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How to Get Into Northeastern: Admissions Data and Strategies


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Northeastern University Acceptance Rate: Northeastern University is a private institution founded in 1898.

It has an undergraduate student population 15 747 (fall 2021). Its location is urban, and its campus covers 773 acres.

It has an academic calendar based on semesters. Northeastern University’s position on the 2022-2023 Best Colleges list was National Universities.

The cost of tuition and fees is $60,192.Students at Northeastern University gain significant work experience before receiving their diplomas.

Over 90 percent of Northeastern undergraduates have at least one professional co-op throughout their college years and work for over 2,000 companies worldwide, including ESPN or MTV.

Students can complete their education in just four years, and the possibility to work for two or five years and then build the time to take on three co-ops.

Beyond the school and the workplace, over 400 clubs and organizations cater to students, with more than 30 sororities and fraternities.

The Northeastern Huskies compete in the NCAA Division I Colonial Athletic Conference. More than 3,000 athletes play at the club or intramural level.

Northeastern University

First- and second-year students must be on campus. Northeastern’s campus spans over 73 acres within the famous city of Boston. Northeastern offers its station in Boston’s subway system, also known as”the T.

Boston, which is home to a variety of colleges and universities, is rich in American past, and has a myriad of things to do for students.

The university is awarded substantial research grants annually from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the Departments of Homeland Security, Energy, and Defense.

Students and graduates can participate in research, and many present their work at an annual Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo.

Famous graduates include the talk-show presenter Wendy Williams and former astronaut and professor Albert Sacco. Napster creator Shawn Fanning attended but did not complete his degree at Northeastern.

Northeastern Acceptance Rate

Before you apply, you have to be aware of the acceptance rate of your institution. It is estimated that the average Northeastern Acceptance Rate is around 20 percent.

That means only twenty are admitted from 100 applicants. The university is selective when it comes to admissions. Students must make sure that their applications are at that of other applicants.

Examining the acceptance rates could be overwhelming. However, focusing on making your application according to your abilities is ideal.

Northeastern Acceptance Rate

Northeastern University Acceptance Rate Facts Table

Selective Most selective
Fall 2020 Acceptance Rate 20%
Current Northeastern University Acceptance Rate 20%
Registration Deadline January 1
SAT/ACT scores must be taken by January 1

Northeastern University Application & Tuition Fees

 Are there any application fees?    

For both portals — Common App or Coalition Application, the undergraduate application fee for each portal is USD 75. The application fee for professional and graduate programs is non-refundable. It ranges from USD 75 to USD 100.

What is the fee structure of courses offered by the university?  

The tuition fees vary from one course to the next. Below is an estimate of the international tuition fee:

Northeastern University Graduate Admissions

Northeastern University offers admission to graduate programs through in-class, online, and hybrid modes across 20 areas of study. Northeastern University graduate admissions have varying processes and requirements.

Application Portal University Portal, the Application fee is USD 75 to USD 100. Documents Required:

  • Official transcripts from all graduate and undergraduate schools
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Standardized exam scores
  • English proficiency scores
  • Resume/CV for professionals
  • Lettre de Recommandation
  • Scores on GRE/GMAT

How to apply for Graduate Programs?

Step 1: Create an Accountat the university’s graduate protal
Step 2: Fill theapplication form along with all the academic documents
Step 3: Pay the application fee (USD 75- USD 100)
Step 4: Submit the application electronically
Step 5: Check the status of the application

What is Northeastern’s GPA Demand?

When applying for a scholarship to Northeastern, students often ask, “What does Northeastern’s GPA require?”Some schools will specify an upper GPA required.

This is often necessary to ensure you don’t get rejected as soon as possible. Estimating Northeastern’s GPA requirements is possible by looking at students’ GPAs. Most students accepted have an unweighted grade point average of 4.04 or more.

The average GPA of the students accepted at Northeastern can be found somewhere between 4.1 to 4.5. (middle 50 percent). It’s easy to think, “How can students have an average GPA higher than 4.0?” Certain high schools grade advanced courses on the 5.0 scale instead of the 4.0 scale.

To achieve the average Northeastern GPA of 4.0, you’ll need to get a majority of A’s in your high school classes. Most Northeastern students are among the top 10 percent in their class at high school.

It is crucial to be able to meet Northeastern’s GPA requirements. However, your extracurriculars and your previous education can aid you in preparing your application.

Northeastern University SAT Scores

What are Northeastern’s typical SAT scores? Northeastern requires that you submit the scores of standardized tests. A majority of students provide SAT as well as ACT results. Northeastern’s SAT scores are dependent on the averages of applicants.

It is estimated that the average Northeastern SAT score of selected applicants is 1465. Therefore, you must score at least the average Northeastern SAT score to be considered.

Northeastern super scores are the SAT. Instead of limiting your scores to a single day, the best scores from each section are compiled to create the best possible score in the composite.

To Get Into Northeastern, What ACT Scores Do I Need?

A typical ACT score for Northeastern Accepted students is. If you apply with a low score, you’ll be unable to get into the program since many applicants have scores of 34 or more.

You’ll need an outstanding application if you have a low score on either test, like the ACT or the SAT.

Admission Tips to Get into Northeastern

  • Maintain an excellent GPA

It was reported that the average Northeastern GPA for the class of 2025 was 4.04. Seventy-six percent of students were among the top ten percent within their respective categories.

High grades are essential to be admitted to Northeastern as the school regards them as “very crucial” when making admissions decisions.

It would help you achieve an excellent average GPA to be admitted to Northeastern University. Additionally, you must be able to meet the requirements of the school’s Academic Index criterion.

It is the Academic Index is a metric used by highly selective schools with a large number of applicants. Academic Index combines an applicant’s complete academic history into a single number that makes it easy for admissions officers to deny applicants who do not meet the academic requirements of a college.

Thus, you’ll have to satisfy all Northeastern university GPA standards and complete the most challenging classes to be noticed by admissions officers.

  • Develop one or two Tier 1-2 extracurricular activities

In addition to meeting Northeastern university’s GPA standards, you’ll also have to be a star in extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities are considered an “important” element of the selection for admission at Northeastern.

The top universities are looking for students with a couple of established interests who have demonstrated achievements or leadership. A well-developed claim regarded as”spike “spike” is a great additional strategy to gain admissions officials.

“The “four different levels of extracurriculars” concept is a primary method of understanding the ways that colleges rate an activity.

Tier 1 activities include the most significant of them all; they’re uncommon and signify extraordinary success, greatness, and leadership. Receiving a national award or taking part in the top summer program based on merit are two examples of Tier 1 events.

Tier 2 sports show excellence, achievement, and leadership. They are, however, more frequent and have less impact than Tier 1 activities, for example, state-level recognition in music or athletics as well as student body presidents or achieving the regional award.

Extracurriculars in Tier 3 are frequently included on apps and do not have the distinctiveness found in higher-tier activities. Tier 3 activities can consist of the role of captaining a varsity team or taking on an executive position within a well-known organization.

Activities in Tier 4 carry the lowest weight and are typically observed the least by admissions personnel. Participation in a sport and general volunteering are all Tier 4 activities.

Students studying should aim for at least two Tier 1 activity at top universities.

  • Aim for an SAT score of 1540 and an ACT score of 35.

At Northeastern, tests are “very crucial” for admissions decisions. NU’s 2020-2021 class’s middle 50 percent SAT band is 1430-1440, and its mid 50 percent ACT span is between 33 and 35.

Any score that falls halfway is considered acceptable however the higher you achieve in this range, the higher your chance of being accepted.

Are you sure that Northeastern is your top choice? You must be able to meet Northeastern’s GPA as well as SAT scores.

  • Recommendation Letters

The letters of recommendation are “very essential” for Northeastern’s admissions procedure, and you should provide two of them along with your application. One from your counselor at your high school and one from an instructor.

Your professors should be given at least a month to complete your essays before the deadline. The earlier you ask about it, the more effective.

In the summer months, many instructors like writing recommendations. If you’re applying through the Early Decision or Early Action Plans, you’ll have to ask for guidance before the start of the senior year. Be aware that certain professors will write a lot of letters, and they will require time.

  • Create interesting essays

Essays are the best way to differentiate yourself from other applicants. Northeastern believes that essays are “important” for the admissions process and considers essays. Candidates must submit an essay on their personal experience to be considered for the Common and Coalition Application application.

Spending time and effort on every essay you write for Northeastern is helpful. Your essay will show the admissions committee to know that you’re committed to enrolling at Northeastern University. Write your essays as early as possible to allow time to edit and receive feedback.

  • Use the Early Action/Early Decision feature.

Generally, students who apply earlier have a higher chance of being accepted, even if it’s only 1-2 percent. It is possible to improve your chances of being accepted by applying earlier!

Northeastern offers three options for using for students in their first year. Here are the details for each of them:

  • The Early Action (EA) is an application procedure for students who wish to apply earlier during their senior year but aren’t sure about the university they’d like to attend. If accepted into EA, You will not be required to enroll at Northeastern.
  • Early decision is a legally binding plan of application. You must cancel any other university or college applications once accepted. This policy is intended for students who have selected Northeastern as their initial choice over all other colleges.
  • The first non-binding option is a monthly decision. It is recommended to apply for this plan if you think your senior year could enhance your chances of being accepted.

At first glance, Northeastern admissions may appear daunting. The rigorous Northeastern University GPA requirements are just as competitive as Ivy League colleges.

But don’t give up. If you’re planning to go to Northeastern, Make sure you submit a robust application and pass your SATs!

Similar Schools & Ranking

Two decades ago, Northeastern ranked nationwide. The school has been working hard to increase the college’s quality and has hired outstanding faculty.

According to Niche, Northeastern is a top college and has reached the list of top private universities. The school’s overall ranking, which is A+, is based on academics and diversity, as well as professors and student life.

US News ranks Northeastern in the top 10 for co-ops, internships, and most innovative programs in the United States. These rankings are based on nominations by college presidents or deans. They show Northeastern’s respect for its unique programs.

Northeastern has a similar campus in urban areas that offers many opportunities for students and faculty to put the knowledge they have learned in the classroom into practice.

These schools should offer vital academic programs and learning opportunities, whether it is through internships and co-ops, research, study abroad, or research. Through co-op programs, students can participate in experiential learning at Drexel University or RIT.

Schools such as BU and UMich offer great alternatives for students who want to remain in an area of innovation.

Is Northeastern Hard to Get into?

This page will provide a detailed analysis of Northeastern’s admissions prospects based on Northeastern’s admission statistics over the past three years.

According to Northeastern University’s admission statistics for 2018, there were 62,272 total applications received. Twelve thousand forty-two of these were accepted.

This information is helpful for international students as well as students who are interested in the Northeast’s acceptance rate for the 2021 Class of 2025.

Popular majors at Northeastern University

Northeastern University Acceptance Ratio by Major: Northeastern University offers undergraduate and combined majors across 92 fields of study.

Northeastern University popular majors with high acceptance rate

  • All Engineering Majors
  • Humanities majors
  • Computer Science
  • Arts Majors
  • Business Majors
  • Protective Services majors
  • Health Professions majors
  • Science, Technology, and Math Majors
  • Computer Engineering
  • Bio-engineering

Academic Life at Northeastern University

Northeastern University has a 15:1 student-faculty ratio. The school also has 66.9% of classes with less than 20 students.

Northeastern University’s most popular majors are Business, Management, Marketing and Related Support Services; Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, Health Professions and Related Programs, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Social Sciences, Communication, Journalism and Related Programs, Psychology, Visual and Performing Arts, and Mathematics and Stats. The 98% average freshman retention rate is an indicator of student satisfaction.

Class Sizes

Student-Faculty Ratio 15:1
4-Year Graduation Rate N/A

Student Life at Northeastern University

Northeastern University’s total undergraduate enrollment is 15,747 (fall 2021), and the gender distribution is 46% male students to 54% female students.

47% of students live in college-owned or -affiliated housing, while 53% live off campus. Northeastern University is a member of the NCAA I in sports.

Student Life at Northeastern University

Student Gender Distribution

Total enrollment 28,167

(fall 2021)

Collegiate athletic association NCAA I
Full-time degree-seeking students

Northeastern University Campus

Northeastern University offers many student services, including tutoring, daycare, health service, and insurance. Northeastern University provides security and safety services such as late-night transport/escort and 24-hour foot/vehicle patrols.

There are also lighted walkways and sidewalks, and student patrols. You can also access controlled dormitories with a key or security card. Northeastern University allows students over the legal age of 21 to consume alcohol.

Students who have cars on campus N/A
Health insurance offered Yes
Nearest airports (miles)


Northeastern provides guaranteed scholarships to students for up to eight academic terms. 88% of students have met their financial needs with an average need-based scholarship amount of $38,000.

Many scholarships are available to recognize students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Students who are in the top 15 percent of applicants automatically qualify for competitive merit scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $28,000

The Torch Scholars Program demonstrates the school’s commitment to educational access. It is open to students who have overcome extraordinary obstacles and are capable of excelling academically.

Students in the Undergraduate Program receive financial assistance for tuition, room and board, and financial support during summer immersion.

The Presidential Global Scholarship is open to current students interested in participating in a global coop. This scholarship allows over 400 students to benefit from their Northeastern education and travel and live in other cultures.

What is Northeastern University Looking for?

Northeastern is not looking for a specific type of applicant. Instead, it welcomes students from all backgrounds and interests to attend classes. The school has 11 cultural and resource centers and 12,098 international students.

Northeastern is open to all types of applicants. However, there are some common traits. Northeastern students have a broad perspective and can see the world globally.

Northeastern students are go-getters and take advantage of opportunities to improve their lives, communities, or the world.

Visa Requirements for International Students

Students from abroad planning to study in the US must visit an American embassy to apply for a visa. After being accepted by the college, applicants can apply for an F-1 and J-1 student visa.

If the student needs an F-1 key, the university will require an official statement of financial information. These documents are needed by students when applying for a student visa.

  • Official bank statement
  • Valid passport
  • Complete visa application
  • Academic transcripts
  • Attested original I-20

Northeastern University Acceptance Rate FAQs

Why is Northeastern acceptance rate so low?

After concerns about overcrowding and over-enrollment, the acceptance rate has dropped to 18%. According to Nargi, the target enrollment for 2026 is approximately 2,500.

This is roughly 1,000 less than the average enrollment goal to reduce the over-acceptance of applicants last year.

Is Northeastern an Ivy League?

Is Northeastern University an Ivy League school? No. Northeastern University does not belong to the Ivy League. 

The Ivy League includes eight elite private schools, including Harvard, Yale, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Harvard, and Yale.

How prestigious is Northeastern?

The 2022-2023 Rankings of Northeastern University

Out of 443 National Universities, Northeastern University is ranked #44. Schools are rated based on performance against a set of accepted indicators of excellence. Check out the ranking of this school based on key indicators.

What is Northeastern University famous for?

Northeastern University is a private university that focuses on pre-professional education. It is located in Boston’s urban core. Students can alternate semesters of academic study and full-time work through the school’s co-education (coop) program.

Why did so many people apply to Northeastern?

Northeastern University received over 75,000 undergraduate applications in the 2021-22 academic year.

Officials at the university attribute this record to various factors, including its leadership role in experiential learning, strengthening its global brand, and the successful reopening.


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