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UVA Acceptance Rate: Anyone who reads this article. This page will provide a general overview of the University of Virginia transfer acceptance Rate Admission, tuition, and transfer conditions for the academic session 2022/23. Review the details attached to the following schools to aid your admissions process.

Don’t forget to submit a question or drop leave a comment during the session. Moving to UVA is not difficult after you be required to learn the process that is described throughout this post.

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Please take the time to read it to the very end. Please be aware that what you read on this page was created based on research I’ve done and not based on the expert from a professional’s point of view.

Neither do I have any affiliation with the school. Let us know what you need to be aware of when transferring to the Virginia University of Virginia.

Overview Of UVA

Virginia is an American located public university in the United States of America. It was founded in 1819, with an undergraduate number of 17,311 at the time of 2020. 

The university has around eight faculties. The campus is situated on the outskirts of the university and encompasses more than 1682 acres. It also uses the semester-based academic calendar. 

Speaking about the academics of the university. In the year 2022, the University of Virginia is placed among the top colleges 2022 and ranked in 25th place, giving it the highest ranking up to this point.

Another report from U.S. News & World ranks the University of Virginia as the 26th top university locally and 109th worldwide in 2021.

As a citizen of the United States, the tuition cost for students at the University of Virginia is $19,698, and the tuition for out-of-state students (international students) amounts to $53,666.

The university was founded in 1803 by Thomas Jefferson in Charlottesville and was named after him “Mr. Jefferson’s University,” otherwise known as “The University.” At the time, only first-year students were allowed to live on the campus. The rest of the students reside off campus in houses of fraternity or sorority.

Overview Of UVA

Although any student can enroll at an application at the University of Virginia from any region of the world, however, it is clear the fact that Greek has the largest percentage of students accepted to the school, having about 35 percent of the student body.

Greek activities are commonplace at the University of Virginia UVA. The UVA is well-known as a graduate school, which includes the highly-rated Darden schools of business, the school of Law as well as, the medical school as well as the school of engineering as well as applied sciences.

UVA holds all 25 remaining copies of the Declaration of Independence, known in the ” Dunlap Broadside” found inside the Albert and Shirly Small Special Collection Library. In addition, UVA has a different distinct terminology that the campus is”grounds. “grounds” as for the central quad.

It is called “The lawn,” and you can choose from one of those two groups of students that comprise 1. The first and 2.

The student is in their second year. Some notable students who have been awarded honorary diplomas from the school include ex- U.S. Senator ” Edward Kennedy,” Katie Couric, an American Journalist, and former NFL athlete Tiki Barber.

Interestingly, the famous writer Edgar Allen Poe was dismissed from the school after the tuition he paid was refunded to gambling. Still, his dorm room, located on the lawn, was maintained and kept open for the public to visit.

UVA Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

According to recent reports that have been released, the current UVA outside-of-state acceptance rate is about 15%.

Instead of focusing solely on geographic variety, UVA takes pride in expanding its cultural diversity.

The University of Virginia offers one of the most extraordinary learning opportunities in the world; the University of Virginia accepts the most talented and brilliant.

While more than 55,000 applications were received by 2022, only 952 were accepted.

The admissions team is convinced that the most effective way to ensure students can gain knowledge from one another is to have rich multicultural and racial diversity. Working with recruiting via Questbridge, the team has made steps towards achieving this goal.

The University of Virginia offers financial aid to students who are in need. However, to boost the odds of receiving financial aid, they are registering more students eligible to receive Pell grants.

UVA Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

As with most institutions, UVA charges more for students who are not from the state and has an annual cost for students from outside the state of $57,843.

But, despite this price, an influx of out-of-state applications shows that students from across the nation are still eager for the chance to take a class at this well-known university!

With a rich and varied history like the one at Virginia’s University of Virginia, it is not surprising that thousands of people across the nation fight for the chance to walk the campus.

University of Virginia GPA

It is important to note that the University of Virginia focuses on more than just grades for admission. At the moment, they have no required GPA score required for applications.

The average GPA of students who are admissible to UVA is about 4.31. Which means that it is one of the most academically competitive schools in Virginia. Virginia.

The University of Virginia is highly selective and admits only the best students who have applied. Of all freshmen who enrolled, 89.6% were ranked within the top ten percent of the class, and over 98 percent of the students made it into the upper quartile of their classes.

When you get down to it, this college is not just concerned with simply grades. They focus on the character of students.

The Covid-19 virus affected more than the medical profession. It changed the landscape of education, affecting the test scores of students.

As a gesture of understanding in a move of respect, in a genuinely brilliant move, the University of Virginia recently allowed students to write essays in conjunction with their application, detailing how their lives have been personally directly affected by the earth-shattering incident.

Students who might have been seen as just numbers could be more convincing by sharing their personal stories and hearing their voices.

Amid such intense competition – with an acceptance rate of just 19%, it is helpful knowing that a college is more than just GPA.

University of Virginia Admissions – SAT, GPA, and Class Rank

As per the most recent data available (Class 2025), the mid-to-low SAT range for students enrolled was 690-750 for the Reading and Writing section and 700-780 for the Math section.

In the first-year students enrolled for 2021-22, nearly 90% came among the highest 10 percent in their class at high school. The average GPA unweighted for a UVA freshman is generally about 3.9.

UVA GPA Requirements

Some schools require a minimum GPA, but it is usually not enough to apply without being immediately rejected.

The GPA is the most important requirement. It is the GPA you require to have the best chance of being admitted. To determine this, we analyze the average GPA of the school for the current students.

Its mean GPA at UVA is 4.32.

(Most schools employ a weighted GPA based on 4.0. However, some schools report an unweighted grade.

With an average GPA of 4.32, UVA requires that you are at an elite level in your classes. It is essential to score nearly straight A’s in all your classes to compete with other applicants.

Additionally, you must take many hard classes, such as AP and IB courses, to prove that college-level education is easy.

If you’re an undergraduate or senior, your GPA is difficult to alter before college applications. If your GPA falls below or below the average of your school, which is 4.32, you’ll need an increase in your SAT or ACT score to make up for it. This will allow you to be competitive against applicants with higher grades than you.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Every school has its standards for standardized testing. Most schools require the SAT or ACT in addition to the ACT, while some require SAT subject tests.

You have to take or pass both the SAT and ACT to apply for admission to UVA. More importantly, preparing well to submit a solid application is essential.

UVA SAT Requirements

Some schools claim that they don’t have an SAT score threshold. However, the reality is that there’s a secret SAT requirement. The cutoff is based on the average score of the school.

It is estimated that the typical SAT score composite for UVA is 1430 on the 1600 SAT scale.

This score means that UVA is Highly Competitive in the SAT scores.

UVA SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

The 25th percentile of the New SAT score of 1340 is the 75th percentile. The New SAT score was 1500. Also that a 1340 score on the New SAT places you below average, whereas 1500 will bring you above average.

Here’s a breakdown of the latest SAT scores for each section:

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 725 670 780
Reading + Writing 705 670 740
Composite 1430 1340 1500

SAT Score Choice Policy

It is important to understand that the Score Choice policy at your school is a crucial element of your school’s testing strategy.

UVA is a member of its Score Choice policy that reads “Highest Section. “

It is also referred to by the term “superscoring.” This means you can select the SATs you would like to submit to the school. From all scores they receive, the admissions committee will take into consideration your most impressive section scores for all SATs you take.

Click here to find out more about how the concept of superscoring influences your test strategies.

If you’re SAT superscore is at or less than 1500 points, We strongly suggest that you think about studying to take the SAT and then retaking the test.

You stand a high chance of improving your scores, which could greatly increase your admission chances.

In addition, due to the Superscore, you can concentrate all your attention on just one section at once. When the Reading score is less than the other sections, prepare only to take the Reading section, and then you can take the SAT.

Concentrate on Math in the following test and on. This will result in the best Superscore you can get.

UVA ACT Requirements

Similar to SAT, UVA likely doesn’t have a rigid ACT cutoff. However, if you score below, the application will be rejected.

It is estimated that the typical ACT score for UVA was 32. This means that UVA is Highly Competitive in ACT scores.

The 25th percentile ACT score is 30, while the 75th percentile ACT score is 34.

Although UVA most likely states that they don’t have a minimum ACT requirement, If you apply with a score below 30, you’ll have a difficult time getting accepted unless other impressive things appear within your applications.

The number of applicants with scores of 32 or more than a score of 30 would appear as if they’re weak academically.

ACT Score Sending Policy

When you’re taking the ACT rather than the SAT, You benefit greatly in how you submit scores. This drastically impacts your test strategy.

Here’s the thing: when you send ACT scores to colleges, you are in complete control over the tests you submit. 

You could take 10 tests but only send your top one. This differs from the SAT in that many schools require you to submit every test you ever took.

That means that you stand more opportunities than you thought to increase the quality of your ACT score. If you want to achieve the school’s ACT requirements of 34 and above, you must make an effort to take the ACT every time you can. Once you’ve got the final score you are happy with, send that score to all the schools you attend.

ACT Superscore Policy

In general, most colleges do not superscore the ACT. (Superscore is the term used to describe how the school will take your top section scores from all tests you take and then combine these scores to produce the most effective total score).

Most schools will choose your top ACT score from one session.

However, we could not locate the exact ACT policy, which most likely means that the school does not have a Superscore.

However, you can choose the most effective ACT score to submit to UVA, and you must practice until you reach the recommended ACT score of 34.

SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements

The SAT and ACT offer an optional essay section.

UVA will require you to complete the essay/ACT writing section on the SAT. The university will use this as the second element in its admissions process.

How to Apply to the University of Virginia 


Application Timeline Deadline
Early Decision November 1
Early Action November 1
Regular Decision January 3

Application Requirements

The University of Virginia accepts the Common Application. You’ll also need:

  • UVA supplemental essay
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Counselor recommendation
  • School report
  • High school transcript
  • Mid-year reports
  • Optional: SAT/ACT scores
  • Optional: art and architecture supplements

Admissions Trends & Notes – Class of 2026

  • 40% of students decided not to include ACT and SAT scores along with their applications.
  • Only 26% were willing to take the test.
  • CAS, as well as The School of Engineering, admitted fewer applicants than they did in previous years.
  • 13.5 percent of the admitted of admitted students were African American, up from 9 percent in the last cycle.
  • 10% of the Class in 2026’s offers were made to previous students.
  • Seven percent of deals were offered to students from abroad.

UVA’s Yield Rate

UVA’s yield rate — the percent of students accepted who decide to enroll divided by the number of students accepted is 40 percent.

This is just an inch lower than other major state universities such as UCLA, the University of Michigan (41%) as well as UNC-Chapel Hill (43 percent), and UCLA (39 percent).

Who Actually Gets Into the University of Virginia?

Let’s examine the demographics of our current undergraduate student group. Geographically, the highest percentage of students in the Class of 2025 comprises Virginia residents.

  • Virginia: 67%
  • Out of State, 33 percent

For non-residents, the competition is the most intense among those who hail from states that have unending streams of qualified applicants (the whole Northeast and the West Coast).

If you are in states in the Deep South like Alabama or Mississippi or a state with fewer people, such as Wyoming and North Dakota, your location is more likely to increase your admission opportunities at UVA.

When it comes to ethnic identity and ethnicity, the composition of the undergraduate student body was according to:

  • Caucasian/White: 55%
  • Asian American: 17%
  • Hispanic: 7%
  • African American: 7%
  • Non-resident Aliens 5 percent

When we look at the gender breakdown currently, the universities are enrolling much more women than males:

  • Men: 44%
  • Women: 56%

How UVA Rates Applicants

UVA evaluates six aspects as “very important” to the admissions process. These include the quality of high school courses and class rank GPA recommendations, personal or character qualities, and the state of residence (again, the fact that you are from VA is a benefit).

The items considered “important” as part of the admissions process include an essay for application along with extracurricular activities and ability/talent.

You can be sure that despite being a recipient of over 50,000 applications per year, Your application will be given an extensive and thorough evaluation.

From the committee…

The UVA admissions team examines “the entirety of the application” before deciding. There aren’t any “cut-offs” (remember, GPA isn’t standardized. Therefore, this isn’t a good idea for us in Virginia). We review every file in reverse order before making recommendations.

We review and double-check the files several times.” According to the terms of one admissions officer, “the “best method to communicate the holistic nature of admission for me is to consider your application to a puzzle…

The biggest, most central piece of the piece is the transcript. It shouldn’t shock as your transcript represents four years of academic progress.”

It is important to note that recruits have the advantage of having a massive advantage. UVA is proud of its 27 NCAA Division I sports teams.

Around 750 athletes are currently enrolled at UVA. Of course, other outside-the-classroom endeavors can also enhance your application profile.

For tips on how to be noticed on the extracurricular side, take a look at our previous blog post entitled Which Extracurricular Programs I Should Have to Be a Successful College Student?

University of Virginia Financial Aid and Scholarships

There are plenty of opportunities for scholarships to be admitted to UVA. It is also true that UVA isn’t costly, affordable, and priced.

Through a program called AccessUVA, the state financial aid program will allow students to pay for a portion of the costs associated with their time at school.

Is UVA Right For You?

The University of Virginia is a historic, nationally-recognized campus with a strong reputation, leading people from all over the country to academic and social success.

Over the past 200 years, the college has been striving to elevate its students to the top grades. The alums include politicians, journalists, actors as well as doctors.

The University is proud of its innovation in education and supports diversity intending to improve the educational prospects of all pupils.

When they arrive on campus, students realize there’s an activity for everyone. Some organizations and clubs cover different interests.

As with any institution that has this kind of image, UVA is highly selective, and the process for applying can be extremely competitive.

Students not from the state could face more challenges in their quest for acceptance. It is recommended that UVA hopefuls concentrate on the standardized tests they take, GPAs, and writing skills to boost their chances.

The University of Virginia was founded in the beginning with the help of one of America’s most famous people The University of Virginia has spent two centuries constructing its medical infrastructure, thrilling university culture, and desirable image.

Overall, this outstanding University is an excellent option for anyone who wants to get the most out of their studies and get the assistance they need to succeed.

Academic Life at UVA

The ratio of students to faculty at the University of Virginia is 15:1. The school offers 51.9 percent of its classes with less than 20 pupils.

The most popular fields at the University of Virginia include Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities; Social Sciences; Engineering; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services Psychology Health Professions and Related Programs; Physical Sciences; and foreign languages, kinds of literature and Linguistics. The retention rate of first-year students, which is a measure of satisfaction with the school, is 97%.

Class Sizes

Student-Faculty Ratio 15:1
4-Year Graduation Rate 89%
Total faculty

Student Life at UVA

The University of Virginia has a total undergraduate student body of 17299 (fall 2021), which includes an average gender of 44 percent male students and 55 percent female students.

38% of students in this college reside in college-owned or affiliated housing. Sixty-two percent of students are outside the campus. Regarding sports, the University of Virginia is part of the NCAA I.

Student Life at UVA

Student Gender Distribution

Total enrollment 26,026

(fall 2021)

Collegiate athletic association NCAA I
Full-time degree-seeking students

University of Virginia Campus

The University of Virginia offers student services such as nonremedial tutoring, a women’s center, placement services, childcare, health services, and health insurance.

The University of Virginia also offers security and safety on campus, such as 24-hour patrols of vehicles and foot as well as late-night transportation/escort service 24 hours emergency phone lines lighting pathways and sidewalks, as well as controlled access to the dormitories (key security card, key, etc.).

University of Virginia Campus

Alcohol is allowed for students who are legal at the University of Virginia.

Students who have cars on campus N/A
Health insurance offered Yes
Nearest airports (miles)

UVA Acceptance Rate FAQS

What GPA do you need to get into UVA?

a 4.31 average

Attain the minimum 4.31 standard GPA in the most demanding classes offered. An applicant to UVA has excellent grades in the most difficult courses available.

The university evaluates the rigor of the course, class rank, and GPA as “very important” to admissions decision-making.

How difficult is it to get into UVA?

The acceptance rate for UVA is 23.9 percent.

Out of 100 applicants, there are 24 who are accepted. This means that the school is highly selective. If you can meet UVA’s requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores, as well as other requirements of your application, you will likely succeed in getting into UVA.

Can I get into UVA with a 3.5 GPA?

The GPA of high school students for students admitted to the University of Virginia is 4.3 on a 4.0 scale.

Is UVA a top 25 school?

University of Virginia Ranking Factors

The University of Virginia is ranked 25th out of the 443 National Universities. Schools are ranked following their performance in various commonly recognized quality indicators.

Learn more about the criteria we use to rank schools.

What major is UVA known for?

The most popular programs at the University of Virginia include Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities; Social Sciences; Engineering; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, as well as Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences, and Support Services psychology; …

What is UVA known for academically?

A leader in Public Higher Education

The University is a renowned public institution of higher learning that boasts nationally ranked schools and programs, numerous and prominent faculty, a major academic medical center, and an enviable tradition as a world-class research university.

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