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University of Tampa Acceptance Rate: The University of Tampa is located in Tampa, FL. It is a private, non-profit college focusing only on a few programs. Approximately nine thousand students are enrolled in UT.

At UT, students can submit their SAT or ACT exam scores. Students who score between 1100 and 1250 on SAT or 23 to 28 on the ACT exam are considered to be in the 25th – 75th percentile range of accepted students.

The University of Tampa

The University of Tampa’s average GPA (3.28 – 3.52) was calculated using data from over 150 schools.

UT’s acceptance rate is approximately 45%, with 20% of applicants opting to enroll. The admissions office website has more information.

Overview of University of Tampa

The University of Tampa (UT) is a private university in Tampa, Florida. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has accredited it.

UT offers over 200 programs, including 14 master’s degree programs and a wide range of pre-professional programs and certificates.

Students and consultants have positive reviews of the University of Tampa. The rating includes campus, dorms, and student life. It also scores As for academics, values, and sports.

Overview of University of Tampa

The University of Tampa currently has approximately 10000 students. They are both from the US and 132 other countries. It is impressive that the University of Tampa has a 48% acceptance rate and a 62% graduation rate.

The University of Tampa is affiliated with the following:

  • AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)
  • AAM (American Alliance of Museums)
  • ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology)
  • ACEN (Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing)
  • ACS (American Chemical Society)
  • ASBMB (American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
  • IC&UF (Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida)
  • NAICU (National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities)
  • SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

University of Tampa Courses

The University of Tampa comprises four colleges:

  1. College of Arts and Letters;
  2. College of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Education;
  3. College of Natural and Health Sciences;
  4. Sykes College of Business

Popular Courses

  • Criminology
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing/Marketing Management
  • Accounting.

University of Tampa Ranking

Forbes: #483 in the United States overall as of 2019.

The U.S. News and World Report 2019 #20

University of Tampa Acceptance Rate

University of Tampa Acceptance Rate

In the 2017-18 admissions period, the University of Tampa had an acceptance rate of 49%. For every hundred applicants that applied for admission, 49 were accepted, making the admissions process for UT very competitive.

Admissions Statistics (2022-23)
Number of Applicants 22,310
Percent Admitted 49%
Percent Admitted Who Enrolled (Yield) 20%

University of Tampa GPA Requirements

Although many schools require a minimum GPA, this requirement is not mandatory for all applicants.

GPA is what matters. It’s the GPA that you need to have a chance at getting in. We look at the average GPA of current students to determine this.

The average GPA from the University of Tampa was 3.4.

(Most schools have a GPA of 4.0 or higher, but some report a lower GPA.

The University of Tampa will require you to have a minimum of 3.4 GPA in high school. It is essential to have a mixture of A’s and B’s.

There will be very few C’s. You can make up for a lower GPA by taking IB or AP classes. This will increase your weighted GPA, and it will show you are capable of taking college classes.

Your GPA cannot be changed if you are a senior or junior student. To compensate, if your GPA falls below the school average (3.4), you will need a higher SAT/ACT score. This will allow you to compete with other applicants with higher GPAs.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Different schools have different requirements for standardized testing. Many schools require the SAT/ACT, and some require SAT subject tests.

You must take the SAT/ACT or both to apply to the University of Tampa. It is essential to have a robust application.

University of Tampa SAT Requirements

Many schools say that they don’t have an SAT score cutoff. However, there’s indeed a hidden SAT requirement. The cutoff is based on the average score of the school.

A typical SAT score composite score at the University of Tampa is 1170 on the 1600 SAT scale.

This score makes the University of Tampa Competitive for the SAT score.

University of Tampa SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

The 25th percentile of the New SAT score was 1090, as is the 75th percentile. Of New SAT score of 1250. Also, the 1090 score on the New SAT places you below the average. A score of 1250 can raise you into the upper quartile.

Here’s a breakdown of the latest SAT scores according to a section:

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 580 540 620
Reading + Writing 590 550 630
Composite 1170 1090 1250

UT Admissions

If you’re thinking of making an application to UT, The cost to apply for the program is $45.

The cost of application fees can be high; however, some schools offer free applications, and students with financial hardship might be eligible to receive a waiver of application fees.

Students applying to UT for the fall semester must be notified of their admissions decision by the 1st of October.

Admissions Chances

The University of Tampa admits about half of the applicants and follows an admissions process that is selective. When your scores on SAT/ACT, as well as your GPA, are within the ranges of the school’s average, you are a reasonable possibility of being admitted.

But, the University of Tampa also has the option of a comprehensive admissions process that considers other aspects beyond grades and test scores.

A well-written essay for your application, as well as a glowing letter of recommendation, could help your application stand out, as could participation in relevant other extracurricular pursuits, as well as a rigorous schedule of courses that includes AP, IB, Honors, or dual enrollment courses.

Students with compelling tales or accomplishments may still get an attention-grabbing recommendation even if their grades or scores fall below the UT average range.

Students applying to study performing arts, music, or theatre must audition. The education, nursing, and athletic training programs have additional requirements.

UT offers a non-binding early Action program that is non-binding. In most universities, applying early may increase an applicant’s chances of getting accepted.

Early Action helps demonstrate an interest in the school and has the benefit of getting an admissions decision sooner than standard applicants.

In the above scattergram, the green and blue dots are accepted by students. It is evident that most students accepted had high school grades of “B” or higher, combined SAT scores of 1000 or more (ERW+M) and composite ACT scores of 20 or higher. Chances are that when your test scores and grades are within this lower level.

Transferring to The University of Tampa

Transfer students must know that it can take much work to gain admission to UT. Transfer applications are considered based on a continuous origin as applications are received.
Transfer students can be enrolled in UT in the following terms:

  • • Fall Term
  • • Spring Term
  • • Summer Term

How Hard Is It To Get Admitted to UT?

Being accepted admission to UT admission to UT is moderately challenging. UT assesses applicants carefully by using multiple factors to determine who to admit and who to reject or place on the waitlist.

For 2021 UT admitted 54% of the applicants, approximately 17,620 students out of 32,904 who were eligible to apply.

Schools that are difficult to be admitted to, like UT and UT, will accept less than 85% of applicants. At a minimum, 75% of the students admitted can show GPAs at or above at least the top fifty% for their school. Additionally, they score over 1000 on the SAT or above 18 on the ACT.

Transfer student admissions are moderately challenging. If you aren’t a resident of Florida, applying to The University of Tampa is somewhat problematic.

The year 2022 saw UT had a waitlist of 7,781 students. Of them, 1,052 were removed from the waiting list.

Is UT a Good School?

The definition of the term “good school” varies. Criteria for admission, acceptance rate, and the average GPA are excellent indicators of the degree of scholasticism an institution has.

Let’s examine these aspects to understand better the services UT provides and determine if it’s the right choice for you.

UT Tuition Information

In 2022, the tuition to full-time college students at The University of Tampa was $30,036 for the year.

The tuition increased by 3% in 2022, up from $29,162 the prior year. On average, universities raise tuition by about 3% every year.

If this makes the idea of attending college a bit daunting, be aware that the “sticker price” of tuition does not provide enough information to know the actual price of attending a particular college.

Many students find that the cost of attending college is significantly lower than the sticker price after scholarships, grants, and tuition discounts are added. In addition, student loans could reduce the amount you need to cover college last until the time you finish college.

In-state vs. Out-of-state Tuition at UT

The University of Tampa is a private, non-profit institution, and it charges the same tuition rates for students from Florida the same way as students from other states.

Public universities and colleges receive financial support from the federal government. Public state schools may offer reduced tuition to those who fulfill the standards to reside in the state. Selecting a school where you can qualify for residency in-state will lower college tuition costs.

Make sure you check your state’s guidelines for the criteria to be eligible for tuition in-state. Each state has its own set of rules regarding what qualifies a person for tuition within the state.

In several states, students must be residents of the state for at least 12 months before starting school to be eligible for in-state tuition. There could be additional requirements also, depending on the state in which you reside.

Tuition for International Students at UT

UT offers the same tuition fees for international students as those who are from out of state.

Students from other countries typically cannot receive grants or loans through or from the U.S. government, but they should look into school-specific or private scholarships, grants, and other funding options.

Students from other countries who have no financial need might qualify for merit-based institution scholarships and athletic awards.

Yearly Fees

Many schools also charge fees that offset the cost of maintaining facilities, including libraries, computer labs, athletic facilities, and other facilities.

There could be additional costs for participating in specific activities, such as joining a sorority, fraternity, or intramural team. Numerous schools offer options so that people who struggle to participate due to financial constraints can reduce or eliminate these fees.

Financial Aid at UT

In 2022, 4,576 out of the 9,838 students enrolled in the program were awarded financial aid. UT can meet sixty% of the financial need of undergraduate students.

The budget for financial assistance for full-time first-year students amounts to around $17,299 per year. The average is 0.49% of UT undergrads borrow student loans to pay for any remaining expenses. On average, UT graduates with student loans have $20,994 in debt incurred by student loans.

The average amount of debt for each type of loan varies.

Average Debt By Loan Type
Federal Loans $17,664
UT-Specific Loans $3,851
Private Loans $17,159
Most Common Loans for UT Students
Federal Loans 0.47%
Institutional Loans 1%
Private loans 0.1%

Most students opt for government or institutional loans because they typically offer lower rates of interest as well as more flexible loan repayment choices than personal loans.

Government loans can be subsidized or not. Subsidized loans do not incur interest until the time of school, whereas unsubsidized loans start accruing interest from the moment the loan is granted.

If students aren’t eligible for federal loans sufficient to pay for tuition, they may be able to take out private loans. Parents may also apply for the Parent PLUS loan, a federal loan that parents can take to help their children with college expenses.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) assists colleges in determining the amount of financial requirements students and their families are in and then provides a package of financial assistance that can meet or comes close to meeting their needs of theirs. For more information about UT Financial Aid, continue reading and check out the site of financial assistance.

Scholarships at UT

Sure, students can receive scholarships and grants to pay for college. In contrast to loans, scholarships and budgets don’t have to be repaid.

The year 2022 saw UT give out 4,433 scholarship-based need-based awards to college students distributing an average amount of $81 million to assist students with financial needs in paying for education expenses.

Additionally, $14.37 million in merit-based scholarship funds were awarded to students who did not have a financial need.

Net Cost of UT

The net cost of college is the actual cost of attending school for a year. The net worth is calculated by subtracting any scholarship and grants or any other aid which do not need to be returned from the overall cost. The student loan is not included in the calculation since it must be paid back.

Once we know the estimated total cost for UT students, you can subtract the typical amount of financial aid to calculate the estimated net cost. Net cost may vary based on the student’s needs and the financial aid received.

When assessing whether a particular school is within your budget, it’s crucial to take into consideration the net costs and not only the tuition price that is listed on the school’s website.

Most schools with the highest tuition fees also offer the largest aid packages. So, calculate your net cost before eliminating the school if it doesn’t meet your budget.

The median value of the financial aid received from a full-time first-year student who had demonstrated the need for aid for UT was $17,299 by 2022. Subtracting the typical package of financial assistance from the estimated cost, we can get a figure that could help make the expense of UT seem less daunting.

Estimated Net Cost for Full-Time Students
On-Campus $31,209
Off-Campus $20,219

What does attending UT cost you? The answer is contingent on a variety of aspects.

Since 2011, schools have been required to provide net price calculators on their sites to help potential students and their families make better-informed choices regarding the cost of attending college, depending on the financial circumstances of their families. You can access the net cost calculator for UT through their official website.


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Academic Life at the University of Tampa

The student-faculty ratio for the University of Tampa is 18:1, and the university has 35.1% of its classes with fewer than twenty students.

The most popular majors at the University of Tampa include Marketing/Marketing Management, General; Finance, General; Criminology; Business Administration and Management, General; Health Professions and Related Programs; Psychology, General; International Business/Trade/Commerce; Communication, General; Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication; and Biology/Biological Sciences, General. The typical retention rate of first-year students as a measure of satisfaction with the school is 79%%.

Student Life at the University of Tampa

The University of Tampa has a total undergraduate student body in the range of 8,838 (fall 2021), which includes an average gender comprising 38% males and 61% females.

In this college, it is reported that 46% of students live in college-owned, -operated, or affiliated housing, and 54% of students, are outside the campus. In sports, the University of Tampa is part of the NCAA II.

University of Tampa Campus

The University of Tampa offers various student services, such as nonremedial tutoring, place service, Health service, and health insurance.

The University of Tampa also offers security and safety on campus, including 24 hours of car and foot patrols, late-night transportation/escort services, 24-hour emergency phones, sidewalks and pathways that are lit, and student patrols, as well as controlled access to the dormitories (key security card, key, etc.). Students are allowed to drink alcohol if they are legal at the University of Tampa.

Location & Contact


401 West Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, FL  33606-1480
United States


Mr. Dennis Nostrand
Executive Enrollment Manager, Assistant to the President
Phone: 813-257-3021
Fax: 813-258-7398

University of Tampa Acceptance Rate FAQS

Q.1 What GPA do you need for University of Tampa?

ANS. For students seeking a full-time degree.

Students seeking degrees must have an average GPA of 3.0 or more for their previous college coursework. Students who are not degree-seeking are required to have either an overall 3.0 GPA for the entire semester or an overall 3.0 GPA during the final 60 hours of their academic course.

Q.2 Is the University of Tampa prestigious?

ANS. University of Tampa’s 2022-2023 Rankings

The University of Tampa is placed 21st out of the 136 regional Universities South. Schools are ranked in accordance with their performance in a series of acknowledged standards of excellence.

Q.3 Is University of Tampa a respected school?

ANS. UT is recognized as among the country’s top 387 colleges for undergraduate studies in The Princeton Review. The only institution with 15% of four-year universities in the U.S. shares this honor.

Q.4 Why Tampa is famous?

ANS. Tampa is famous for the lively Ybor City, the gigantic Florida Aquarium, the heart-pumping Busch Gardens, and for being the place that birthed Cuban sandwiches. Cuban sandwich. Tampa is also known for its beautiful parks and cigar factories, modern museum, luxurious eateries, and beautiful streets.

Q.5 Is living in Tampa fun?

ANS. The residents from Tampa Bay and the Tampa Bay area enjoy both the laid-back lifestyle of the beach and the benefits of a vast metropolitan area, which includes professional teams in sports museums and numerous food and entertainment choices.

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