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University Of Richmond Acceptance Rate: The University of Richmond, a liberal arts college, offers students a comprehensive education through an extensive curriculum that covers a broad selection of topics.

The school is situated at the University of Richmond, VA, in a predominantly urban region. UR has a student population of more than 4,100 students.

Most students who received admission to the University of Richmond had an SAT score of between 1290 and 1460 or were approved by submitting scores of ACT composite score that was in the 30 to 33.

University Of Richmond Acceptance Rate

Based on the sampled GPA information gathered and presented, it’s estimated that the typical GPA range for students who have accepted contents is from 3.75 to 3.75 and 3.89.

The competition for acceptance at this school is extremely high, considering the school accepts a small percentage of the students who apply. You can get more information from the admissions office website at

University of Richmond – An Overview

The University of Richmond is located in the city of Richmond. It is a highly-rated private college of higher education located in Virginia.

The baptists founded it to provide manual labor for males. It eventually moved to its present location in 1920. T.C. Williams School of Law, founded in 1870, has become one of the oldest state law schools. In 1949 The E. Claiborne Robins School of Business was created.

The University was made an official and accredited university. The institution has academic affiliations in the Council of Independent Colleges, the Southeast Universities Research Association, and the Associated Colleges of the South.

The University of Richmond has a 350-acre campus that is situated 6 miles from Richmond’s downtown. It has state-of-the-art administrative facilities, academic and athletic support, and recreational facilities.

University of Richmond – An Overview

Richmond University is a private university. It has an overall undergraduate enrollment of 391 students, and its campus is sub-urban. Richmond is the University of Richmond makes use of a calendar that is based on the semester.

Richmond includes around 3,600 traditional undergraduates within the School of Arts & Sciences, Robins School of Business and Jepson School of Leadership Studies and 1,000 students from the School of Law (JD and LLM), The School of Arts and Sciences, the Robins School of Business,

School Type Private, Coed
Year Founded 1830
Academic Calendar Semester
Setting Suburban
Phone (804) 289-8000

University of Richmond Ranking

The school was ranked 22nd on the list of 2022 Best Colleges in the category of National Liberal Arts Colleges. The institutes are organized on an array of measures of quality. These University of Richmond rankings include:

  • #22 in the National Liberal Arts Colleges
  • #25 in the Best Value Schools
  • #16 in the Most Innovative Schools
  • #26 in Best Value private liberal Arts College
  • #3 in the Most Beautiful Campus
  • #7 in the Best-Run College.

Many different courses are offered at Richmond University. The University of Richmond, some of the most popular ones, are

Name of the Programme  Average fees
BBA USD 46.28K (INR 35 LPA)
B.E/B.Tech USD 50.48K (INR 38 LPA)

The University of Richmond’s: Overall Acceptance Rate – Class of 2025

The school received 13,955 applicants to be a part of the class of 2025. they were able to admit 4,015 students with 29 percent. This is comparable to the admission rates for students in 2024.

The University of Richmond Early Decision Acceptance Rate – Class of 2025

If you are interested in applying to The University of Richmond, consider using the early binding decision. The school can apply for two early decisions – ED I, which begins on 1 November, and ED II, which starts on 1 January. Acceptance rates for ED applicants in 2025’s class were 55%, which is more than twice the average round rate.

The University of Richmond Early Decision Acceptance Rate

The University of Richmond Admissions – SAT, ACT, GPA, and Class Rank

Participants who were admitted (not in the program) to the Class of 2025 showed a middle-50% unweighted GPA between 3.73-4.0 and middle-50 percent test scores on standardized tests between 1420 and 1520 for the SAT and 32-35 for the ACT.

The students who chose to join the university in the first semester of the 2021-22 school term were awarded SAT scores in the middle 50 percent range of 1320-1462; The ACT interval was from 31 to 34.

The average weighted GPA is 3.71, with 54% of them within the top 10 percent of the class at their high school; 86% of them were within the entire quarter of the course.

University of Richmond Admission

The University of Richmond has almost 3200 students. It is significantly more significant in terms of size compared to the majority of Liberal arts colleges.

It has a university admission rate of 31% and falls under the category of highly selective institutions. This status is not new for this University since it is among the most prestigious colleges.

The University is a top choice for students, with an early acceptance rate of 34.2 percent. Most applicants accepted into the University of Richmond have an SAT score between 1280-1460. It is estimated that the ACT score of most applicants is between 30 and 33.

One-quarter of applicants who are accepted have scores below this limit. There is a quarter of applicants scored over the range. The applicants must complete an application form that costs $50.

Admission Details- Requirements

The acceptance rate for the University of Richmond is meager. It is, therefore, very demanding, and you’ll need to be a member of at least one of these positions:

GPA 3.67
ACT/SAT SAT score between 1290-1440 and ACT Score between 30-33
Class Rank 82%

Factors that are important for applying at the University of Richmond are:

  • Class Rank
  • Test Score
  • Recommendations
  • Extracurriculars
  • Essay
  • Talent
  • Character

University of Richmond Undergraduate Admission- Requirements for International Students

If you’re an out-of-state student wondering what your University of Richmond tuition fee Let us inform you that it will be $58,570.

International students applying for admission to the University of Richmond must remove the following forms.

  •  A level: 96 UCAS tariff points
  • US high school diploma
  • BTEC National Diploma: MMM
  • International Baccalaureate:24 IB points
  • Student Visa
  • IELTS score of 5.5 minimum
  • Direct Application with no fee charged

University of Richmond Admission – Graduate Students

The University of Richmond considers standardized tests to be a requirement for admission. The institution is a school that accepts test scores and allows you to choose whether you’d like to submit scores from the ACT/SAT.

Suppose you’re an undergraduate student and want to pursue an advanced Master’s program at Richmond University University of Richmond. In that case, you can apply directly at the University without paying an additional fee. However, you’ll need to adhere to specific guidelines, including:

  • UK first Degree with a minimum score of second class honors (2.2)
  • US Degree with a minimum CGPA that ranks between 2.5 and 3.0
  • Equivalent International Degree
  • Academic Interview.

The admissions process at the University of Richmond is a multi-step approach. Members of the Postgraduate Applications Review Committee evaluate the applications that are received. The members of this committee include the Programme Director and Director of Admissions.

Additionally, all applications are analyzed holistically. Each criterion is said to present a comprehensive view of the total qualifications of the candidate.

This lets the select committee candidates for programs that have the highest potential. For instance, the University of Richmond costs approximately $56,860 per academic term.

Admission Deadline

The admissions deadline for the University of Richmond is

UG Regular decision application deadline  January 1
UG Early Action May 1
UG Early Decision-1 November 1
UG Early Decision-2 January 1

Admissions Trends & Notes – (Class of 2025)

  • In the wake of COVID-19, U Richmond was test-optional again for the 2021-22 year. The test will be available for applicants who wish to join the university in the fall of 2023.
  • 14 percent of 2025’s Class were first-generation students.
  • The average student admitted to the school had seven AP/IB classes in high school.
  • 56% of the Class of 2025’s members were graduates of public high schools.
  • The majority of 43% of first-year students in 2021-22 were eligible to apply via Early Decision 34% of applicants made an application through early action that is not binding.

Who Gets Into the University of Richmond?

Let’s examine how the population of University of Richmond undergraduates:

This class of 2021-22 first-year students was from the following geographical places:

  • Virginia: 16%
  • Mid-Atlantic: 28%
  • New England: 17%
  • South: 18%
  • Midwest: 5%
  • West: 5%
  • International: 11%

Richmond is a wildly popular institution for international students to take on their undergraduate degree. 11 percent of the class of 2025 was international. These countries are the ones with the highest student body on Richmond’s campus:

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Pakistan
  4. Vietnam
  5. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Like any other highly-selective institution, the competition is fiercest among those from states with an endless stream of applicants (the whole Northeast and those from the West Coast).

If you’re from a smaller-populated state such as Hawaii or the Dakotas or Montana and the Dakotas, you are more likely to offer an increase in your chances of admission.

In terms of ethnicity, The breakdown of the student body of undergraduates is as the following:

  • Asian American: 7%
  • Hispanic: 11%
  • African American: 7%
  • White: 60%
  • More than two races, Five percent

The breakup of the Class of 2025 has been notably divided in favor of women:

  • Male: 45%
  • Female: 55%

Of the 890 students in the class of 2025, the following students were involved in various kinds of high school sports:

  • Established an organization: in 1973
  • Volunteered in community services. Participated in community service: 366
  • Part-time work or completed internships 251
  • A position of leadership was held: 305.
  • Participated in varsity athletics 521
  • Involved in the arts Did you participate in the arts?
  • We were engaged in social justice issues. We were interested in social justice issues: 92

Yield Rate

The yield rate of the University of Richmond, which is the percentage of students accepted who decide to enroll divided by the number of students admitted, was only 22% in the last academic year.

This is due in part in part, to the fact that Richmond is frequently used as a backup plan for applicants to selective universities.

In comparison, many similar universities have slightly higher yields, like Boston University (24%) and Villanova (26 percent), but U and R are more in comparison to its counterpart, the University of Miami (17%).

How the University of Richmond Rates Applicants

There are just two elements that the University of Richmond ranks as being “very significant” for its admissions process. They are the rigor of secondary school records and GPA.

The seven elements deemed “important” include ability/talent, personality/character, and standardized test scores: essays, recommendation letters, classes, and extracurricular activities.

The admissions process at the University of Richmond is a holistic one. The admissions office’s words:

  • “The University of Richmond reviews every single application separately. We have a multi-faceted, selective admissions procedure; there isn’t a typical applicant or a formula for ensuring acceptance.
  • “Alongside the traditional indicators of academic achievement (grades and rigor of the curriculum, tests, and recommendations, admission officers evaluate each application by evaluating essays, involvement, abilities, talents, creativity, independence and potential to contribute to the community, and personal experience.”
  • “If the student decides not to provide a standardized test score to help with the application, we’ll review their application based on the information provided in other application documents. We are happy to receive a standardized test if they add background and information that will be utilized to complete the examination process.

Tips for Applying to the University of Richmond

If you’re planning on joining the nearly 14,000 Spider hopefuls for the upcoming admissions cycle, be aware of the following points:

  • It is important to note that the University of Richmond does not use interviews as part of the admissions process; therefore, your personality must be highlighted through the Common App and supplemental essay and by recommending your teacher or counselor.
  • It is stated that the University of Richmond says that they do not take into account ” demonstrated interest” in their admissions process. But, due to their low yield and the fact that they rely upon ED students, it might be beneficial to visit the campus (in the absence of a pandemic), get in touch with an admissions officer, or follow their social media accounts on other platforms, etc.
  • Be sure to devote enough time, effort, and energy to the additional essay(s) required to be submitted by the University of Richmond. In the 2021-22 cycle, students were required to respond in response to one selection of three options:

You must answer one of the prompts below in 350-650 words.

  1. We want to know your most exciting talent and describe how you’ve used it to your advantage.
  2. Spiders are vital for ecology. What is the role you play in your local community? Or are you essential to your university’s community?
  3. Do you have an idea for policies or actions that you believe would help solve a problem of social or racial injustice?

Should I Apply to the University of Richmond?

With acceptance rates of less than 30 percent, The University of Richmond is primarily seeking applicants with standardized tests to the 95th percentile and who have generally received A’s in a demanding academic program for high schools.

If you think that the University of Richmond is among your top schools to consider, make sure you have a reliable backup plan. Students must complete a good college list that includes a mix of “target” and “safety” schools. It is recommended to create this list in conjunction with your counselor at high school or any other admissions experts.

How Hard Is It to Get Into the University of Richmond?

The process of gaining admission to the University of Richmond is a problem. The university received 12,060 applicants for the class of 2025.

It accepted only 3,727 students, an average acceptance of about 30 percent. Richmond’s University of Richmond has an early decision admissions procedure in which 736 students submitted applications and 358 were accepted, with an early acceptance rate of about 48 percent.

Its acceptability rate is meager. However, your chances of acceptance depend on the quality of your profile. CollegeVine will help you determine your odds of admission to the University of Richmond.

The University of Richmond. CollegeVine’s Admissions Calculator, for free, uses a range of factors, such as tests, grades, and extracurriculars, to determine your likelihood of being accepted and offer suggestions to enhance your application!

What is the University of Richmond Looking for?

There are a few characteristics that almost everyone from the University of Richmond shares: curious, motivated, driven, and focused individuals who impact in and out of the classroom.

The University of Richmond fields diverse classes and strives to make its campus filled with students with diverse backgrounds that possess unique talents, interests, and viewpoints.

More than one quarter (29 percent) of the class of 2025 are students from minority backgrounds, and 14 percent are college students who are the first generation. There are 47 states represented on the campus of the University of Richmond, as well as 62 nations.

Richmond Tuition Information

In 2022, the tuition to full-time Richmond students was $60,330 per year.

The tuition increased by 3% in 2022, up from $58,570 last year. The average college tuition is increasing by about three percent per year.

If you find going to that college you’ve always wanted to attend daunting, keep in mind that the total cost of tuition doesn’t mean what you’ll need to pay for your choice.

Many students find that the actual cost of college is lower than the cost of tuition once grants, scholarships, and tuition reductions are given. Student loans make the cost of college less expensive after graduation.

Annual Fees

Many schools also charge charges to cover the costs of maintaining facilities such as the gym, library, or computer labs.

Remember that there are also optional charges for participating in specific activities, such as joining an organization like a fraternity or sorority and participating in sports and other extracurricular activities. Numerous schools provide resources to students in need to help them reduce or eliminate these expenses.

University of Richmond Financial Aid

By 2022, 1204 out of the students who enrolled will get financial assistance. Richmond has met 99.5 percent of the financial needs of undergraduate students.

The typical budget for financial assistance for full-time first-year students amounts to around $57,361 per year. Most Richmond students take out student loans to pay for the remaining expenses. Richmond graduates with student loans can graduate with an average of $27,639 in student debt.

The debt average for each type of loan differs.

Average Debt By Loan Type
Federal Loans $19,627
Private Loans $52,657
Most Common Loans for Richmond Students
Federal Loans 41%
Private loans 5.9%

Most students opt for government or institutional loans due to their lower interest rates and flexibility in repayment than loans from private lenders. Government loans are subsidized or unsubsidized.

Subsidized loans don’t accrue interest while in school, whereas unsubsidized loans start accruing interest from the moment the loan is granted.

If students aren’t eligible for federal loans that are sufficient to cover tuition costs, they may be able to take out private loans. Parents may also apply for ParentsPLUS loans. These are federal loans for parents to help their children pay for college.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) aids colleges in determining the amount of financial requirements students and their families are in and then provides a package of financial assistance that can meet, or is close to meeting, the need of the student. For more details on Richmond Financial Aid, continue reading or visit the financial aid site.

Scholarships at University of Richmond

Sure, students can receive scholarships and grants to help with college costs. Instead of loans, scholarships and budgets don’t have to be repaid.

In 2022 Richmond offered 1,194 scholarship opportunities to needy students. The award gave $54.9 million to students with financial needs to pay for tuition expenses.

In addition, $20.76 million worth of merit-based scholarships were given to students who did not have a financial need.

Net Cost of Richmond

The net cost of college refers to the actual cost of attending a college for a single year. The net cost is determined by subtracting any scholarships and grants or any other aid that does not have to be repaid from total costs. Student loans are not considered part of the calculation because they must be paid back.

After we know the estimated total cost for Richmond students, we are able to subtract the median amount of financial aid to calculate the net amount. Net prices can differ based on the student’s needs and the financial aid received.

If you’re evaluating whether a particular school will fit within your budget, it’s essential to consider the net costs and not only the price on the label. Most schools with the highest tuition fees also offer the highest aid packages.

Therefore, estimate your net cost before eliminating the school if it doesn’t meet your budget.

The value of the financial aid received by a full-time, first-year student with demonstrated needs at Richmond was $57,361 by 2022.

Subtracting the typical financial aid package from the estimated cost, we can get a figure that could help make the costs of Richmond seem less daunting.

Estimated Net Cost for Full-Time Students
On-Campus $19,969
Off-Campus $13,119

What has the cost of attending Richmond cost you? The answer will depend on many aspects.

In 2011, all colleges were required to include an online calculator for net costs on their site to help potential parents and students know the costs of attending the school about the financial circumstances of their students—the Net Cost Calculator for Richmond on the site.

Academic Life at the University of Richmond 

Are you pondering University of Richmond admissions and the benefits and facilities? The ratio of students to faculty equals 8:1. 72% of classes at the University have less than 20 students.

A few of the most demanding and popular majors that are available at the University of Richmond are Social Sciences; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies, Business, Management, Marketing, Biological, and Biomedical Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, English Language and Literature/Letters, Physical Sciences, Cultural, Gender, and Group Studies, Area, Ethnic, Mathematics, and Statistics.

A few students from Richmond’s University of Richmond include:

  • The famous astronaut Leland Melvin.
  • The Pulitzer winner and historical writer Douglas Freeman.
  • Sean Casey, who played baseball, and Tim Kaine, the former US senator.

The average number of undergraduate students of undergraduates at the University of Richmond is 3,291. The University is home to 53% female students and 47% male applicants. The University has an average retention rate for first-year students.

Student Life at the University of Richmond

The University of Richmond has a total undergraduate enrollment of 3,164 (fall 2021), which includes a gender ratio of 47 percent male and 52 percent female students.

In the school, most students reside in college-owned housing operated or affiliated with the college as well as 15% live outside the campus. Regarding sports, the University of Richmond is part of the NCAA I.

University of Richmond Campus

The University of Richmond offers various student services, including women’s centers, nonremedial tutoring placement services, and health service insurance.

The University of Richmond also provides security and safety on campus, such as 24-hour patrols of vehicles and foot and late-night transport/escort services, 24/7 emergency telephones and walkways that are lit, and controlled access to the dormitories (key card, security card, etc.). Students are allowed to drink alcohol if they are legal at the University of Richmond.

Location & Contact


Queally Center for Admission and Career Services
30 UR Drive
University of Richmond, VA  23173
United States


Office of Admission
Phone: 804-289-8640
Fax: 804-287-6003

university of richmond acceptance rate FAQs

Q.1 What GPA do you need for University of Richmond?

ANS. With a grade that is 3.87, the University of Richmond requires that you be at the top of your class and above the average. It is recommended that you score at least A’s, best with at least a couple of AP and IB classes, to show the college-level preparation you have at your level.

Q.2 Is the University of Richmond prestigious?

ANS. University of Richmond’s 2022-2023 Rankings

The University of Richmond is ranked #18 of the 210 National Liberal Arts Colleges. Schools are evaluated based on performance in a series of commonly accepted indicators of excellence.

Q.3 Is University of Richmond ivy?

ANS. Although UR is always the No, #1 for us, it never hurts to be reminded that others acknowledge the quality of a Richmond education — particularly when we’re deemed one of the country’s “Hidden Ivies.

Q.4 What is U of Richmond known for?

ANS. Richmond incorporates an arts-based liberal core, an internationally ranked business school, and the nation’s first university of leadership studies along with faculties of law and continuing and professional studies, which is a mix that isn’t available elsewhere.

Q.5 What majors is Richmond known for?

ANS. The most popular majors at the University of Richmond include Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Social Sciences; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Health Professions and Related Programs; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; English ..

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