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Nyu Acceptance Rate For International Students 2022


Check here NYU Acceptance Rate for all year. Here I have listed NYU Acceptance Rate

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NYU Acceptance Rate: Which is the NYU acceptance rate for the class of 2022-2026?

It’s well-known that NYU is among the most competitive schools in the US However, what are your odds of being accepted?

This article will examine everything related to the acceptance rates, GPA requirements, and other things that could help your application stick out.

As an institution that is among the best highly regarded researchers’ universities in all of the globe, NYU is a pioneer in university learning in the United States.

nyu acceptance rate

NYU acceptance rate for all students

It is estimated that the NYU acceptance rate for 2026’s class is 12.2 per cent.

Of the more than 15,000 applications, only 12,810 applicants were granted admission to New York University.

NYU nursing faculty has the highest acceptance rate of 3.3%. NYU Shangai has an admit rate of 2.6 per cent. NYU Abu Dhabi has an admission rate of 4 per cent.

Class Acceptance Rate
2022 19%
2023 16%
2024 15%
2025 12.8%
2026 12.2%


In the above table, it is clear it is evident that New York University’s admit rate has been decreasing. This is likely due to the increase in the number of applicants.

nyu acceptance rate 2027

Numerous factors can affect admission rates, which makes them difficult to predict months in preparation.

Statistics on acceptance rates are typically only available for prior years because they are dependent on previously gathered data.

For instance, in 2021, 15% of applicants were accepted to NYU. You can try calling the admissions office at NYU if you ever need more information on acceptance rates.

nyu stern acceptance rate

The class of 2024’s acceptance rate to NYU Stern’s undergraduate program was 13.9%, based on The most current data.

However, it’s crucial To keep In mind that acceptance rates can change from year to year And may be influenced by a number of variables, including The quantity And quality of applicants.

NYU acceptance rate Grad School

According to The scores published by US News And World Report for 2022, about 27% of applicants Are accepted into graduate programs At New York University (NYU).

It’s crucial to remember That acceptance rates can change based on the particular graduate school And department. For The most recent And correct information, it Is advised to contact The admissions center or program website.

NYU Graduation Rate

6 years of graduation rate 8 years of graduation rate
First-time full-time 84% 85%
Other full-time 87% 87%
First-time part-time 20% 24%
Other part-time 52% 54%

NYU Ranking

  • The #4 spot. Best Medical Schools in the World
  • Top of the line Medical school acceptance rates
  • The top spot of the fifteen Most Popular Colleges with ACT score requirements between 25 and 29
  • The #1 Law School Rankings by Median Salary
  • Number #1 Best Master’s in Art Therapy Programs
Year Accepted Applicants Total Applicants Acceptance Rate (%)
2023 12,307 76,919 16.00
2022 15,722 75,037 20.95
2021 18,520 67,232 27.55
2020 19,000 63,702 29.83
2019 18,500 60,322 30.67
2018 19,000 52,000 36.54
2017 14,829 45,779 32.39

NYU acceptance rate for international students

It is estimated that NYU accepts international students at 16.2 per cent. This means that around 16 students are accepted from 100 applicants.

With around 25% of its students comprised of international students, New York University has students from over 130 countries around the globe.

The school accepts students who come from across the world. International students are eligible to apply as a freshman and transfer students.

The process of gaining admission to NYU for an international student isn’t difficult as getting financial assistance from the university.

It’s not a big issue since you could be accepted with a fully funded scholarship.

Which NYU school has the highest acceptance rate?

Liberal Studies (LSP) has the highest rate of acceptance at NYU. The other New York University school more accessible to enroll in is called the Tandon School of Engineering.

The school is part of the Faculty of Arts & Science. It’s an excellent program that will take applicants with lower-than-average scores. It can be a bit challenging initially, but you’ll be able to enjoy it with time.

On the other side, Stern and CAS are the two schools with the lowest acceptance rates to NYU. Stern is perhaps the most difficult NYU school to enter, having an admission percentage of 7 percent.

nyu acceptance rate early decision

The Class of 2024 had a 15% acceptance rate overall, based on the most recent statistics NYU had available. However, compared to applicants using the Regular Decision process, the acceptance percentage for Early Decision applicants was much higher.

In reality, NYU’s Early Decision acceptance rate for the Class of 2024 was 27%, which is nearly twice as high as the overall acceptance rate.

Make sure it’s the right decision for you before applying because Early Decision is a binding agreement, which means you are committing to attend NYU if admitted.

nyu acceptance rate out of state

The acceptance percentage for out-of-state students for The class of 2025 was 9%, according To The information posted On NYU’s website. Note That acceptance rates may change depending On The school And The year.

What GPA is needed for NYU?

Even though New York University does not require a minimum GPA, the average GPA for new students admitted to NYU can be as high as 3.7 (unweighted).

There should be no G’s in your transcripts. Remember that you’re competing against students who have excellent GPAs.

If your GPA score isn’t high enough and you’re about to finish high school, you may fill the gap with ACT and SAT scores.

NYU is home to an average SAT score of 1440 and an average ACT score of 33.

GPA isn’t the only factor they consider when evaluating your application. I will discuss other criteria in this article and offer some advice that might assist you.

What is the lowest GPA NYU accepted?

One of the lowest GPA NYU accepts is 3.0. The candidate was admitted to the Master’s in Digital Media Design for Learning at NYU Steinhardt.

He did not have a GRE. However, he had a good work history and extracurriculars.

Getting admitted to NYU with a grade point average of less than 3.0 is unattainable, regardless of the major you select.

The most competitive schools, such as the NYU Stern School of Business, will never review applications.

A low GPA and high test scores could increase your odds of being admitted to New York University.

Additionally, if you have plenty of prior experience in specific fields, most universities (NYU not excluding) will consider you even if you have an average GPA.

Is it hard to get accepted to NYU?

Acceptance for admission to New York University is very difficult. It is also extremely competitive, particularly if you select a subject with the lowest acceptance rate.

Don’t overthink things. Don’t make it difficult for the admission officers to find a solid reason to grant admission to NYU. Here are some helpful tips for potential applicants.

  • Make sure you have a high GPA (above 3.8).
  • The ‘why NYU’ essay should state why you’d like to attend NYU.
  • If you need financial assistance, mention this in the personal statements or applications.
  • Have excellent ACT as well as SAT scores.
  • Your extracurricular activities or experiences could be a source of help.
  • The last thing you want to do is be wealthy. With a tuition cost of $58,168, which is higher than the average annual income in the US, You would not like to spend the bulk of your life repaying student loans.

How can I get into New York University?

The acceptance percentage should be the first factor to consider when thinking about how to get into NYU.

Just over 12,500 of the 100,131 applicants for the class of 2025 at NYU’s New York location received offers. The acceptance percentage is now 12.8%, which is the lowest for NYU to date.

Additionally, the Class of 2026 at NYU received 5% more applications than the Class of 2025. Over 19,000 applications for NYU Early Action were received, a 12% rise from fall 2021.

As a result, the Class of 2026 can anticipate an even lower admission rate when planning how to get into NYU.

Despite having a high approval rate, NYU uses a comprehensive admissions procedure. As a result, admissions officers carefully examine and take into account each NYU application’s unique circumstances.

Although there isn’t a set way to get into NYU, most effective applications have combined SAT scores between 1370 and 1540. (or ACT scores or 31 to 35). Candidates for NYU should also engage in a range of extracurricular activities.

Keep your scores up if you want to know how to get into NYU. Although there aren’t any formal GPA requirements at NYU, you should aim to do better than the institution’s 3.7 average.

Additionally, strive to outperform the typical NYU SAT score, compose strong essays, and practice early.

Why is NYU’s acceptance rate so low?

However, we must not ignore the downward trend in the admission rate at New York University over the last five years; NYU’s admission rate isn’t too low.

Take a look at your acceptance rate at MIT, and you’ll be able to see it.

The university has received the most applicants it’s ever had since it was established in 1831. Like any other institution that receives a lot of applications, the greater they need to be cautious.

The NYU acceptance rate will give you an idea of the contest and if you’re likely to be accepted.

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How NYU Rates Applicants

Five elements Are “very important” to NYU’s admissions procedure, according To The university: 1) The level of academic rigor In secondary education, 2) Class rank, 3) GPA, 4) Test scores, and 5) Talent/Ability.

Application essays, recommendations, extracurricular activities, And character/personal traits round out the list of four factors considered “important.” Interviews, first-generation status, legacy status, place of residence, race/ethnicity, volunteer experience, job experience, And degree of interest Are only “considered” by NYU.

According To The admissions office, “NYU students Are future Oscar winners, budding entrepreneurs, And ground-breaking scientists” Are among the qualities NYU is looking for in prospective students.

Fear not, if you aren’t destined for fame—NYU wants to create A class that is genuinely diverse and has a broad range of abilities And experiences.

According To Them, there Are no set rules for selecting students for admittance; instead, NYU looks for A diverse group of applicants with a range of talents, interests, And aspirations.

What does the New York University application look like?

Considering how To apply to NYU? Then, you must be fully aware of the requirements for the NYU application. During the comprehensive admissions process at NYU, every component of your application counts.

Accept every opportunity provided by your NYU application to excel and raise your chances of receiving an admissions offer. Submit even the optional components, like the NYU supplemental essays and NYU SAT scores, to offer yourself an advantage.

The date for NYU Early Decision I applications Is November 1; for NYU Early Decision II applications, It Is January 1; And for NYU Regular Decision applications, It Is January 5. The NYU Early Action initiative does not exist.

Does New York University offer interviews?

If you’re thinking about how to get into NYU, you need to know if an interview at NYU is a requirement for admission.

It varies, is the response. The majority of applicants to NYU are not contacted for an interview. The only exception is if the program for which you are applying needs an audition, such as the Tisch School of the Arts, which does provide applicants with an NYU interview.

Plan to attend your NYU interview in person in New York if you want to submit Regular Decision to the Tisch School of Arts. Virtual auditions for all NYU Early Decision positions will be held. Please take note that for this particular school, the NYU interview is required.

Be aware of the following criteria for the NYU interview if you are a design candidate for the Tisch School of the Arts:

  • Make a portfolio of your work and carry it with you.
  • Make a unique statement of between one and two pages.
  • Create a resume detailing all relevant expertise.
  • Give a professional or informal picture of yourself.

Your NYU interview must be arranged by November 8 at 9 am EST in order to be considered for NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Early Decision. The deadline to book an NYU interview for Regular Decision Tisch applicants is January 5 at 9 am EST.

Will New York University consider my social media?

Social media monitoring is not a component of the NYU admissions process. In some circumstances, candidates themselves might urge admissions staff to check their social media accounts.

Therefore, This may be good news for you if you’re engaged In a community project That you’ve promoted on social media.

Given that NYU gets more Than 100,000 applications each year, it is unlikely That your social media activity will have An impact on your application.

The admissions supervisor occasionally looks at social media, though. Make sure your social media profiles reflect you in the best possible way as a precaution. Be cautious, accountable, and secure when using social media.

Is New York University a good school for me?

It’s simple to overlook This question when looking into How To get into NYU! Yes, NYU provides excellent academic programs, top-notch faculty, And a desirable position. However, not everyone would succeed As an enrolled student At NYU.

First off, keep in mind That There Are few significant athletic fields in The city And that living expenses are expensive.

As you write your NYU application, keep in mind That The student population is large And The campus is not a traditional setting.

However, NYU Is dedicated to diversity And inclusion on all of Its campuses, so if This is something That matters To you, it’s a wonderful match.

The campus’s metropolitan setting is fun, lively, eclectic, And ideal for The inquisitive And daring!


Q.1 What GPA is needed for NYU?

ANS. Moreover, you should Have A GPA of 3.69 or greater. You must make up The difference If your GPA Is below This with a higher SAT/ACT number.

You’ll also need to make An impression on them with the remainder of your application for a selective school like NYU.

Q.2 Is it hard to get accepted to NYU?

ANS. With a 21% acceptance percentage, NYU admissions Are extremely competitive. The average SAT Or ACT number for applicants to NYU Is between 1370 And 1540, or between 31 and 34.

Q.3 Is NYU as good as Ivy League?

ANS. Is NYU a member of The Ivy League? Despite not being An Ivy League institution, NYU Is frequently compared to The Ivies because of Its reputation in The fields of studies, research, And athletics.

In reality, Newsweek designated the school as a “New Ivy” as a result of its impressive admissions figures and high standard of instruction.

Q.4 What is a good SAT score for NYU?

ANS. With a 13% acceptance percentage, New York University has the most selective admissions process. An ACT score of 32 to 35 or an SAT number between 1450 and 1570 is required for admission to NYU for half of the applicants. Nevertheless, 25% of accepted applicants received scores That were above These limits, and 25% received scores That were below These ranges.

Q.5 What majors is NYU known for?

ANS. Visual And performing arts, business, management, marketing, And related support services, social sciences, liberal arts And sciences, general studies, And humanities, health professions, And related programs, computer And information sciences, And support services Are some of New York University’s most well-liked Majors. …

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