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Middlebury Acceptance Rate : Middlebury College, a liberal arts school, gives students a broad educational foundation by offering an educational program that covers various topics.

The college is situated within Middlebury, VT, a predominantly rural region. Middlebury College has an enrollment of around 2,800 students.

Many students accepted at Middlebury College got an SAT score between 1360-1530 or were admitted to having an ACT score within the 32 – 34.

Middlebury College Acceptance Rates, Admissions andRankings,

We could estimate the Middlebury College average GPA (3.90 between 3.96 and 3.96) of students accepted using the sampled GPA data from over 150 schools.

A mere 15% of applicants are admitted to this college because of the low quantity of applicants who apply for admission. More information is available on the admissions office’s website at middlebury.edu.

Middlebury College Overview

Middlebury College is a private liberal arts institution established in the year 1800. Middlebury is situated inside Champlain Valley, a rural community located in Middlebury, VT.

In the fall of 2020, in fall 2020, the Middlebury College acceptance rate was 22 percent. This puts Middlebury College among the most sought-after institutions in the United States.

For undergraduates who are undergraduates, the overall Middlebury enrollment is around 2,580 students.

Middlebury follows a 4-1-4 academic calendar. That means Middlebury students can take advantage of two semesters of four months, with one month in January being reserved for additional opportunities.

Middlebury College Overview

As per Forbes, Middlebury offers 45 majors according to Forbes. The most sought-after Middlebury majors are in the areas of foreign languages, humanities, studies in culture, natural sciences, and social sciences.

In addition, Middlebury has a need-blind admissions policy, which means that students will not be disadvantaged in the Middlebury admissions process because of financial need. Middlebury is determined to meet 100 percent of students’ financial needs.

Are you interested in knowing how to enter Middlebury? CollegeAdvisor.com can assist by providing the Middlebury College how to Get In Guide. Find more information about Middlebury College here.

Where is Middlebury College? 

Middlebury College is an independent, co-ed institution in Middlebury, Vermont, focusing on the liberal arts. The address for Middlebury College is 14 Old Chapel Rd, Middlebury, VT 05753, USA. Middlebury is the very first university or college in Vermont, established in 1800.

Nearly every successful Middlebury applicant who graduated in the top tier in their class at high school has a variety of specific skills, both inside and outside of the class.

Since Middlebury College has an acceptance rate of just 16%, anyone who would like to attend Middlebury must have a solid mixture of “target” and “safety” schools on their college lists. Learn more about how to create an appropriate college list by clicking here.

 Middlebury College Ranking

Based on the total numbers and reviews of millions on the internet, reviewers from the U.S. Department of Education undertake a comprehensive investigation to determine Niche rankings and those of the Middlebury College niche rankings.

Based on their Middlebury College niche ranking grades, Middlebury College stood at #13 in the Best smaller colleges across America and 23 in the top colleges for environmental science in America in 634.

Middlebury College niche grades are A+ for Academics, A in diversity, B in athletics, A for professors, and A in Student Life.

Some other prominent Middlebury College Rankings are :

  • National liberal arts colleges – #9 
  • Best Undergraduate College – #4 
  • Best value schools – #12 
  • Most innovative school – #16
  • Study abroad – #3 

Middlebury College Acceptance Rate – Class of 2025

Middlebury received an all-time-high number of applicants for admission to 2025’s Class of 2025 — 11,908. Middlebury only accepted 1,875. The acceptance rate was 16%, less than the 22% rate in the previous year.

Middlebury College Acceptance Rate

Middlebury College Early Decision Acceptance Rate

Middlebury accepted 425 applicants to ED in 2025. However, they’re yet to announce admissions numbers officially.

For the class in 2024 (most recent data that has been released), Middlebury received 838 ED applications and admitted 392 students. In this cohort, the ED accept rate of this class was 47%, compared to just 20% for applicants for the regular round.

Middlebury Enrollment

In the fall of 2020, all-inclusive Middlebury enrollment was about 2,580 undergraduates. The number of students enrolled at Middlebury College has increased by a small amount over the past ten years. As of 2012, Middlebury had 2,516 pupils.

Middlebury enrollment figures affect how Middlebury College’s student-to-faculty ratio. All classes offered at Middlebury will be taught by faculty. The Middlebury student-to-faculty ratio stands at 9:1. With such a low student-to-faculty ratio, you are likely to receive individual attention from the faculty members in your classes.

Middlebury enrollment also affects the size of classes for Middlebury College. As with the student-to-faculty ratio, the majority of courses at Middlebury are smaller. A typical class for Middlebury College is 16 students.

When you’ve received your college acceptance letters, It’s now time to determine the college that you’ll be attending. If you decide Middlebury College is the right location, it’s time to finish registering for the college procedure in spring. The deadline for enrollment to colleges across the country begins on May 1.


Middlebury College Majors

With more than fifty Middlebury college majors available, there are plenty of possibilities for Middlebury College learners to investigate and discover.

Here are the most popular Middlebury majors:

  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Political Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Neuroscience

This economics degree offered at Middlebury College allows students to study how the world functions and teaches students how to analyze problems through quantitative and qualitative reasoning.

If you’re looking to pursue a major in Economics at Middlebury, it is a great place to learn many subjects. You’ll study the basics of macro and microeconomics, regression analysis and statistics, and macro- and microeconomics, as well as other subjects.

Middlebury College Environmental Studies program is the most prestigious undergraduate Environmental Studies program in the United States.

If you’re fascinated by studying environmental issues worldwide, then the Environmental Studies major at Middlebury is the best choice. If you choose this program at Middlebury College, you can expect to learn about environmental science and natural sciences, including environmental policy and conservation.

This Neuroscience program at Middlebury will allow students to learn how the brain works and the nervous system’s role in behavior.

Students in the field of neuroscience at Middlebury College can expect to be actively involved in research that explores the psychological, biological, and philosophical foundations of neuroscience.

In this particular major of study at Middlebury College, students must finish a minimum of one semester of research as a senior thesis or an independently-designed research class.

If several Middlebury majors appeal to you, consider pursuing a double major with Middlebury College. Middlebury students who want to double major must declare this at the close of the fourth quarter of their senior year.

In the following semesters, you must obtain approval from your department or the program to pursue a second degree or switch majors to Middlebury College.

Middlebury College Admissions – SAT, ACT, and Class Rank

Middlebury was an optional test for the class of 2025. In the class of 2021-22 first-year students that decided to include their scores in their applications, The mid-to-low range was 1420-1470 for the SAT, along with 32 to 34.

In analyzing the class of 2024 data (most recent data on class rank available), The majority of first-year students enrolled in the class were among the top 10 percent in their class at high school, and 98% of them were within the top percentile.

Middlebury GPA Requirements

Many schools have minimum GPA requirements. However, it’s usually the minimum required for applicants to be able to apply without having to worry about being rejected immediately.

The important GPA requirement is the GPA you require to have a real chance of getting admitted. To determine this, we look at the average GPA of current students.

Middlebury’s median GPA for students at Middlebury averages 4.0.

(Most schools have an unweighted GPA of 4.0, but some have an unweighted grade. This school did not declare its average GPA, but we’ve calculated this by analyzing data from more than 1,000 schools.)

With a GPA of 4.0, Middlebury requires students to be the highest in their classes. It is essential to score nearly straight A’s in all your classes to compete with other applicants. In addition, you should be taking challenging classes such as AP and IB courses – to demonstrate that college-level education is easy.

If you’re an undergraduate or senior and your GPA is difficult to alter when it comes time to apply for college. If your GPA falls at or below your school average, 4.0, you’ll need more of an SAT or ACT score to make up for it. This will enable you to be competitive against applicants with higher grades than you.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Every school has its specifications for testing with standardized tests. Most schools require the SAT or ACT, and many require SAT subject tests.

You must take or pass the SAT or ACT to apply to Middlebury. More importantly, it would help if you did the right thing to make a strong application.

Middlebury SAT Requirements

Some schools claim that they don’t have an SAT score threshold. However, there’s indeed a hidden SAT requirement. The cutoff is based on the average score for the school.

It is estimated that Middlebury’s median SAT scores composite is 1445 on the 1600 SAT scale.

This score is what makes Middlebury Very competitive in SAT scores.

Middlebury SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

The 25th percentile of the New SAT score of 1360, as is the 75th percentile. Of the New SAT score of 1530. Also, a 1360 score on the New SAT places you below the average, while a 1530 score will elevate you into the upper quartile.

Here’s the breakdown of the latest SAT scores according to a section:

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 735 690 780
Reading + Writing 710 670 750
Composite 1445 1360 1530

Middlebury ACT Requirements

Similar to SAT, Middlebury likely doesn’t have a rigid ACT cutoff. However, if you score below, the application will be sent to the recycling bin.

Its mean ACT score for Middlebury is 33. Middlebury averages 33. This is what makes Middlebury Highly Competitive in ACT scores.

A 25th-percentile ACT score for the ACT is 33, while the 75th-percentile ACT score is 34.

Although Middlebury is likely to say they don’t have a minimum ACT requirement, If you’re applying with a score of 32 or less, it won’t be easy to get into Middlebury unless there are other impressive things to show on your resume.

The number of applicants with scores of 33 or higher than a score of 32 could be seen as weak academically.

Admissions Information

The cost for the application is $65. To apply for undergraduate schools or graduate college with Middlebury College. The next table presents general admission information.
Open Admission Policy No
Undergraduate Application Fees $65
Graduate Application Fees $75
Admission Information https://www.middlebury.edu/college/admissions 
Online Application https://www.middlebury.edu/college/admissions/apply 
Calendar System Four-one-four plan
Credits Accepted Advanced placement (AP) Credits
Degree Offered Bachelor, Master, Doctoral (Research)

Middlebury application 

The Middlebury application is available in the Common App. Middlebury College is currently test-free. This means you’re not obliged to provide SAT and ACT scores along with the Middlebury application.

The Middlebury application requirements are listed below: 

  • Common App essay (to be used as your only Middlebury essay)
  • Two teacher recommendations
  • School report
  • Counselor recommendation
  • High school transcript
  • Senior grades
  • Application fee

Middlebury College also accepts optional application materials, including: 

  • Standardized tests
  • Optional arts supplements
  • Additional materials

Please submit all of your required application documents in your application to Middlebury College as you can. Because Middlebury College’s Middlebury College admission rate is extremely specific, going the extra mile for your Middlebury application could make you make an impression.

There are a variety of Middlebury College admissions deadlines. The choice of the appropriate Middlebury admissions deadline is a crucial element in your Middlebury admissions process, particularly in light of the Middlebury acceptance rate has gotten.

If Middlebury College is your ideal school, Consider the submission of the Middlebury College application by the early Decision I deadline, November 1st. If you complete the Middlebury College application by this deadline, you’ll get an answer by the middle of December.

The Early Decision I application is binding. This implies that you have to go to Middlebury College if you are accepted by the deadline for application.

Also, you are issued an acceptance letter for college by Middlebury College after submitting the Early Decision I. In that case, you must cancel any other college-related applications and agree to attend Middlebury.

Middlebury College has two other deadlines for admissions: Early Decision II and Regular Decision. If you complete an application to Middlebury College application through the Early Decision II deadline of January 3rd, You will be informed of your admission decision in the middle of February. Similar to Early Decision I, applying Early Decision II at Middlebury College is also binding.

The deadline for Regular Decision to Middlebury College is also January 3rd. If you can apply to Middlebury College by this deadline, you will be informed of the admission decision in the middle of March.

The Common App essay is the only writing required to be considered for admission. Middlebury College is not required to submit an additional Middlebury essay.

There are various essay questions to help you write your Middlebury essay — your Common App essay–on the Common Application website. If you need help beginning your writing, look at examples of college essays.

While Middlebury College is a test-optional institution, We recommend you submit your scores from standardized tests in an application to Middlebury College. Middlebury application. The following section will review the typical Middlebury and Middlebury SAT requirements.

Admissions Trends & Notes – Class of 2025

  • The number of applications jumped 30 percent from the 2024 until 2025’s Class.
  • Middlebury is currently in the middle of a three-year test-optional pilot program that will continue until the enrollment cycle in 2022/23.
  • 47% of the students accepted to the Class of 2025 are identified as being of color.
  • 18 percent of the 2025 Class is a first generation student.
  • The median financial award to students with valid IDs was $57,078.

How Middlebury College Rates Applicants

Middlebury utilizes a holistic admissions process that provides six criteria that are “very important” to their unique evaluation system: the quality of the high school curriculum and class rank.

GPA, extracurricular activity, aptitude/abilities, and character/personal characteristics. The three elements considered “important” are the application essays, recommendations, and race/ethnicity.

Right out of Middlebury admissions office: Straight from Middlebury Admissions Office:

  • “We endeavor to know our applicants’ full sense of who they are: in the school, in their communities, and a member of their families. We conduct our admissions processes as holistic one, where we consider various factors that go that go beyond grades and test scores. Personal essays, teacher’s recommendation as well as cocurricular activities, personal history and narrative, and your unique qualities are all crucial to us.”
  • “Middlebury’s admissions choices are dependent on the records of high school including recommendations, activities, interest, and the writing of the students. Students typically rank within the top 10% in their classes at high schools. They also take on challenging courses and commitments to other interests that are not academic.”

Middlebury College Demographics

Let’s look at the demographics of the Middlebury College undergraduate student body. There is the list of U.S. states that saw the highest number of students accepted in the class of 2025:

  1. New York
  2. California
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Texas
  5. Illinois

13% of students accepted in the class of 2025 are international students. The largest percentage of international students hail from the following nations:

  1. China
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Mexico

In terms of ethnicity, the breakdown of the entire undergraduate students is as the following:

  • White: 60%
  • Asian: 8%
  • Hispanic: 11%
  • African American: 4%
  • Two or more races two or more races: Six percent
  • International: 10%

An examination of the gender divide shows that the university has a median amount of females than males:

  • Men: 47%
  • Women: 53%

Middlebury College’s “Yield Rate”

Middlebury College’s yield rate, which is the percent of students accepted who decide to enroll divided by the total number of students accepted, is 30 percent.

This puts them lower than other top liberal art schools, with yields of Williams College (46%), Pomona College (45 percent), and Swarthmore College (35%).

Tips for Applying to Middlebury College

If you are planning to join the more than 12,000 Middlebury College hopefuls for the next admissions period, you need to be aware of these things:

  • If Middlebury is your top option, Consider applying for ED I by November 15 or ED II by early January. The Regular Decision deadline is early January; in the initial week, however, acceptance rates are considerably lower during this round.
  • Middlebury is a good place to attend an evaluation of their alumni interview. However, these interviews are limited in space, and no on-campus interviews are available.
  • The recommendations of your counselor and teacher will be crucial to your success at Middlebury. Read this blog site for ideas on how to request High school recommendations.
  • Middlebury College considers ” demonstrated interest,” which means they will evaluate whether you went on an appearance on campus, talked to an admissions person, or followed their social media accounts, and so on.
  • It is necessary to file your Middle-Year report in late February. So make sure you keep your grades high throughout the senior year of high school.
  • When working on the Middlebury application, it is important to allocate enough time and energy to writing the Common App essay. In the 2021-22 period, there were no additional essays provided by Middlebury College, which is rare in highly selective schools.

Is Middlebury College Hard To Get Into?

The process of getting admission to Middlebury College is extremely difficult. Middlebury College evaluates applicants carefully by using multiple factors to determine who to admit and who should be denied admission or put on a waitlist.

The year 2021 was the last. Middlebury College accepted 13% of applicants, around 1,601 out of the 11,906 who applied.

Schools that are difficult to be admitted into, like Middlebury College, accept fewer than 30% of applicants. A minimum of 75% of the students admitted they could show GPAs within the top 10 percent in their class at high school. They also scored above 1310 on the SAT or more than 29 on the ACT.

Admissions to transfer students can be extremely challenging.

The year 2022 saw Middlebury College waitlisted 1,742 students. Of these, 1,716 were admitted.

What is Middlebury College Looking for?

The school has a rich tradition as an intellectual center that covers various subjects, particularly sciences and humanities. Middlebury strives to create confident, courageous, and independent thinkers and responsible and ethical citizens for the world.

Middlebury wants its graduates to be proficient in the usage of language and evidence across all settings and to be able to lead engaging, imaginative, and fulfilling lives.

Should I Apply to Middlebury?

Nearly all successful applicants to Middlebury graduated in the top tier of the class of the high school and have a wide range of abilities both inside and out in the school.

With a sub-16 percentage of acceptance rates, any student applying to a college of Middlebury’s caliber should be able to identify the right mix of “target” and “safety” colleges on their list of colleges. More information on creating a balanced college list can be located here.

Middlebury interview 

The Middlebury interview is a great opportunity for students to learn more details about Middlebury College and the Middlebury campus. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for the Middlebury Alumni interviewer to discover more about you.

A Middlebury interview is optional and is not required to be part of the admission process. However, if you cannot attend a Middlebury interview, it won’t negatively affect your chances of being accepted. We recommend setting up your Middlebury interview when you have submitted the Middlebury application and gained login access to the Applicant Portal.

Alumni volunteers conduct Middlebury interviews. Volunteers conduct Middlebury interviews with alumni. Because of the volume of applicants Middlebury College receives every admissions cycle, not all applicant is admitted to an interview at the Middlebury interview.

Interviews will be conducted online in the 2022-2023 admissions process. Interviews are not offered on the Middlebury campus. Middlebury campus.

If you intend to apply to Middlebury by the early decision I or Early Decision I deadline, you’ll need to request an interview before November 7th, 2022. If you intend to apply by the Early Decision II or Regular Decision deadline, you’ll have to schedule your Middlebury interview by January 9th, 2023.

Middlebury College will do its best to schedule an interview with the maximum number of applicants. Suppose you need to be selected for an interview at Middlebury interviews. In that case, you can submit an individual video, also known as an elevator pitch, for Middlebury’s Middlebury Admissions Office.

An Elevator Pitch is a 90-second video message which allows Middlebury admissions staff to get to know you better. We suggest submitting your Elevator Pitch if you are not selected for an interview with Middlebury. Middlebury interview. While there is a cost for using this option, you can send your presentation to many universities and colleges, not only Middlebury.


Middlebury college tuition: 

The cost to go into Middlebury College full-time for 2021-2022 is $76,946 for all pupils, regardless of where they live. This includes Middlebury college tuition of approximately $58,000.Middlebury college tuition is more costly than the national average for tuition.

In addition to the breakdown of the total amount, the cost of room and board at $16,630, supplies and books of $1000, and additional costs of $436 are also included. Middlebury College charges the same amount for international students, just as it does for Vermont students. Vermont.

Annual Fees

Most colleges charge fees to offset the costs of maintaining facilities, including libraries, computer labs, and sports facilities. Other facilities.

Be aware that there may also be additional costs associated with participating in specific activities, such as joining sororities or fraternities or participating in other extracurricular activities, such as sports.

Schools often offer assistance to students who might be unable to join due to cost. Can find ways to reduce or even eliminate these charges.

Middlebury College Financial Aid

Most Middlebury College undergrads use financial aid to help cover tuition costs. In 2022, 1 315 students who enrolled got financial assistance. Middlebury College meets 100% of the financial needs that are demonstrated for undergraduate students.

The typical financial aid for a full-time first-year student is 59,146 per year. Nearly 47 percent of Middlebury College undergrads take out student loans to cover remaining expenses.

Middlebury College graduates who have student loans can graduate with, on average, $22,797 in student debt.

The average amount of debt for each type of loan varies.

Average Debt By Loan Type
Federal Loans $14,230
Middlebury College-Specific Loans $7,564
Private Loans $43,540
Most Common Loans for Middlebury College Students
Federal Loans 42%
Institutional Loans 19%
Private loans 7%

A majority of students opt for institutional or government loans because they typically offer lower rates of interest as well as more flexibility in repayment than loans from private lenders. Federal government loans are subsidized or unsubsidized.

The subsidized loans do not incur interest while in school, whereas the loans that are not subsidized begin to accrue interest when the loan is granted. Students who aren’t eligible for federal loans sufficient to pay for tuition can take out private loans.

Parents may also apply for the ParentPLUS loan, a federal loan for parents helping their children to pay for college.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) assists colleges in assessing the financial requirements of students and their families.

They can provide a financial aid program that can meet or is close to meeting the needs of their students. For more information about Middlebury College financial aid, read on or go to the financial aid site.

Scholarships at Middlebury College

Students may be eligible for awards and scholarships to pay for college. In contrast to loans, scholarships and grants do not need to be repaid.

The year 2022 saw Middlebury College awarded 1,289 need-based scholarships to students. The college gave an amount worth $70.7 million to students who have a financial hardship to pay for the costs of their education. An additional $20 000 in merit-based scholarships was given to students with no financial need.

Net Cost of Middlebury College

The net cost of college refers to the real cost of attending a college for a single year. The net cost is determined by subtracting any scholarships, grants, or other aid that does not have to be repaid from the overall cost. The student loan is not considered part of the calculation since it must be repaid.

We now know the estimated total cost for Middlebury College students; we can subtract the median budget for financial aid to determine the net amount. Net costs can differ based on the need of a student and the amount of financial aid received.

If you’re evaluating whether a particular school is within your budget, it’s important to consider the net costs and not only the price on the label. Most schools with the highest tuition rates also have the largest aid packages. Therefore, estimate your net cost before eliminating the school if it doesn’t match your budget.

The median sum of aid received from a full-time first-year student who demonstrated needs at Middlebury College was $59,146 in 2022. When we subtract the average financial aid package from the estimated cost and obtain a figure which could make the price associated with Middlebury College seem more manageable.

Estimated Net Cost for Full-Time Students
On-Campus $21,114
Off-Campus $3,314

What does the cost of attending Middlebury College cost you? The answer will depend on many aspects.

Since 2011, universities have been mandated to include a net cost calculator on their site to assist potential parents and students in comprehending the true costs of attending the school, depending on their financial status. Middlebury college’s net cost calculator through their website.

Academic Life at Middlebury College  

The ratio of faculty students for Middlebury College is 9:1, and 61.9 percent of its classes have less than twenty students.

The most popular subjects offered at Middlebury College include Econometrics and Quantitative Economics, Political Science and Government, General; Computer Science, Environmental Studies, and Neuroscience. The average retention rate for first-year students, which is a measure of satisfaction with the school, is 93%.

Middlebury College Campus

Middlebury College offers several student services, such as nonremedial tutoring and health service health insurance.

Middlebury College also offers campus security and safety services such as 24-hour patrols for vehicles and feet and late-night transport/escort services and emergency telephones that are available 24 hours a day and lighted walkways/sidewalks, as well as restricted access to the dormitories (key security card, key, etc.). Alcohol is allowed for students who are legal at Middlebury College.

Middlebury College Students

Every year there is a Middlebury enrollment averaging 2500 students on the campus, with another 300 students taking part in study programs abroad at any moment.

It is estimated that the Middlebury College Class of 2026 includes 10 percent international students as well as 38 percent U.S. students of color, and 21 percent first-generation college students.

Middlebury College is a welcoming community characterized by an academically strong community and significant connections with staff and faculty. Middlebury provides plenty of opportunities to engage in learning in community living and student-led activities that students can explore.

Middlebury College has over 200 student organizations aided by the Student Activities Office (SAO). SAO provides experiential programs and leadership positions to assist Middlebury students in forming communities and interacting with fellow students on campus and in the world around them.

SAO’s Student Activities Team offers the opportunity to learn from student leadership on their Middlebury campus. They also create various programs and events throughout the year for Middlebury College.

Middlebury Students are represented in their own Middlebury College Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA comprises class representatives who are appointed advisors and a president who is elected by the students. The SGA is Middlebury’s official body to implement institutional policies which affect student and academic issues at Middlebury.

The Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB) is a part of student’s life on campus by implementing exciting programming while preserving the traditions unique to Middlebury. The MCAB also allows students to plan and organize their activities on the Middlebury College campus.

Middlebury is situated near The Green Mountains and Adirondacks. This means that outdoor sports are abundant in the classroom, environment, and even classrooms to enjoy your time here at Middlebury College. Middlebury Outdoor Programs Middlebury Outdoor Programs provides active outdoor activities for students, training, trips, and excursions in the great outdoors.

Middlebury College provides various culture-related programs and clubs that students can get involved in during their time at Middlebury. Some of the cultural clubs offered at Middlebury comprise Distinguished Men of Color, Southeast Asian Society, and Alianza Latinoamericana y Caribena.

If you are still looking for your name in the student clubs and associations at Middlebury College, don’t worry. Middlebury students can and are encouraged to create new groups at any point.

Location & Contact


Emma Willard House
Middlebury, VT  05753-6002
United States


Nicole Curvin
Dean of Admissions
Phone: 802-443-3000
Fax: 802-443-2056

middlebury acceptance rate FAQS

Q.1 What GPA do you need for Middlebury?

ANS. A 4.0 GPA or higher

It is also recommended to boast a 4.0 GPA or more. If your GPA is less than this, you’ll need to make up for it with a higher SAT/ACT score. In a school as selective as Middlebury and other schools, you’ll need to impress them with the other aspects of your applications.

Q.2 Is Middlebury Ivy League?

ANS. It is one of the smaller Ivy League colleges, or “little Ivies,” a term used to describe colleges that compete with major universities that are part of the Ivy League. Middlebury is famous for its courses in modern languages, with undergraduate and graduate classes.

Q.3 Is Middlebury a prestigious college?

ANS. Middlebury College’s 2022-2023 Ranks

Middlebury College is ranked 11th out of the 210 National Liberal Arts Colleges. Schools are ranked based on performance against a set of acknowledged quality indicators.

Q.4 Is Middlebury an elite college?

ANS. The standard of teaching is top-notch at Middlebury College, a top liberal arts school, at least for the students being taught. The Middlebury professors have some of the best scores of students on Ratemyprofessor.com. The college boasts a record-breaking graduation rate of 90 percent.

Q.5 Is Middlebury a Tier 1?

ANS. Tier 2 schools are private, selective liberal arts colleges such as Middlebury and Vassar. Tier 3 is major public research universities, and most are part of the University of California system.”

Q.6 What are Middlebury best known for?

ANS. Middlebury is well-known all over the world for its leading position in the teaching of languages, environmental studies, and international programs and its innovations in the field of experiential learning.

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