Howard University

Most students in their first year at Howard University use financial aid to fund their tuition. In 2022 the number of first-year college students will increase. 7,026 were eligible for financial aid.

Howard University meets 61.2% of the financial requirements of its undergraduate students that have been documented.

The median financial aid for a full-time undergraduate student is approximately $22,925 per year. Around 73% of Howard University’s students in the first year receive student loans to cover the remainder of their expenses.

The median total amount of loan repayments for students from Howard University who took out loans was $28,680.

Each type of loan has a different average amount of debt.

Average Debt By Loan Type
Federal Loans $22,079
Private Loans $35,588
Most Common Loans for Howard University Students
Federal Loans 72%
Private loans 14%

Most students receive loans from their school or the government as they generally have lower interest rates and more flexible ways of paying the loan back than private loans. The federal government can assist in paying for or aid in the repayment of loans.

Interest isn’t a problem for subsidized loans when you’re in school. However, it will be on loans that aren’t subsidized when the loan is made. Students may take out private loans when they can’t receive enough federal loans to help pay for the cost of school.

Parents can also get PLUS loans, which are loans provided by the government to parents who want to assist their children in paying for college.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) aids colleges in determining how much funds students and their families require to offer them a financial aid program that can be considered near to fulfil their requirements.

Check out the website of financial assistance from Howard University to learn more about the financial aid available.

Scholarships at Howard University

Grants and scholarships can assist some students in financing college. Grants and scholarships do not require repayment, just like loans.

Howard University gave out 5,857 need-based scholarships totaling $106.3 Million to its students in 2022. These scholarships were awarded to students who could not afford funds to attend tuition fees for their school.

More than $11.86 million worth of merit-based awards were offered to students who needed help to prove that they needed the funds.

Net Cost of Howard University

The net cost of college is what it is to attend school for a year. To determine the net price, calculate the total amount and then take off any grants, scholarships, or other aids that don’t need to be repaid. Loans for students aren’t counted since they must be compensated.

We now know the total amount Howard University will cost in all. We can subtract the median sum of aid received to understand what it would cost on the net. The net price can fluctuate depending on the number of money students require and the amount of financial aid they are granted.

In deciding which school will fit your budget, it’s essential to look at the net cost, not only the price on the label. Most schools that charge the most tuition also have the highest financial aid programs. Before you dismiss schools because they don’t meet your budget, you should determine how much it will cost.

The year 2022 was the last time a first-year full-time student who had proof of the need to attend Howard University got an average of $22,925 in financial aid.

After subtracting the median package of financial assistance from estimates of costs, we can get the number that can make the price of attending Howard University seem more manageable.

Estimated Net Cost for Full-Time Students
On-Campus $27,225
Off-Campus $21,391

What is the cost of attending Howard University? A variety of factors influence the cost.

Since 2011, universities must have a “net price calculator” on their websites to allow parents and students to understand better the amount it would cost to attend the school concerning their income.

Net cost calculators for Howard University can be found on their website.

Is Howard University a Good School?

Every person has an idea of what is considered “good.” The admissions requirements or acceptance rate can determine the degree of sexiness a school operates—average GPA.

Let’s examine these options to learn precisely what Howard University offers and if it’s the right school for you.

Academic Life at Howard University

Howard University has 13 students per instructor, and 46.7 percent of its classes are less than twenty students. The most popular subjects on offer at Howard University are Biology/Biological Sciences general; Political Science and Government general; public Relations advertising, Applied Communication; Psychology, General Communication, Journalism and Related Programs Other; Sports, Physical Education/Fitness, and Kinesiology general; Computer Science; Marketing Others; Management Information Systems, General and Finance General. The typical retention rate for first-year students shows how satisfied students are at 88%.

Student Life at Howard University

Howard University has 8,964 undergraduate students (fall 2021), including 28% male and 72% female. 56% of the students live in homes that are that is owned, operated, or linked to the school.

The remaining 44% of students reside outside the campus. Howard University is part of the NCAA I when it comes to sports.

The campus of Howard University

Howard University has several services for students, like tutoring, which isn’t intended to help with homework or placement service. A health service along with health insurance.

Howard University also has safety and security within the campus, like security guards on foot and in vehicles that operate all hours of the day, as well as a late-night transport and escort service, emergency phone lines that are operational all hours of the day, sidewalks and walkways that are well-lit as well as restricted access to the dormitories (key security card, key, etc.). Howard University does not let students over the age of 18 drink alcohol.

Location & Contact


2400 Sixth Street NW
Washington, DC  20059
United States


Mrs. LaTrice Byam
Executive Director of Admissions and Registrar
Phone: 202-806-2702
Fax: 202-806-4467

howard university acceptance rate FAQS

Q.1 What GPA is needed for Howard University?

ANS. Because of Howard’s low acceptance rate, applicants must have excellent grades to prove they can be admitted into the school. Based on the data from the previous year, the median GPA to get into Howard will be 3.66, in a range of 4.0.

Q.2 Is Howard University a prestigious school?

ANS. In the last 100 years, Howard University has become the most famous historically black university or college in the United States.

Q.3 What major is Howard University known for?

ANS. The most popular programs at Howard University are Biology/Biological Sciences General, Political Science and Government General Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication; Communication Journalism, Communications and Related Programs Other in addition to Sports, Kinesiology, and Health and Physical Education.

Q.4 What is Howard University known for?

ANS. Howard is one of the top universities in the STEM areas. The National Science Foundation says that Howard is home to the highest percentage of African-American students who earn doctoral degrees in engineering or science. Howard also offers business, social work, and communications programs, which are among the top in the nation.

Q.5 Is Howard University worth the money?

ANS. Regarding value, Howard University is ranked #1,741 out of 223 schools nationwide. Based on our study of other colleges with similar fees, Howard University charges too much for its education level.

Q.6 What rank is Harvard in the world?

ANS. The QS World University Rankings 2023 give Harvard University an overall score of 97.6 and places it as the fifth-highest-ranked university worldwide.

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