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North Carolina State Acceptance Ratio: NC State is a college for public students in Raleigh, North Carolina, focused on a handful of courses. Each year, around 37,000 students enroll to attend North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

Most students who attended the school could get SAT scores between 1250-1420 or ACT composite scores between 27 and 31.

North Carolina State University

Based on GPA information gathered and utilized regularly, the median GPA for students accepted to NC State is between 3.55 and 3.78.

About 45% of those who apply to the school are accepted. Thirty-five percent of those accepted choose to continue and enroll.

Based on the information we have about acceptance rates in the past, according to our research, the NC State acceptance rate in 2021 is expected to be 44%. More information can be found on the admissions office’s site by visiting

Overview of North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University, also known as NC State, was started in 1887 in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is a public institution to conduct research.

Each year, the school offers 37,000 students a chance to be admitted. Because NC State University wants to give students a high-quality education, they only attend a handful of classes.

Overview of North Carolina State University

It is among the top colleges located in North Carolina and the Southeast.

Former Names

North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (1887–1918)
North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering (1918–1962)
North Carolina State of the University of North Carolina at Raleigh (1963–1965)


March 7, 1887


 Leonidas L. Polk

University Type

Public Research University

University Motto

Think and Do

University City

Raleigh, North Carolina
Acceptance Rate


Faculty to Student Ratio



$1.95 billion

Campus Size

2,110 acres (8.5 km2)

Graduation Rate


Employment Rate


Official Website Link

North Carolina State University, United States

Contact Details

+1 919-515-2011

NC State Acceptance Rate – Class of 2025

47 percent of the 32,907 applicants submitted for a place in the Class of 2021-22 were accepted. This was slightly more than the 2024 Class average of 46 percent.

North Carolina residents are more likely to be accepted to NC State than those from other states. For the class of 2024, In-state students were accepted, whereas less than 38% of students from an out-of-state students were accepted.

NC State Acceptance Rate

North Carolina State University Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

15.6 percent of the over 5,000 students accepted at NCSU in 2021 were outside the state. The UNC System comprises 16 four-year public universities and NC State University, which is the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. NC State University is a part of the UNC System.

What’s the purpose? The members of the UNC System can only have up to 18 percent of their students who originate from states other than North Carolina.

There are 26,150 students in NC State, and only 9 percent are non-natives of North Carolina.

Since 1986, there’s been an upper limit on the number of students allowed to come from outside North Carolina.

The aim was to guarantee that there were enough places for qualified North Carolina students in the state’s public universities, which are funded by taxpayers and the state.

North Carolina State University Ranking

N.C. The state is among the best public schools in North Carolina. Recently, rankings from universities award the university’s top scores.

N.C. This state ranks 79th among the top universities in America, according to U.S. News and World Report 45th among the top colleges catering to veterans. It is 59th in the most affordable schools and 70th in the top 70 most inventive colleges.

North Carolina State University is ranked 32nd out of the top public universities and 36th in the top engineering programs for first-year students.

North Carolina State University is listed as a top.

#2 best public university and best big college in North Carolina

#3 best business school, best education school, and best accounting and finance school in North Carolina

#4 in North Carolina for best college sports, best college for athletes, and best college for biology

What are the majors at North Carolina State University is known for?

  • The most popular courses at the university include Accounting, Biology, Business Administration Communications Studies, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Political Science Psychology, and Psychology, as well as Textile Sciences.
  • NC State is known for its agriculture programs, engineering, veterinary medicine, and sciences.
  • NC State has historical strengths in engineering, statistics, agricultural sciences, life sciences, textiles, and design. It currently offers 106 bachelor’s degrees.
  • NC State offers more than 160 master’s degree programs and more than 60 doctoral programs.
  • They also provide the chance to collaborate across disciplines with the top experts in their field.

Is North Carolina State University a public or private school?

  • In 1887, the university was established and was located in Raleigh, NC State is today the largest college located in North Carolina.
  • It is one of the 17 institutions that comprise the University of North Carolina system.
  • North Carolina State University is committed to excellence in teaching, the development and application of knowledge, and engagement with private and public partners.
  • NC State is a pre-eminent research institute facing global problems and defeating these challenges.
  • NC State researchers in biology, Computer engineering, biology, and environmental engineering combine biology and big data to discover why certain plants die under stress, whereas others flourish.
  • NC State combines affordable cost with a great ROI.
  • NC State promotes an integrated method of problem-solving that improves lives and is a leader in economic, social, and technological advancement throughout North Carolina and worldwide.

North Carolina State University GPA

NC State has no minimum GPA to be a candidate for admission. However, the middle portion of students in the first year had an average calculated weighted GPA that ranged from 4.17 and 4.48, and 4.28 is the median.

On a scale without weighting, this scale can be found in the range of 3.75 and 3.97, and the mean is 3.83, which is quite excellent.

93% of the students accepted into NC State were in the top 25 percent of their senior year class at their high school. That means that 65 percent of the students accepted to NC State were among the top 10% of their course.

These statistics show North Carolina State University is one of the three most competitive institutions in the UNC System.

NC State Admissions – SAT and ACT Scores

The first-year students of the class of 2025 had a GPA weighted of between 4.17 to 4.48, within the mid-50 percent, and an unweighted GPA of 3.75 to 3.97.

It was noted that the SAT range for this particular group was 1290-1430. The ACT span was 27 to 32.

The average scores on SAT were 1330, and the mean score for the ACT was 29. Regarding class rank, 45percent of the students in the class 2025 were within the top 10 percent in their class at high school.

North Carolina State SAT Scores and Requirements

You must submit your NC State SAT scores to be accepted into the school. There are no prerequisites for NC State. SAT standards to be a part of NC State are pretty straightforward. It is more critical for those who score within the lowest 20% of all test takers.

Therefore, the school will be happy to accept you. If you’re within the top 20 percent in North Carolina State, score on the SAT.

Based on our experience, approximately 40% of the students are accepted and admitted to NC State University based on their SAT scores. A typical SAT score for students at NC State is shown in the following table:

SAT Section 25th Percentile Average Percentile 75th Percentile
Evidence-Based Reading 610 650 690
Mathematics 620 670 720
Composite 1230 1320 1410

SAT results in NC State range from 1230 to 1410 from 1600 possible. When your GPA is lower than 1230, it’s much easier to gain admission to North Carolina State University.

In the NC State SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section, 50% of applicants scored between 690 and 620. The remaining 25% achieved over 690, and 25% scored lower than this range.

Conversely, 50 percent of NC State SAT Math section candidates scored between 730 and 630. Half of the applicants were in this range, while the rest were in the upper half.

The average SAT score for students in the first year from NC State is about 1320 out of 1600.

SAT NC State Requirements and Score Policy

NC State University only looks at students’ highest scores for each section of the SAT. You can bypass writing the SAT Writing section to get admitted to NC State. In 2021 52 percent of NC State first-year students were admitted without SAT scores.

You can submit the top SAT score of the scores you have taken. This is considered the standard procedure to submit SAT results for students at NC State.

If your SAT scores are less than the typical composite scores, you should reconsider taking the test to improve your chances of being accepted.

The NC State University superstore or score policy allows you to put all your efforts towards achieving higher scores. It is possible to do this by focusing on one area each time. Begin by preparing for the section with the lowest score, then proceed to the next.

North Carolina State ACT Scores and Requirements

The ACT requirements at NC State are very high, as are those of the SAT requirements. In most cases, they accept students who score within the top 15% of the nation.

Statistics from the past indicate that half of the students who wish to attend this school provide ACT scores.

Typical ACT scores for NC State are shown in the following table:

ACT Section 25th Percentile Average Percentile 75th Percentile
Reading 25 29 33
Mathematics 25 28 31
Composite 27 29.50 32

The scores of 50 percent of those accepted admitted to the school previously were between 27 and 32. 25% scored less than this, and 25% scored higher than 32.

Applying to NC State: A Quick Overview

Common Application or the Coalition Application. Common Application or the Coalition Application can be submitted directly to NC State.

One of these forms has to be completed by your child. If they are applying to other schools that use one platform, it’s typically more accessible for them to stick with the one they’re currently using.

There are various deadlines that applicants who wish to apply must be aware of. Application for Early Action must be sent on or before October 15th.

Also, October 15th is the deadline to apply for specific specialties and scholarship opportunities. This is particularly true for majors in the studio.

Applications for Regular Decisions must be received on or before January 15th. Check this NC State Dates and Deadlines page for a complete listing.

Your high schooler must also send in the following:

  • $85 Application Fee or Fee Waiver
  • Official SAT or ACT Scores
  • Official Transcript
  • Supplemental Essays (Learn more about these in our guide, How to Write the North Carolina State – Raleigh Essays 2018-2019).

To be admitted to NC State, teacher recommendations are not required or suggested. Students may also submit one counselor recommendation for consideration by the admissions committee. I will consider this as additional information.

North Carolina State University Admission

NC State is picky about who is admitted to the institution. The school examines various facto to admit students, and every application is analyzed to determine suitable candidates.

Although a solid academic background is essential for admission, the school is more concerned about the other aspects of applicants. NC State wants to know about applicants’ experience and their activities outside the school.

The school will look at how you performed in school and the subjects you’d like to learn. They evaluate how you performed in school on the topic you’d like to pursue in college.

You’ll need excellent grades and good exam scores to make an effective candidate for NC State. One thing that can assist you in getting admitted to NC State is if you write an excellent essay and perform other activities beyond school.

The chances of being accepted can be increased when a school teacher or counselor makes a positive recommendation.

First-Year Application Process

North Carolina State University is home to many students in the first year, and If they can meet the standards, they’ll be allowed in more.

If you plan to attend North Carolina State University as a first-year student, You must possess a High School diploma.

NC State Application Options

It is possible to submit the Common Application or the Coalition Application available the North Carolina State University. The university still needs to find a preferred application platform.

Application Fee

You must pay an application cost of $85, which isn’t refundable. Students who meet the requirements can have their fees reduced.

The next step of the application is a vast selection. You must choose two majors. If you decide to choose two majors, you’ll have the chance of being considered for the second major in case your first significant needs to be more competitive.

Submit Test Scores

There will be no tests at North Carolina State University until the 2024 spring semester. If you’d like to participate, you can submit your scores from tests.

North Carolina State University will accept self-reported test scores on either the Common Application or the Coalition Application.

NC State school codes

  • SAT code: 5496
  • ACT code: 3164

Complete Essay Prompts

Selecting an essay prompt on your Common Application or the Coalition Application is helpful. NC State wants to know more about you, not just your grades in high school.

Additionally, you’ll be asked to complete the questions with a short answer.

Submit Official Transcripts

If you cannot provide official transcripts from your high school, Your application may not be fully completed.

The school counselor must send your official transcript using the Common Application or the Coalition Application,, so that you can complete your application.

Application Process for Transfer Students and Admissions

More than 24,000 students attend North Carolina State University. About 20 percent of first-year students attending NC State came from other colleges. Most students who wish to transfer to NC State come from North Carolina community colleges.

How to Apply to NC State as a Transfer Student?

The Common Application or the NC State Transfer Application can be used to apply to North Carolina State University as transfer students.

When you are on the second page of your application, you’ll have to pay the application fee of $85, which is not refundable.

Choose the main of your choice in the application.

The essay questions form part of the application and must be completed. Answer the questions with short answers next.

The official transcript must be sent directly to North Carolina State University from your university or college.

What Is the Acceptance Rate for Transfer Students at NC State?

In the most recent admissions round, 4118 transfer students applied to gain access to North Carolina State University. NC State took in 1,388 transfer students and admitted 47.4 percent of the applicants interested in applying.

The average GPA for the new students who transferred to NC State was between 3.21 and 3.82. Around 54% of the students in the class were from the community college system in North Carolina.

Application Process for International Students and Admissions

At North Carolina State University, students hail from more than 120 nations.

Who is a candidate for N.C? State from another nation?

If you’re not a U.S. citizen or do not possess permanent residency, you are an international candidate.

Students from other countries who wish to attend N.C. The state must be in high school and have earned an academic certificate that allows them to participate in the college of their country of origin.

Whatever their race, nationality, or religion, the students in the first year of North Carolina State University applicants are treated the same way.

How to Apply to NC State as an International Student

You can apply using the Common Application or the Coalition Application to be admitted to N.C. State. The cost for applications for students not from the United States is $100. Fee waivers aren’t available to students who come from outside the U.S.

There are two majors: the Common Application and the Coalition Application. If you’re looking to improve your primary choice, then your second choice major will be evaluated.

Complete your Common Application or the Coalition Application essay questions. Answer the questions with short answers next.

Then last but not least lastly, you must submit additional applications materials, including;

Official transcripts of middle school and high school. If your official transcript was written in a different language than English, it is required to send an official translation of the document into English.

Students from countries that do not have English as their primary language have to prove that they comprehend and speak English.

N.C. The state needs proof that you can pay for your education.

North Carolina State University Admission Deadlines

Are there deadlines to get into the college of your choice? These are the deadlines for applications for international students who wish to begin their first year at NC State as a freshman.

International applicants should be aware that they must adhere to the deadlines and that decisions will be taken upon receipt of the application.

Decision Type Fall Spring
Early action November 1
Regular decision January 30 October 1

Admissions Trends & Notes

  • 16% of the first-year students are from out of state.
  • 52% of the students used NC State’s policy of testing optional and didn’t include SAT or ACT results in their applications.
  • 44% of students who enrolled were in non-STEM-related fields.
  • 43 percent of students took dual enrollment classes while in high school.
  • 188 high school valedictorians and salutatorians were in the class of freshman 2021-22.
  • The average GPA unweighted for the class of 2025 was 3.83. Only a few students earned more than one or two Bs on their transcripts from high school.

How NC State Rates Applicants

NC State says that four aspects can be considered “very important” to their admissions process: the complexity in your school transcript, your class rank, your GPA, and your scores on standardized tests (despite being tests are not mandatory). The sole “important” thing is the essay.

Direct From NC State admissions office: NC State admissions office:

  • “Every student has a unique story to relate to. While your academic record is an excellent indicator of your future performance and is crucial to our selection process, it can be a partial story. We’d like to know about your life experiences and your academic background. Experiences that helped you develop into a successful applicant and possible participant in”the Wolfpack.”
  • “We recommend that you enroll in challenging classes the school offers which align with your academic goals and show your capability to succeed in the future (honors, AP, IB Dual enrollment, etc. ).”
  • We also consider heritage status, diversity, first-generation status, and rural regions. NC State is enriched through the diverse backgrounds and knowledge of our students. We expect everyone to share their talents, abilities, and time to make NC State an environment of high quality and inclusiveness for all.

Admission Chances for NC State University

They are being accepted and admitted to N.C. State University is relatively simple and not that difficult. The chances of being accepted will be higher if your scores are more generously on the SAT and the ACT.

In addition to your GPA and SAT and ACT scores, this school will also look at the amount of effort you put into high school. It also considers how you composed your application essays and how much you worked outside of school.

Students with high marks and excellent test scores will be more likely to be admitted to this institution.

NC State Demographics

Let’s look at what the class of 2025 is composed of.

The 2025 Class is derived from the following sources:

  • The state has 97 of its 100 counties.
  • 39 or the 50 U.S. States
  • 37 different foreign countries
  • 1,422 high schools
  • 34 percent of North Carolina students are from rural regions
  • 683 of the 4983 members are not residents.

The states with highly qualified applicants are most likely to face competition (the Northeast and the West Coast).

If you’re from a state with fewer residents, such as South Dakota, Wyoming, or Idaho, your chances of being accepted will be enhanced by where you reside.

Looking at ethnic identity, the breakdown for the Class of 2025 is as follows:

  • White: 70%
  • Asian: 9%
  • Hispanic: 8%
  • African American: 6%
  • Two or more: 4%
  • International: 2%

The countries sending the greatest number of students into the NC State undergraduate body are:

  1. China: 49%
  2. India: 14%
  3. Saudi Arabia: 4%
  4. Korea: 3%
  5. Canada: 3%

The breakdown by gender is as follows:

  • Male: 52%
  • Female: 48%

Since women are fewer in colleges, female applicants have an advantage over male candidates. Female applicants from the state of Indiana for the class of 2024 received a 57% acceptance rate, whereas male applicants received a 51% acceptance rate.

NC State’s Yield Rate

The number of students accepted who choose to attend NC State is 32% of the total number of students accepted. This is referred to as the yield rate.

Georgia Tech (37%), Purdue (23%) Purdue (23%) along with Virginia Tech (33%) are among the other well-known tech-focused research universities which have high yield rates.

Tips for Applying to NC State

If you’re interested in joining over 32,000 applicants who would like to be part of the Wolfpack during the next admissions cycle, You should be aware of the following facts:

  • NC State admits students “directly into the major they choose when they fill out the application. Students in their first year can choose up to two majors in the application, based on your personal interests …”
  • It is essential to select the backup program when applying for NC State. Specific programs are highly competitive.
  • NC State does not offer interviews in person or with alumni for first-year students who are about to start their studies.
  • NC State does consider “demonstrated interest,” which means that you will be assessed based on the extent to which you went to campus (in non-pandemic time) or spoke to an admissions official or an admissions officer. Due to the school’s lower yield rate (compared to other top schools), it’s recommended to contact the NC State admissions office with questions, attend the virtual session, or connect with the school through social media.
  • Be sure to devote enough time and effort to the additional NCSU essays, including the three essays that each have a word limit of 250 words.

1.) Please describe why you decided to pursue the educational program(s) and why you’d like to study these subjects at NC State.

2.) Discuss any other challenges or issues you’ve faced in your private life or at school and the way you dealt with these challenges.

3.) NC State University wants to create an inclusive and fair community that is not tolerant of unjust or cruel treatment and protests against it in a clear and loud way. Explain these principles and what you can do to make NC State a more open and diverse work environment.

Notable Alumni

Some notable alumni from North Carolina State University include:

  • Donald Bitzer (professor 1989–present), Father of plasma television
  • John Kessel (professor 1982–present), Science-fiction author
  • Nazmi Albadawi, Midfielder for NASL club Carolina Railhawks
  • Mike Glennon, NFL quarterback
  • Nate McMillan (attended 1985–1986), Former NBA player; former head coach of the Portland Trail Blazers
  • Edgar S. Woolard Jr. (1956, Industrial Engineering), CEO of DuPont

What If Your Student Gets Rejected?

On one side, NC State lets in about half of the applicants who apply. However, approximately half of the applicants are rejected in the end. If your child’s high school student is denied, they’re not alone.

The problem is that the waitlist at NC State is utilized less often. In 2018, more than 4,500 people applied for the waitlist. However, only 20 of them were accepted. This means less than 1 percent of those waiting on the list were accepted.

NC State does let transfer students into the school, but they must meet the same standards as first-year students. So when a student isn’t admitted as a first-year student, they’ll need to do better to qualify as an exchange student if they earn excellent grades and prove that they can do well in another college and can transfer later.

Should I Apply to NC State?

Students most likely to be accepted and admitted to NC State will have mostly A’s on their transcripts after an academically challenging course. Because they don’t require applicants to sit for tests like the SAT or ACT, students with excellent transcripts can get into NC State even if they don’t pass the tests.

But students (especially those looking to pursue a degree in computer science or engineering) should create an informed list of colleges that includes the “safety” and “target” schools, as well as their “reach” or “dream” schools.

Tuition and Financial Aid at NC State

It is a crucial aspect to think about when selecting the right college. Specific colleges might have expensive tuition fees, but they can meet the financial requirements of their students better than other colleges.

NC State meets 78% of the financial requirements of undergraduate students who have proved they meet the funds. The average financial aid for a full-time first-year student is around $14,699 annually.

If you do not include students who graduated without debt, the median student’s debt in 2022 was approximately $25,086. Compare this figure to the average national debt of roughly $36,000 for each borrower to understand its meaning.

FAFSA for 2023-2024 began on the 1st of October, 2022.

A portion of financial aid is granted to the first applicants to apply, so make sure to fill out the FAFSA early as you can. Visit the FAFSA site to apply for financial aid to attend college.

Keep in mind that the first letter of FAFSA means FREE! It’s helpful not to have to pay for the free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Don’t provide your money (or details!) to any website that claims you have to.

Learn more about the cost to go at NC State and how to pay for it.

Based on your information, Do you think NC State is the right school for you? Be aware that the ideal school for one student may be an unsuitable match for someone else.

It would help if you considered whether NC State is the right school for you.

Location & Contact


Box 7103
Raleigh, NC  27695
United States


Mr. Jon Westover
Associate Vice Provost and Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Phone: 919-515-2434
Fax: 919-515-5039

NC State Acceptance Rate FAQS

Q.1 What GPA do I need to get into NC State?

ANS. 3.2 or higher overall. The credit hours mentioned within the NC Community College Baccalaureate Degree Plan closely mirror the course. There are six credit hours in math, one identical to the NC State calculus course (MA 121 or higher).

Q.2 Is it hard to get into NC State?

ANS. The percentage of students who make it admitted to NCSU is 44.9%.45 percent of the 100 applicants are selected. This means the school is relatively easy to join. The school demands that you meet a specific GPA and SAT/ACT score; however, they’re less rigid than some schools.

Q.3 What was NC State’s acceptance rate in 2022?

ANS.  Around 47 percent Of NC State applicants will be accepted in 2022.

Around 47% of those that apply for NC State each year are accepted. In the year that ended in May, there were 32,893 applicants at NC State, and 15,534 individuals were accepted.

Q.4 How good of a school is NC State?

ANS. The rankings for 2022 and 2023 are for North Carolina State University
Of 443 National Universities, North Carolina State University is ranked 72nd. Schools are evaluated based on their performance concerning well-known standards of excellence. Find out the results of this school on the primary factors used to determine the rank of schools.

Q.5 What is NC State known for academically?

ANS. NC State is very good at science, math, technology, engineering, and math. We are also leading research and teaching in business, agriculture design and education, humanities sciences, natural resources, social sciences textiles, and medical veterinary.


North Carolina State University is an elite public education school in the United States. NC State has a lot of students. However, the most talented students from high school can get into it.

If you’d like to be part of the next batch of first-year students at NC State, you should be able to present a compelling application.

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