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University of Oregon Acceptance rate, SAT Requirements


Check here University of Oregon Acceptance Rate for all year. Here I have listed University of Oregon Acceptance Rate

  • University of Oregon Acceptance Rate
  • University of Oregon Acceptance Rate
  • University of Oregon Acceptance Rate
  • University of Oregon Acceptance Rate
  • University of Oregon Acceptance Rate

University of Oregon Acceptance Rate: The University of Oregon is an accredited public institution in Eugene, Oregon. It has a few programs that it concentrates on. Each year, around 23,000 students sign up to learn at UO.

Most students accepted to UO were able to get SAT scores between 1100-1310 and ACT scores between the range of 22 to 28.

University of Oregon Acceptance rate

Based on collected and utilized data from sample GPA information, the average GPA range of accepted students from UO lies between 3.23 to 3.52. 82% of the applicants for admission to the University of Oregon are accepted, but only 20% choose to attend the university.

Based on data from the past data, the acceptance rate for UO in 2021 is approximately 76 percent. You can get more information from the admissions office website at

Overview of the University of Oregon

1876 In 1876 in 1876, the University of Oregon began as a school for public use. Only 62 universities of research within the United States and Canada, including UO, is a members of the Association of American Universities, which is a highly prestigious association (AAU). There are around 90 graduate degrees at The University of Oregon.

Many have been recognized nationally and internationally for their outstanding research and teaching.

The Graham Diamond Report states that the College of Arts and Sciences faculty at the University of Oregon is ranked 15th out of the public research universities.

Overview of the University of Oregon

The University of Oregon also has more than 60 research centers and institutes that bring together various fields like humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, and technical fields.

Graduate students in these and related disciplines have plenty of opportunities to speak to their fellow students and professors in a safe and ethical setting.

Let’s look at how many students are admitted to the University of Oregon and what they need to accomplish.

School Rankings for the University of Oregon

It is easy to determine if an institution or college is good by observing how it is ranked nationally. The awards are according to many variables which are unique to the person who is presenting the prizes.

They consider the amount that graduates from school and remains at the same school and the diversity of the school, as well as the number of programs it offers and the cost of tuition.

Ranking Awarded From
#99 National Universities
#58 Best Colleges for Veterans
#232 Top Performers on Social Mobility
#42 Top Public Schools
#162 Best Value Schools

It is essential to keep in mind that the United States has almost 6,000 colleges. Due to this, it’s no surprise that the University of Oregon is a pretty impressive institution across the board.

In addition to these national averages, it is worth noting that the University of Oregon is ranked as the top-ranked public college in Oregon.

What is the University of Oregon Acceptance Rate?

The first step when applying to the University of Oregon is to determine how many applicants are accepted. This indicates how competitive the University is and how rigorous the criteria are at the University of Oregon. 84% of those applying to the University of Oregon get in.

The school only accepts 84 of its 100 applicants who are selected. Also, the University has an open admissions procedure due to the sheer number of students who enroll through the University of Oregon. The University rates it as the 11th-best college in Oregon.

Of the 28,525 students who applied in the past year, 23,906 were accepted. This means it is easy to achieve U.O.’s acceptance rates and gain admission to the school.

university of oregon acceptance rate

Academically, the school will accept students who are at least 40 percent on their entrance examinations. Students who score an average “B+” in high school are usually accepted to the University of Oregon.

Just 16% of students who made it to the university decided to attend the school. The majority of people who attend college are located in the highest quarter of their high school classes.

Once you’ve figured out how many students are admitted to the University of Oregon, let’s discuss the average GPA required.

University of Oregon Out of State Acceptance Rate

The standard data set of the university indicates the fact that 50 percent of new first-year students in the first year from outside of the state are accepted by UO.

If a student wants to confirm whether they’re residents, UO provides a website with details to help them determine this.

UO adheres to Oregon’s Tuition Equity Act, which allows DACA students to pay state-wide tuition costs to UO. Students who need to be legally recognized can attend UO.
Students can visit the tuition equity page for more information about this.

What Is the University of Oregon’s Transfer Acceptance Rate?

There must be a set rate for Oregon’s University of Oregon transfer process. There is no official rate for transferring to the University of Oregon.

The University of Oregon does, however, accept students from two-year colleges, such as community colleges and four-year colleges. Students can bring the number of credits they wish in their studies at the University of Oregon.

University of Oregon Acceptance Rate by Major

The College of Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences, the Charles H. Lundquist College of Business, and the School of Journalism and Communication, as well as other departments of the University of Oregon, offer many popular specializations.

The university needs to provide information on the number of people participating in each school or its degree programs. However, as you’ll observe below, it’s clear that the Ph.D. program in classics is accepted at a 100% rate.

What Are University of Oregon GPA Requirements?

If you’d like to attend the University of Oregon, you must have attained a 3.5-grade point average in high school. The GPA average for high school first-year students admitted for admission to the University of Oregon was 3.6. This indicates that the majority of applicants were B+ or better students.

Averaging the grade points score at the University of Oregon puts it in the sixth position. If your high school’s GPA is higher than the standard at UO of 3.6 and above, you stand an excellent chance of getting accepted because 84 percent of those applying are admitted. You can utilize UO’s GPA calculator to determine the GPA required.

To access the UO GPA calculator, visit the official website, input the details you have from either your official or non-official transcript into the correct fields, then wait until your UO GPA calculator works out your grade point average.

Are SAT/ACT required for the University of Oregon Admissions?

Students must check their SAT/ACT scores and GPA to be accepted into the University of Oregon.
It is important to note that the University of Oregon does not demand applicants to submit the SAT or ACT scores; however, should you provide them, they’ll be scrutinized. However, we don’t require these scores.

SAT scores were reported in 68% percent of applications, while ACT scores were provided by 46% of applicants.

University of Oregon Requirements: SAT

A majority of the time most of the time, University of Oregon looks for the highest 43 percent of SAT students. If the pupil’s SAT scores are less than 1090 in the range of 1200, the odds of getting into the University are very low.

Some students may be satisfied with their results of around 990 on the SAT. Around 1190 of 1600 marks the typical SAT score for students in the first year who make it to.

The University has the fourth-best SAT results in Oregon all over. Around 68 percent of students submit their SAT scores.

The percentiles of the New SAT range from 1080 to 1290 1290 is the 75th percentile, and 1080 is the 25th.

Take a look at the section-wise breakdown of updated SAT scores:

Section 25th % 75th% Average Score
Math 530 640 585
Reading + Writing 550 650 600
Composite 1080 1290 1185

It is believed that the University of Oregon uses a “Highest Section” policy to select who can be admitted. This is known as “super scoring” in a more technical sense. This means that schools can request any SAT you’d like.

The people reviewing your application will be looking at the dates that you took the SAT However, they will only be able to see your scores in the highest section.

University of Oregon Requirements: ACT

It is easy to send SAT scores can be much more straightforward as it is sending SAT scores, which significantly influences how you prepare to take the test.

You are in complete control of which tests you send with your ACT scores. You can take ten trials and only submit the top ones. If you do take the SAT and get accepted into a school, they will require scores from any other test you’ve ever attempted.

This means that you stand an increased chance of scoring much better in this ACT than you imagined before.

If you’re planning to attend Oregon University, you should continue to take the ACT until you get a score of 22 or better. Once you’re pleased with your score, you can send it to all your schools.

University of Oregon Enrollment by Ethnicity

  • White – 60.7%
  • Hispanic or Latino – 13.4%
  • Asian – 6.55%
  • Black or African American – 2.51%
  • Native American – 0.625%

University of Oregon Admissions: An Overview

  • Number of Applicants at the University of Oregon per year: 31,558
  • University of Oregon Acceptance Rate: 93%

Applications to the University of Oregon work like admissions to any other college. It means that those with higher scores on SAT/ACT typically have a higher chance of being admitted.

College Scorecard states that students who were accepted into UO and then stayed there at UO could achieve SAT scores between 550-650 in critical reading and between 540 and 640 marks in math or ACT scores between 21 and 29.

How to Apply to University of Oregon

The details about who to contact and how to locate UO is available in the following table. UO offers benefits to those who are veterans, in the military, and their families if they satisfy specific criteria. You may require a certificate for eligibility (COE) to apply for Veterans Affairs.

University of Oregon International Student Admissions

The University will accept international students based on the level of education they performed during high school.

It is also based on the number of funds they’ve earned, the degree to which they can communicate in English, and whether they have all the legal documents they need to be able to reside legally in the US.

Application Portal: Application
Application Fee: UG: 75 USD | PG: 90 USD
Admission Requirements:

  • A completed, signed application
  • Financial Affidavit Form
  • Official high school/university transcripts
  • Standardized exams score
  • Financial Documentation showing a balance of at least 45,000 USD and/or official letters for any scholarships/grants
  • Copy of current Passport ID page
  • English Proficiency Requirements
  • GRE/MAT score
  • Personal Statement
  • Letters of Recommendation

University of Oregon Admission Deadlines

Acceptance at the University of Oregon is made continuously. The university advises students from abroad to take advantage of early decisions. Below are the most crucial deadlines for students from abroad:

Semester Deadlines
Winter October 15, 2022 (Closed)
Fall February 15, 2022
Spring February 1, 2022
Summer March 1, 2022

What Else Is required for the University of Oregon Admissions?

The following items are required to be able to meet the requirements for admission at Oregon’s University of Oregon:

High-school diploma

A new student who is applying to the Oregon University of Oregon has yet to experience post-secondary (college) studies after having completed high school (or getting the GED).

This won’t help you earn the high school credit you need (AP, IB, AICE, or dual enrollment college during high school)

Complete 15 college-preparatory courses with a C– or higher

  • Three years of mathematics The applicant must have passed Algebra I and two years of college-level mathematics, including Algebra II (or an equivalent). Furthermore, you must enroll in an advanced mathematics course during your final year. In the ninth grade, a year of geometry or algebra is acceptable.
  • English for four years: Expository prose should be emphasized and practiced frequently throughout all four years of composition/literature instruction.
  • Two years of Second Language: Two years of the second language: the University of Oregon offers several options to satisfy the requirement of a second language.
  • Three years of studies in the sciences and two years of college preparatory science are required in chemistry, biology, Physics, physics, and physical sciences. A one-year course in laboratory sciences is highly recommended.
  • Three years of social studies: Taking this subject for 3 years in history, global studies or social studies electives are required.

Self-reported transcript

It is mandatory to submit an original self-reported transcript for the application to be reviewed at. Before registering for a course at the Oregon University of Oregon, you must also provide a complete authentic transcript proving that you have graduated and completed every class.

If you’ve already completed your college degree, you must present a copy or proof of your transcript to the college or a dual enrollment transcript before enrolling.

Mandatory Essay

The University of Oregon wants to know what you know about yourself and what you are about. They wish you to create a 650-word paper to explain something to the college they won’t find elsewhere on your application.

We are concerned about the way you view things. Consider your uniqueness from others. It could be an unusual skill, activity, a significant life-changing experience, or a distinctive way of looking at the world.

Optional Essay

Let the University know your unique qualities and how you can integrate within and is part of the UO campus community.

They’ll be able to do the same for you. The folks responsible for making OU admissions are interested in knowing what you think about and how you can promote equality and inclusion.

Selecting one of the options can help you demonstrate to your students that you are a part of the solution.

You can learn the basics about inclusion and equity in Oregon by going to this Equity and Inclusion website. The maximum number of words used in a sentence is 500. The statement does not have to be present.

If you visit the University of Oregon website, you can read more about the process for evaluating applications or begin the application process as soon as possible.

Tips for Applying to the University of Oregon

The process of getting into college takes time and effort. But it doesn’t need to be this way. You’ll be able to attend the University of Oregon if you adhere to these guidelines.

Maintain a strong GPA

Before applying for the University of Oregon, your GPA is among the most crucial things you must consider. If you have a low GPA, consider raising it. You can also compensate by taking more challenging classes or AP programs.

Perform well on standardized tests

There are two types of scores: SAT and ACT scores are equally crucial for the University of Oregon application. You must submit an SAT or ACT score to be considered for The University of Oregon.

If you’ve got a high GPA and perform very well on standardized tests, then you stand a great chance of being accepted into the University of Oregon.

Have a good letter of recommendation

It is unnecessary to send an endorsement letter to apply for admission at your University of Oregon. A letter of recommendation can make you stand out, but. Getting a note of endorsement is recommended if you have a GPA of 3.0 or less.

If you are thinking about who you should request to write your recommendation letter, Try to find someone enthusiastically speaking about you, your talents, and your achievements.

Essays for Oregon 

To be eligible, you must write an essay of 650 words.

This essay will let the UO know who the student is, their academic goals, and if they possess specific skills or achievements that they would like to discuss.

Students may also write an additional essay on equality and diversity. Although it isn’t mandatory, it could aid the UO in understanding more about students and the reasons that make them an ideal fit for UO. UO community.

Tuition and Financial Aid at University of Oregon (UO)

The cost of tuition can be an essential factor to consider when choosing the best college. Specific colleges might have higher tuition rates. However, they can meet the financial requirements of their students better than other colleges.

University of Oregon (UO) can meet 61.8 percent of the financial requirements of undergraduates who can demonstrate they can meet them. On the average, full-time, first-year undergraduates at the University of Oregon (UO) receive $15,366 of aid per year.

Every person who borrowed money in 2022 had $ 26,060 in student loans. Compare this figure to the average national debt of around $36,000 for each borrower to gain a better understanding of what it is.

HTML0 is the FAFSA for 2023-2024 began on the 1st of October, 2022.

Some financial aid is offered to the first students who complete the FAFSA So, make sure you fill it in early. Visit the FAFSA website to fill out an application for financial aid to attend college.

Keep in mind that the initial letter of FAFSA is a sign of FREE! Never should anyone ever ask for cash to fill out this FREE application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), So be extremely cautious should someone do.

Learn more about the University of Oregon’s tuition and financial aid (UO).

Does your choice of the University of Oregon (UO) seem a good choice based on the information provided? Keep in mind that the perfect school for one person may be an unsuitable one for another. Ask yourself whether you want to go to UO. University of Oregon (UO)?

University of Oregon (UO) Tuition Information

University of Oregon tuition for full-time students in the state was $12,512 per year and $39,158 annually for students from out-of-state in 2022.

Each year, the costs of college increase by around three percent per year on average.

If you feel you need more time to attend the school of your dreams, you should remember that the tuition price is occasionally what you’ll need to pay.

After scholarships, grants, and tuition reductions are considered, most students realize that the cost of attending college is lower than the tuition. Additionally, student loans help make the total costs of college seem affordable until you finish and land the job you want.

Students from other countries pay $39.158 annually to attend Oregon’s University of Oregon.

Does University of Oregon (UO) Offer In-State and Out-of-State Tuition?

As the University of Oregon is a state-run public institution in the state of Oregon, students from outside the state who attend full-time are charged only $12,512 in tuition. Outside-of-state tuition is $39158 per year for students outside of Oregon.

The state provides funds to schools in the public sector to assist them in covering their costs. Most public schools offer reduced tuition fees to students living in the state.

If you reside in the state where the college is situated, you could be eligible for a lower cost of tuition. This could reduce the total costs of attending college significantly. Spend time discovering what your state requires from you to be an official resident. To be considered a resident of the condition, it is necessary to meet several regulations.

In most cases, students must have lived there for at least a full year before they can begin their schooling there. There might be different regulations based on the state you and your parents reside in.

University of Oregon (UO) International Student Tuition

University of Oregon (UO) tuition is identical for international and out-of-state college students.

Before scholarships and additional financial assistance, international students attending the Oregon University of Oregon usually pay an average of $39,158 for their education.

Students not from the U.S. are not eligible to receive federal financial aid. However, they may qualify for scholarships, grants, or other types of financial assistance through private or public sources, as well as from their institutions. At the University of Oregon (UO), students from abroad who are in need could be eligible to receive the following kinds of aid for financial markets:

On-campus jobs

University of Oregon loans from other places (UO)

Honours in sports

Scholarships for the University of Oregon (UO)

Free tuition for international students

Students from other countries who don’t need to worry about financial worries could qualify for sports or merit-based scholarships.

Financial Aid at University of Oregon (UO)

By 2022, 7 219 out of the 18,602 students in the first year of college who were enrolled in the college received financial assistance. University of Oregon (UO) provides 61.8 percent of the financial requirements of undergraduate students who can show they have the funds.

Full-time first-year students receive average financial aid, around $13,366 annually. About 42% of first-year students attending The University of Oregon (UO) use student loans to pay the remaining costs.

After graduation, students who have student loans from UO University of Oregon (UO) can produce, on average, $26,060 of student loan debt.
Each kind of loan has an average of debt.

Average Debt By Loan Type
Federal Loans $20,795
Private Loans $43,867
Most Common Loans for University of Oregon (UO) Students
Federal Loans 41%
Private loans 6%


Students typically get loans from their schools or the government because they generally offer lower interest rates and more flexible methods to pay these loans back than loans from private lenders.

The federal government can aid in the payment of or assist in paying for loans. The interest rate stays the same on subsidized loans while you’re at school. However, it does for loans not subsidized after the loan is granted.

Students may take out private loans when they can’t have enough federal loans available to cover the cost of their education.

Parents may also qualify for Parent PLUS loans, which are loans from the federal government for parents who wish to assist their children in paying for college.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) aids colleges in determining how much the families and students require to provide them with an aid package that can meet or exceeds their requirements.

If you want to know more about the financial aid offered by the University of Oregon (UO), continue reading or go to their financial assistance site.

Scholarships at University of Oregon (UO)

Scholarships and grants can help some students finance college. These grants and scholarships don’t require repayment as loans do.

2022 In 2022, The University of Oregon (UO) offered 5,395 need-based scholarships valued at $60.6 million to assist low-income students in affording school. Students who couldn’t prove that they needed the funds received an additional $17.29 million worth of merit-based scholarships.

Grants and scholarships can assist students in paying for college. These grants and scholarships don’t require repayment as loans do.

In 2022 in 2022, The University of Oregon (UO) awarded 5,395 need-based scholarships totaling $60.6 million to assist low-income students in affording school. Students who did not prove they needed the money received an additional $17.29 million in merit-based scholarships.

Net Cost of University of Oregon (UO)

The net cost of college is the amount it will cost to go to school for a year. To determine the net price, calculate the total cost and subtract any grants, scholarships, or other aids that don’t require repayment. Loans for students aren’t counted since they must be repaid.

We are now aware of the amount of the typical budget for financial aid packages of University of Oregon (UO) students; we can calculate the estimated net cost.

The net price could change depending on the number of money students require and the amount of financial aid they are granted.

In determining if a school will fit your budget, it’s crucial to look at the net cost, not only the price on the label. In most cases, schools that have the highest tuition have the highest financial aid programs. Before you dismiss the school because it does not match your budget, find out what it will cost.

For 2022, first-year full-time student who has proof of need at the University of Oregon (UO) received an average of $15,366 in financial aid.

After subtracting the median budget for financial assistance and subtracting estimated cost, we arrive at an amount that could help make the costs associated with attending the University of Oregon (UO) seem less daunting.

Estimated Net Cost for Full-Time Students
In-State, On-Campus $2,514
Net In-state, Off-campus $3,240
Out-of-State, On-Campus $44,526

University of Oregon Attendance Outcomes

The alums of students at the University of Oregon are ready to succeed professionally. Graduates at the Oregon University of Oregon often get jobs with good pay. If you’re planning to go to Oregon’s University of Oregon, here are some fantastic jobs you can consider.

Most Common Jobs for People Who Attended the University of Oregon

Position Median Salary Job Outlook
Lawyers $127,990 9%
Judges and Hearing Officers $128,710 3%
Elementary & Middle School Teachers $61,320 7%
Top Executives $98,980 8%
Postsecondary Teachers $79,640 12%

University of Oregon Alumni Highest-Paying Jobs

Position Median Salary Job Outlook
Surgeons $208,000 3%
Physicians $208,000 3%
Dentists $163,220 8%
Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians $75,380 14%
Securities, commodities, & financial services sales agents $62,910 4%

Should I Apply to the University of Oregon?

It would help if you were a candidate for The University of Oregon. It is a prestigious school. The University of Oregon is a famous school home to Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, and governors from Oregon.

The high quality of education and the potential to produce graduates who are leaders in their field are evident and cannot be denied.

Is the University of Oregon a Party School?

The Princeton Review’s annual ranking of the most popular party schools in the nation and the University of Oregon came in at 19th place.

Although the school is trying to conceal this fact, the fact that they don’t offer many online programs and is home to a large number of first-time, full-time students younger than 25 allows them plenty of space and time to conduct these activities.

In the end, the answer is yes. In conclusion, the University of Oregon is one of the best party schools. It’s a place bursting with lots of pride, an enormous number of students, an active Greek community party, student groups, and many sports enthusiasts.

This is fine for the students. However, this is because the school remains high-ranked and has plenty of positive things to say.

Academic Life at the University of Oregon

At the University of Oregon, there are 18 students to every teacher as well as 34.6 percent of classes have less than twenty students. General, Business/Commerce, Advertising, Social Sciences, General Psychology, General, Economics General, Physiology, General Public Relations/Image Management, Political Science and Government, General, Bio as well as Physical Sciences, and Journalism are among the most popular subjects on offer at the University of Oregon. The typical retention rate for first-year students indicates how satisfied students are is 86%.

Student Life at the University of Oregon

In 2021’s fall, the number of students will increase to 18,602 at the University of Oregon. Of them, 4,44 percent will be males, and 56% women.

Only 27% of the students are in housing owned, managed, or connected directly to the school. The remainder of the students lives away from campus. University of Oregon teams compete in NCAA I.

University of Oregon Campus

There are various services available to college students who attend the Oregon University of Oregon, such as tutoring that’s not to be used for remedial purposes or a women’s center, the placement service daycare, a health service, and health insurance.

There are also security and safety services on campus. The University of Oregon also has security and safety services on campus, including patrols on foot as well as in vehicles that operate 24/7 and a late-night transportation/escort service and emergency telephones that are available 24/7 walkways and sidewalks that are well-lit and restricted access to dorms (key or security card, etc.). Students over 18 can consume alcohol on campus at The University of Oregon.

Location & Contact


1585 E 13th Ave
Eugene, OR  97403
United States


Phone: 541-346-1000

University of Oregon Acceptance Rate FAQ

Q.1 What GPA do you need to get into the University of Oregon?

ANS. You’ll be accepted to the University of Oregon if your GPA is at least 3.59 on a scale of 4.0. There isn’t a specific GPA that guarantees that you’ll get into the school or even that you will not. You’ll probably get into a college if you complete high school with an average of B’s and A’s with only one or two C’s.

Q.2 Is the University of Oregon hard to get into?

ANS. It’s simple to apply for at the University of Oregon. The acceptance rate for the University of Oregon is 93 percent, which means that the majority of students who use it are accepted. Since the SAT scores are higher than the average, it may require much effort to gain admission to the University of Oregon.

Q.3 Can I get into the University of Oregon with a 3.2 GPA?

ANS. A 3.2 GPA is sufficient to gain admission to The University of Oregon. The school does not have an upper or lower GPA requirement. However, students with GPAs below 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 must submit letters of recommendation to help make their applications as effective as possible.

Q.4 What is the acceptance rate for the University of Oregon?

ANS. The rate of acceptance at the University of Oregon is 93 percent. Around 93 of 100 students who apply for admission to the University are admitted to the prestigious college. The requirements for admission accepted to the University of Oregon aren’t too difficult to achieve; it is an easy school to apply for.


If you are considering applying to the University of Oregon, That’s all you have to be aware of the acceptance rate GPA, requirements, and acceptance rates. Make use of the comment section to post any questions about this article.

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