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Vassar College – Admissions, Rankings and Acceptance Rates


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vassar acceptance rate:  Vassar College, a liberal arts college, offers students a broad educational foundation by providing an educational program that covers a wide selection of topics.

The college is located in Poughkeepsie, NY, a predominantly suburban area. Vassar College has an enrollment of 2500 students.

Students can submit either SAT Exam or ACT scores at this school. Scores between 1370 and 1520 for the SAT or between 31 and 34 on the ACT exam fall within the 25th to 75th percentile of accepted students.

We determined the Vassar College average GPA (3.82 3.82 – 3.96) of students accepted by analyzing the sampled GPA data for more than 150 schools.

Vassar College

The acceptance rate for Vassar College is highly competitive, with just 20% of applicants who applied to be admitted. More information can be obtained through the admissions office’s site at

Vassar College: An Overview 

In terms of its Vassar College acceptance rate, students need help to make it through. Accepted students here must be able to achieve the typical GPA score of 3.9 and SAT score of about 1435.

The acceptance rate for students in the undergraduate division at Vassar College is approximately 25 per cent. The tuition cost will be roughly $58,770, and you could quickly be spending around $14720 on living in this town section!

Vassar College An Overview 

Vassar College Ranking

It’s essential to understand Vassar College’s ranking before you prepare to achieve excellent marks on your Vassar GPA of the College to be enrolled in the modules of the course.

  • Vassar College is ranked 274th in the United States and 1006th in the World 2022 overall rankings.
  • Additionally, it has received the top 50% of all 29 academic areas.
  • The rankings are solely based on 3 main elements – the reputation of non-academics, research results and the impact upon notable former students.

What is the Acceptance Rate at Vassar College?

The acceptance rate for Vassar College is 23.7%. To put it in perspective, the average acceptance rate of schools and colleges across the US is 68 per cent.

This makes Vassar an extremely selective institution and shouldn’t seem like a shock since it was created as an all-women alternative to Ivy Leagues.

Acceptance Rate at Vassar College

When we discussed the brief background of Vassar, We established its status as among the Seven Sisters schools. Of these schools, on a selective basis, it’s not among the most difficult to join or the easiest to enter.

Let’s look at our acceptance rate in schools in the Seven Sisters schools (minus Radcliffe College):

Barnard College 11.80%
Wellesley College 21.60%
Vassar College 23.70%
Smith College 32.50%
Bryn Mawr College 33.20%
Mount Holyoke College 38.00%

In 1969 Vassar began accepting female and male applicants.

This makes it the only school in the Seven Sisters that’s a co-ed school. Currently, 59% of the students are females, and 41% of the pupils are men. The school is also diverse, with a 122nd-place rank nationally in terms of diversity.

After having a look at the acceptance rate for the school, Let’s find out the different entry requirements…

Does Vassar College Require SAT or ACT Scores?

Vassar College does not require applicants to submit scores from standardized tests. It is a test-optional school, as are many other US universities and colleges.

The test-optional admissions process can be ideal for students who are dissatisfied with their scores on tests or have failed tests like SAT or ACT.

The students who received admission to Vassar were admitted with SAT results between 1300 and 1420. However, they had ACT scores that ranged from 31 to 34. This is why the school is intimidating to students with low scores.

Submitting an SAT or ACT score might or may not be required when applying to Vassar College.

It’s because they now have an admissions procedure that is test-optional. In other words, they will consider your score on tests when deciding the outcome of your application only when they have the score. If you don’t provide the SAT or ACT scores, other factors will determine your future.

However, being test-blind does not mean it’s any easier to be admitted to Vassar.

It is still necessary to submit a great application; for example, having a good GPA; we’ll discuss this crucial admissions issue in a couple of paragraphs, so remember to continue reading.

If you’ve got a good standard test score and would like to convince the admissions officers at the school that you’re what they’re looking for, think about providing an SAT and ACT score.

From 2018 to 2019, 69% of the admitted students completed their SAT scores, while 40% of students admitted submitted scores from their ACT scores.

We are now at the crucial question that Many hopefuls are afraid to ask…

GPA You Need to Get Into Vassar College

To increase their chances of being accepted into Vassar College, applicants must maintain a 4.0 GPA. Students who attended Vassar were among very high levels in high school.

In addition to a good GPA, candidates also have to score high on tests and outstanding extracurricular activities and be enrolled in AP and IB classes.

Whether you’re trying to apply to Vassar or any other school, your GPA will be the most crucial aspect of your admissions application. It’s something the keen eyes of the admissions officer at a school will be focusing on from the beginning.

It’s not a fact that Vassar College is a highly selective institution, meaning that having a higher GPA score could boost your chances of receiving an acceptance letter instead of a rejection.

With a GPA of at least 4.0 and a minimum of 4.0, the school is looking for students who have nearly perfect A’s across all classes during high school.

Refrain from assuming that having an average GPA of less than 4.0 can guarantee your admission to the school.

Vassar is a multi-faceted admissions procedure. This means it will consider more beyond just a student’s GPA. For example, it can aid you in getting the thumbs up from admissions officials when you’ve got significant extracurricular activities and impressive letters of recommendation or admission essays.

To show that you are college-ready to be considered college-ready, it’s best to take AP as well as IB classes, in particular difficult ones. However, Vassar College will only blame you if your school offers these.

Now that you know that you must meet the GPA and other requirements for applying Let’s provide a solution to the query…

How to Apply to Vassar


Application Timeline Deadline
Early Decision November 15
Regular Decision/Early Decision II January 1

Application Requirements

  • Common Application or Coalition Application
  • Two recommendations: one from your guidance counselor/advisor and one from a teacher in a core academic subject
  • Mid-year grade report
  • Standardized test scores (currently optional)

Vassar College International Student Admissions

International students who plan to apply to Vassar College must be equipped with all necessary documents, including academic transcripts and school records, and report english proficiency scores from standardized tests, teacher evaluations, medical forms, financial records and health insurance for the whole academic year. Prospective international students must keep the following details in their mind.

Application portal Common Application, Coalition Application or QuestBridge Application.
Application fee– 65 USD
Admission Requirements

  • The online application from any of the three portals, completely filled out with all the details along with the application fee.
  • Academic transcripts, officials must be sent by guidance counselor with their respective english translations.
  • Early decision applicants are also required to submit their first semester grades as soon as possible.
  • TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT, IELTS, Duolingo etc are accepted at the institute.
  • Standardized test scores to study in US like SAT/ACT can be submitted to elevate chances of admission.
  • Optional interviews can be sent as supplementary materials.
  • Financial documents should be provided compulsorily.
  • Scholarship or sponsorship letters, if available. They are usually available when a student opts for financial aid at the college.
  • Medical records and immunization form containing details about the student’s physical conditions, with mention of any disease if applicable.
  • Health insurance is mandatory for international students.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Submission of CV/Resume is optional.

Vassar College Admission Deadlines

There are two intake periods for Vassar College applicants: Fall and spring. There are deadlines for admission for early decisions and regular admission decisions based on the student’s preferences.

The earlier decision deadline could be advantageous for students looking to secure their spot at a well-known institution like Vassar during the end of their senior year, so they can handle the stress of simultaneously applying to several colleges.

However, the deadline for early decisions is a binding commitment and demands the student’s complete commitment to the institution.

The deadlines for transfer student applicants must be observed for submitting applications. These are the deadlines for admission that must be followed:

Type of deadline Application deadline
Early decision I November 15
Early decision II January 4
Regular decision January 4
Spring transfer November 1
Fall transfer March 15

Vassar College International Programs

If you’re wondering about the location of Vassar College, it is in Poughkeepsie, NY. The school is known for its finest international programs that you could ever ask for. The study abroad program is among the main components of the liberal art department offered at Vassar College.

In addition to providing the students access to programs, learning experiences and a full-time education abroad can lead to profound interactions with various cultural and ethnic groups.

To this day it is the OIP, also known as the Office of International Programs, provides access to some of the most prestigious programs globally.

By encouraging faculty and students to participate in learning experiences outside of the US, The OIP can further support the goal of the college, which is to promote curiosity about the world.

Vassar College’s prominent alumni often run these programs. They can assist in increasing the level of creativity in students, along with an active and respectful dialogue from a global perspective.

  • Through international educational opportunities, students can learn about innovative approaches to their studies and explore essential areas of study.
  • Additionally, it aids in thinking critically about and applying global perspectives to the present Vassar education.
  • Vassar College abroad educational programs can also aid in developing appreciation, respect and understanding of cultural differences.
  • Students can learn or improve their language skills alongside specific intercultural communication skills available.

Does Vassar College Offer Early Decision?

Vassar provides two Early Decision I (ED I) and Early Decision II (ED II) options for students who want to apply earlier as they commit to the school. If they are accepted to Vassar, the school, they must withdraw their application from other schools, as ED I and ED II are legally binding.

In the past, we have identified it is the case that Vassar College is a highly selective college with an admission rate of 23.7 per cent. Students are fortunate to be able to apply for ED I or ED II to improve their chances of being accepted.

Check to see if you can meet the time limit for a particular decision-making plan by looking at this table:

ED I 15-Nov Mid-December
ED II 4-Jan Late January to early February
RD 4-Jan Late March

” * Always visit your college website for the most current dates.

Although you are more likely to be a Vassar student if you apply for ED I or II, you’ll still need to submit the same documents as students applying for RD.

There is a second document you’ll need to attach with your application and any supporting documents. The paper is called The Early Decision agreement.

But, it is a simple statement that the Early Decision agreement is a contract that requires you not to attend other schools if Vassar accepts the terms you have agreed to. Before signing, this agreement must be signed by your parent or counsellor and you.

Here are the items you need to be prepared to submit when applying to apply for ED I or ED II:

  • Common Application or Coalition Application
  • Early Decision agreement
  • Teacher evaluations
  • Mid-year grade report from the high school counselor

As you will observe the following table, you can see that your SAT and ACT score is not listed on the list. This is because, as we mentioned earlier, Vassar College has a test-optional admissions process.

You decide whether you’ll submit the SAT or ACT score. Make sure your other application is solid.

Whatever your preference strategy, it is a must to know the answer to the question…

How to write a Vassar College essay

The Vassar Supplemental essays are an essential element of a Vassar application. Therefore, ensure that you’ve considered the best way to respond to the Vassar additional essays to be part of the “how to apply for Vassar” method.

One of the Vassar supplementary essays is mandatory and asks:

Why are you applying for Vassar? (300 words)

Of all of the Vassar additional essays, The one that stands out is the standard “Why school” essay. The article asks you to consider why you picked Vassar specifically instead of another school. To wow the Vassar admissions staff with your report, you must show that you’ve conducted a thorough study.

Refrain from being confined to simple matters like the Vassar ranking and the average Vassar GPA. Instead, consider your personal goals and interests.

You can then research the extracurriculars and academic courses to help you reach these goals. In your Vassar additional essays, explain why these particular things will assist you in reaching your goals and fulfilling your interests as an undergraduate.

Find out more tips on tailoring your extracurriculars to Vassar essay right here.

How to Get Into Vassar College

Although some may think that the best method to be accepted into a top college such as Vassar is to go to an expensive private high school, it’s not the situation. Most of the Vassar class 2024 (68 per cent) went to public schools, and the institution is also a part of QuestBridge.

But, those who want to be admitted to Vassar must prove they can succeed. Vassar officials will look at each student’s GPA at high school as well as class rank and letters of recommendation in they decide whether to accept students, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Vassar accepts Common as well as Coalition applications. Students interested in the program must provide a recommendation letter from their school counsellor or guidance counsellor and one from an instructor.

Interviews with a Vassar student or an alumna/alumnus are not required, but they can be added. Students interested in applying for admission can provide details about themselves in a separate part of their application. Previous applicants have submitted materials like poems, videos or even artwork.

Like many other universities and colleges following the COVID-19 epidemic, Vassar does not require applicants to provide SAT or ACT scores until the 2022-23 admissions cycle.

Students who took the test can submit results if they choose to. However, while colleges will consider them, the scores are “secondary to the student’s high school transcript”, as per Vassar. Vassar will not superscore the exams.

What is Vassar Looking for?

“Each each year Vassar is determined to bring in the most fascinating, well-educated, and diverse freshman class,” says Vassar.

“We accept students based on their academic and personal achievements and their potential to be a part of our Vassar society, and not based on how much they can afford to spend.”

These traits are evident in students who take on challenging courses that include advanced classes in the core academic subjects of English, Math, Foreign Language, Natural Science, and Social/History Science. Vassar also evaluates leadership as well as the strength of your extracurricular portfolio.

Vassar is a multi-cultural college with students from every state and over 55 nations. The college welcomes students from diverse backgrounds such as races as well as sexual orientations, ethnicities, gender identities, religions and many more. These characteristics should be demonstrated on your resume.

Will Vassar College review my social media accounts?

When you think about ways to be accepted into Vassar, you may be worried about how your presence on social media can impact your chances. With how low the Vassar acceptance rate and the low Vassar Early Decision accept rate should only risk it some.

You can rest assured that you’re safe. Vassar admissions staff isn’t going to examine your social media accounts. In this class, the Vassar admissions team received 10,884 applications.

They use their time to focus on the main components of your Vassar application, which include your Vassar GPA, the SAT or ACT and Vassar additional essays. It will take them way too long to go through all the social media accounts of everyone else.

But, you must be accountable. Although social media may not directly affect the quality of your Vassar application, potential employers or internship directors could examine your social media accounts.

Additionally, you’ll likely find someone on the Vassar admissions team who will take the time to glance. If that happens, you don’t want them to see something that would reflect poorly on you.

We recommend using social media to your advantage; however, be careful. Use these guidelines for responsibly using platforms.

Is Vassar a good school for me?

It is easy to become distracted by things like the Vassar rankings or acceptance rate, but you should check if the school is truly an academic and cultural fit.

When you’re working to develop your “how to be accepted into Vassar” plan, be sure to think about what you believe Vassar is the best choice for you!

Vassar has a small but diverse student population. In 2025, three-quarters of pupils identified as people of colour.

The students hail from 22 different countries as well as 41 states. The students are more female than male; therefore, if you’re hoping for a balanced split, there may be better choices than Vassar.

Vassar has an extensive course of study and has a growing emphasis on the multidisciplinary approach. Before applying for admission, be sure to research their courses to ensure that you can explore your interests in academics as an undergraduate.

In addition, Vassar has a thriving student life. The residence housing arrangements and the active campus dining area let you completely immerse yourself within the campus community.

Students interested in sports, environmental sustainability, spiritual practice as well as civic involvement, in addition to leadership, are likely to feel very comfortable. Be aware that Vassar is not an official Greek system, so if you’re looking for a fraternity or a sorority, you might need help finding an appropriate match.

In the end, Vassar has a lot to provide students. If you’re a scholar curious about others and a part of the world, you will flourish at Vassar. Feel free to submit a Vassar application before the Vassar admissions deadline!

What Famous People Went to Vassar College?

A lot of famous individuals were Vassar students in the past. There are actors, writers, scientists and actors. The ex-First Lady of the United States used to attend the school, as well.

Vassar College takes pride in its ability to create more than 37,000 students who have experienced experience Vassar experience.

It is a fact that Vassar College is one of the most well-known liberal arts schools in the United States. In fact, on 2021’s US News listing of the top National Liberal Arts Colleges, Vassar is at number 13.

In addition to the school, many students who have gone to or graduated from Vassar College are also thriving and famous. This gives applicants confidence that the co-ed school has the potential to produce winners and that they might be as well-known and successful one day.

Without further delay, Let’s take a look at some of Vassar’s most notable alumni:

  • Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis. The 35th First Lady of the United States and the youngest one too. Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis is the spouse of President John F. Kennedy. She was a student at Vassar College from 1947 to 1949. She was a very active student and even wrote for the school’s paper.
  • Grace Hopper. A mathematician and a member of the US Navy, Grace Hopper was an early pioneer in the field of computer technology and was instrumental in the creation of UNIVAC I. The year 1924 was the first time she was enrolled in Vassar College. She was tutoring students in math and physics, and that’s when she realized that she was skilled in her tutoring.
  • Katharine Graham. The American Newspaper, The Washington Post Washington Post, was owned by the Graham family. Katharine Graham. From 1963 until 1991, she was the president of the newspaper. She was a student at Vassar College, although she transferred to the University of Chicago after one academic year.
  • Edna St. Vincent Millay. In 1923, Edna St. Vincent Millay became the first woman to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. It was awarded for the collection she wrote titled The Harp Weaver and Other Poems. She enrolled at Vassar College in 1913 and composed a poem called”The Lamp and the Bell.
  • Vera Rubin. When she received her Bachelor’s degree at Vassar College in 1948, Vera Rubin, an astronomer who was the first to study the rates of rotation of galaxies, was the sole graduate from astronomy the year. She then earned an advanced degree from Cornell University and Georgetown University.
  • Elisabeth Murdoch. Born in Australia, British and American media executive Elisabeth Murdoch is the daughter of multi-millionaire Rupert Murdoch, the owner of 21st Century Fox. She was a student at Vassar College from 1986 to 1990, earning her Bachelor’s Degree from the department of European Studies.
  • Neil Strauss. Journalist and author Neil Strauss regularly wrote for The New York Times and was editor-in-chief at Rolling Stones. He is most well-known for the book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. He was a student at Vassar College but transferred to Columbia University.
  • Anthony Bourdain. A well-known chef and writer, Anthony Bourdain, hosted TV shows that brought viewers from across the globe to discover the world of food and culture. Before becoming a chef, the chef went to Vassar College for a couple of years before going to the Culinary Institute of America.
  • Meryl Streep. Considered the best actress of her time, Meryl Streep has 21 Academy Awards nominations and 32 Golden Globe Awards nominations. She discovered her talent for acting when she appeared in a show at Vassar College. This brought her fame across the campus.
  • Lisa Kudrow. She was a regular on many 80s TV programs. Lisa Kudrow became famous as Phoebe Buffay in the award-winning TV sitcom Friends. She received her Bachelor’s in Biology at Vassar College and worked for her father, a doctor, for eight years, before getting into show business.

Before you look at the famous alums of Vassar with others, let’s look at this question first…

Application Fees and the Average Tuition Rate

The application fee for US and international students is unchanged at $65. Based on the classes you choose, Vassar College tuition fees can change. Additionally, the college has an acceptance rate of per cent.

In total, the cost of tuition is estimated to be around $58770, and living expenses will be within the range of 14720. If you compare it to the typical tuition charges, Vassar College is a little on the high side. But the most appealing thing about this school has to be Vassar College’s job opportunities.

There are numerous job interviews where students with a high score can be offered the job as soon as they graduate.

Annual Fees

Most colleges charge fees to cover the costs of facilities, such as computer labs, athletic facilities, libraries, etc.

Be aware that additional expenses may be associated with participating in specific activities, such as joining sororities or fraternities or participating in sports or other extracurricular activities.

Many schools offer ways that students with financial needs can receive assistance to cover the cost of these fees.

Financial Aid at Vassar

A majority of Vassar students receive financial aid to pay for their education. By 2022 1,387 out of the students enrolled in the program got financial assistance. Vassar fulfils all of the financial needs of undergraduate students.

The typical budget for financial assistance for a full-time first-year student is over $57,597 per year. Most Vassar students get student loans to pay for the remaining expenses.

On average, Vassar graduates with student loans can graduate with $21,899 in loans for student debt.

The debt average for each loan type is different.

Average Debt By Loan Type
Federal Loans $16,808
Vassar-Specific Loans $10,250
Private Loans $53,797
Most Common Loans for Vassar Students
Federal Loans 51%
Institutional Loans 2%
Private loans 5%

Most students get government or institutional loans because they usually offer lower interest rates with more flexibility in repayment than loans from private lenders.

Federal government loans are subsidized or unsubsidized. Subsidized loans do not incur interest while in school, while unsubsidized loans start accruing interest from when the loan is made.

Students who don’t qualify for federal loans sufficient to pay for tuition can take out private loans. Parents can also get ParentsPLUS loans. These are federal loans for parents to help their children pay for college.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) assists colleges in determining the amount of students with financial needs and their families.

It can then provide a financial aid program that can meet or is close to meeting the needs of its students. For more information about Vassar Financial Aid, continue reading or check out the financial aid webpage.

Scholarships at Vassar College

Students may be eligible for scholarships and grants to pay for college. Instead of loans, scholarships and budgets don’t have to be repaid.

In 2022 Vassar granted 1,383 scholarships based on the students’ need to distribute an amount worth $71.2 million to help students in financial hardship pay for the costs of education. An additional $10 000 in merit-based scholarships was given to students without financial need.

Vassar College Net Cost

The net cost for college represents the total cost of attending a college for a single year. The net cost is determined by subtracting any scholarships, grants, or other aid that does not have to be returned from total costs. Student loans are not considered part of the calculation because they must be paid back.

After we know the estimated total cost of Vassar pupils, you can subtract the median amount of financial aid to determine the net amount. Net prices can differ based on the student’s needs and the financial aid received.

If you decide if a school is within your budget, it’s crucial to look at the Net cost and not only the tuition price listed on the school’s website. The schools with the highest tuition fees also have the highest aid packages. So, calculate your net cost before eliminating the school if it doesn’t meet your budget.

The sum of aid received by a full-time, first-year student who has demonstrated the need to attend Vassar was $57,597 by 2022. When we subtract the typical financial aid package from the estimated cost, we can get a figure that could help make the expense of Vassar appear less daunting.

Estimated Net Cost for Full-Time Students
On-Campus $23,763
Off-Campus $7,203

What is the cost of going to Vassar cost you? The answer is contingent on a variety of aspects.

In 2011, all colleges were required to provide a net cost calculator on their site to help parents and students make more informed decisions regarding the actual cost of attending the college in light of their finances. You can access Net Cost Calculator for Vassar at their site.

Location & Contact


124 Raymond Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY  12604
United States


Dean Sonya K. Smith
Dean of Admission & Student Financial Services
Phone: 845-437-7300
Fax: 845-437-7063

vassar acceptance rate FAQS

Q.1 What GPA do you need to get into Vassar?

ANS. You can achieve a high GPA while taking the most challenging classes available. Vassar is looking for students who can take the most challenging courses. According to the school, most applicants can achieve an unweighted average (around 3.0) or 3.6) and are among the top 10%-20 % in their classes.

Q.2 Is Vassar difficult to get into?

ANS. Vassar admissions are extraordinarily exclusive and have an acceptance rate of around 25 per cent. Students who get into Vassar are expected to have an average SAT score of 1360-1520 with an ACT score of between 32 and 34. The deadline for applications to apply for admission to Vassar is 1st January.

Q.3 Is Vassar considered prestigious?

ANS. It is consistently listed as one of the top colleges for liberal arts in the United States; Vassar continues to be known for its pioneering efforts in the field of education, as well as the beautiful campus in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Q.4 Is Vassar a Tier 1 school?

ANS. Tier 2 schools are private, selective liberal arts schools like Middlebury and Vassar.

Q.5 What majors is Vassar known for?

ANS. The most popular majors at Vassar College include Social Sciences; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Visual and Performing Arts; Foreign Languages, Literature, and Linguistics; Psychology; English Language and Literature/Letters; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; Physical Sciences; Computer and Information Sciences …

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