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University of Florida – Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements


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University of Florida Acceptance Rate: UF is located in Gainesville, FL, a public institution that focuses on a small number of courses offered. The University of Florida enrolls about fifty thousand students per year.

An ACT or SAT may be required before applying to this institution. Scores of 1310 (25th percentile) between 1470 and 1310 (25th percentile) (75th percentile) on the SAT and between 28 (25th percentile) between 25th percentile and 33 (75th percentile) on the ACT are the norm among applicants that are accepted into UF.

We have determined the University of Florida (UF) average GPA (3.62 3.62 – 3.89) of accepted students by analyzing samples of GPA data from over 150 schools.

University of Florida Acceptance Rate

The University of Florida accepts about 40% of students. In the case of accepted, approximately 47 percent of students have registered to enroll.

Based on the historical acceptance rates, The projected University of Florida (UF) acceptance rate for  expected to be 37%. More information can be obtained through the admissions office’s site by visiting

Acceptance Rate Of The University Of Florida

We must determine the U of Florida acceptance rate before determining the admission criteria. Different schools offer different rates of acceptance. For Florida, it is 38.8 percent. This means that the university selects 39 of the 100 students.

Additionally, the school is rigorous in the admissions procedure. Therefore, you must be able to score high on GPA, SAT, or ACT for admission to the university.

Your request could be rejected if you meet the other requirements but do not get a great result. Try to get the highest scores possible from the tests mentioned above.

Acceptance Rate Of The University Of Florida

Acceptance Rate Of 2024 Class

About 49401 students applied for the class of 2024. Only 14561 were selected following the ACT, GPA, and SAT scores determined by the University of Florida’s out-of-state acceptance rate. It is noteworthy that the U of Florida acceptance rate is lower than the previous year.

For the 2023 class, the number of students was higher. That means the university has been more strict since 2022 and onwards. They have given more importance to in-state students than students from outside.

If you’re not from the state and committed to the university, make sure you score high in the exam to get your name on the U Florida acceptance rate list. Highlight your application scores to increase your chances of getting admitted to your dream school.

University of Florida Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

The out-of-state acceptance rate hovers a few points lower than the general acceptance rate, at 28%.For 2023’s class, the acceptance rate for general acceptance was 37%. In contrast, the acceptance rate for out-of-state students was 28 percent.

In reality, for that identical application, that state acceptance rate was 41%.Accordingly, the information may suggest that an institution like the University of Florida may be more difficult for students from out of state.

Therefore, out-of-state students account for approximately 16 percent of the students.

This being said. However, The University of Florida does claim that they do not have a preference for in-state or out-of-state students.

Based on their admissions statistics that is 16 percent of their student body which is not from a state, represents the proportion of applicants who are state-side versus those who apply from out of state.

Based on out-of-state acceptance rates, students who are not from the state might be less often accepted than students from the state.


The middle half of the University of Florida’s new class had GPAs from high schools that ranged from 4.3 to 4.6. 25% had a GPA over 4.6, and 25% had a GPA lower than 4.3.

This suggests that most qualified applicants at the University of Florida primarily have A-grades.

University Of Florida GPA Requirements

Let’s now learn about the University of Florida’s GPA requirements. Many colleges claim that they do not have GPA requirements. However, they have. They use the simple GPA criteria in mind and select only those who can meet the requirements for an essential GPA.

When we talk about Florida, their state, they have an average GPA of 4.42. With this kind of GPA, it is essential to be a top student in classes or earn A’s in all subjects. In addition, you must possess a certificate of completion in IB and AP courses.

If you’re a student with an average GPA, you don’t have anything to be concerned about. You can improve your SAT and ACT scores to boost your chances. In addition, you could be certified in other sports to impress authorities.

University Of Florida SAT and ACT Requirements

In addition to GPA scores, SAT and ACT scores are crucial following the University of Florida admission requirements. While some schools may require scores solely from the ACT and SAT scores, others may require SAT Subject scores.

Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll provide you with how to pass the SAT Subject Test. Let’s focus on SAT and ACT prerequisites for the moment.

University Of Florida SAT Requirements

The average score on the SAT is what is that the University of Florida expects from its students is 1360. If you’ve got this score, congratulations! You have fulfilled the requirements. However, if you don’t possess one, try to score top marks on the ACT.

1360 Score on SAT can be considered moderately competitive. This means that you won’t be able to get your score on the exam. You must prepare ahead to be confident and select according to the University of Florida admission requirements.

University Of Florida SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

Based on the 75th percentile of the 75th percentile, your SAT score was 1440; in the 25th percentile, that SAT score would be 1280. That is, 1280 is a lower-than-average score, while 1440 is an over-average score.

Below is the way that SAT scoring is broken down.

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 685 640 730
Reading + Writing 675 640 710
Composite 1360 1280 1440

SAT Score Choice Policy

Every college has a distinct scoring policy. For instance, the University of Florida has a scoring policy called “Highest Section.” This is also known as superscoring. If you’re not sure what it means, it means that the University will look at the score you receive as the best on the exam.

For instance, you could take the SAT at any time you wish and submit your results to the University. The University will select the top score and then discard the remainder.

It is believed that the University of Florida has used this tested formula for several decades, and it has proved to be beneficial for a lot of students. Students can take the SAT if they score less than 1440 unless they achieve the score they want.

This will increase the likelihood of meeting the SAT requirements for eligibility and putting yourself on the University of Florida acceptance rate list.

Additionally, superscoring can assist you with focusing on every exam topic. For instance, you may sit for a single subject on one exam, then prepare for the next one, and take it the following year. This way, you’ll have more time to study for the examination in every area.

University Of Florida ACT Requirements

As with SAT and ACT, like SAT, the University of Florida doesn’t have an ACT cut-off point either. However, they have a base score; if you’re less than the required score, your application will be rejected. The standard SAT score required to be a part of the admission process is 30.

Its 75th percentile ACT score is 32, and the mark for the 25th percentile is 27. If you score below 27, you’ll need to increase the weightage on the application form using alternative ways.

For instance, you could add certification courses to your application or score higher marks on SAT and GPA to make up for the lower score.

ACT Score Sending Policy

Although taking an exam like the ACT or SAT is your decision, taking the ACT can be more helpful. How? In the ACT, you are able to take any number of tests you’d like and then submit your score to the one which makes you feel happy.

You might be wondering whether this is the case with SAT. Yes, the University of Florida also considers the best score when you take the SAT exam.

However, in SAT, it is expected that the school will have you submit all of the tests you’ve completed. But, here, it’s not mandatory. Therefore, you control the score you want to share and which you don’t. Isn’t that awesome?

Make sure you submit an average score of at least 32 to increase your chances of being selected per the University of Florida admission requirements. If you do not achieve this score, keep returning until you receive one.

ACT Superscore Policy

Contrary to SAT and ACT, many colleges do not have a superstore for the ACT score in the case of the ACT. The reason is that the students provide the best score they can get on the ACT.

It would be best if you aimed for a score of 32 on the ACT and sent it to the University to be considered for selection when you reach it. This way, you can include your name on the University of Florida out-of-state acceptance rate chart.

SAT Or ACT Writing Section Requirements

Now we’ll take a look at what are the SAT as well as ACT writing section’s requirements as we promised. Each of the ACT and SATs include a section for essay writing.

It’s optional for numerous universities. However, for University of Florida admission, you must take the essay writing section.

If you take the test, you’ll be more qualified for admission than other applicants who didn’t take an essay test. Also, it increases the chances of being included on the U Florida acceptance rate list.

SAT Subject Test Requirements

SAT subject tests are different for each school. Furthermore, certain schools might require it, while some may not. Since you are at the University of Florida concerned, likely, they don’t require an SAT subject test to get you to the U Florida acceptance rate list.

However, the criteria may be changed each year. It is recommended to contact the University six months before applying to find out if you are required to take test SAT Subject test.

How to Apply to the University of Florida


Through the first-year admissions process, anyone applying to University of the Florida University of Florida can apply for the Honors Program.

Utilizing applications made through the Common Application for UF admissions, applicants for Honors should complete an additional Honors essay listed on the application.

It is important to note that students cannot return to complete the Honors essay once they have submitted their UF application. The students must be a part of the Honors Program to be considered for the Lombardi and Stamps Scholarships.

Only students who have applied for admission to the University of Florida by the deadline of November 1 will be eligible to be considered for The Honors Program.


Application Timeline Deadline
Early Action & Early Decision N/A
Regular Decision November 1st

Application Requirements

Students can make an application to the University of Florida using the Common Application or Coalition Application. You’ll require the following documents:

  • $30 application fee
  • High school transcript
  • SAT or ACT scores (recommended)
  • Student Self-Reported Academic Record (SSAR)
  • Your high school’s list of activities (jobs or clubs, sports or community service, etc.)
  • Information on your parents or guardians, like education background, job and employment information

University of Florida International Students Admission

The university also allows international students to pursue studies as non-degree or short-term students. The entire University of Florida admission process is outlined here.

Application PortalOnline

Applicant Fees : 30 USD

How to Apply?

Step 1: Open Online Application

Step 2.Create your Account

Step 3. Login using your credentials

Step 4. After signing in, you’ll see the following Page.

Step 5. Choose an appropriate choice, save, and move to the next Page.

Step 6: Pick your school according to your preferred program and select a filter.

Step 7. Fill in all required information regarding your past studies and grades, and fill out your application by paying the fees.

Admissions Trends & Notes

  • In 2000 it was accepted at 63%, which is more than twice the current acceptance rate.
  • Seven years ago, the mid-point of the SAT spectrum was 170-1350. That means the 75th percentile was lower than the median score for an accepted member in the Gator Class of 2025.
  • 90% of the two most recent admitted freshman cohorts were involved in community service during high school.
  • The acceptance rate overall for the Class 2025 (29 percent) was the same as the rate of 2024’s Class.
  • Contrary to the vast majority of prestigious universities, however, unlike many schools, the University of Florida did not implement a temporary test-optional rule during the epidemic. Instead, it is still requiring the scores of its students.

How University of Florida Rates Applicants

At the end in the end in the end, the University of Florida considers seven elements as “very crucial” for the admissions process: the rigor of high school courses, GPA, essays, extracurricular activities, talents/abilities, personality and personal traits, and volunteering work.

The factors considered “important” to consider in the admissions process are standardized tests, first-generation status as well as experiences in the workplace.

“Considered” aspects include the rank of your class, your geographical location (Florida residents have an advantage), Alumni relations, and the degree of interest that has been demonstrated.

Direct out directly from UF Admissions Office:

  • “Few students are accepted solely by academic merit. While the possibility of academic achievement is a major aspect, the UF’s assessment of applications that is holistic also includes personal essays and academic awards, as well as extracurricular activities, the background of family members, and the community in which they live.”
  • “All information in the applicant’s dossier, academic or non-academic information, is analyzed in the context of the size and quality in the pool of applicants.”

It is important to note that athletes who are recruited have an advantage. This is because the University of Florida takes great pride in its 21 NCAA Division I sports teams that are part of the highly regarded SEC. More than 600 students are currently enrolled at the college.

If you want advice on how to be noticed in the world of extracurricular activities, look up our previous blog on How many extracurricular activities do I Have to Do for College?

University of Florida Demographics

Let’s examine the profile of the student body at the undergraduate level:

  • Florida: 88%
  • Out-of-State/International: 12%

The most significant number of international students hail from these countries:

  • China: 43%
  • India: 3%
  • Brazil: 4%
  • Canada: 2%
  • South Korea: 3%
  • Mexico: 2%

In terms of ethnicity, the breakdown is as the following:

  • Caucasian/White: 51%
  • Asian American: 10%
  • Hispanic: 23%
  • African American: 6%
  • A race or two to Four percent

Examining the gender gap will reveal that the university has more women than men.

  • Men: 43%
  • Women: 57%

With only a 44percent of students, One might think that males would have an advantage during an admissions procedure at UF. However, this would not be the case. Women are generally accepted with greater frequency than their male counterparts.

 “Yield Rate”

The University of Florida’s yield is 42%. This is in line with other influential state universities such as UVA (47%), the University of Michigan (47%), UVA (41%), and UCLA (44 percent).

Tips for Applying to University of Florida

If you are planning to join the more than 65,000 University of Florida hopefuls for the next admissions period, you need to be aware of the following:

  • First of all, firstly, the University of Florida does not employ interviews as part of its process of evaluation.
  • It is important to note that the University of Florida considers ” demonstrated interest”; thus, you’ll be judged based on whether you’ve made a campus visit, contact an admissions representative, etc.
  • It is also recommended to save an additional moment to finish your Student Self-Reported Academic Records (SSAR) required by the University of Florida. It is an unofficial transcript for grades 9-11.
  • Potential Gators may apply for a position through the Common Application or Coalition Application.
  • It is the University of Florida requires official ACT and SAT scores. Other schools permit self-reporting.
  • Finally, be sure to spend the time and effort on the essay required by the University of Florida. In the 2021-22 cycle, it was:

University of Florida Transfer Deadline

The deadline to transfer for the majority of courses at the University of Florida is March 1 1st (for Fall semester enrollment). The deadline is September 15, September 15 for Spring enrollment. to enroll in Spring.

The most transfer-friendly schools offer hopefuls only one chance to apply. In most cases, they must submit their applications before the deadline of Spring or summer and be able to enroll in the fall semester.

For the University of Florida, the process is more complex. The university does not only permit students to attend either the Spring or fall, but in certain instances, and students can enroll during the summer.

The drawback to this flexibility is that U Florida has several deadlines, making it difficult for applicants. It’s simple, U Florida allows each Department to decide on its deadline.

Therefore, most programs utilize the dates of March and September. The Accounting Department expects Spring applications on or before August 1 and Applications for Fall semesters on or before April 1, April one day. It will not permit transfer enrollments during the Summer or Fall semesters.

Yes, it isn’t easy to understand. Any candidate should check the deadlines posted on Department’s site.

However, these numerous deadlines may also benefit students who are transferring.

Since U Florida expects so much information in the application, Multiple deadlines offer students the opportunity to have more time. If you do not meet March 1, or March 1 1st deadline, there is no need to wait another year to attempt again.

Should I Apply to the University of Florida?

We hope that these details will allow applicants to receive that coveted acceptance letter that is waiting for them in their inbox.But, a crucial question persists after the letter is received.

Are you sure that an education at the University of Florida is the right option?

Answers to the question are likely to be different, but, as we said, there is indeed the right place for everyone on the UF campus.

In addition, I am not forgetting that it is worth noting that the University of Florida provides terrific educational opportunities at an inexpensive cost in comparison to other universities with comparable acceptance rates.

A handful of universities with an acceptance rate lower than 35% can boast that they will charge applicants from out-of-state less than $6500 in tuition.

The UF is cost-effective, well-known, and prestigious, but it’s also easily accessible. With online school and online class options becoming increasingly prevalent, for many, the UF is considered the #2 top online college and will be very captivating.

The best college athletics team in the nation, featuring some of the best well-known teams of the Florida Gators, is sure to visit the UF academically and entertaining.

It’s an athletics program unlike any other in the world. Its alum network or the quality of education students receive from UF The University of Florida can make every student feel proud to be a Gator.

 Academic Life at the University of Florida  

The ratio of students to faculty at the University of Florida is 17:1. The university has 54.6 percent of its classes having less than twenty students.

The most popular majors at the University of Florida include Engineering; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Social Sciences; Health Professions and Related Programs; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Psychology;

Agricultural/Animal/Plant/Veterinary Science and Related Fields; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; and Visual and Performing Arts.

The average retention rate for first-year students, which is a measure of satisfaction with the school, is 97%.

Student Life at the University of Florida

The University of Florida has a total undergraduate student body in the range of 34,881 (fall 2021) and an average gender of 44 percent male and 56 percent female students.

In this college, 22% of students live in college-owned or operated housing, and most reside outside the campus. In sports, the University of Florida is part of the NCAA I.

University of Florida Tuition & Financial Aid

At the University of Florida, 52 percent of full-time undergraduates are eligible for financial aid based on need, and the mean need-based grant or scholarship is $10,638.

College tuition costs don’t have to be stressful or devastating. Visit the Paying for College knowledge center to learn more about getting cash in the bank and reducing costs, and use the U.S. News 529 Finder to find the most tax-efficient college savings account for you.

In-state tuition and fees $6,380


Out-of-state tuition and fees $28,658


Room and Board $10,950


University of Florida Campus

The University of Florida offers various student services, including nonremedial tutoring, women’s center placement service, daycare health service, and health insurance.

The University of Florida also offers security and safety services for students on campus, such as 24-hour patrols of vehicles and foot and late-night transport/escort services 24 hours emergency phone lines and walkways that are lit, students’ patrols, monitored access to dormitories (key security card, key and so on.).

Students are allowed to drink alcohol if they are of legal age to attend the University of Florida.

Location & Contact


201 Criser Hall
Gainesville, FL  32611
United States


Phone: 352-392-3261


Is UF a hard school to get into?

Being accepted to The University of Florida isn’t impossible. However, it requires perseverance and a solid application. In the last year, only 36 percent of applicants were accepted.

Of the 42,193 students who submitted their applications, only 15,002 were admitted.

Why is UF ranked so high?

“UF’s place in the rankings is a reflection of our ongoing and rapid improvement in learning, teaching and research efficiency with smaller classes, constant high retention and graduation rates, and the increasing worth of each student’s diploma following graduation.” Mori Hosseini, chair of the UF Board of Trustees, …

What is the University of Florida known for academically?

The most popular majors at the University of Florida include Engineering; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Social Sciences; Health Professions and Related Programs; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Psychology; Agricultural/Animal/Plant/ …

Is U of Florida a good school?

Its University of Florida’s speedy rise to U.S. News and World Report’s annual ranking of America’s most prestigious public colleges and universities from No. 14 in 2017 to. 5 in 2022 illustrates the increasing credibility of UF as an academic force.

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