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University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate: The University of South Carolina-Columbia is a private college located in Columbia, SC, focusing on a handful of programs. Each year, 36,000 people apply for the university in SC.

To apply at this institution, you should take tests such as the SAT and ACT. Candidates who are accepted to this school typically get SAT scores that range between 1180 (25th percentile) and 1370 (75th percentile) and ACT scores that fall between 25 (25th percentile) and 31 (75th percentile).

University of South Carolina

Based on GPA information gathered and utilized according to some data, it is determined that the median GPA of students accepted from the University of South Carolina-Columbia (SC) ranges from 3.42 to 3.71.

Most students applying at the University of South Carolina-Columbia every academic year are admitted.

Around 29% of accepted students have signed up to attend the university. Based on past statistics, the Columbia University (SC) admissions rate for 2021 is projected to be 63%. For more details, visit the admissions office website. on the admissions office’s site by visiting

A Brief Introduction of the University of South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina, is home to the University of South Carolina. It is a prestigious public institution with a variety of programs for undergraduates as well as grads.

For the year for which figures are available, 34,957 students were interested in attending university. However, only 23,894 of them were accepted.

The school was home to 5,742 students from families born there. It has 31 804 full-time pupils and 3,666 who take classes part-time. In 2020-2021, the state-wide tuition cost was $12,288 and $400. (other than accommodation and board).

A Brief Introduction of the University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina has existed for more than 200 years. In 1805 there was only one building on campus, the Horseshoe. This Horseshoe is now comprised of 11 buildings surrounding the beautiful lawn people enjoy sitting on.

The University is expanding towards its Congaree River in the west. The innovation zone, named “Innovista,” will have three campuses that are with distinct fields of study to achieve its objectives in nanotechnology, health sciences, future energy sources, along with the natural environment.

Initially, it will comprise around six city blocks of 500,000 sq feet. However, it could expand by five million square feet with the addition of a university, private research facilities, parking garages, residential and commercial buildings, and an open-air plaza known as Foundation Square.

Innovista will be where you can be a student, live and work. It will offer accommodation, shops, restaurants, and entertainment in addition to the research.

The senior campuses in Aiken, Beaufort, and Upstate join the primary school in Columbia (Spartanburg-Greenville). USC also covers the entire state by utilizing four regional campuses.

University of South Carolina Rankings by various bodies
THE (Times Higher Education) – University Ranking  401-500
US News & World Report – Global Universities  325
QS – World University Ranking 551-600
US News & World Report – National University Ranking 118

The University Of South Carolina In School Rankings

As per U.S. News, the University of South Carolina is the 117th-best school in the United States. Be aware, however, that this list contains hundreds of schools, many that are Ivy League schools that rank better than The University of South Carolina.

Just being in the vicinity of being among the 100 top universities in the nation is an incredible thing. In the case of South Carolina, the University of South Carolina is one of the most prestigious schools; however, because it’s located in the south, and there are plenty of jobs available, this could be a great location to begin your career.

U.S. News ranks the University of South Carolina as the third-best university for first-year experiences, which could be an interesting number. The University 101, located at University 101 at the University of South Carolina, helps new students adjust to college life.

The university also provides transfer students with an opportunity to receive assistance. They also have a way to get help for transfer students. U of S.C. tries to make students as content and successful as possible by providing them with the tools to help them adjust to their new roles.

As you will observe, The University of South Carolina is among the most well-known colleges across the nation.

However, if you’re trying to determine whether The U of S.C. is the best choice, investigate more details. Discover everything possible about the college, including the amount it will cost and how it feels, to find out how you’ll be able to fit in.

University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate

68% of applicants applying to the organization are accepted.

With over 8,000 first-year students, the class of 2021 was the second-largest group of fresh students to enter the school’s history.

South Carolina was home to 53% of those within this category.

University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate

University of South Carolina Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

More than 40 per cent of the most recent first-year class of the University of South Carolina came from outside South Carolina.

The S.C. Commission on Higher Education reports that just 19 per cent of UofSC students were out beyond the boundaries of their state back in, but the number grew to 42% by the end of 2016.

What can you do to make UofSC the best option for those not from South Carolina?

The school employs an escalator to decide how much out-of-state students are required to pay. Accepted students must spend more than $6,000 each year, and high-achieving students outside the state may pay rates similar to what South Carolina residents pay.

In addition to more students from outside South Carolina, the USA has seen more students from different backgrounds.

Since 2016 the number of African-American and Hispanic students has increased by 75% and 53%respectively.

The class of 2021 75 students from the class of 2021 were valedictorians at their high schools. Over 16% were the first members of their families to attend college.

What are the UofSC admission requirements?

When discussing the steps to be taken to be a part of UofSC, they first want to be aware of the UofSC scores. The following components make up what constitutes the UofSC score:

  • UofSC GPA Scores
  • UofSC SAT scores
  • UofSC ACT scores
  • AP scores UofSc

Let’s begin with the very first score on those on the UofSC scoring list.

University of South Carolina GPA Requirements

Many schools have a minimum GPA required. However, this is only the minimum for applying without being rejected instantly.

The true GPA required is the GPA you must have to achieve a good chance of acceptance. This is done by studying an average of the GPAs for students currently in school.

(Most schools employ an unweighted GPA of 4.0. However, some schools have an unweighted grade.) The GPA average at South Carolina University is 4. The University of South Carolina is 4.

To be accepted into the University of South Carolina, you’ll have to be the best in your class and have a GPA of 4. You’ll need to score almost 100% A’s in your classes to stand out from other applicants. Additionally, taking AP and IB courses that can be demanding could be beneficial to show that college-level work is easy for you.

If you’re a junior or senior, altering your GPA by the time you apply to college will be challenging. If your GPA is below or lower than the average for your school of 4, you’ll require a more impressive SAT or ACT score to compensate for it. This will allow you to stand out against applicants with better GPAs than yours.

SAT and ACT Requirements

The standard tests have different requirements in every school. Schools generally require students to test for either the SAT or the ACT in addition to the ACT, and many require students to take SAT subject tests.

If you want to apply to the University of South Carolina, you need to take or take or both the SAT as well as the ACT. Additionally, to submit an effective application, you have to perform well.

University of South Carolina SAT Requirements

Some schools claim that they don’t require an upper or lower SAT score; however, the reality is that they have. It is based on the average score of the school.

South Carolina University’s mean SAT score is 1275 out of 1600.

With this score, South Carolina’s University of South Carolina is at the top of the pack regarding SAT scores.

University of South Carolina SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

A New SAT score for the 25th percentile is 1180, as well as the 75th percentile, which is 1370. So If you score 1180 marks on the New SAT, you are less than average. However, if you score 1370, you’re above average.

Here’s how the latest SAT score is broken into sections:

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 635 580 690
Reading + Writing 640 600 680
Composite 1275 1180 1370

University of South Carolina ACT Requirements

As with the SAT and ACT SAT, the University of South Carolina will likely have a flexible ACT cutoff. However, your application may be turned off if your score is lower than.

At the University of South Carolina, the average ACT score is 28. The University of South Carolina is in the middle of the ACT score.

It is estimated that the ACT score of the 25th percentile for the 25th is 25, while it is 31. ACT score for the 75th percentile is 31.

Although you’re at the University of South Carolina probably states that they don’t require an upper or lower ACT score in the application process, if you have an ACT score of 25 or less score, you’ll have a much more difficult time getting into the university unless there’s an additional feature that makes it stand out.

Applying To South Carolina

The University of Columbia, South Carolina, has 42,045 applicants registered, but only 25,884 were accepted to the school year 2022-23.

The acceptance rate is 61.56 per cent. Students enrolled can achieve an average SAT score of 1,255 and an average ACT score of 29. It requires three items and suggests one item to give to applicants.

In the following table, you’ll learn more about applying for South Carolina.

Open Admission Policy
Undergraduate Application Fees $65
Graduate Application Fees $50
Admission Information 
Online Application 
Acceptance Rate 61.56%
Average Test Scores 1,255 SAT / 29 ACT
Credits Accepted Dual Credits, Advanced placement (AP) Credits, Credit for Military Training

The University of South Carolina International Student Admissions

International students can enrol in graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of South Carolina. They can select from a range of options and must satisfy particular requirements in addition to the requirements for students from other countries.

Application Portal-Online

Application Fee-100 USD

Admission Requirements–

  • Complete the online application with the required information and then pay for application fees.
  • Transcripts of educational qualifications in English that have been evaluated by acknowledged credential evaluation agencies such as WES, NACEs etc.
  • The official SAT and ACT scores for undergrads and GRE/GMAT scores for graduate applicants are required.
  • English proficiency scores from tests like TOEFL and IELTS are required to submit.
  • Financial worthiness documents such as bank statements, sponsorship letters etc . showing at least the equivalent of 50,000 USD annually.
  • Copy of Passport

English Proficiency Test scores for International Students

Individuals who do not use English as their primary language should prove that they can comprehend lessons taught in English by providing test scores.

The university can accept different tests. The minimum scores required for undergraduates and graduates are given for informational purposes.

Test Undergraduate Graduate
TOEFL PBT 550 570
TOEFL iBT 77 80
IELTS 6.5 6.5
PTE 53 53

University of South Carolina Application Deadlines

Below are the dates for the undergraduate course deadlines. In graduate programs, deadlines differ from course to system.

Semester Deadlines
Fall (August) February 1
Spring (January) December 1

Essays for University of South Carolina

Candidates can satisfy the requirement for additional items by submitting three items:

  1. Scores on the SAT or ACT
  2. Scores from three other tests from a list of acceptable examinations
  3. Writing assignments that are graded

Students who plan to submit a writing assignment must include the following:

  • The full title of their company.
  • The date that the paper was handed in.
  • The marks they earned.
  • Are there any suggestions from the instructor?

The paper must have been completed during the student’s senior or junior year in high school. UofSC recommends students submit a social study or English essay or research paper written in English.

Students who wish to share more about what sets them apart from the rest of the applicants don’t need to worry about that because there’s a separate essay section in which they can be more specific about themselves.

The Office advises students in Admissions to reflect on their experience, write the story and let their personality be seen through.

Admissions Chances

Around two-thirds of those applying to the University of South Carolina are accepted. It means they go through an admissions process that is somewhat selective. Admissions are primarily determined by the classes taken at high schools, grades, and test scores.

The minimum course requirements are four units in English and math, Three lab units in sciences and social studies, Two courses in the exact foreign language, one unit of fine arts, and two academic electives.

To be admitted into this South Carolina Honors College, the University of South Carolina only requires letters of recommendation submitted by prospective students.

The green and blue dots on the graph above indicate accepted students. Most students who were accepted received high school grades in the range of “B” or higher, combined SAT scores that were 1100 or better (ERW+M), as well as ACT score composite of at least 22.

The higher the scores, the higher the likelihood you’ll get into them. UofSC did not reject the handful of students with excellent results and grades.

Is The University Of South Carolina A Good School?

The University of South Carolina is an excellent institution. However, you’re likely to know more about it.

Through this post, be able to learn about the advantages The U of SC has to provide. You may be searching for a great student. However, you could decide on your selection based on the local scene.

People with bright personalities centred around friendship and a positive school attitude are a great fit for the University of South Carolina. Similarly, it could be appealing to those looking to be part of a community full of top talent.

Suppose you join The University of South Carolina and begin your journey with one of the top universities in the nation. If you’re looking for a college distinct from the rest, then The University of South Carolina may be the right choice.

University of South Carolina programs and their requirements

University of South Carolina students can choose from a range of undergraduate and graduate programs; however, they must satisfy certain requirements before applying.

Here are a few USC’s programs: USC:

  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Education, Linguistics
  • Mass Communication,
  • Engineering
  • Public Administration and Social Services
  • Library Sciences
  • Health-related professions,
  • Visual and Performing Arts

A portion of the admission details is highlighted in the table.

Application Portal Online
Application Fee 100 USD
Acceptance Rate 69%
Student-Faculty Ratio 17:1
Average SAT Score Reading and Writing: 600-680
Average ACT Score 25-30
Academic Calendar Semester based
Admission intakes Fall, Spring
Work Experience Required in some graduate courses
Financial Aid Available

The applicants must complete the online application form and pay a non-refundable application cost of $100, in addition to the following:

  • Review of the academic transcripts
  • GRE/GMAT scores
  • English proficiency test results for language
  • 2 LORs (letter of recommendation) from professional or academic sources
  • Personal Statements and Additional documents that are specific to the program.
Particulars Masters of Arts in CJC (Criminal Justice and Criminology) Masters of Science in Computer Engineering Masters in Business Administration
Deadline Jul 01/ Dec 01 May 01/Oct 01 Oct 15
Rolling application from Apr 15
English proficiency tests TOEFL 80/IELTS 6.5/PTE 53 TOEFL 80/IELTS 6.5/PTE 53 TOEFL 95/IELTS 7.0 or PTE 68
Resume Not Required Required Required

The University has strict rules on when certain things must be carried out. Candidates must follow these rules in full.

The Institution assists students unable to attend a school in the United States to finish their higher education by providing them with education loans and scholarships depending on their merit and financial situation.

University of South Carolina Tuition Information

University of South Carolina tuition for full-time students in the state was $12,288 a year and $33,528 annually for students from outside the state in 2022.

College expenses increase by around 3 percent per year, on average.

If you feel like you’re unable to go to the school of your dreams, you should remember that the cost of tuition is the amount you’ll have to pay.

When grants, scholarships, and other discount programs are considered, most students pay less than what is listed on the price tag. In addition, student loans help make the actual costs of college easier to manage until you have graduated.

International students are charged $33,528 each year to enroll at South Carolina’s University of South Carolina.

University of South Carolina: In-state vs. Out-of-State Tuition

Because the University of South Carolina is a state public school, students from outside the state who attend full-time pay just $12,288 for tuition.

The tuition for out-of-state students is $33,528 per academic year for students that don’t reside on the coast of South Carolina.

The state government funds universities and colleges’ access to the general public. The tuition fee at these schools is reduced for students who reside in the state.

If you reside within the same area as your school, you could be eligible to pay lower tuition, loans, and interest when attending the school.

Be sure to know the state’s regulations regarding being a state resident. To be considered a resident of the state, you must be able to meet the requirements for each state.

Most of the time, students must live within the country for the entire year before starting classes there. Based on your location, there could be additional rules to follow.

Is University of South Carolina’s Tuition Different for International Students?

International students are charged the same tuition as students from out of state at the University of South Carolina.

Before grants, scholarships, or other forms of financial aid, international students attending the University of South Carolina usually have to pay about $33,528 per year.

Students who aren’t from the U.S. usually don’t qualify for grants or loans offered by or from the U.S. government. Instead, they should consider scholarships and aid from private sources or The University of South Carolina.

The merit-based scholarships offered by institutions could be offered for international students who don’t require money.

Tuition and Financial Aid at University of South Carolina

Price is yet another important factor to consider when choosing an institution. Certain colleges might have higher tuition costs. However, they can meet the financial needs of their students more than other schools.

It is estimated that the University of South Carolina meets 72 percent of the financial needs of undergraduate students who have proved they can meet the funds. Full-time first-year students receive an average financial aid package of approximately $10,478 per year.

The average student loan for the class of 2022 was $32,833 for each borrower. Please look at the average national debt of around $36,000 for each borrower to better understand what it signifies.
The FAFSA for 2023-2024 began on October 1st, 2022.

A portion of financial aid is granted to the first applicants to complete the FAFSA; therefore, fill it out immediately. Visit the FAFSA website to fill out an application for financial aid for your college.

Be aware that the first letter of FAFSA is “FREE!” Nobody should ever be required to pay for this FREE Application to Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), don’t send your money (or details!) to any site that claims you are.

Find out more information on the cost of tuition at the University of South Carolina fee and the best way to pay.

Does the this University of South Carolina seem an ideal fit for you according to this information? Remember that the perfect school for one student could be better for another. Therefore, you must consider whether the University of South Carolina is the best school for you.

Scholarships at University of South Carolina

Scholarships and grants can help some students to pay for college. These grants and scholarships don’t need to be repaid as loans do.

In 2022 in 2022 2022, the University of South Carolina gave 5510 need-based scholarships of $93.1 million to aid students with low incomes to afford school. Over $65.3 million worth of merit-based scholarships were awarded to students who still needed to prove that they required the funds.

University of South Carolina Net Cost

The net cost of college is what it will cost to go to school for a year. To determine the net price, calculate the total cost and subtract any grants, scholarships, or other aids that don’t require repayment. Loans for students aren’t counted since they must be repaid.

Once we know the amount of the typical budget for financial aid to University of South Carolina students, we know what the net amount is. The net worth may fluctuate depending on the amount of money the student requires and the financial aid they receive.

If you are trying to decide if a particular school will fit your budget, you need to consider the net cost, not only the tuition price listed on the school’s website. In most cases, schools that have the highest tuition offer the highest financial aid programs.

Before you drop schools because they don’t meet your budget, you should determine how much they will cost.

The year 2022 was the last time a full-time, first-year student with evidence of the financial need for financial aid at the University of South Carolina got an average of $10,478.

Suppose we subtract the median package of financial aid from estimates of costs. In that case, we can get the number that can help make the costs of attending the University of South Carolina seem more feasible.

Estimated Net Cost for Full-Time Students
In-State, On-Campus $9,308
Net In-state, Off-campus $9,625
Out-of-State, On-Campus $41,026

What is the cost of attending the South Carolina University of South Carolina? There are a variety of factors that influence the answer.

In 2011, colleges were required to have a net cost calculator on their websites to help prospective students and their families calculate the amount it will cost students to attend the school according to their income. A net price calculator used by the University of South Carolina can be found on its website.

Is The University Of South Carolina A Party School?

This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy yourself and get to know new people, build connections, and much more when you’re concerned about the social aspect of your college. From various information sources, The University of South Carolina is often featured in lists of the top parties in the nation.

The University of South Carolina markets itself as a great school with a reputation as a school that is a party. It doesn’t mean that studies at The U of SC are insufficient. This means you’ll explore new ways of doing things and have fun at college.

Greek Life could mean that the college is a party school in several schools.

Although this may not always be the situation, however, the fact The University of South Carolina is located in the southern part of the state and in a region where Greek Life is usually more known makes it appear as if it’s an institution for parties. Of course, Greek Life also encourages activities like helping others, being a leader, and many other things.

More than 7,300 students at the University of South Carolina are members of Greek organizations, fraternities, or sororities.

For many, joining a fraternity or a sorority is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and make friends at college.

Shortly, you’ll discover you’re part of the University of South Carolina sports are part of the Southeastern Conference, which also is connected to social gatherings.

University Of South Carolina Sports

As mentioned before, the University of South Carolina athletics program is part of a Division I program within the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

If you’re familiar with college sports, you know the SEC’s climate, players, and fans. You are a part of the SEC South Carolina University’s fan base and work together to create a positive impact.

Although the Gamecocks from the University of South Carolina face the top athletes in the nation, It is a guarantee that the match will be filled with spirit for the university.

There are tailgates before soccer games. There are also chants from the arena during basketball games, as well as other exciting ways to connect with members of the Gamecock community.

You can also watch your favorite sports matches with top-of-the-line players and benefit from the University of South Carolina’s reputation for hosting parties. Columbia, SC, is the ideal location to celebrate a huge victory if you love socializing with friends.

The University Of South Carolina Compared To Similar Schools

There are two ways to think from two possible ways you can evaluate the this University of South Carolina to other schools of similar size.

In the first place, it could be contrasted with different schools within South Carolina. Furthermore, and with greater precision, it is possible to compare it to other schools of the SEC.

Both are great methods to assess The University of South Carolina against other universities.

Location & Contact


1244 Blossom Street
Columbia, SC  29208
United States


Dr. Mary Wagner
Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Phone: 803-777-7700
Fax: 803-777-0101

University of South Carolina Acceptance Rate FAQS

Q.1 What GPA do you need to get in University of South Carolina?

ANS. Average GPA: 4

This makes it challenging to win the GPA competitiveness at the University of South Carolina. (Most schools employ an unweighted GPA of 4.0; however, some report unweighted grades.) If you have a GPA of 4 or higher, you’re in the highest among your classes at the University of South Carolina.

Q.2 Is the University of South Carolina hard to get into?

ANS. 68.6 percent of students accept admission into the University of South Carolina. There are 69 places for every 100 applicants. This means it is fairly easy to join. The school demands that you meet a specific GPA and SAT/ACT scores; however, they’re much more accommodating than many schools.

Q.3 What major is University of South Carolina known for?

ANS. A Health Science Leader
It is believed that the University of South Carolina is the ideal place in the state to study and conduct research in health sciences.

Q.4 Is University of South Carolina prestigious?

ANS. Out of 443 National Universities, South Carolina is at #15. Schools are evaluated by how they perform in a variety of well-known standards.

Q.5 Is University of South Carolina a nice campus?

ANS. The campus is stunning and full of southern charm. Although it rained the day we went on our tour, We had a wonderful time and gained a thorough impression of what being at the University is like. The review is written by an individual Tripadvisor member and is not the views or the views of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.


The University of South California (UofSC) is the best learning environment. Many students attempt to be accepted each year, and only a few are admitted.

After reading this article, we hope you know UofSC scores, like required GPA, UofSC ACT scores, UofSC AP scores, and other UofSC entry requirements.

In turn, your chances of being selected are higher. What do you put off? Check that you’re meeting the requirements and apply as soon as possible should you wish to attend the University of South Carolina.

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