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University of Massachusetts Acceptance Rate and Admissions


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UMass Amherst Acceptance Rate: The University of Massachusetts Amherst can be located in Amherst, MA, a private college that concentrates on a small number of courses offered. The University of Massachusetts Amherst enrolls more than 32,000 students per year.

Students can report either the ACT or SAT scores on UMass Amherst. Scores in 1190 – 1390 for the SAT or 26-32 on the ACT are within the 25th-75th percentiles of admitted students.

umass amherst acceptance rate

We could estimate the UMass Amherst average GPA (3.48 3.48 – 3.78) of students admitted using the sampled GPA data from over 150 schools. About 60% of students who applied were accepted to UMass Amherst, and of the students who were granted admission, approximately 21% stayed to study.

Based on the historical acceptance rates and projections, the UMass Amherst acceptance rate in 2021 is expected to be 57 percent. For more details, visit the admissions office website. on the admissions office’s site by visiting

About the University of Massachusetts Amherst

The institution was founded in 1863. The University of Massachusetts Amherst is an institution of research and education for the public in Amherst, Massachusetts. UMASS Amherst was established as an agricultural college in 1863. It is the longest-running and most prestigious campus of the University of Massachusetts system.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is an affiliate of the five-college consortium comprised of Amherst College, Mount Holyoke College, Hampshire College, and Smith College.

About the University of Massachusetts Amherst

UMASS Amherst is one of the most prestigious public universities within the New England Region of the United States. It has around 110 undergraduate majors as well as more than 127 degree-granting programs for graduate students. UMASS Amherst also offers online degree programs.

Schools and Colleges at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is divided into 11 colleges and colleges. These comprise colleges like the College of Education, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Robert and Donna Manning College of Information and Computer Science, and Social and Behavioural Sciences.

The reaming colleges are The Isenberg School of Management, Public Health, and Health Sciences, Agriculture, Graduate School, Elaine Marieb College of Nursing along with the Common Wealth Honors College.

UMass Amherst Acceptance Rate 

There were 42,540 applications submitted for acceptance into the class of 2025. Just 27,877, or 66% of the applicants, were admitted to UMass’s Amherst campus.

This is in line with UMass’s acceptance rate from the previous year, which was 65 percent. Acceptance for students from out of state is usually just a few percentage points higher than that for residents. This is atypical in the top public universities.

UMass Amherst Acceptance Rate 

UMass Amherst Early Action Acceptance Rate

According to the most up-to-date data available, applying for this year’s UMass Amherst during the Early Action round can give the applicant an edge.

The Class of 2024 had 71 percent of EA applicants accepted, compared to 59 percent of Regular Decision students getting the same result.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Ranking

As one of the top schools in Massachusetts, UMASS Amherst occupies a prominent position in the recent rankings of colleges and universities.

In the report of U.S news and World Report, the University of Massachusetts Amherst is placed 68th out of the top colleges across the nation, 37th among the top universities that cater to veterans, and 70th for the best undergraduate teaching.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is listed as 26th among the most prestigious public institutions, 114th among top schools for value, and 56th in the top engineering programs for undergraduates.

UMASS Amherst rankings

  • #1 top party school, best college food, and top public university in Massachusetts
  • #3 best college for accounting and finance in Massachusetts
  • #4 college with the best student life and best college for nursing in Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts Majors

Most Popular Majors

  • Psychology
    475 Graduates
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities
    401 Graduates
  • Economics
    313 Graduates
  • Computer Science
    310 Graduates
  • Communications
    306 Graduates
  • Biology
    296 Graduates
  • Public Health
    288 Graduates
  • Mathematics
    237 Graduates
  • Finance
    225 Graduates
  • Mechanical Engineering
    189 Graduates

UMass Amherst Admissions – SAT, GPA, and Class Rank

For the Class of 2025 students, The mid-50 percentage SAT range for first-year students enrolled was 1270-1450. The ACT range was between 28-33. Furthermore, 53% had GPAs that were weighted 4.0 or higher.

Of the Class of 2021-22’s first-year students, 30 percent were from the top 10 percent of students in high school, while 69% landed within the top 25 percent.

GPA Requirements at UMass Amherst

The school demands that you satisfy its GPA and SAT/ACT standards; however, they are more accommodating than other schools. You stand a decent chance of being accepted if you have the required qualifications. If not, then you could be one of the unfortunate few who get a rejection letter.

Many colleges have the minimum GPA However; it’s usually the minimum score colleges need to apply. The sole GPA score that counts lets you have a decent chance of being accepted. UMass Amherst does this by looking at the average GPAs of students in the program.

UMass expects you to be at the highest level of your class with a grade of 3.9. To compete against other applicants, you’ll require near-perfect grades in all your classes. Also, you should take challenging courses, like AP and IB courses, to show your abilities and proficiency in tackling challenging courses.

It’s not easy to improve your GPA before college applications if you are a senior or junior. If your GPA falls below what the type of your institution is of 3.9, You’ll require more of an SAT or ACT score to cover the gap. This will enable you to beat applicants who have higher GPAs.

SAT and ACT Requirements at UMass Amherst

Standards for testing vary from school to school. In the United States, nearly every high school must obtain ACT and SAT scores. To apply for UMass, you must take your SAT and ACT. In addition, you need to succeed in a practical application.

SAT Requirements at UMass Amherst

Many colleges claim they don’t use an SAT cutoff. However, the truth is that they have one. This is a standard of their grade. Based on a 1500-point SAT scale, the median score for the composite SAT result for UMass was 1290.

The New SAT score for the 25th percentile is 1210, as is that of the New SAT score for the 75th percentile is 1370. In other words, 1210 in the New SAT puts you below average, while 1370 places you above average.

ACT Requirements at UMass Amherst 

UMass, just like the SAT, will not have a predetermined ACT threshold. However, if your score is meager, your application may be denied. At UMass, there is a median ACT score of 29.

This means that UMass is rated as moderately competitive regarding ACT scores. Its ACT scores for the 25th percentile are 26 and 32. ACT score for the 75th percentile is 33.

Even though UMass claims that there isn’t a minimum ACT score, If you apply with scores of 26 or less, it will be difficult getting in unless you can show something else exceptional within your applications.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst First-Year Application Process

UMASS Amherst has a large undergraduate student group and will admit more students with the necessary qualifications for admission.

All students applying for admission to the Amherst University University of Massachusetts Amherst must be high school graduates with an official diploma or equivalent.

Before applying for admission to UMASS Amherst, you must be able to meet the high school requirements. Admission to UMASS Amherst is selective, and you must be academically prepared to compete with other applicants.

UMASS Amherst Unit Requirements

  • English: 4
  • Mathematics (algebra II): 4
  • Nature science (three laboratories) 3
  • Social sciences (a course in U.S history): 2
  • Foreign language: 2
  • Elective: 2

Suppose you’re seeking admission to The College of Engineering, Isenberg School of Management, or the computer science program. In that case, you must be able to demonstrate 4 maths units (including calculus, pre-calculus, and trigonometry).

How to Apply to UMASS Amherst as a First-Year Applicant

The University of Massachusetts will accept the Common Application.

Application Option

You can apply using the Common Application. You will submit your legal name and Social Security number in the Common Application.

Select a specific subject from more than 90 options.

Submit Essay

The next step on your application will be an essay. In the Common Application essay section, you are permitted to write a narrative about your personal life.

Create a confidential report that outlines your identity, which is different from what’s already in your transcripts from school.

Teacher/Counsellor Recommendation

The school counselor or teacher must make a recommendation. Teacher recommendations should be sourced from the academic core subject teachers.

Official High School Transcripts

Request that your high school provide or send their Common Application School Report. The official transcript from your school must be sent directly to the Undergraduate Admissions department.

Transcripts for grades 9th and 11th should be submitted through Common Application. Common Application by school officials.

Transcripts can also be sent through email to, or sent mailed to the address;

  • UMass Amherst Undergraduate Admissions Office, Mather Building, 37 Mather Drive, Amherst, MA 01003

SAT or ACT Scores

The University of Massachusetts is test-optional until the fall term of 2023. You can, however, send test results if you decide to. UMASS Amherst will only accept scores directly from the testing company.

UMASS Amherst school code

  • The SAT code is 3917.
  • ACT score 1924

Application Fee

You must pay the application fee, which is non-refundable, of $85. The price must be paid on the internet via the Common Application.

Transfer Application Process and Admissions 

The University of Massachusetts Amherst receives hundreds of transfer applications yearly and has more than 1,500 students accepted into various fields. Many students who apply for admission to UMASS Amherst hail from community colleges throughout Massachusetts.

Who can be eligible for admission to a transfer program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst?

You may be qualified to be admitted as a transfer student for admission to UMASS Amherst if you have completed your studies in the high school you attended and are enrolled in a degree-seeking program at any university or college.

Admissions Data by College

In the introduction, specific courses at UMass Amherst have more stringent admissions criteria than other programs. Here are a few examples:

College of Humanities

  • Acceptance Rate: 73%
  • Mean SAT: 1332

College of Information and Computer Sciences

  • Acceptance Rate: 47%
  • Mean SAT: 1465

Isenberg School of Management

  • Acceptance Rate: 59%
  • Mean SAT: 1316

College of Engineering

  • Acceptance Rate: 73%
  • Mean SAT: 1380

College of Nursing

  • Acceptance Rate: 21%
  • Mean SAT: 1417

University of Massachusetts Admission Deadlines

University of Massachusetts admissions are completed for the fall and spring semesters. Students who are applying for admission as transfer students or first-year students need to be aware of the deadlines for applications for the spring and fall semesters:

Admission Type Admission Deadline
Fall Early-Action Application Deadline November 5
Spring 2022 Applications Due (First-Year) October 15
Regular Decision Application Deadline January 15
FAFSA Priority Deadline March 1
Enrollment Deposit Deadline May 1

The application deadlines for graduate students differ by the program for the autumn semester.

University of Massachusetts Undergraduate Admissions

Students from all over the world are an essential element of the student community at UMass Amherst. Students from over 70 nations across the globe study here.

Its International Programs Office offers special assistance for international students regarding admissions, including visa applications, admissions, etc. University of Massachusetts undergraduate admissions are available in a variety of degree programs at the nine colleges and schools it has.

The details of the application process for undergraduate students are listed below. Application Portal: Common Application Fee for Application $85 Admission requirements:

  • Completed application
  • Official high school transcripts from class 9-11
  • Official transcripts for all coursework completed
  • Minimum GPA requirement 3.0/ 4.0 (83%-86%)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • SAT I or ACT scores (optional)
  • Senior first term grades for early action applicants
  • English proficiency test requirements (for non-native English speakers)
  • Audition/ portfolio for applicants seeking majors in Architecture, Dance, Art, and Music

How to Apply to UMASS Amherst as an International Student

For international applicants for admission to the United States, you must fill out the Common Application application.

The application fee is $85. International applicants aren’t qualified for fee waivers. Ask your high school or secondary school to provide an official transcript.

It is the University of Massachusetts Amherst requires an official copy of exam results for the tests you passed before applying to the university.

Test results must be submitted to UMASS Amherst.

  • GCSE
  • level
  • AS and/or A Level
  • CBSE or ICSE Class X marks statement
  • CBSE or ICSE Class XII marks statement
  • CAPE
  • WASSCE (scratch card is required for online verification)

If you’re from a nation where English does not count as an official foreign language, then you need to prove English proficiency in the English language.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst will accept the results of this English test of proficiency.

  • TOEFL iBT Home Edition: minimum score of 80 or higher
  • IELTS: Minimum score of 6.5 or higher
  • Duolingo: minimum score of 105 or higher

The requirement demonstrates that English proficiency is not required when your entire secondary education is in a school where English is the primary language of instruction.

The Application is not complete without the teacher’s recommendation. Get your teacher to make an official recommendation on your behalf of you.

Finally, your school counselor or principal must submit the School Report and the counselor Recommendation to the Common Application.

What Is the Acceptance Rate for International Students at UMASS Amherst?

The fall of 2021 statistics indicates that more than 27% of the graduate student at the Amherst’s University of Massachusetts Amherst were international students. Students represent more than 100 countries, and they are studying in a variety of fields for graduate degrees.

UMASS Amherst has no specific acceptance rate for international students. The incoming class of UMASS Amherst comprises 390 international students.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Tuition and Fees .Here is the estimated price of attending Amherst, the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Tuition & Fees Room & Board Total
In-State $16,952 $14,776 $31,728
Out-of-State $38,172 $14,776 $52,948
International $38,582 $14,776 $53,358

Admissions Trends & Notes

  • First, 77 percent of the 2025 Class is comprised of Massachusetts residents.
  • Additionally, 1,046 of the cohort are from states that do not have students. The remaining 390 students are international.
  • 38 percent of the 2025 Class comprises ALANA students (African-American, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islanders, as well as Hawaiian and Native American).
  • In the course of just a few months, applicants grew from 40,300 to close to 42,500.
  • In the end, UMass was test-optional for the admissions cycle for fall 2022 and will remain so for the 2023 admissions cycle too.

How the UMass Amherst Rates Applicants

UMass Amherst considers just two aspects that are “very important” to the admissions process: the strictness of the school’s course load and GPA.

Things that are “important” as part of the admissions process include ranking in class and first-generation status essays and recommendations, talents/ability, first-generation status along with the extracurricular activity. “Considered” factors include standardized test scores.

Right to directly from the UMass Admissions Office:

  • “The University of Massachusetts Amherst employs a holistic review process to consider applicants with care in a unique context. This requires a thorough knowledge of the academic environment from the context you’re applying to.”
  • “Since we receive applications from across the country and worldwide, our Admissions Counselors work diligently to understand the nuance of each learning environment, which informs the context in which your application is evaluated.”
  • “In addition to academic achievements, we are interested in the behaviors and attitudes, such as a love of learning and intellectual curiosity, that make students great learners and full contributors to the vibrancy of a campus community.”

UMass Amherst Demographics

Let’s look at the characteristics of this UMass Amherst undergraduate student body.

The states with the most significant amount of students in UMass Class for 2025 include:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. New York
  3. New Jersey
  4. California
  5. Connecticut

The smallest number of students are out of the following states:

  • Arkansas
  • Wyoming
  • Utah
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Alaska

The majority of international students hail from these countries:

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Vietnam
  4. South Korea
  5. Pakistan

In terms of ethnicity, The breakdown of ethnic identity is as the following:

  • White: 61%
  • Asian: 11%
  • Hispanic: 8%
  • African American: 5%
  • Two or More Races: 3%
  • International: 7%

A close look at the gender divide shows that the university has more males than females.

  • Men: 49%
  • Women: 51%

UMass Amherst’s “Yield Rate”

UMass Amherst’s yield is 17 percent. That is, 17% of admitted students completed their studies. This is lower than other top state universities such as UVA, the University of Florida (47%), the University of Michigan (45 percent), and UVA (43 percent).

Tips for Applying to the University of Massachusetts Amherst

If you are planning to join the more than 42,000 UMass Amherst hopefuls for the next admissions period, you need to be aware of the following:

  • UMass Amherst does not use interviews in its evaluation method.
  • However, UMass Amherst does not consider ” demonstrated interest”; thus, you won’t be assessed based on whether or not you attended a campus tour or contacted an admissions office or an admissions officer.
  • Certain faculties offered at UMass have specific requirements for application.
  • Finally, be sure to spend the time and effort on the two essay requirements at the University of Massachusetts. In the 2021-22 period, they were:
  1. Tell us the reason you would like to attend UMass Amherst. (100 words)
  2. Tell us why you picked the majors you chose. (100 words)

Notable Alumni

Because UMass Amherst strives to educate the most innovative leaders of our future, there’s not a surprise that many of its alumni have achieved the highest levels in their respective fields.

Take Catherine Coleman, for instance. When she received her Ph.D. in polymer science and engineering from UMass Amherst, she went on to join NASA and took part in two space missions for scientists.

The space-based research she conducted expanded the scope of her work at UMass Amherst and examined biotechnology and combustion science.

Audie Cornish, anchor of the NPR’s All Things Considered also a UMass Amherst graduate. Apart from her achievements as a journalist, She is also an active part of the National Association of Black Journalists and was named the recipient in 2005 of the National Award for Education Writing for her study of student achievement gaps titled “Reading, Writing, and Race.”

She is grateful to UMass Amherst for much of her success, pointing out that her journalism degree allowed her to pursue her passions in storytelling and writing.

Hisao Kushi is another former alum. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Legal Officer at Peloton. Earning a B.A. in English and law school gave me an excellent foundation for employment in various commercial situations.

In the end, he worked as the general counsel of large corporations such as Ticketmaster,, and Evite. Then, he and a few co-founders founded Peloton, which has since expanded to become the most popular interactive fitness platform in the marketplace.

Tuition and Financial Aid at UMass Amherst

Cost is another element to consider when selecting the right college. Specific colleges might have expensive cost of tuition, yet they have tremendous success in satisfying the financial needs of students.

UMass Amherst meets 82.1% of the financial need that is demonstrated for students in the undergraduate. The typical amount of financial aid for a full-time first-year student is about $18,853 annually.

In the year 2020, students graduated with, on average, $31,623 in student loans per student who had debt. For context, you can compare this figure with the average national debt of approximately $36,000 for each borrower.

The 2023-2024 FAFSA Opens on October 1st, 2022

Specific aid is offered on a first-come, priority basis, so make sure you fill out the FAFSA quickly. Go to the FAFSA site to fill out an application for student financial aid.

Remember that one of the initial F’s in FAFSA is for free! There is no need to pay to fill in this FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); therefore, be wary of anyone who asks for money.

Find out more about tuition and financial Aid at UMass Amherst. Based on this data, what do you think UMass Amherst sounds like? Keep in mind that a school that can be perfect for one student could not be the ideal school for someone else! Ask you: Is UMass Amherst the right college for your needs?

If the University of Massachusetts Amherst seems an ideal school for you to consider applying to, press the heart button to add the school to your school list.

Similar Schools & Ranking

UMass Amherst is one of three top universities in Massachusetts, including Boston University and Harvard University. But UMass differs from these other universities in a variety of ways.

The first fact is that both Harvard and Boston University are private schools, While UMass Amherst is public. Because they are private institutions, they are more selective regarding admissions. 

Harvard, for instance, will only take only 5% of applicants. In addition, first-year students who are accepted can score very high on standardized test scores, including SAT medians between 1460-1570, as well as ACT scores of between 33 and 35.

Contrary to this, Boston University admits a higher number of applicants than Harvard; however, it accepts only 19% of the applicants, compared to the UMass Amherst rate of 64 percent.

The first-year students who are accepted at Boston University have slightly more impressive SAT (1340-1510) as well as ACT (30-34) scores over UMass Amherst’s applicants as well.

Similar schools include the top public universities of other states in the northeast, like The University of Connecticut, the University of New Hampshire, and the University of Vermont.


The University’s Financial Aid Services office works to match worthy students with awards, scholarships, and other grants. It also provides millions of dollars in aid every year.

The aid is granted following academic performance and financial aid based on need. For instance, first-year students who have outstanding academic and personal accomplishments are eligible for scholarships that are renewable by contacting the Undergraduate Admissions office.

Additionally, The Community Scholarship Award and the Flagship Award recognize in-state applicants who come from families with low incomes or who are the first members of their families to be admitted to college.

Other scholarships are also available to students who are honors-bound and who transfer from community colleges that have been awarded honors. Other benefits for education may be offered for veterans too.

When evaluating students who are eligible for these awards, UMass Amherst staff re-calculate grade points averages from previous classes, including the factors that are weighted for advanced placement, honors courses, courses taken in high school, as well as the difficulty of introductory college courses. This way, each student is evaluated on a fair and consistent scale.

What is UMass Amherst Looking for?

Since UMass is a public institution with a state-run campus, state residence is considered in deciding admissions. In the fall of 2021, students from the state made up around 77% of the undergraduate students.

However, the acceptance rate for out-of-state and in-state applicants to the UMass Amherst class for 2025 had a 65-percent rate. The differences in the enrollment of both in-state and students who are not from the state are because they yield.

Around one in all four accepted students in-state chose to enroll, in contrast to one out of 10 accepted out-of-state students.

In evaluating the application to be admitted into UMass Amherst, state residency is just one of the many factors to consider.

Every application is scrutinized by UMass Amherst, and while academic excellence is an essential factor, the university is looking for enthusiastic applicants with their studies, skills, and distinctive.

How Hard Is It to Get Into UMass Amherst?

Admission for admission to UMass Amherst is not guaranteed. The school accepted the equivalent of 40,315 applicants for the class of 2025 and only admitted 26.335 students, which gives the school a 65percent total acceptance rate.

UMass Amherst has an Early Action admissions procedure that involves 21168students applying, and 15 740 were admitted, resulting in an Early Action acceptance rate of 74 percent.

The acceptance rate at UMass Amherst is meager; your chance of getting into the school depends on your profile’s quality. College Vine can help you understand your odds of admission to UMass Amherst.

The Free Admissions Calculator uses factors like your academic grades, test scores, and extracurriculars to determine your chances of being accepted and provides ways to boost your application!

Should I Apply to University of Massachusetts Amherst?

Ultimately, students with scores in the mid-50% range for UMass Amherst, who is also in the top quarter of their high school class, are suitable candidates for this outstanding institution.

Of course, any student seeking admission to a school comparable to UMass Amherst’s must include an appropriate mix of “target” and “safety” schools on their college lists. A more detailed guide to creating an appropriate college list is located here.

Academic Life at UMass Amherst

The student-faculty ratio at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst is 18:1, and the school has 45.5% of its classes with fewer than 20 students.

The most popular majors at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Social Sciences; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Engineering; Health Professions and Related Programs; Psychology; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; and Mathematics and Statistics. The retention rate of first-year students is a measure of satisfaction with the school at 91%.

Student Life at UMass Amherst

University of Massachusetts–Amherst has a total undergraduate enrollment of 24,231 (fall 2021), with a gender distribution of 49% male and 51% female students.

The school has 60% of students residing in college-owned or affiliated housing, and 40 percent of students live outside the campus. University of Massachusetts–Amherst is part of the NCAA I in sports.

University of Massachusetts–Amherst Campus

University of Massachusetts–Amherst offers several student services, including nonremedial tutoring, a women’s center, placement service, daycare, health service, and health insurance.

University of Massachusetts–Amherst also offers campus safety and security services like 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, late night transport/escort service, 24-hour emergency telephones, lighted pathways/sidewalks, and controlled dormitory access (key, security card, etc.).

Of the University of Massachusetts–Amherst students, 31% have cars on campus. Alcohol is permitted for students of legal age at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst.

UMASS Amherst Contact Address



255 Whitmore
Amherst, MA  01003
United States


Mike Drisch
Director of First-Year Admissions
Phone: 413-545-0222
Fax: 413-545-4312


Q.1 What GPA is required for UMass Amherst?

ANS. The minimum GPA required for first-year students, weighted to account for the accelerated (Honors as well as Advanced Placement) courses for the UMass campuses, can be 3.0 for both the state-run universities and those at the UMass campuses.

Q.2  Is UMass Amherst hard to get into?   

ANS. How Hard Is It to Get Into UMass Amherst? Admission for admission to UMass Amherst is not guaranteed. The school received 40,315 applications for its class of 2025 but admitted only 26,335 applicants, giving the university a 65% acceptance rate.

Q.3 What is UMass Amherst famous for?

ANS. With more than 28,000 undergraduates and more than 200 distinct academic programs, including highly rated programs in health care, computer science and the social sciences, UMass Amherst is the largest university of public research within New England and one of the most comprehensive universities within the Northeast.

Q.4 How good of a school is UMass?

ANS. The University of Massachusetts – Amherst is #68 among National Universities and #26 in Top Public Universities by US News.

However, it ranks 34th in the Top Public Colleges in America list and is ranked #1 in the Top Party Schools in Massachusetts according to Niche. UMass Amherst is #246 in QS World University Rankings.

Q.5 What are the hardest majors to get into at UMass Amherst?

ANS. Highly Selective Majors

  • Business – Isenberg School of Management. First-Year Applicants. ..
  • Computer Science. Admissions are extremely specific. ..
  • Engineering. Access is limited. ..
  • Nursing. The nursing major is extremely selective and limited to students in the first year of their studies. ..
  • Sport Management – Isenberg School of Management.

Q.6 Is UMass Amherst a pretty campus?

ANS. That means that of the students who were interviewed at UMass, most of them responded “Poor” to the question “How do you rate the beauty of your campus?” This is why UMass was ranked 13th on a list of the ugliest campuses.


UMASS Amherst is a bit selective in its admissions process for students. The school is looking for applicants with impressive academic credentials.

If you are planning to be among the next batch of first-year students to graduate from UMASS Amherst, your admission profile will be more appealing.

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