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The University of Washington is a public research university located in Seattle, Washington. It was established in 1861 and is the most prestigious university within the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

The school has three campuses, including the main campus in Seattle and 2 satellite campuses in Tacoma and Bothell. is a highly-respected and prestigious university renowned for its research in various fields, including engineering, computer science, and medicine.

The university is also renowned for its excellent humanities and arts programs and has a strong athletics program with Husky teams participating in the Pac-12 Conference.

University of Washington Acceptance Rate

University Of Washington Acceptance Rate

University Of Washington Acceptance Rate

The University of Washington is a public research institution in Seattle, Washington. According to information from the National Center for Education Statistics, the acceptance rate of the university for the academic year 2018 and 2019 was 49 %.

That means that around 50% of those who applied for admission to the University of Washington were accepted.

It is important to remember that acceptance rates differ yearly and aren’t always an accurate indicator of how hard it is to gain admission to a particular school. Things like results, grades, and extracurricular activities are also considered during the admissions process.

University of Washington Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

University of Washington Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

I’m sorry, but I cannot access the internet, so I cannot provide you with the current acceptance rate for out-of-state candidates to the UW .

However, every college or university’s acceptance rate can change yearly. Several variables can influence it, including the volume of applications, the caliber of the applicant pool, and the availability of space at the institution.

Ranking of the University of Washington

University of research for public use The University of Washington is in Seattle, Washington. It has a consistently high position among public universities in the U.S.

UW is recognized as the 52nd best national institution in the country according to U.S. news and world report’s 2021 Colleges rankings.

It is also rated as the 15th-best public institution in the country. Additionally, UW is well regarded for its many distinct disciplines and programs, including engineering, business as well as computer science.

It is especially popular for its renowned research programs and is a prestigious participant in the Association of American Universities.

University of Washington Acceptance Rate by Major

I suggest that you go to the website of the University of Washington or call their admissions office for the most current information regarding acceptance rates for each major. They should be able give you the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Acceptance Rate by Major at the University of Washington

  • Computer Science: 9%
  • Engineering: 40%
  • Business Management: 30%

What is the University of Washington Requirements?

Imagine you’re considering applying into Washington State University. University of Washington. If so the first question you think of is what are the prerequisites of this University of Washington?

The various aspects are analyzed in deciding whether to accept potential applicants. The emphasis is placed on the following elements:

University of Washington Average GPA
score on ACT as well as SAT score
Writing essays

In order to be admitted into the University of Washington it is essential to increase the quality of your UW GPA and ACT score , as well as your SAT score.

In this article you’ll be able to get an understanding of the UW’s average GPA and mean SAT as well as ACT scores, as well as all other variables that could boost the UW’s Acceptance Ratioe.

University of Washington Application Deadlines

I’m sorry, but I’m not able to provide information on the exact deadlines of students at the University of Washington. It’s possible that dates have been changed from the last deadline in 2021. I’m unable to surf the web to look for any updates.

But I can assure you that it’s best to submit your application as soon as you can. Many schools have rolling admissions and might fill vacant spots prior to the last deadline.

I would suggest checking out the admissions page of the University of Washington’s website or calling their admissions offices directly for the most current and accurate details about their deadlines for applications.

Early Decision Deadline– Not applicable
Early Action Deadline– Not applicable
Application Fee– $80 for US residents and $90 for non-US residents
Common App– Not applicable

The University of Washington Admissions – SAT/ACT, GPA, and Class Rank

For students in the class of 2025, the mid-50 percent SAT band was between 1220 and 1440. The admitted students had an average SAT score of 1240-1450.

The whole ACT band was between 29 and 34. The admitted Huskies were averaging a GPA of 3.82. 14 percent achieved an unbeatable 4.0 GPA, and an additional 60% had a grade between 3.75 and 3.99.

University Of Washington GPA Requirements

There is no set GPA requirement for admission to the University of Washington (UW). Instead, the admissions committee evaluates candidates holistically, taking into account a range of aspects including academic courses, grades, test results, essays, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities.

The university does, however, offer some broad GPA guidelines. For instance, the University of Washington normally requires applicants to have successfully completed a high school curriculum that includes at least four years of English and three years of each of math, science, and social studies.

In general, applicants who have a solid academic background, particularly excellent marks in college-preparatory coursework, are more likely to be accepted.

It’s important to remember that the University of Washington has a very tough admissions process and receives many more applications than it can accept. As a result, even if you fulfil the GPA requirements generally, admission to the university is not assured.

I advise getting in touch with the admissions office directly if you have particular inquiries about the UW admissions procedure or prerequisites. They’ll be able to give you more precise and recent information.

University Of Washington GPA Requirements.

UW GPA Acceptance Rate Competitiveness 
3.75+ 59% Good
3.50-3.75 29% Below Average
3.25-3.50 9% Reach
3.00-3.25 2% Reach
2.75-3.00 1% Low

SAT Score Requirements

SAT scores are a consideration in UW admissions. Let’s calculate the average SAT score needed in addition to the average GPA for UW admission.

Admissions staff prefer top 22% SAT scorers. The school demands a 1200+ SAT score. If you score lower than the number, your likelihood of admission may be smaller.

The University of Washington has the highest necessary SAT score in Washington.

The average freshmen SAT score is 1350. More than 80% of candidates have submitted SAT results to the school. The chart below shows the SAT score needed to be chosen.

SAT score Acceptance Rate Competitiveness 
1470+ 65% Good
1345-1470 52-65% Above Average
1220-1345 39-52% Below Average
1095-1220 27-39% Reach
Less than 1095 Less than 27% Low

University of Washington SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

25th percentile New SAT score: 1220; 75th percentile: 1460. 1220 on the New SAT is below average, while 1460 is above.

Latest SAT scores by section:

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 690 620 760
Reading + Writing 650 600 700
Composite 1340 1220 1460

SAT Score Choice Policy

Score Choice is an important part of your school’s testing approach.

“All Scores” is UW’s Score Choice policy.

That implies you must submit every SAT score you’ve submitted to UW.

Most schools don’t regard all your scores equally. If you achieved 1500 on both exams, they cannot average them.

Your highest test score will be used. Also, Superscore schools. They’ll combine your highest section score from all test days.

Some students fear taking too many tests. They worry that UW will use too many scores to boost yours. Enough?

Our research and talks with admissions officers suggest sending 4-6 tests. Retaking the test is an efficient way to improve your college admissions chances.

Most colleges don’t care how many times you’ve taken an exam. The score will matter.

Colleges wonder what you’re doing wrong after six attempts. They’ll challenge your study skills and growth.

Imagine failing a test below 6. Retaking the test will improve your chances. If your SAT score is below 1340, consider retaking it after studying.

It’s risk-free. You could improve your score and admission chances.

ACT Score Requirements

Your ACT score is very important for getting into the University of Washington, in addition to the GPA requirements and SAT scores.

According to admissions statistics from prior years, the University of Washington only admits applicants with ACT scores of at least 27. The institution will occasionally take into consideration applicants with ACT scores as low as 24.

When they are offered admission, applicants with an ACT score of 27 or higher will be given first preference. The University of Washington has a high acceptance rate for applicants with ACT scores of 33 or higher.

To increase your chances of being accepted to The University of Washington, you should concentrate on achieving high scores on these ACTs. The ACT score and its competitiveness are accurately depicted in the table below.

ACT score Acceptance Rate Competitiveness 
33+ 65% and above Good
30-33 52-65% Above Average
27-30 39-52% Below Average
24-27 27-39% Reach
Below 24 Below 27% Low

ACT Score Sending Policy

When you take the ACT instead of the SAT, you report scores differently. This affects exam prep.

You control the ACT tests you send to universities. Take 10 tests and send the highest score. SAT applicants must submit every test they’ve ever taken.

That means you can likely raise your ACT score. You must take the ACT as many times as feasible to meet the school’s 30 or higher ACT requirement. You can only send your final score to schools once you’re satisfied with it.

ACT Superscore Policy

Most colleges don’t superscore the ACT. (Superscore is when the school will take your highest section scores from all test dates you provide and then combine them to create the highest possible combined score). So, most schools only take your best ACT score from one session.

We couldn’t find the specific ACT policies, but this likely means it does not offer Superscore. However, you can choose the highest ACT score to submit to the University of Washington, so it is recommended to prepare until you get to our suggested goal ACT scoring of at least 30.

How to Apply to the University of Washington


Applications Deadlines are due by November 15

Application Requirements

The University of Washington accepts the Coalition Application. Other conditions include:

  • Transcript
  • Supplemental essays
  • Test scores (optional)

Admissions Trends & Notes

  • First, UW went test-optional in 2020. This policy doesn’t penalise poor test scores or not submitting scores. Instead, they’ll only consider applicants with high scores (1400/31+)
  • The engineering college admittance rate was 40%. Out-of-state admission was 33%.
  • Only 3% of non-resident students were admitted to the Paul G. Allen College of Computer Science. Washington’s acceptance percentage was 27%.
  • Nearly 30% of UW-incoming Seattle’s students will be the first in their families to graduate.

How the University of Washington Rates Applicants

When assessing applicants for admission, the University of Washington (UW) takes into account a variety of elements, such as academic performance, test scores, extracurricular activities, and personal traits.

In order to acquire a whole picture of an applicant’s potential for success at the institution, the admissions committee at UW evaluates each application holistically, taking all of these considerations into account.

Academic standing plays a significant role in UW’s admissions procedure. The institution takes into consideration an applicant’s academic performance, especially in difficult courses like AP or IB courses.

UW also takes into account the applicant’s grades in connection to the general calibre of the high school, as well as how challenging the high school curriculum is.

Test results are taken into account during the UW admissions process. Both the SAT and the ACT are accepted by the university, and applicants are urged to submit their scores from the exam they feel most at ease taking.

There is no minimum test score requirement for admission to UW, however better test scores can help a candidate.

Extracurricular activities including participation in organisations, sports, or volunteer work can also affect whether a student is admitted to UW.

The university seeks out candidates who have proven leadership abilities and a dedication to giving back to their communities.

Last but not least, the University of Washington’s admissions process takes into account a candidate’s motivation, curiosity, and passion.

The university seeks candidates who will have a significant impact on the campus community and who possess a strong sense of purpose.

Who Actually Gets Into The University of Washington?

Let’s examine the demographics of the current UW-Seattle student population. Following is a breakdown:

State-wide: 60%
Overseas: 24%
Across the globe: 16

There is fierce competition for non-residents from states with a large number of qualified applications (the whole Northeast and that of the West Coast).

Let’s say you reside in or are originally from the Deep South or a sparsely populated state like South Dakota or Idaho.

In that situation, Washington State University will be more likely to admit you due to your geographic location. The Washington University.

There are now international students studying at UW-Seattle from the following countries:


We examine the ethnic composition of the current student body to demonstrate the diversity of UDub:

5% of Americans are black.
Caucasian: 38% Hispanic/Latino: 9% Asian American: 27%
Across the globe: 16%
Native American: 1%

The universities enrol more women than men, when looking at the gender breakdown.

Males 44%, females 56%

Improve Your Chances Of Selection At the University of Washington 

  • Improve UW GPA Score

When applying to the University of Washington, a student’s GPA is a crucial factor. Students must have a GPA of 3.75 or better to be admitted to the University of Washington. Highly regarded institutions, such as the University of Washington, receive a large number of applicants year.

To be admitted to the University of Washington, applicants should work from the beginning of their academic careers to raise their University Of Washington GPA.

High school students have the option to enhance their academic performance; nevertheless, the only way for seniors and juniors to enter college is to increase their UW GPA.

  • Focus on SAT Score Requirements

In addition to your GPA, work on your SAT score. 2025’s average SAT score was 1350.

Students with ordinary scores are considered, but a higher score is more compelling.

  • Undertake Different Challenging Courses

Simply having a high GPA and SAT/ACT scores will not be enough to impress school officials. Students must also participate in rigorous work classes. This is why course rigour is the primary factor considered by UW when accepting admission.

  • Score Competitive ACT Score

Because UW is extremely selective, students must be able to achieve a competitive ACT score to be admitted. If students get an impressive 33+ ACT score, they stand the best chance of being accepted in the desired course.

  • Enrol In Extracurricular Activities

Prior to accepting admission, UW will take the students’ extracurricular interests into account. Candidates must take part in events to demonstrate their skills.

UW gives varied weights to these extracurricular activities based on the skills they demonstrate because they do not all have the same worth.

  • Engage With Writing

A majority of applicants have a great UW GPA average. But, those with additional qualifications have a better chance of being accepted into UW. In particular, developing your writing abilities will benefit your chances of standing out among your competition.

While UW mostly looks at essays, the focus is on the candidate’s skills. It is the reason applicants have to demonstrate what makes them stand out.

How Does the University Of Washington Evaluate Applications?

When assessing the application, the University of Washington takes into account a number of variables. The large university welcomes students from many different countries.

It was authorised to accept applicants from all 50 American states for its class of 2025. The initial evaluation is conducted after examining other test results and the UW average GPA. They fall into the following groups:

Talent State residency, SAT/ACT scores, and UW GPA

Other elements taken into account as grounds for admission include:

Activities outside of the classroom
composing essays
working knowledge
voluntary service
The applicant’s personality

However, there are a lot of colleges in the globe, and the University of Washington is very picky about who it admits. In order to increase your chances of admission to the University of Washington, you will need to improve both your ACT/SAT score and GPA.

University of Washington Tuition & Financial Aid

At the University of Washington, 37% of undergraduate students enrolled full-time are eligible for financial aid based on need, with the average need-based scholarship or grant amounting to $17,846.

College tuition costs don’t have to be burdensome or disastrous. Visit the Paying for College information centre for suggestions on how to raise your income and lower your spending, or use the U.S. News 529 Finder tool to see which college savings plan is the most tax-effective for your needs.

In-state tuition and fees $12,242


Out-of-state tuition and fees $40,740


Room and Board $14,871


Should I Apply to The University of Washington?

Students with SAT/ACT scores in the mid-50% range for UW-Seattle and good class rankings are qualified for UW.

If you’re a Washington resident, entry will be easier than if you’re international or out-of-state.

If you’re not from the school’s home state or want to enrol in a direct-admit engineering or computer science programme, you’ll need higher exam scores plus a “hook.”

Teens seeking admission to Washington University must include a balanced mix of “target” and “safety” universities on their college lists. Here’s more on flat-listing colleges.

Academic Life at the University of Washington  

The ratio of faculty to students at the University of Washington is 21:1. The university offers 27.9 per cent of their classes that have less than 20 students.

The most popular majors at the University of Washington include Social Sciences; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Engineering; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Health Professions and Related Programs; Psychology; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Physical Sciences; and Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies. The retention rate average for students in the first year that is a measure of student satisfaction is 94%..

Student Life at the University of Washington

The University of Washington is estimated to have 36,206 undergraduate students overall (fall 2021), with a gender split of, on average, 55 percent women to 44 percent males.

Sixty-nine percent of students live off-campus, while 75% live in housing that is owned or managed by the university. Washington is a participant in Division I athletics. The NCAA I includes the University of Washington.

University of Washington Campus

Women’s centres, nonremedial tutoring and placement services, daycare and health services, and health insurance are all available at the University of Washington.

The University of Washington also provides security and safety services for students on campus, such as vehicle and foot patrols 24 hours a day, late-night transport/escort services, 24-hour emergency phones, lit walkways, and student patrols, as well as controlled access to dormitories (key security card, key, etc.). Students of legal drinking age are permitted to consume alcohol at the University of Washington.

Location & Contact


Schmitz Hall – Box 355852
1410 NE Campus Parkway
Seattle, WA  98195-5852
United States


Phone: 206-543-9686

University of Washington Acceptance Rate FAQS

Q.1 What GPA do you need to get into the University of Washington?

ANS. 3.75 or higher Students must have a 3.75 or a higher University Of Washington GPA for admission into the school. Schools that are highly rated, like the University of Washington, receive numerous applications each year.

Q.2 Is it difficult to get into University of Washington?

ANS. UW can be a difficult school to gain admission to. UW reviews applicants carefully using a variety of factors to determine who to admit and who is on the waitlist. The year 2021 saw UW take 53% of applicants or approximately 26,121 of the 48,840 applicants.

Q.3 What majors is University of Washington known for?

ANS. The most popular programs at the University of Washington include Social Sciences; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Engineering; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Health Professions and Related Programs; Psychological Communications, …

Q.4 What is the University of Washington’s acceptance rate?

ANS. The University of Washington’s acceptance percentage fluctuates from year to year, but it is often in the range of 50%. The admission rate, however, may change for various university programmes, campuses, and majors.

Q.5 How competitive is the University of Washington?

ANS. The University of Washington has a very high level of competition, particularly for several programmes and majors. However, depending on the programme and the amount of applications, the level of competitiveness may change.


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