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Purdue University Acceptance Rate: Purdue West Lafayette is a public college located in West Lafayette, IN. It focuses only on a few programs. Purdue West Lafayette is home to approximately 46,000 students annually and is the largest school in Indiana.

Before applying to this institution, you may need to take the SAT or ACT exams. Applicants who are accepted to Purdue University-Main Campus must submit scores between 1190 (25th%) and 1440 (75th%) on the SAT or between 25 (25th%) and 32 (75th%) on the ACT.

purdue acceptance rate

We have calculated that the average GPA for Purdue West Lafayette students is 3.42 to 3.78 by applying data from more than 150 schools. About 60% of applicants receive acceptance letters from Purdue University-Main Campus each year.

About 25% of those who are accepted enroll. Based on historical data, Purdue West Lafayette’s acceptance rate for 2021 is expected to be 54%. More information can be found on the admissions website .purdue.edu.

Purdue University: An Overview 

Purdue University is a highly rated university in West Lafayette (Indiana). Established in 1869, the University offers top-quality academic programs and engages in high-quality research.

The University offers degrees through multiple institutions, including the College of Engineering and the Krannert School of Management.

Purdue University An Overview 

It also has the School of Nursing and the College of Education. There are over 1,000 student organizations as well as 30 sports clubs.

Purdue University ranks number seven in the US News rankings. It is also ranked fifty-five in QS World University Rankings and twenty-eight in THE’s World University Rankings.

Purdue University: Quick Highlights

Established in 1869
Type of University Public
GPA required 3.5-3.9
Purdue University acceptance rate 58%
Number of Undergraduate Programs 200
Number of Graduate Programs 29
Number of Doctorate Program 7
Number of Students 40,000+
Number of International Students 9,000+
Application fees 60 USD
Average Annual Tuition and Fees (International) 30,794
  • The acceptance rate at Purdue University is approximately 58 percent.
  • New enrollments are accepted in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  • You will need to pay an additional $60 fee for the application.
  • The middle 50% of the first-year class was very competitive, at 3.5 to 3.9.
  • Similar results can be seen in the middle of the SAT range, which is 1210-1420. However, the middle half of the ACT range is 26-33.

List of Colleges and Schools at Purdue University

These 13 schools and colleges are the venues for Purdue University’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

  • College of Agriculture
  • College of Education
  • College of Engineering
  • Exploration Studies
  • College of Health and Human Sciences
  • College of Liberal Arts
  • Krannert School of Management
  • College of Pharmacy
  • Purdue Polytechnic Institute
  • College of Science
  • College Veterinary Medicine
  • Honors College
  • The Graduate School

Purdue University Rankings

Here are the recent state and national rankings of Purdue University.

National Rankings

  • #7 Best College for Information Technology in America
  • #14 Best College for Agricultural Sciences in America
  • #16 Top Public University in America
  • #17 Best Big College in America
  • #34 Best College for Engineering in America
  • #35 Best College for Business in America
  • #35 Best College for Education in America

State Rankings

  • #1 Best College Food in Indiana
  • #1 Best College for Education in Indiana
  • #1 Top Public University in Indiana
  • #1 Best Big College in Indiana
  • #2 Best College in In
  • #2 College with the Best Academics in Indiana
  • #2 College with the Best Professor in Indiana
  • #2 Best College for Student-Athletes in Indiana

Purdue Acceptance Rate

According to statistics from 2022/2026 admissions, Purdue University had a 60% acceptance rate. This means that out of 100 applicants, 60 were accepted, which makes Purdue’s admissions process very competitive.

Purdue Acceptance Rate

Admissions Statistics (2021/2025)
Number of Applicants 54,912
Percent Admitted 60%
Percent Admitted Who Enrolled (Yield) 24%
  • Nursing
  • Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Pharmacy
  • Acting
  • Aviation management
  • English
  • Marketing
  • Women’s, gender and sexuality studies
  • American studies
  • Engineering technology
  • Nuclear engineering
  • Physics

Purdue Admissions – SAT, ACT, GPA, and Class Rank

The Class of 2025 had a mid-50% GPA, SAT range 1190-1410, and ACT range 26-33. In the previous year, 48% of those enrolled in 2025 were in the top decile, 79% in the top quartile, and 97% in the top half.

Purdue Acceptance ACT Score & SAT Score

Purdue’s average composite SAT score is 1315 on a 1600 SAT scale. Purdue’s average ACT score is 29. This makes Purdue moderately competitive for ACT scores.

Purdue students have an average SAT score of 1190-1440 and an average ACT score of 25-32.

SAT Range (Admitted Students)
Section 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
ERW 590 690
Math 600 750
ACT Range (Admitted Students)
Section 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
English 26 33
Math 24 34
Composite 25 32

Purdue GPA Requirements

Purdue’s average GPA is 3.69.

Purdue expects you to have a 3.69 GPA in high school. At least an average mix of A’s or B’s is required, with more B’s than A’s. Taking more challenging AP and IB classes can compensate for a lower GPA.

This will demonstrate that you can deal with more challenging academics than average high school students.

Improving your GPA if you are a junior or senior student in time for college applications is not possible. Your GPA should not be below 3.69. You will need to increase your SAT/ACT scores. This will enable you to compete with applicants with higher GPAs.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Different schools have different requirements for standardized testing. Many schools require the SAT/ACT, and some require SAT subject tests.

To apply to Purdue, you must either take the SAT/ACT or both. It is essential to have a robust application.

Purdue SAT Requirements

Although many schools claim they don’t have a cutoff for SAT scores, the truth is that there is a hidden SAT requirement. This is based on the average score of each school.

Purdue’s average SAT composite score is 1315 on the 1600 SAT scale.

This score makes Purdue Moderately Competent for SAT scores.

SAT Score Choice Policy

Your school’s Score Choice policy is crucial to your testing strategy.

Purdue’s Score Choice policy is “Highest Section.” “

This is also called “super scoring.” This allows you to choose the SAT you wish to send to the school. Your highest section score across all SAT dates will be considered by your application readers.

Click here to find out how superscoring can affect your test strategy.

If your SAT score is below 1315, we recommend you prepare for the SAT and retake it. Your chances of getting into college are high if you raise your score.

You can also focus your attention on one section with the Superscore. If you have a lower Reading score than the other sections, prepare only for the Reading section and then take the SAT. Next, focus on Math for your next test. This will result in the highest Superscore.

ACT Score Sending Policy

You have a significant advantage if you take the ACT over the SAT. This dramatically affects your testing strategy.

When you send ACT scores, colleges have complete control over their tests. You can take 10 tests and send only your highest score. This is in contrast to the SAT, where you must send all of your test results.

This means you have more opportunities than you might think to increase your ACT score. You should take the ACT as often as possible to meet the school’s ACT requirement. Once you are satisfied with your final score, you can send it to all schools.

ACT Superscore Policy

Most colleges don’t superscore the ACT. Superscore is where the school takes the highest section scores from all test dates and then adds them together to give the best composite score. Most schools will only accept your highest ACT score in one sitting.

However, Purdue appears to have a higher ACT score than we found. Although we couldn’t verify it from the school’s admissions site, multiple sources confirmed that Purdue does indeed score above the ACT. For more information, we recommend that you contact their admissions office.

You can use superscoring to enhance your testing strategy. Make sure to plan your testing accordingly. Your highest section score across all ACT dates will be considered by your application readers out of all the scores Purdue receives.

Click here to find out how superscoring can affect your test strategy.

If your ACT score is below 29, we recommend you prepare for the ACT and retake it. Your chances of getting into the university are high.

The Superscore allows you to focus on one section at a given time, which is even better. If you have a lower Reading score than the other sections, prepare only for the Reading section and then take the ACT. Next, focus on Math for your next test. This will result in the highest Superscore.

How to Apply to Purdue


Early Action/Scholarships/Honor’s College/veterinary nursing/Priority for computer science, nursing, and professional flight technology November 1
Regular Decision January 15
Spring Admission As soon as possible prior to the start of the term

Application Requirements

  • Common Application
  • Purdue supplement
  • Self-reported high school grades
  • Self-reported SAT or ACT scores (currently test-flexible)
  • Application fee or fee waiver

Completes the Application

The application process to Purdue includes;

  • The application
  • Purdue-specific questions from the application itself
  • Self-reported grades from high school
  • Self-reported SAT and ACT test scores
  • Proof of English proficiency (for international applicants from countries where English is not an official language)
  • The application fee or a fee waiver. Applicants applying via the Common Application are required to provide a personal essay and respond to the Purdue-specific questions.
  • Purdue University accepts SAT and ACT scores and you can self-report your test scores. Purdue University’s school code for SAT is 1631 and 1230 for the ACT.

Purdue Admission Statistics (Class of 2026 Student Profile)

As the admission process for the class of 2026 is still ongoing, the Purdue University admission statistics have not been released.

The admission rate, acceptance rate, and admission statistics listed below reflect the general Purdue admission statistics from past and present admission years.

Undergraduate Admissions Statistics:

  • Number Of Applications: 54,912
  • Total Enrollment: 43,411
  • Undergraduate students: 32,672
  • Graduate students: 9,795
  • Professional: 944
  • Class size: 8,056

Freshman Undergraduate Statistics

Admission Rate by Gender

  • Men: 57%
  • Women: 43%

Purdue Admission Rate by Region/Race/Ethnicity.

  • Indiana students: 52 percent
  • Out-of-state: 34 percent
  • International: 14 percent

Purdue Admission Rate by College/School

  • College of Engineering: 28 percent
  • Krannert School of Management: 8 percent
  • College of Health and Human Sciences: 13 percent
  • College of Science: 13 percent
  • Polytechnic Institute: 12 percent
  • College of Agriculture: 9 percent
  • College of Liberal Arts: 8 percent
  • Exploratory Studies: 4 percent
  • College of Pharmacy: 2 percent
  • Veterinary Medicine: 1 percent
  • College of Education: 2 percent

Admissions decisions and their mean.

  • Admit: Meaning you have been admitted.
  • Deny: Meaning you are not offered admission for the incoming class.
  • Defer: Meaning you have to wait for additional admission space to be created for your program.
  • Waitlist: Meaning you should wait as you may be offered admission at any time.

Purdue University Office of Undergraduate Admissions

  • 475 Stadium Mall Dr.
  • West Lafayette, IN 47907,
  • (765) 494-1776,
  • 1-800-743-3333

Admissions Trends & Notes – Class of 2025

  • Students applying to Purdue for the 2023-24 school years are eligible for test flexibility. While they prefer applicants to take the SAT/ACT, they recognize that it may not always be possible.
  • In Indiana, 4,647 people entered the Class of 2025, an increase of 4,418 from the previous year.
  • There were 4,643 more out-of-state students in the Class of 2025 than the 3,643 that entered the class the year before.
  • The total number of applications rose from 57,279 in the Class of 2024 to 59,173 in the Class of 2020.
  • Purdue welcomed more than 750 students abroad to its 2021-22 freshman cohort.

Purdue’s Yield Rate

The yield rate at Purdue, the percentage of students accepted who choose to enroll divided by the total students admitted, was 23% in the Class of 2024.

This yield rate is lower than other famous public institutions: UT-Austin has a 46% yield, Georgia Tech is at 38%, and Ohio State is at 30%.

How Purdue Rates Applicants

  • Purdue considers only three factors “significant” in their admissions process. These are an applicant’s GPA and standardized test scores. Five factors are considered “important” in the Purdue assessment process. These are recommendations, essays, and extracurricular activities. First-generation status is also considered essential. Character/personal qualities are not included.

According to the admissions office:

  • “Admission to Purdue depends on the holistic evaluation of each applicant in the context of the overall applicant pool for that college or significant. Nursing is one example of a highly competitive program that has a large applicant pool.
  • You can view the Freshman Class Profile Page to find “middle 50%” ranges of GPAs and SAT and acted scores. These ranges are representative of the first-year class. However, the “middle 50%” ranges for GPAs and SAT or ACTs may differ depending on the curriculum or space availability.

Tips for Applying to Purdue University

The following information is essential to join the 59,000+ Boilermaker candidates for the next admissions cycle.

  • Purdue does not offer interviews. Your essays and recommendations are the best way to personalize your admissions process.
  • Purdue regards ” demonstrated interests” as a part of its admissions process. You may be able to gain an advantage by visiting campus and connecting via social media.
  • To meet the Early Action Deadline, you can submit your application by November 1. The regular decision deadline is January 15.
  • You should ensure you spend enough time and effort on the three prompts (up to) that you might need. These are the following:
  1. What opportunities will Purdue offer to support your interests inside and outside the classroom? (100 words)
  2. Please briefly discuss the reasons you chose to pursue the major. (100 words)
  3. Please describe briefly one of your work or extracurricular experiences. (250 words)

What Is the Acceptance Rate for Transfer Students at Purdue University?

On average, Purdue University receives around 4,000 transfer applications each year. In 2019, Purdue University received 3,461 transfer requests, and 1,414 were approved.

At Purdue University, the acceptance rate for transfer students is around 40%.

Purdue University Mailing Address

Purdue University International Undergraduate Admission 475 Stadium Mall Drive West Lafayette, Indiana 47907 U.S.A.

To be considered for admission to Purdue University, you must have completed 3 years of coursework in secondary school.

The required high school average is shown below.

  • Mathematics- Minimum of 8 Semesters
  • English- Minimum of 8 Semesters
  • Social Studies- Minimum of 6 Semesters
  • Laboratory science- Minimum of 6 semesters (engineering candidates must have 2 Chemistry semesters).

What Is The Acceptance Rate for International Students at Purdue University?

During each admission cycle, Purdue University receives thousands of international applicants. Purdue University admission statistics show that more than 100 countries were represented in the most recent application.

Purdue University accepts approximately 9,000 international students annually, and the acceptance rate is 58%.

Application Requirements for International Students

You can apply if you are an international freshman applicant and have all your documents ready for application.

These are the requirements to be admitted as international students.

Application Options

Purdue University accepts the Application, and all International applicants must submit a $60 non-refundable application fee.

Secondary/High School Grades

Two options will be available to you when your Application is submitted through the Common Application.

  • Transcripts self-reported by the user
  • Original or attested copies of transcripts, mark sheets, and diplomas must be uploaded.

International applicants who plan to enroll at Purdue University must provide official transcripts.

If you cannot upload transcripts, mark sheets, or certificates during your Common Application, they can be mailed directly to Purdue University.

All documents must be sealed and sent to Purdue via the university or secondary school attended.

Purdue University: Application Form & Fees

The undergraduate application fee for Purdue is USD 60, including the Common App and the Coalition App. For graduate programs, the application fee is USD 75.

It is non-refundable. However, it can vary depending on which courses are being applied for. You can find more information on the course page.

Pursue University Tuition and Fees

Below is the estimated cost of attendance at Purdue University.

Billed Expenses
TUITION/FEES+ $9,992 $28,794
ROOM/BOARD $10,030 $10,030
SUBTOTAL $20,022 $38,824
Other Estimated Expenses
BOOKS/SUPPLIES $1,010 $1,010
MISCELLANEOUS $1,530 $1,530
SUBTOTAL $2,790 $2,790
ESTIMATED TOTAL $22,812 $41,614
Source: https://www.purdue.edu/

There are some programs at Purdue University that require additional tuition fees.

  • Computer Science – $2,050
  • Data Science – $2,050
  • Engineering – $2,050
  • Management – $1,436
  • Purdue Polytechnic – $572
  • Flight – Individual courses in this program have additional fees; please refer to the Bursar website or contact the department for specific flight course fees.
  • Honors College – $200

Purdue University: Scholarships

Because Purdue is a state-supported university, it does not offer international students financial aid or scholarships. Indian students have the opportunity to apply for many scholarships in the USA.

Purdue alums generously support Indian students with a limited number of four-year scholarships through the Indian Emerging Scholar Fund.

The dean oversees the selection process for foreign programs. For more information, please visit the university’s site.

Purdue University is known for its diverse student population and high-quality programs. This blog will cover the Purdue University admissions process, acceptance rate, and admission process.

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Student Life at Purdue University

Purdue University offers the ideal environment for a memorable college experience. It is home to a large student body and provides an environment conducive to learning.

Students can participate in student activities and organizations on campus. For over 100 years, Purdue University has had one of America’s largest Fraternities, Sororities, and Cooperative Communities.

Purdue University values students’ well-being and provides support for them.

Purdue University Contact Address

475 Stadium Mall Drive
Schleman Hall
West Lafayette, IN  47907-2050
United States
Ms. Kristina M. Wong Davis
Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
Email: admissions@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-9116
Fax: 765-494-0544


Purdue expects you to have a high school grade point average of 3.69. At least an average mix of A’s or B’s is required, with more B’s than A’s. Taking more challenging AP and IB classes can compensate for a lower GPA.

  Is Purdue highly selective?  

Purdue admits they are selective, with a 67% acceptance rate. Purdue students are expected to have an SAT score of 1170-1420 and an ACT score of 25-33. The deadline to apply for regular admission to Purdue is January 15.

  Is it hard to get into Purdue University?  

How difficult is it to get into Purdue? For the 2020-2021 admission cycle, 57 279 students applied, and 38 457 were accepted. This admissions rate was 67%. Purdue is selective. However, your chances of being admitted depend on your profile.

What is Purdue University famous for?  

Purdue, a Big Ten school, offers “a world-class education” and is well-known all around the globe. It is best known for its excellent engineering school, but it also offers a host of incredible programs like “a great Nursing program” and “a great Pharmacy…

Is Purdue a great school?

More than 1,500 colleges were ranked in the annual Best Colleges rankings. Overall, Purdue was ranked 53rd out of all institutions, with an increase of four spots over the previous year and 17th among public schools.

  Is Purdue a big school?  

Purdue, a highly-rated public university in Wabash Township (Indiana), is among the most prestigious. This large university has 33,575 undergraduates.

The Purdue acceptance rate of 67% makes admissions quite competitive.


Purdue University is a respected public research institution that has made great strides since its founding.

Purdue University offers the chance to obtain a degree, and distance is not an obstacle to academic excellence. This article highlights the admission rate at Purdue University and the process of applying for admission.

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