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How to Get Into UT Austin: Admissions Data and Strategies


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UT Austin Acceptance Rate: The University of Texas at Austin is located in Austin, TX, a public institution that focuses on just a few programs. UT Austin has nearly 53,000 students who are enrolled each year.

An ACT or SAT may be required before applying to this college. Scores in the 1230-1280 (25th percentile) to 1480 (75th percentile) on the SAT and within the 27th (25th percentile) to 33 (75th percentile) on the ACT are typical among those admitted to UT Austin.

ut austin acceptance rate

We have estimated that the UT Austin average GPA (3.55 3.55 – 3.89) of students accepted by analyzing samples of GPA data from more than 150 schools. The University of Texas at Austin offers acceptance letters to about 30% of applicants yearly.

If they are accepted, approximately half of them are enrolled. Based on acceptance rate data from prior years, we could predict that the UT Austin acceptance rate is expected to be 33%. More information can be found on the admissions office’s site by visiting utexas.edu.

Overview of UT Austin

Established in 1883, the University of Texas at Austin operates as a public university. It is located in the city’s urban zone, and its campus is on 437 acres.

The university has an academic calendar based on semesters. The school was placed at #38 in 2022 as one of the top colleges within national universities.

It is among the biggest colleges in America and is split into thirteen colleges. College of Liberal Arts is the largest of the 13 colleges at UT Austin.

Overview of UT Austin

The university also provides highly rated graduate programs within colleges like the Cockrell School of Engineering, School of Nursing, and McCombs School of Business.

The university has more than 1.000 clubs and organizations for students. Additionally, the sports team from UT Austin is considered a prominent member of the Division I Big 12 Conference.

In addition to national universities, The university also offers options across Spain, Europe, the United Kingdom, Italy, China and France.

Former Names

The University of Texas (1881–1967)


September 15, 1883


Congress of the Republic of Texas

Also Known As

UT Austin

University Type

Public Research University

University Motto

Education is the Guardian of the State

University City

Austin, Texas
Acceptance Rate


Graduation Rate


Employment Rate


Faculty to Student Ratio



$42.9 billion (system-wide) (2021)

Campus Size

431 acres

Official Website Link

University of Texas at Austin, Texas

Contact Details

+1 512-471-3434

University of Austin acceptance rate

UT Austin is highly competitive for admission. Furthermore, according to admissions statistics, it’s been named one of the top 33 schools for undergraduate programs worldwide.

But, as with the pattern of other top schools and colleges, its UT Austin acceptance rate, which includes UT Austin’s out-of-state acceptance rate, continues to fluctuate each year.

University of Austin acceptance rate

What is the UT Austin transfer acceptance rate?

A quarter of undergraduate students of UT Austin comprise transfer students. The school received 8335 transfer requests. From these, students from 1993 were accepted to be admitted. These numbers suggest that UT Austin’s acceptance rate was 23.91 per cent.

Its UT Austin transfer acceptance rate is also a factor that makes the school highly competitive. In addition, applicants must achieve a 3.0 GPA on a scale of 4.33 points to improve their chances of being accepted by UT Austin’s acceptance rate.

UT Austin Acceptance Rate By Major

The University of Texas at Austin, commonly referred to in the media as UT Austin, is among the most prestigious universities in the US.

Despite being among the largest universities with 13 colleges and schools. UT Austin still has a competitive acceptance rate compared to other state universities.

Recently the acceptance rate at UT Austin has increased and is currently at 32%.

From a total of 66,000 applications, around 17,000 were accepted, and 8,500 were enrolled.

There are several majors at UT Austin, and the most popular of them are Engineering, Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Profession, and Related Programs, Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies, Computer, and Information Sciences and Support Services, Psychology, and Family and Consumer Sciences /Human Sciences.

What are the transfer requirements at UT Austin?

The applicants must submit various UT Austin admission requirements for transfer programs. The essential information you must provide to increase your UT Austin transfer acceptance rate is listed below:

  • Essay
  • College transcript
  • Personal declaration
  • Good conduct certificate issued by the institution that was previously in place

Additionally, applicants must show the minimum amount of credits to qualify as an exchange student to meet the conditions to be admitted into UT Austin. Transfer students with credits above 24 have improved the acceptance rate chance.

UT-Austin Admissions – SAT, ACT, and Class Rank

The reading SAT middle 50% scores for the class in 2025 ranged from 1230 to 1480. The middle-50 percentage ACT Composite score was 29-34.

An astounding 86% of the students were within the top 10 per cent in their class at high school, while 96% were in the top quarter of the class.

Average GPA requirements for admission to UT Austin

It would help if you were wondering about what your middle GPA level is for you to satisfy those UT Austin admission requirements. While the school does not provide the minimum GPA required to be eligible to be admitted, you must have a good GPA to prevent rejection right away.

From the data available, It is believed that the average GPA for first-year students is about 3.8 on an average of 4. This means that, according to the UT Austin admission requirements of GPA, you must be among the A- students at high school.

Following the UT Austin admission requirements, the table below illustrates the UT Austin acceptance rate:

GPA University Of Austin acceptance rate Competitiveness 
3.75+ 83% Good
3.50-3.75 13% Average
3.25-3.50 3% Average-
3.00-3.25 1% Low
2.75-3.00 N/A Low

Average ACT score requirements for admission to UT Austin

The school considers the applicant’s ACT scores significant in granting admission. More than 56% of applicants submitted ACT scores as part of their applications for admission.

The admission statistics from last year show that the university only accepts applicants with ACT scores higher than 33. This makes the university’s admissions process extremely competitive.

Students with an ACT score lower than 29 have a slim chance of being accepted into the university. In certain circumstances, it is possible to accept students with an ACT score of less than 22.

Students with an ACT score of 33 or higher are very likely to be offered admission. So, if you’ve got an ACT score higher than 33 or above, you have the best chance of securing admission to the university.

The table below gives an overview of how to calculate the ACT scores and how competitive it is

ACT score University Of Austin acceptance rate Competitiveness 
33+ 46% and above Good
29-33 32-46% Above Average
26-29 23-32% Below Average
23-26 16-23% Reach
Below 23 Below 16% Low

Average SAT score requirements for admission to UT Austin

The school typically selects applicants in the upper 23 per cent of SAT test-takers. To meet UT Austin admission requirements of SAT scores, applicants must score at least 1470 in a range of 1500.

Candidates with an SAT score of less than 1340 will have a tough time accepting into the university. In certain circumstances, there are exceptions to this rule, with SAT scores lower than 1080.

The school ranks 3 in Texas, determines the top SAT score, and offers admission. The table below shows the acceptance rate concerning those SAT scores:

SAT score UT Austin’s acceptance rate Competitiveness 
1470+ 44% and above Good
1340-1470 32-44% Above Average
1210-1340 22-32% Below Average
1080-1210 14-22% Reach
Below 1080 Below 14% Low

Out-of-State Admissions

According to law, the law states that no more than 10 per cent of students at UT Austin can come from outside of Texas. This means that the admissions process for students not from Texas is more difficult.

Students from outside Texas are placed in an admissions pool that is separate from the state, meaning they are directly compared to and only have to compete against one another.

In general, the test and grades scores of students who are not from Texas are the same as those who are from the state; however, the small number of places available to students from out-of-state accepted tend to be less impressive than those from Texas.

This dynamic can be seen in the structure of the Honors Programs at UT Austin. Because the admission requirements to these programs are not restricted or capped due to residency requirements, a significant portion of students who are enrolled in these programs come from non-natives of Texas.

A note on recruitment:

Although UT Austin is striving to increase its size as an institution, the primary goal of UT Austin is to provide services to students in Texas. Therefore, they don’t seek out students from other states in Texas.

If you’re considering attending UT Austin, you will be required to research details about them yourself.

The representatives of UT Austin won’t be attending fairs for colleges near you even if you’re not in Texas Therefore, you must think about visiting or contact them if it’s an institution you’re looking to attend.

How many essays does UT Austin require?

It is believed that the University of Texas at Austin recognizes that writing an essay is an essential aspect of admissions. So, it is prudent to state that your essay can determine the success or failure of your application.

The admissions committees look at your essay as an opportunity to assess you beyond your scores and grades. Thus, it would help if you concentrated on writing an essay that makes a clear display of your character.

Additionally, before submitting your essays, you must check them for errors and proofread them to ensure they are a substantial part of your application.

The school requires applicants to write four essays for the application for admission. They must include a lengthy essay ranging from 500 to 700 words and three shorter responses between 250 and 300 words each.

Notable Alumni

famous alumni from University of Texas at Austin

  • Wes Anderson, Filmmaker
  • James Baker, Former White House Chief of Staff and Secretary of State
  • Lady Bird Johnson, Former First Lady of the United States
  • Jordan Spieth, Professional golfer
  • Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas
  • Owen Wilson, Actor
  • Walter Cronkite, Journalist

Tips for writing a strong essay for UT Austin admissions

Your essays aid the admissions committee in understanding your individual qualities. To write a convincing and compelling essay, you must think about the following aspects:

  • Be authentic when the way you describe yourself. Authorities are interested in knowing your character. It is more beneficial to highlight your skills instead of copying another’s work.
  • Use a storytelling technique to tell about your academic or personal experiences that have influenced you. This is a fantastic method to show your abilities and drive to impress admissions officers and get admission to the school.
  • For the short essays, ensure you are as precise as possible. The admissions committee doesn’t need you to elaborate with only a few words.
  • Make sure you choose the appropriate words in your essay. You do not want to offset the admissions committee.
  • Don’t wait until you are late in the process of applying. Candidates who begin early in the application process will have time to compose an effective essay.

Admissions Trends & Notes

  • This is the first opportunity ever; applicants for the 2022-23 cycle will be able to apply using the Common App.
  • 781 freshmen entering 2021-22 were either valedictorian or salutatorian for their school’s class.
  • Furthermore, students who make up the top 6 per cent of their high school class get automatic admission to UT-Austin. Before 2017, students may be among the top 7 per cent.
  • 24% of students accepted into the class of UT-Austin of 2025 are the first members of their family to go to college. The percentage continues to increase every year.
  • Finally, 89% per cent of all offers for admission were given to graduates who attended Texas high schools. Out of this, 75% are automatically admitted under their class ranking.

Who Actually Gets Into UT-Austin?

Let’s examine the demographics of the UT Austin Class 2025:

Most UT-Austin students were out of The Lone Star State and paid tuition within the state. The breakdown of the total geography can be seen as follows.

  • Percent Texas (residents) – 88.7%
  • Percentage of the other U.S. States (non-residents) 8.8% – 8.8 per cent
  • Percentage from other nations (non-resident international) = 2.5 percent

When we look at ethnicity and the breakdown of the whole Longhorn Class of 2025, the breakdown can be seen as the following:

  • Asian American: 26%
  • White: 30%
  • Hispanic: 29%
  • African American: 5%
  • International: 4%
  • Multiracial: 3%

The breakdown of gender shows that women are more likely to be in the lead than males:

  • Male: 41%
  • Female: 59%

The students in the class of 2025 were from the following kinds of secondary schools

  • The number of Texas high schools is 1117
  • The total number of high schools: 1,803

UT-Austin’s Yield Rate

The yield of UT Austin was 46% the previous year. In comparison to other top public flagship institutions, UNC-Chapel hill (43 per cent), UGA (41%) and UVA (40 per cent) are all within the same ballpark.

How UT-Austin Rates Applicants

There are 15 elements that UT-Austin can rank as being “considered” in their admissions procedure, which include the quality of secondary school records and class ranking, GPA, standardized tests scores, essays, references, aptitude/talent, personal qualities, character and extracurricular activities, as well as volunteer experience, experience in the workplace, the status of a first-generation citizen, racial or ethnic status, geographical residency and state residency.

In admissions phrases: “The Office of Admissions utilizes an individualized, holistic examination process for every freshman’s application.

Applications submitted by students who meet the criteria for automatic admission are evaluated in order to determine admissions to specific schools, colleges and majors.

Students who submit applications that do not qualify for admission automatically are evaluated for admissibility, and to decide on admission to specific schools, colleges as well as majors.”


The University of Texas at Austin charges Indian students ranging from $18,000 each year. The average annual off-campus housing cost is around $7000.


The scholarships are awarded following merit and financial need. It is highly recommended that you fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to qualify for various scholarships. Many schools and colleges that are part of the University offer the scholarships they offer themselves.

For instance, The Cockrell School of Engineering awards merit and offers its highly qualified student-athletes financial plans, including at least one fellowship, pay for research or teaching jobs, insurance, tuition, and coverage.

The Gates Millennium Scholar scholarship is offered to international students pursuing graduate studies. It is possible to use the scholarship search tool to locate the scholarship based on your personal profile.

Can I Get a Financial Aid at UT Austin?

These questions are usually requested by international students who are moving to a new place. Still, domestic students can also have the same issue, as going to the best colleges or universities can be very expensive.

UT Austin offers 40% of full-time students some financial aid based on need. $9,342 is the median need-based grant or scholarship.

Is UT Austin Hard To Get Into?

It’s somewhat difficult to be admitted to UT Austin. UT Austin evaluates applicants carefully by using multiple factors to determine who to admit and who should be denied admission or put on a waitlist.

UT Austin accepted 32% of the applicants, which is around 18,291 of the 57.241 students interested in applying.

Schools that are difficult to join, such as UT Austin, accept fewer than 85% of applicants. A minimum of 75% of the admitted students can show GPAs in the top 50 per cent for their school. They also score over 1001 on the SAT or more than 18 on the ACT.

UT Austin has not reported information on waitlisted or admitted students.

Should I Apply to UT-Austin?

In conclusion, getting admission to UT-Austin is never more challenging. Now, it requires being in the top 6 per cent of your high school class or having other outstanding qualities that awe any admissions panel.

UT-Austin University is world class with many recognized academic programs of international fame. Of course, you need to be aware that at the end of the day, about 70 per cent of applicants will be turned down. So, every student must create a suitable college plan, including the full range of “target” and “safety” colleges.

You’ll want to work with an admissions specialist who is well-versed in the most recent trends and strategies associated with the colleges you are considering.

How is Student Life at UT Austin?

It is believed that the University of Texas at Austin will host a total of 40,048 undergraduates for the semester of the year.

Within that number, 44% were male students, while 56% were female students.Students who live in college-owned, managed or affiliated housing amount to 8%. 92% of college students live off campus. The institution is also active in sports because it is a part of the NCCA.

Students can join more than a thousand clubs or the huge UT Greek system.

Academic Life at the University of Texas at Austin

The ratio of students to faculty at the University of Texas at Austin is 18:1. The university is home to 38.8 per cent of its classes having less than 20 pupils.

The most popular majors at the University of Texas at Austin include: Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Engineering; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Social Sciences; Health Professions and Related Programs; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Psychology; and Visual and Performing Arts.

The average retention rate for freshman, a measure of satisfaction with the school, is 96%.

 The University of Texas at Austin Campus  

The University of Texas at Austin offers numerous student services for students, such as nonremedial tutoring, women’s centres, daycare services, placement and health services, and health insurance.

The University of Texas at Austin provides security and safety services such as 24-hour patrols for vehicles and foot transportation/escort late at night, 24/7 emergency phones and walkways that are lit, and controlled access to the dormitories (key or security card and more.).

Of students attending the University of Texas at Austin, 23% own vehicles on campus. Alcohol is allowed for students of legal age at the University of Texas at Austin.

University of Texas at Austin Location

The main campus for UT Austin is located in downtown Austin with Clarksville to its west. Central East Austin on its southeast and central Austin on its north along with Chestnut to its eastern.

The University provides energy and vibrancy to the city. It is no reason to be surprised that the central part of this city is easily accessible via all modes of transportation. It is just 15 minutes north by highway from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Shuttles are accessible directly from the airport. The campus is just 10 minutes eastwards to downtown Austin. Amtrak train station in Austin.

Capital Metro and Greyhound Bus Lines connect the campus with all significant places within the city. The University also has set up arrangements for the Shuttle Bus service of UT and the Capital Metro Bus service to help students navigate the campus.

UT Austin is lucky to be in the best natural and built settings. The offices of some of the most prestigious IT companies, on the one hand, and Hill Country, on the other, make the Texas sunshine a relaxing place while providing an ideal mix of urban life and small-town peace.

Many films, music, and art events are held throughout the year, and the cosy cafes that line Austin contributes to the youthful appeal of the campus of the University.

University of Texas at Austin Map Location

Address: Austin, TX 78712, United States


What is the GPA needed for UT Austin?

With an average of 3.83, UT Austin requires you to be near the highest of your class and above the norm.

It is recommended that you earn a majority of A’s, but you should also take numerous AP and IB classes to show your college preparation level. When you’re in the junior-senior, your GPA will be challenging to alter at this point.

Is it hard to get into UT Austin?

Its acceptance rate by UT Austin is 31.8%.

Out of 100 applicants, there are 32 who are accepted. This means that the school is highly selective. If you can meet UT Austin’s standards for GPA and SAT/ACT scores and other elements in the applications, then you are a good chance of being admitted.

Is UT Austin a top 10 school?

 The University of Texas at Austin’s 2022-2023 Classification

The University of Texas at Austin is placed 38 out of the 443 National Universities. Schools are ranked following their performance against a set of commonly accepted indicators of excellence.

What is UT Austin known for?

The University of Texas at Austin is among the top universities in the world, acknowledged for our numerous contributions to higher education, research and business, the arts and much more.

We’re well-represented in rankings that highlight the best schools in academic excellence, affordability, and student satisfaction.

Is UT Austin a Tier 1 school?

It is believed that the University of Texas at San Antonio and Baylor University have become the most recent universities in Texas to be awarded the prestigious rank for research activities, commonly called Carnegie Tier One.


The best universities or college demands the highest marks and grades as the acceptance rate for the most prestigious institutions is always high.

UT Austin acceptance rate by major indicates that the university is more competitive and the university’s least and most popular majors.

The school is one of the biggest, with more than 13 colleges and universities to pick the best major.

Get your spot at UT Austin by acquiring an impressive GPA and SAT or ACT scores.

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